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  1. Atmosphere wise I found this a little inconsistent. At times it was nice but the wind never seemed to stop blowing and there wasn't much in the way of nature that I remember. It all felt a little synthetic.
  2. Breath of the Wild is astounding for atmosphere. The little musical cues, the rolling wind, the use of general sound. Despite a somewhat desolate world, it feels so alive. I love the atmosphere in Final Fantasy XII. It's more the incredible world mixed with stunning detail and brilliant music. Art design is astounding. Link's Awakening gets me too. It does so much with so little. The dungeons are dark and feature superb music. The overworld often feels bright and jaunty. Such a great use of tech. Chrono Cross. The warmth created from the art design and wonderful music made it feel like I was on holiday at times. Use of bass by Mitsuda was incredible.
  3. I thought this the second I got there in the game. Being a huge Skyward Sword fan, I noticed the similarities straight away. Good video.
  4. Drift King Keiichi Tsyuchiya laps Tsukuba in a GT86 and Gran Turismo. Good watch.
  5. Drift King Keiichi Tsyuchiya laps Tsukuba in a GT86 and Gran Turismo. Good watch this.
  6. Nakamura, is my favourite player of all time, hence my username! He has joined Kazu, Daisuke Matsui (who was a great player) and Yuta Minami who are all pretty old! Incidentally, Matsui scored this peach against Monaco when he played in Ligue Un.
  7. I know most don't care but I like having an outlet for my Japanese players. Shoya Nakajima is now at Porto, thank god after spending 6 weird months in Qatar. He's outrageously good. I feel the move was designed to circumvent Portimonese' desire not to sell him to a rival. He tore Porto apart early on in the season with 2g and 2a. Takefusa Kubo as we know is at Real Madrid. Performed very well in the Copa America, the talent is there. Will likely feature for Castilla. Hiroki Abe has moved to Barcelona. Another hugely talented lad, will play in the B team for now. Takehiro Tomiyasu has moved from STVV to Bologna. Massive breakthrough season last season for him, admittedly not in a leading league but shows he can cut it with a more physical league. Reads the game immensely well and could be the first legitimately class Japanese centre back. He's 21.
  8. Ah I see. To be honest, most modern games bore me to tears though there are exceptions. Resident Evil 2 in there, and some Witcher 3 DLC. But ultimately I find big modern games mostly uninspiring and I don't like buying indie games because they ultimately get a physical release sometime later. I don't like spending money on licensing products.
  9. I don't actually game that much, especially not as it looks. Some of those games, particularly the RPGs are finish off from years before. Suikoden V for example I started about 4 years ago. Other games like Aladdin, Tiny Toons and Adventure Island take 30-45 minutes. I can beat Ridge Racer 1 in 8 races, I just win each one first time.
  10. Ok all, I have now completed 34 games this year and I will briefly review all. 1) Super Adventure Island: A favourite since childhood. Simple, fun and amazing music. Comfort gaming but objectively not worth the original RRP. 2) Ridge Racer Type 4: Majestic in terms of gameplay, graphics and music. But the terrible repetitive GP structure means it's overrated to some extent and not the best RR. 3) Pang! An all time arcade classic. Still one of my favourite single screen games today. 4) The Combatribes: Arcade game here, it's a lot of fun although does feel slightly unpolished. I love the chunky art. 5) Ace Combat 2: Never played this before this year, not passed level 1 anyway. It's absolutely brilliant in all honest. Still looks nice, great music and varied missions. 6) Axelay: My favourite ever shooter. Stunning visuals, better sound and great levels. Just too short and some slowdown. 7) Rally De Africa: Quirky Sega Rally style racer on PS1. Absolutely loads of fun and plays well today. 8) Link's Awakening: Masterpiece. All time classic. Incredible achievement to create a 16bit quality game on a GB. 9) Streets of Rage 2: Not my favourite scrolling beat em up but certainly one of the best. A truly brilliant fusion of gameplay, music and graphics. 