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  1. I love Xenogears but it's objectively a mess. It's just far too ambitious a project for the time. That's why disc 2 badly runs out of steam, the game had to be finished before it was really ready. It's just like Xenosaga, a wonderful idea with some amazing themes but it was just too ambitious. 6 games were planned for it but only 3 for made. Tetsuya Takahashi has big problems with scope in games. The Xenoblade games all have the same problems.
  2. nakamura


    I'd like to have seen a genuine episode, set 15 years or so after the last one with real positive stories for the characters. Would make a nice change.
  3. I keep an eye on this thread for fun. Typical there are some great Japanese cards this year and I didn't buy it. I've missed too many of them now.
  4. Game Pass is amazing value. But I have no idea how viable it is as a long term platform for developers and publishers. Because I literally don't know.
  5. NTSC N64 games have climbed exponentially in the past 6-7 years.
  6. I think regarding the dry fish, the link between human and Daemon wasn't explored as strongly as the books for which I imagine it's why it was left out.
  7. Amazed they even tried. It's absolutely a red.
  8. Sick of it all. Genuinely makes me sad.
  9. Wondering what the heck this mean until... I won't edit it now.
  10. I've been watching Minamino for about 3 years now. His touch is insane, especially on the half term. Japanese players often fail in England because they operate in a more Spanish style, constantly looking to move the ball and run into space. Energy levels are off the chart so for me, Liverpool are the perfect fit as their game is so far ahead of the typical English team at the moment. Klopp is also the perfect manager, he plays to the strengths of a player.
  11. It's by no means a bad game. But myClub itself is absolutely crazy. I cannot get any of the actual players I want yet I've got several superstars!
  12. I've been playing PES 2020 Lite. I've had 4 games against the CPU, it's soul crushingly dull to play but I've got 98 Messi, 91 Gabriel something, 89 Vieira, 87 Bale, 88 Payer, and other players above 75.
  13. I beat the original and it was a disaster of a second half but a solid 6/10 overall. I heard they didn't repeat the mistakes with Bravely Second but I just haven't tried it yet. I hope with a bit more behind it, this could develop into a good series. The town's, battle system and cast of the original were fantastic.
  14. Episode 7 was great. Will is a fantastic character and the lad playing him is doing a bang up job.
  15. I've been playing the VR mode in this and it's fantastic apart from how slow the AI opponent is. Is there any way to make it harder?
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