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  1. Was there any single episode where she didn't do the trembling lips 'look how sad I am' thing? Man that got old fast.
  2. This is much better than I thought it would be. Fair amount of lag, as you might expect, but not entirely unplayable https://www.surrogate.tv/game/batman66 Supports multiplayer games, high score tracking and everything. Slick!
  3. Wizcat

    Demon's Tilt

    My scores on Xbox aren't updating to the leaderboards. I have a few scores between 2 and 3 billion now, but my best on leaderboards is just shy of 2b. Also still haven't unlocked a couple of achievements which is puzzling. For decent scores, pay attention to what the instructions on the right are telling you to do. There are three playfields top to bottom. You need to spell ZODIAC on the top one, ARCANE on the middle, and HERMIT on the bottom one. First thing on each playfield is to hit the ramp it tells you to, indicated with a green 'start' arrow too. That announces 'Ritual start' and updates the instructions on what to do next. Along the way there are other things you can be doing. Hitting the face spawns lots of demons, and killing the demons adds to the 'pachi' counter. Get the ball into the basket above the face to collect those pachi, which builds up your bonus multiplier which you can collect at the anvil/hammer thing on the bottom playfield. If you keep getting the ball into the basket it also progresses you through Disciple, Clerical, Blessed (D, C, B etc) up to A where it starts a multiball. There are other multiballs too. One on the top playfield, one as the Wizard mode (when all playfields complete), and a weird one where you shoot the eyes out of the demon on the lower playfield. Concentrate on working through the rituals though for big points, and let other things happen by 'accident'
  4. No, it's good because it fits the remit of being identifiable as a Bond song. It's something all the classic Bond songs have done well since Dr No established the classic Bond theme. View to a Kill has the orchestral stabs from it, as does Goldeneye. Adelle's take has the orchestral swells. This take has the twangy guitar. It would be trivially easy for these musicians to just make an original theme. It's harder to make it feel like a Bond song whilst still bringing something new to the table. I think this fits the bill perfectly
  5. Couldn't disagree more. I love this song. I heard it on the radio yesterday (without any context) and about halfway through I was trying to remember which Bond film it was from. It was only when it ended they explained it's the new song. The guitar that features heavily throughout the second half is surely Bond enough, and that discordant chord that ends the song is first introduced about 1 minute in.
  6. Episode 4 was the first of two episodes this season directed by Frakes. So there's a decent chance the other one is going to be ... alright?
  7. Episode three, and Dr Jurati is back (the cybernetics expert from the Daestrom Institute)
  8. Good Time is the better film of the two I think. Having just finished Uncut Gems I'm now ready to forgive Adam Sandler, but I also need valium.
  9. New floor opened up at Bury. That's three full floors of gaming there now (and price unchanged)
  10. Wizcat

    Demon's Tilt

    Half the fun in pinball is figuring out what to do. But if you're completely new to pinball even the basics might not be too obvious, so without giving too much away... I think it's fairly obvious that there are three 'tables' stacked vertically. It's less obvious that there is some instruction text about what you should be doing next on each table over on the right side. In general you do something to start a mode (usually shoot a ramp), then you do something different to complete that mode. Completing a 'mode' awards a letter on the table, and completing all letters on all tables starts the 'wizard mode' Generally trying to follow the guidance that the game is giving you is the ticket to decent points. (My best at the moment is about 1.something billion)
  11. Wizcat

    Demon's Tilt

    That's criminal! It's still fairly hard to find a pinball machine 'in the wild', other than the odd one in a pub sometimes. There are a few good sites in London (with multiple games), 'Tilt' in Birmingham has a good few, and Arcade Club in Bury also. At 'Play Expo Manchester' in May we're hoping to have about 90 or so pinball machines on freeplay (along with all the other retro gaming cabs etc). https://www.playexpomanchester.com Drop me a PM and I can give you a discount code to tickets if interested? There are also regional pinball leagues where you can spend the afternoon playing a collectors private collection in a friendly competition. I've been at one in Yorkshire all afternoon today playing 15 or so games, eating pasties and meeting friends, all for £5. http://ukpinballleague.co.uk/ Loads of opportunities to fix this crime
  12. Source? I did some minimal research and did not come to that conclusion at all. https://www.statista.com/statistics/818419/world-tv-market-share-by-type/
  13. Don't buy from Liberty. Waay overpriced. Same for Home Leisure Direct. They just buy pins from the home hobbyists, then jack up the price and resell them. They bought my TZ a few years ago for £2k, then sold it a week or two later for about £5k :/ Addams is still going up in value, but you should be able to get a pretty decent one for about half that price - £4k to £5k.
  14. Awesome. I know Ailsa and the Scottish guys quite well - have a blast
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