10) Tiny Toon Adventures: This SNES game is varied, super fun and great to look at. A little short but that was common for the time. 11) Aladdin: SNES version here. Far too easy to beat but exceptionally playable. Capcom understood platforming in a way that Virgin absolutely didn't. 12) NFS Porsche Unleashed: PS1 version, PC is apparently better. Not a brilliant racer by any means. But offers some good handling and tracks. A bit slow. 13) Shox: Magnificent PS2 rally racer. Brutal AI with obvious catchup but logic you can constantly defeat with good racing. Stunning visuals and annoying presentation. 14) Resident Evil 2: PS4 remake which was brilliant bar the lack of interaction between stories. 15) Sonic 1: MS version and by far my favourite. Brilliant music and emeralds being hidden in levels is better than crappy special stages. 16) F-Zero X: One of my all time favourite racers. Butter smooth, brilliant control and great music. 17) Exhaust Heat: An above average racer that has nostalgia by the dozen. The upgrade system was great for the time. 18) Jak and Daxter My favourite ever 3D platform game. Sadly one they never bettered due to the move to a GTA style world. 19) Need for Speed 3: Great techno music and decent visuals mixed with good handling and tracks. Choppy frame rate on PS1 at times but still good fun. 20) Ihatovo Monogatari: Magical Ghibli style SFC only adventure. Basically a 16 bit walking simulator that has the qualities of a poignant Ghibli experience. 21) V-rally 3: A racer that I have tried and tried to get into before but this time it clicked. Good career, great graphics and superbly gameplay. 22) Ridge Racer: All time classic. PS1 port of course. Which I had a cab! 23) Ridge Racer Revolution: A great update that is harder, better looking and just more more more. Mega hard though and no original track in single player. 24) Mercs: Great arcade action, completed with @strider at Arcade Club. I am crap though, so thank heaven for free play! 25) Heart of Stone DLC: Does this count? Who cares!? It was great and arguable more consistent an experience than the main game. 26) Wave Race 64: Legendary game and finally beat the reverse courses! Needs a 60fps update with the MK8 engine. 27) Super Mario Land DX: Mega easy but when the colour rom hack was released I had to have a go and it's great. 28) Touge 3: Extremely average PS2 racer but good fun if you like that sort of thing. (clue, I do!) 29) Wave Rally: Underrated PS2 water based racer. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes compulsive. Looks brilliant too. 30) Destruction Derby: Good quality racer with fantastic visuals and great music. Basic tracks, flawed design but just something I have always enjoyed. 31) Touge Max 2. Brilliant JP only PS1 drift racer. Superb visuals, great modes and top handling. 32) Rapid Racer: Another superb water based racer that is much better than given credit for. 50 fps, high res and brilliant music. 33) Wangan Trial: Quirky PS1 'drama' racer. Has a FMW story mode, some good tracks and car models but is rather grey of palette. Good handling too. 34) Suikoden V: Enjoyable sequel that wronged a lot of what IV did. Still a bit long and grey of colour but a good plot and fighting systems once it gets going. ta-da!
  11. I recently bought the Retro Bit SNES Collection, mainly to get R-TYPE 3 officially and cheap but I'll be damned if I haven't been absolutely loving Super R Type! Despite its well known flaws, the music, level design and graphics are all so good. The slowdown absolutely helps someone crap like me, though I'd love to have a go when it gets updated to run like Gradius 3 did recently.
  12. Finished it and loved it. Messy at times and didn't fully explore everything it touched on but it was funny, dark, emotional and showed a glimpse into the best and worst of people.
  13. Recently watched this and loved both series. 1 was better but I found season 2 fascinating. Eve was always a clearly miserable character, looking for something to fulfill her life. The themes of the psychopath really interested me and Eve is the greater psychopath in the series.
  14. I got no special cards and the best was Ribery.
  15. My biggest bargain was in 1998 when I started working for Game. We had a 'retro' section downstairs which no one really cared for. It had a few old 16bit console and computer games. It was barely manned and nothing was stolen. Rooting through a box of stock I found 3 sealed copies of A Link to the Past. I was pretty happy at these finds so I took them too the till to scan for prices and yep, £2! Bought all 3 and gave two to my friends and kept the third! Wish I kept them all sealed now.
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