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  1. ADMIN NOTE: this thread was too big and was causing the forum to collapse in on itself. New thread here:
  2. This topic was getting too large and causing issues with the forum software. Newer posts can be found here:
  3. As you say ... It is absurdly more expensive to operate a website like this in the cloud - several times the cost, and that's even before you take into account that we got a very capable bit of kit donated at a knock-down price. So while the speed difference was welcome, it's just not feasible I'm afraid!
  4. It would do, but for the six-figure salaries the committee get. Serious answer: no. This is mainly because we don't accept adverts and our subscriptions are set at a price which just covers the annual costs (plus a little to save up for new servers or other equipment when we might need it). Part of the reason @Graham S proposed a cooperative to own it when @rllmuk wanted to leave was that it would be run for the community, not as a money-making exercise. Our accounts are published each year and you can see that we made a small surplus this year, after a small loss last year. It's nice and finely balanced.
  5. Not sure if anyone here is interested, but on the Facebook group Retro Realm someone is selling a copy of Buster Douglas’s Knockout Boxing for £900 …
  6. I've just played through this, and it's worth doing so. A good sense of humour, great characters, classically understated writing. The puzzles are actually well thought out and obvious, with some good subtle signposting.
  7. Didn't Edge print a correction in the very next issue that the score should have been 8? EDIT: Yes, they did: https://archive.org/details/edge-magazine-2002-issue-106-118/EDGE Magazine (2002) Issue 106-118/EDGE - 106 - Jan 2002/page/n11/mode/2up
  8. So, even though this is some way off, apparently they'll be delisting FM7 in September. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-07-30-forza-motorsport-7-will-be-delisted-after-just-four-years This will mean that there will be no current FM game available to buy. That seems quite amazing.
  9. I don't know why but I found this tweet hilarious. Anyway, the Rock is a better actor than Flaps.
  10. I can't see it there - only the first two games.
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