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  1. I read that as chased by chickens and now I wish it was.
  2. @Tetchy I don't agree with all there but you sum it up very well. I remember Strider from here and I had reservations about this game because we didn't need it. Flawed in places, the original was truly remarkable. This one isn't. It is in places, but it feels like it was made just because. This is the first game I ever bought digital also, and I don't regret it because I only borrowed the original back in the day before I owned it for a tenner. So I'm glad to pay for something. But LoU2 is great, but it's not a masterpiece.
  3. It doesn't need to be a blast fest, but so many encounters feel similar. Effectively open warfare with soldiers. The first game was so much more atmospheric and creepy, this is not scary at all.
  4. I'm on perhaps the second part of the game, big changes. I still find the pacing a complete slog to be honest and the story just isn't that interesting compared to the first. It relies too much on shock and typical tropes compared to the masterful original. It's still really really good though, but I think it works better with more smaller encounters balanced with those largers ones to really make them feel fresh. The level design balance is all wrong.
  5. My daughter is pretty much unmonitored and has been for years. She is 12 soon but has always been fairly responsible and hates breaking rules because she gets big band from things she loves. She's a good girl though. We just always maintain a dialogue if she wants to do something.
  6. Yeah I also think the enemies have a lot of ammo. They never seem to run out. It doesn't feel consistent. I really like it don't get me wrong, but it feels often too messy by accident rather than design.
  7. Good points @Vemsie, particularly regarding how dynamic it is which I do like but I don't really agree it's that good. I felt in the original I was more often in control than not, having the element of surprise on my side. I've not found shooting limbs very effective and sometimes you'll shoot someone with a rifle and they act like it's a scratch, it's a rifle! When it's good it's amazing, but i feel they haven't got the balance right. Sometimes it's just a bit of a drag. They have gone for volume and size over focus imo.
  8. I'm on day 3 and I like it but it feels like a missed opportunity. So many enemies in this compared to before, you often get swamped pretty quickly with limited hiding options. AI is smarter which is cool, it feels more organic, but you need more options at your disposal. For example, disabling enemies by kneecapping the would be great. Shooting a gun out of hands etc. I want more ways to deal with the increasing number of people with guns. It's a better game with infected, Naughty Dog are not good at raw shooting because there isn't enough depth to the gameplay. The fist game had just enough, it limited the amount so each area felt like a little puzzle of sorts.
  9. nakamura


    Kallstrom was so talented. Such a shame.
  10. So I'm about 5 hours in and so far I'm underwhelmed. The usual production values are there, with game and plot woven with typical skill. But the story is cheap and the gameplay is somehow even slower. I've beaten the original 4 times and I absolutely love it, but this needs to pick up.
  11. I always admired Hart's ability to bounce back from an error over his actual ability. He was a good keeper once, but never a great one.
  12. The price of the console was great, especially as by '98 it was about £100 and the next generation of titles were coming. Piracy of course was a a think but the games sold millions too.
  13. Playstation just had all the massive console franchises. Gran Turismo Metal Gear Final Fantasy Tomb Raider Ridge Racer Crash Bandicoot Destruction Derby FIFA ISS Pro (this far outclassed the N64 games by 2000). Etc etc. These brands were all synonymous with PlayStation. The brand was a juggernaut unlike anything else we ever saw. And the PS2 was very powerful for a 2000 console, GT3 still looks amazing today.
  14. I must admit I've never understood how this guy became a success in the first place.
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