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  1. I think you mean “stompy robota life”.
  2. Sorry for the flood of posts but I thought you might like to know!
  3. And the tweet you are asking people to retweet seems to be the wrong one - I would have assumed https://twitter.com/SWYSApp/status/1184022432505573379 is the right one, but you have linked to https://twitter.com/SWYSApp/status/1183989433420472320 instead.
  4. Also the text says there are only 200 early bird gold passes available, but the limit in the box is 1000.
  5. The Poster Boy and the Megafan and the Early Bird Platinum tiers seem a bit confused. I get the Early bird is limited, but when that runs out why would you not pay £100 for the poster boy instead of £125 for the megafan, and get an extra poster out of it?
  6. Definitely signing up to this. My wife and I played a fair amount of this back in the day. But please please tell me you’re using the standard iOS keyboard and not the unresponsive one you had before!
  7. No bugs here either; I played through it in handheld and my sons have played docked. It has run flawlessly.
  8. They can't even spell the film's name right in the trailer.
  9. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. It works really well with a large group of people - just make sure you print out a few copies of the manual.
  10. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    On the previous page?
  11. Rocket League should be a good start. Mario Kart, Odyssey is digestible in small chunks, Super Mario Maker. Splatoon as well.
  12. And it's now just £2, meaning that nobody has any excuse.
  13. If there is anyone who is yet to buy Rogue Aces, your time is now.
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