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  1. Player selection is outright broken. I was trying to select a player literally tugging the shirt of an attacker on Saturday and I couldn't. Also the 50/50 is shite. It's literally 70/30 to the attack. And I'm glad it's not just me because with chemistry boost, my defenders have 82+ tackling so they aren't exactly bad.
  2. nakamura

    Digitiser:The Show - Starts next sunday!

    SNES Vs MD for the opening bit? Fuck off.
  3. nakamura

    PlayStation 5

    I think this is one of gamings great myths tbh.
  4. nakamura

    PS1 Appreciation Thread

    I'm midway through chapter 4 now and have 4 scrolls. This really is a very good game.
  5. Played a rivals match. Absolutely bossing play and 60 mins in, disconnect. Going to bed.
  6. I am on LAN. My internet just decided to be shit. And so did my GK in 92 mins. Really deflated tbh. The last guy was shit. I lead with 20 mins to go. Failed to be able to clear when literally 4 of my players were around the ball. The resulting FK was played short and fast. I couldn't get the defender I needed to even attempt a block. Literally lost the last game because of two goals I had no control over.
  7. nakamura

    Xbox One backwards compatibility - Server Runtime Error

    Did they ever make the Xbox version of XIII HD? It looks terrible on 360.
  8. Third disconnect after taking the lead. I've got one left to get one win. I lost two games by my own missing of chances. It's not happening.
  9. Second disconnect. Both games 0-0 under ten mins. Not a single issue with any of yesterday's matches!
  10. I had 7 games left to get the two wins for gold 3, two mins into the first game and my internet goes.
  11. Hugely. I've always used wired but I swapped from Xbox and forgot to update my PS4 settings.
  12. Thanks @Pants McSkillMcSkill. Won 4 in a row last night, wired connection makes a huge difference! . Aiming for gold 3 now. Need 2 wins from 7.
  13. nakamura

    Your Very Best Gaming Year

    An amazing list. Although whilst we had fun at the time with Sonic, it's a disaster of a videogame in all honesty. Sega were a complete mess in 98 and rushed the systems to the market
  14. 11 wins 11 losses. I think I made a schoolboy, PS4 was connected via WiFi. Swapped to LAN and seems to be more responsive! 3 wins in a row. Just beat another banging team!

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