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  1. Well, Ridge Racer V I guess. I just absolutely adore everything, the sound, the menu design, the art design and the lighting in particular. Not to mention the handling model is varied and magnificent and it contains my favourite racing circuit in any game. I never get bored of it. Sometimes I just load it up to watch the demo.
  2. Mad Max Fury Road 5/5. One of my favourite action movies ever. Almost everything is perfect from the brilliant cinematography, I love how the camera is at times like a War Boy itself with its slightly crazed sense of motion. The performances are all excellent, particularly Theron and Holt who both stand above an excellent cast. It never lets up but never feels overdone despite the nature of the action. Real stunts top off a magnificent picture. The only issue is the music. It's mostly great but sometimes it goes rather melodramatic, particularly inside the sandstorm and just doesn't suit. No classical music would have been perfect imo.
  3. The Dark Knight. 3.5/5 A film I loved back in the day that has serious pacing issues early on. For almost an hour it's a mostly generic movie set in a mostly generic city. After that it picks up greatly into a brilliant epic. Well acted, though Bale is still weird with that whispery voice. Ledger is excellent as we know and both Oldman and Eckhart support brilliantly. Cut off 20-30 mins and would have been perfect. Plus the city needs more identity. Batman Returns 4/5 Whilst feeling small in scale in terms of locale, it's feels more like Gotham Town than city, this is a wonderfully dark tale with a ending that is almost moving but leave the feeling of pity rather than sadness. Tim Burton movies are the highlight of Batman for me, it feels suitably gothic and mysterious. Amazing music too.
  4. Found the 30 FPS off-putting. The shallow corners and general location dull and the handling model utterly disengaging. To add, it's well made. I just find it boring.
  5. My favourite arcade racers are.... Ridge Racer V (fav game ever) Ridge Racer 1. Forza Horizon 1 Games I like loads Sega Rally Destruction Derby 2 Burning Road Shutokou Battle (PS1, arcade or sim?) Forza Horizon 2 Ridge 4 Rave Racer Flat out 2 Games I like a decent amount Daytona Need for Speed 1,3,4, HP2 Ford Racing 3 NFS 5-1-0 PSP Touge Max (PS1) Porsche Challenge Project Gotham 1 Rallycross Challenge Burnout series Racingroovy Games I respect but don't like much Outrun series Scud Race Virtua Racing Games I just don't like NFS HP Burnout Burnout Paradise There are tons more! My favourite genre.
  6. You guys are making me want to get it!
  7. Batman (1989) 4/5 Pockets of it feel a little dated but this is still a superb film with a brilliant gothic feel and perfect performance from Nicholson.
  8. We've seen probably less than 5% of the content tbh. Let's give it time to breathe.
  9. This is funny! Past his best but United are so shit, his creativity might actually help!
  10. I've got my starter team, obviously. I've won 70% of my games with Japan and in division 6, straddling 5 but I've not played actually many games. However I didn't order it yet, just the EA trial. I do like a lot though. But as I've said on my twitter, I feel the tackling isn't responsive enough to lack better AI assistance. But, I am now hovering over ordering and I'll strongly consider building a more competitive team if I do.
  11. nakamura

    PES 2020

    It's a shame. I really liked the PES demo and have seriously considered jumping back in early this year.
  12. nakamura

    PES 2020

    Absolutely hyperbole. Unplayable would suggest it doesn't do even the most basic of your commands.
  13. nakamura

    PES 2020

    It's so weird to see China and Thailand but not Japan!
  14. nakamura

    Nintendo Switch

    First game is a lot better yes. It's not the second coming, the battle system doesn't do enough to sustain 80 hours plus of gameplay. But it's a great game overall with a brilliant world and a genuinely good story. Amazing music too.
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