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  1. I do like the way that the magazine focuses on 'unusual' games - not just the ones with big marketing budgets.
  2. Try before you buy, it seems ... Ryan Reynolds just tweeted this link out.
  3. Can you share with us your plans to overcome the laws of physics, then? When you set up these demonstrations at a trade show, do you have a local server you can set up or are you reliant on the WiFi in the venue?
  4. It is more Metroidvaniaish than GTA.
  5. Why does LCU get such poor reviews on Steam? It is by far the best game there, yet its reviews are mixed while all the others are positive.
  6. I would have thought the tunnel was more iconic. Speaking of cliffs in racing games ...
  7. Finding the ROMs is the key thing. Emulators can easily be solved - look at OpenEmu on Mac or RetroArch or Retropie. From the sounds of their business plans they are trying to move away from something where downloading is possible.
  8. Well, more convenient in some cases. It’s less convenient than local emulation: - when you are playing an action game which has timing criticality - if the Internet connection is variable - for example in a hotel - if you have no Internet connection - for example on a plane or train All of these things could be avoided with a system where you download a (restricted) game file and ran a local emulator. You could make that very convenient, just as Netflix is now, but I suspect the difficulty would be licensing the emulators and proving that the game files would expire when the subscription did.
  9. It was good - well, as much as I could play of it. I seem to remember the controls were unconfigurable and the opposite to what I was used to in some way.
  10. The one thing it has going for it is that it is (trying to be) legal.
  11. They really grate.
  12. I jumped the first time a taxi landed on my head. It reminded me of some of the Mario platformers where a new idea is introduced, used, and then never seen again. I mainly cited that as one of the few levels where you have to steer around obstacles; good to hear the handling improves. I have the sequel to play as well.
  13. I've been playing Danger Zone over the past week or so and really enjoying it. However occasionally the car handling model is a bit iffy - it works well while you're heading in one direction but on a level like that one where taxis fall from the sky and you have to avoid them, it feels a bit unrealistic. Is the car handling model different for Dangerous Driving?
  14. There is an extra (optional) dungeon in the DX version that relies on you being able to distinguish the colours of blocks.
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