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  1. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    Same happened with mine. I got it swapped by the retailer.
  2. Xevious

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    In the same way it works when playing on the Vita - it's in the digital manual.
  3. Xevious

    PlayStation VR

    Not a direct numbered sequel, bu Mario 3D World takes the idea and runs with it.
  4. The main reason it's an issue on the Switch is that there is no alternative way to back up your saves. That, combined with the portability of the console, makes it more likely that you will lose saves - not just because of hardware failure, but also through theft or dropping the console or whatnot. Previous consoles (before the 3DS at least) never really had this problem, since saves were stored on the game cartridge or on a memory card. Actually, even the 3DS could have saves backed up via SD card. I remember losing my GBA and a case of four games (including a Chu Chu Rocket with everything opened up, and Monkey Ball Jr) and that was bad enough, but I was lucky I didn't have my Pokemon games with me at the time - and at least I only lost the saves for four games. Losing them for everything would be awful. I really disagree with allowing developers to prevent cloud saves from being used. The arguments about impacting game experience are rubbish; I can't think of an example where an online transaction or trade couldn't be made unique through an identifier - and if it's not online gaming and competition, then let me play the single player how I want.
  5. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    So how does this work on the Xbox One, with Dark Souls Remastered, where all saves are synced to the cloud anyway?
  6. Xevious

    New Super Mario Ds

    Why did nobody take my bet? Anyway, I've been playing this again recently. It's not as good as the Wii U game, but it's the second best Mario 2D platformer of all time in my opinion. Considering that this came out at a time when Nintendo hadn't been building up experience in platform games, it's a stunning achievement. I am tempted to make some of the levels in Super Mario Maker.
  7. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes, but it'll take ages unless you plug it into a high-power socket. I use these every day in the office: https://amzn.to/2LsVwlZ https://amzn.to/2AgvJs4
  8. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    They don't even show the ports, it looks really shoddily made. And why is one stuck on the outside hinge?
  9. Xevious

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    [citation required]
  10. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    Well, I have a family set up (me, my wife, and two sons) and if any of them try to buy anything it comes to me for approval and gets charged to my account.
  11. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    Won't all purchases go to the main account holder?
  12. Xevious

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Emulators aren't normally that big in terms of file size anyway. The idea is a good one, but the most appealing part - that of being able to play on my commute and continue at home - isn't going to work for me. I have never been on a train journey with a stable connection, anywhere in the world, and the simple technology of LTE connections means that as soon as you start travelling more than 50 km/h you will be getting significant lag. Even the 5G connections I've been working with have latency increases. That's not to mention lack of coverage on some railway lines, even main commuter areas. A shame since, as I said, it's a good idea - but since the only place I can see it working is the place I have the most to play anyway, I'll be waiting and seeing others' experiences.
  13. Xevious

    Nintendo Switch

    And of course you can’t charge the console while using that, which means that @Pixelbark can have something else to complain about.
  14. Xevious

    Cardiacs - the best/worst band in the world ever

    I merged the threads. Let me know if anything is screwy.
  15. Xevious

    A critical take on the Nintendo Switch

    Do you play it from the disc?

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