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  1. I've been playing the VR mode in this and it's fantastic apart from how slow the AI opponent is. Is there any way to make it harder?
  2. It came with Astro Bot, Skyrim, Everybody's Golf, Resident Evil 7 and PS World's. Also have Wipeout and GT Sport!
  3. Finally got one! Picked up the megapack for £130 with my work discounts! Very excited!
  4. Finished Enthusia Professional Racing on PS2 and it's a bloody good racer to he honest. Amazing handling and much better AI than GT.
  5. These threads are shite. (My unpopular opinion)
  6. Korean news reporting that Yoo Sang-chul has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Only 48. For those that don't know, Yoo was one of the first modern Korean icons and a very talented and versatile player that was only blocked a move to Barcelona by a contract already signed with Yokohama F Marino's. Scored in two world cups and played a vital part in Korea's amazing if slightly fortuitous run to the semi finals in 2002. Good 2 mins of goals.
  7. I like it a lot. Agree Oxford shouldn't really have appeared so soon but Dafne Keen and Wilson have just got better and better. Good stuff. Always going to deviate somewhat, two totally different means of storytelling after all.
  8. Some people on the internet have stated after one episode that it's nowhere near as good as Golden Compass. These people are allowed to vote
  9. Forza Horizon 4. As a single player experience it is the final dumbing down of a once amazing series that became progressively less interesting with each iteration. Stupid avatars, brick walls that crumble meaning the map is almost entirely window dressing, poor audio compared to 1+2 and just a disappointing structure left me bored.
  10. VII is a bit of a mess but it's brilliant. The motivations of Sephiroth are superb and his whole history is weird and fascinating. Same with the Cloud and Zak thing, even the Cait Sith twist is smart. Most of the FF games have great story elements and themes but don't always get them across well in translation.
  11. Bakare is great indeed. Although I thought Kidman was weak in the movie. Although, don't like Craig in anything. He's a terrible actor. Elliot was indeed good. Costumes are ok!
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