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  1. nakamura


    I loved their first two albums but fell away after that. Picked up Junior and it grew on me. I should really check them out again.
  2. It looks good but the shrines do lack variety. Would have been cool if the shrines were more themed.
  3. nakamura


    A reporter on BBC radio was suggesting he should be immune from criticism because he is good at tennis. I wish I was joking.
  4. nakamura


    Yeah, I have lost all respect for him now and I hope he gets thrown out.
  5. I can't easily pick one, I'm sure none of us can but getting ISS Pro on PS1 always stands in my mind. I had no money, had just left school and my paper round. It was 1997. I went to to local shop, Software Box, about 30-40 mins walk. I took all my games to trade in not sure how much it would be. (only had a few). Game was £44.99 and I had £43 trade in. Staff were not letting me off the £2 so I asked if I could swap the brand new ISS case for one of my broken ones and get £1 more trade in and £1 off ISS Pro and they did! I walked home very excited and played the game until I fell asleep!
  6. Super Mario Kart started my intense dislike of Luigi. I use Koopa Troopa mostly and Luigi was always in second. There is always a different lineup depending on who you choose!
  7. I've always thought Trials of Mana looks basically 32bit.
  8. It makes the game constantly challenging, one mistake and you're wrestling for position. Rarely is there nothing on screen. It's arguably the most real racing experience of the time. It's phenomenon.
  9. F-Zero on SNES is mega and a far better game than many give credit for.
  10. Wasn't Ian Dowie Tony in Total Recall?
  11. So I've been saving for Nakata and realised he's now utterly redundant as I have Nakamura. Unless I play him as a striker with something like deadeye. Not exciting I know. But I beat someone 6-1 in division 5 last night. I've not played much this week so didn't get chance to go for 4.
  12. Not for the average mug on the high street. Most people don't consider the writing etc on making a tv show. They will see a woman = bad, maybe they would have had that view anyway, but it hasn't helped.
  13. I've not finished Flux yet, but I'll say it again, Whittaker gas been totally betrayed by utter shit writing. Biggest moment in a long time for the series and it will always be remembered as a shit female doctor for the wrong reasons. Great actress, poor support
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