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  1. No-one's said it yet so I will - the grapple hook and stealth makes this Batman Souls for me Loving it so far, Really like how the areas are sectioned off so you can skip through the parts you've 'done' and get back to being crushed by the mini-bosses quite easily.
  2. I've got a cdkeys key due for the pc version, which I assume is just a Steam code. Can I preload it on Steam? (Away from home at the moment, but getting back later tonight)
  3. Wizcat

    Sekiro Official PC Specs.

    This uses the same engine as Dark Souls 3...is that right? And if so, should be fair to assume if my pc managed to run that well, then this should be fine too?
  4. Wizcat

    Trials Rising

    Sigh. I'm not enjoying this. I'm level 72 now, and there is still some way to go before I unlock the last of the training courses ffs. I'm guessing the extreme tracks unlock at level 100? It's just too grindy. And 90%of the grind is not fun because it's stupid shit like "get 30 seconds of airtime" which is very easy, it just means you abandon any hope of setting a good time.. So I'm still just grinding my way through the points and not feeling any motivation to actually set good times The engine etc, even a lot of the tracks are very good. But the surrounding structure is appalling.
  5. Wizcat

    Trials Rising

    Grah. I can't log in there. I get "log in error" (as opposed to "username/password invalid"). Joy. Off to support I go then...
  6. Wizcat

    Trials Rising

    I'm "Mr Wizcat" on XBL, and "Mr_Wizcat" in the Ubi Club thing or whatever it's called. I have some of you from the old XBox 360 Trials games, so looking forward to seeing your times again What do I have to do to add friends on Ubi Club? Friends that are on a different platform for example. Do I have to use the web interface that I can't log into, or can I do it in-game somehow?
  7. Wizcat

    Trials Rising

    Um, just a few posts up:
  8. Wizcat

    Pinball Dreams Amstrad CPC

    No I don't think so, so fair point. I'm sure everyone knows, but the team that made the original Amiga Pinball Dreams were from the demoscene team The Silents. The success of this game helped them build into a new company that people may know today as DICE. So bit weird that Rebellion now own the rights?! You'd have thought DICE would have tried to repurchase their old content at some point.
  9. Wizcat

    Battlefield V

    Meh. I got stuck on the one about scoring points 'in a reinforcement vehicle'. First I had no idea what that meant.. I presumed it meant armoured for some reason so spent an hour or two wondering which vehicle I should have been using. Once I realised what it meant then I spend a few games trying to get hold of the commander spot, then getting frustrated that whenever I do actually call in a reinforcement vehicle it gets snatched away by some other cnut. So yeah. This weeks missions can do one.
  10. Wizcat

    The Big Lebowski

    Hello. Resident pinball nerd here, so since this thread is bumped I just thought I'd mention that Dutch Pinball made a game out of this film a few years back. It's a decent game, but not amazing. Pretty rare game though since they had problems with their manufacturers, so not many out there... If you were lucky enough to be an early buyer, you'd have got a real rug with the machine. The game features a mini bowling game and a rug that unfurls too. John Goodman caused a little hassle during licencing too apparently because he didn't want his images to be associated with any violence or drug references. I guess that makes a sequel pretty unlikely!
  11. Wizcat

    Pet Sematary 2019 remake

    Yeah I'm kicking myself for watching that trailer. Why do I/they never learn ( read the book when I was a kid, so had forgotten most of the plot points).
  12. Wizcat

    Russian Doll - Netflix Groundhog Party

    Yes, but the protagonists show no awareness of the fruit situation until much later and fumble on trying to solve a situation that seems massively beneficial. 'You died. Try again'. There is no logical reason given for why the character thought this was bad. Odd certainly, but not something you'd try to fix (presumably by making sure your death was final?) Really this is my only gripe with the concept in those early episodes
  13. Wizcat

    Russian Doll - Netflix Groundhog Party

    Groundhog day had a better concept. He really was stuck in a 24 hour cycle that you would want to break out of In this though it seemed to me, why would you want to break out of this? Do whatever you want, but *if* you die you go back and get another chance? Like I say, thankfully they start having a reason to break the cycle, but not until a good few episodes towards the end
  14. Wizcat

    Russian Doll - Netflix Groundhog Party

    Holy crap. I watched the first two episodes of this and very nearly gave up on it. I didn't find the main character very likeable at all, and the concept seemed a bit hokey. Anyone else feeling similar thoughts, stick with it. It's impossible to explain without spoiling the whole thing, suffice it to say I did a complete 180 on my opinion by the end, and it's really only in this last two episodes that I could truly appreciate what has been created here Very deceptive the way this all turns out, and one of the best things on Netflix right now

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