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  1. Exactly. Not to mention that FF wasn't a huge western franchise until the PS1. So the vast majority of western fans started with ATB.
  2. ATB was fully in place during the SNES era I think with 5. You had your time bars, also a wait mode for beginners or those with a slow pace. FFVI and beyond had moves with a cool down or cool up period too. FFXII literally took it all, and made it work in a real time environment. The fundamentals of it are the same, except the characters don't stand still. FFXII is the very essence of Final Fantasy. It plays like both old and new games. Only you can program you own commands.
  3. XII is just ATB in a real time setting. It's the same gameplay as the older ones.
  4. It's gone! I watched it recently and wanted to again. Can't get it on Blu-ray either.
  5. I recently watched Episodes and it's brilliant. It has been on my list for ages but never got around to. But yeah, Le Blanc is brilliant. It feels so British yet set in America. All the cast are excellent.
  6. I've got the first 70 ksues of both the PS1 and PS2 editions and they are still mostly good. Early on the PS1 version was brilliant and has aged really well. Feels like Edge lite, you can see Steve Jarratt's fantastic influence. Middle third it was dragged down under Pegley but Mike Goldsmith brought it back up again. PS2 edition, started really well too. Good writing, lack of crazy hype and good features. Shifted the lifestyle stuff to the end too.
  7. Probably my favourite Zelda game in 3D. Apart from some padding, I absolutely love everything about this game. So glad it is coming to switch.
  8. Developers vision? Such a cop out. Developers don't envisagegames running at with sub optimal performance. It's often a choice due to hardware constraints, not because they dream of making a game at 30fps. Currently systems will go a long way to eliminate that. Improvements to visuals on the surface are incremental. So performance boosts will come much more common.
  9. Part of the reason I struggled moving into he HD era was the frame rates. So many games I played on PS2 were 60fps. Going from GT4 to PGR3 was horrible on the eyes. It wasn't worth the supposed resolution increase. It looked like a flick book in comparison and racers are vital to be 60. I don't hate 30 for all games of course. But for some reason it feels so hard on HD games. Maybe it's the TV size. Of the level of detail makes or appeared more jerky, even with motion blur. I mean, games like Ridge Racer 4, as stunning as it is, only has limited detail.
  10. In the league, sorry. That's his average.
  11. 33 mins per game this season over 9 games. He is talented, but he hasn't been given a decent run imo. Is he good enough for Liverpool? I'm not sure but I actually think he has the raw talent. His touch and movement are outstanding, but it's that final third. I think it's got to be confidence.
  12. For photographing a CRT, if you can change your shutter speed, 1/50 for 50hz and 1/60 for 60 Hz really helps. Can get a clean enough shot.
  13. I've been using my GT Prologue white PS2 since 2004 as my main machine! Hopefully it won't go hang. But I am having a new laser fitted soon. Current one seems ok but I've messed up adjusting it so will sent it to a mate anyway.
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