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  1. Wizcat

    Demon's Tilt

    Half the fun in pinball is figuring out what to do. But if you're completely new to pinball even the basics might not be too obvious, so without giving too much away... I think it's fairly obvious that there are three 'tables' stacked vertically. It's less obvious that there is some instruction text about what you should be doing next on each table over on the right side. In general you do something to start a mode (usually shoot a ramp), then you do something different to complete that mode. Completing a 'mode' awards a letter on the table, and completing all letters on all tables starts the 'wizard mode' Generally trying to follow the guidance that the game is giving you is the ticket to decent points. (My best at the moment is about 1.something billion)
  2. Wizcat

    Demon's Tilt

    That's criminal! It's still fairly hard to find a pinball machine 'in the wild', other than the odd one in a pub sometimes. There are a few good sites in London (with multiple games), 'Tilt' in Birmingham has a good few, and Arcade Club in Bury also. At 'Play Expo Manchester' in May we're hoping to have about 90 or so pinball machines on freeplay (along with all the other retro gaming cabs etc). https://www.playexpomanchester.com Drop me a PM and I can give you a discount code to tickets if interested? There are also regional pinball leagues where you can spend the afternoon playing a collectors private collection in a friendly competition. I've been at one in Yorkshire all afternoon today playing 15 or so games, eating pasties and meeting friends, all for £5. http://ukpinballleague.co.uk/ Loads of opportunities to fix this crime
  3. Source? I did some minimal research and did not come to that conclusion at all. https://www.statista.com/statistics/818419/world-tv-market-share-by-type/
  4. Don't buy from Liberty. Waay overpriced. Same for Home Leisure Direct. They just buy pins from the home hobbyists, then jack up the price and resell them. They bought my TZ a few years ago for £2k, then sold it a week or two later for about £5k :/ Addams is still going up in value, but you should be able to get a pretty decent one for about half that price - £4k to £5k.
  5. Awesome. I know Ailsa and the Scottish guys quite well - have a blast
  6. Haha, that's pretty decent. Are you aware there are regional leagues across the UK? http://ukpinballleague.co.uk/. We're all pretty friendly and some treat it more as a social than anything serious. If you do want to get serious, then the biggest comp in the world is in Pittsburgh in July. I've been the last four or five years now. As a sign of how popular pinball is getting again, last year there were 1000 tickets available for Pinburgh, and they sold out within 20 seconds
  7. https://www.team6502.org Pretty much launched a computer revolution with his work for MOS Technology and later Commodore. He helped bring affordable computing to the masses. Might make me actually pull my finger out and start sending random emails to other legends in the early computer scene to thank them for the impact they had on my life (and countless millions of others)
  8. Just finished episode two. This is gripping stuff. It's the new Making a Murderer. Everyone over Xmas will be asking "have you seen that cat thing on Netflix"? Amazing stuff Don't read anything about it. Don't watch trailers. Best watched without any knowledge about it.
  9. Rick and Morty pinball was released on sale today. 750 machines will be made, but all sold out practically instantly :/ 10 are expected to make it to the UK. So far as I can see those will all be to home owners.
  10. Hello Andy Location of the Blackpool venue is out. Next to the football stadium: https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/business/arcade-club-for-retro-gamers-to-open-in-defunct-former-blackpool-casino-1-10149198/amp
  11. Andy just announced the third Arcade Club venue - Blackpool, opening early 2020! https://www.facebook.com/ArcadeClubBlackpool/ Amazing how far this little venture has grown since that opening night in the side area of a computer repair shop! Fantastic success story, long may it continue
  12. The 10,000 points in 10 days thing is back, where you convert gamerscore points to rewards points. Shows up in the rewards app on Xbox. No idea what games are included though as the clicky thing is not working Anyone know what games are included this time around?
  13. Well considering Commodore went bankrupt in '94, the lack of hardware R&D after that may be understandable
  14. 10 years is interesting, as 2020 will be the 10th anniversary of Play Expo ... of sorts. It's been through a couple of parents and a number of venues (with potentially yet another change in 2020 too), but I remember the feedback from that first event being amazing. It felt to me that prior to that the retro events were very niche. Dave Moore's idea to combine the retro with modern brought the whole things to a new audience and (imho) triggered a bit of a nostalgia explosion. I agree that 'retro' has always been around, but it seems to have become more commercialised in the last decade particularly
  15. Looks like loads of people didn't see it. Not sure what the criteria was though. I've been visiting the site almost every day, though I doubt I've ever had a streak longer than a month or so if I'm being honest. https://old.reddit.com/r/MicrosoftRewards/comments/dc5g71/microsoft_tech_support_responded_about_the_cosmic/
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