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  1. I used to love Fable. Didn't it have 'a thing' where you would keep collecting money, even if you weren't playing the game? I seem to remember you sort of end up having a ridiculous amount of money, and I've always been curious to go back to it now and just see if it was still counting up
  2. Shock reveal. None of these talking heads are real people. Coming in 1... 2...
  3. The Perfection caught my attention with the trailer. Really mixed bag though and takes some pretty serious sharp turns along the plot. Started off really well, but when the tangents start I was ready for coming on here and slating it, but then it twists again and makes a bit of a recovery towards the end. If you like trashy horror then probably worth a watch.
  4. And you get to keep playing whilst your food is prepared. Staff will give you a balloon, then bring your food to you when it's done.
  5. Ahh I'll have to rewatch it when I'm less tired!
  6. It is brilliant, but it is of course dramatised for effect. Like the helicopter crash. We're given the impression it just disintegrated 'because radiation', but in the real version of events it crashed into a crane. https://www.sciencephoto.com/media/596474/view/chernobyl-helicopter-crash-1986
  7. I had to leave half way through, but I knew a little bit about his crazy life journey, and wanted to hear more about it. But he said he didn't want to (or had been advised not to) talk about that period Instead they showed a 40 minute video of someone playing jsw.
  8. That's the benefits of shooting analogue film on reels I guess. It's the kind of thing we'll regret in 10 or 20 years when we're all using 8k or 16k displays and looking at the fuzzy old digital movies that are being shot now :/
  9. That looks absolutely awesome! The logo I mean. Really clever the way they've used the negative space to make the N. Film looks like shit. CGI Will is very obviously CGI and completely ruins any hope of this being good. Just in the same way that CGI Grand Moff Tarkin absolutely broke the immersion.
  10. Or, rather than get all upset about how unrealistic this whole thing is, you could just accept it's fantasy and enjoy the spectacle. Guys, it's set in a space where faster than light travel is accepted. Where people can beam instantly to random co-ordinates on foreign planets. Where ships always seem to meet each other 'the right way up' on a flat plane. Where gravity, even on tiny shuttles, is hand waved away. It has so many holes in it already, why nit-pick about minor plot holes as well? I've loved Trek since the original series, and with a few minor gripes aside, this has a chance of being ranked third, behind TNG and TOS in my book.
  11. Anyone from here heading over to this? Takes place on Bank Holiday weekend Sat 4th and Sun 5th May at Manchester Central (GMEX) I'll be there setting up the pinball machines again. We're trying to get as many of the Star Wars machines there as possible with it being May 4th Should be a good selection of the very latest pinball machines too, as well as the classics. The wider show has got a good line-up this year too. Lots of Knightmare (TV show) related things, and a Q&A panel with Matthew Smith (Jet Set Willy) could be interesting Loads of info on the show at the official site : https://www.playexpomanchester.com For extra karma, please consider buying tickets from our site : www.ukpinball.com/twilightzone We're a non-profit volunteer group, and donate from our profits to charity! Cheers!
  12. Very Off Topic - but just wanted to point out that 'rogue-like' does not mean a stealth game. It means "like Rogue". Rogue was probably the first ever game to have randomly generated levels, meaning no two play throughs would be the same.
  13. Spelunky is still, after 500+ hours, my favourite 'quick game'. It's a rogue-like, so never the same game twice. It has a ridiculous amount of depth in the game mechanics that you figure out along the way. Games can last from seconds up to maybe a couple of hours on an exceptionally good run. There's no rpg like leveling up. It just relies on the same 'git gud' player skills. Easy to learn, hard to master.
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