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  1. I use a work provided Dell monitor for my PS4. Barco CVM for my retro which is what I mostly play.
  2. I completed the second GP on hard on my first go, won all 4 races. I've only had 7 races in total. It's a bit easy.
  3. I don't like the Eurobeat stuff at all to be honest but I absolutely love the Shutokou Battle OST, the first DC game. This is my favourite. Also Genki did an amazing PS2 racers called Racing Battle, C1 Grand Prix and that has a banging soundtrack.
  4. Initial D is pure arcade and Japan only. Shutokou Battle is certainly more technical. It's not a sim like GT was at the time but it isn't arcade style handling.
  5. Finished both seasons. Absolutely loved it but the end of S2 left me a bit worn out. Wish it went a different way. It's incredibly funny at times though. I don't think I've laughed this much in ages.
  6. The best Shutokou Battle is Zero on PS2 but it will probably look rough on a modern tv. Kaido Battle games are great but perhaps more technical, definitely not too arcadey As for those systems, Shox on PS2 Is great fun. Tokyo Road Race/Battle Gear 2 and 3 are also great, also on PS2. On DC I really enjoy Buggy Heat, gets a bad rep i think but it's so so fun.
  7. I've got a standard US SNES and a RGB modded Jr and the Jr is so much sharper.
  8. TXR3 is 60 fps, it's NTSC PS2 only. It's Shutokou Battle X/ Import Tuner Challenge that is 30fps, on 360. But yes, your explanation of Kaido Battle is better.
  9. Shutokou Battle is one of my favourite series but 2 on DC is a mess, the AI is shocking! But I still like it. Kaido Battle is similar and much more polished. I like 2 and 3 a lot.
  10. The Turrican Director's cut appears to be a bit of a mess. More an unfinished game with more issues and 2 small extra levels than a properly complete version.
  11. Yeah I've no issue with a re-release, I actually like Turrican despite my comments. But the delivery of this is cynical as hell.
  12. Along with what @dumpster says, Turrican also fails badly with camera movement. It simply allows you to go too far to one side, meaning enemies spring up on you. An average, but beautiful and a treat for the ears.
  13. Is it me or is it constantly slowing down a touch every second or so?
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