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  1. https://m.sporcle.com/games/canaryjim/norwich-city-number-9s Just created this quiz, don't expect any non-yellows would be particularly interested but my God it reminded me how lucky we are to have oliveira. We've had some absolute dross wear that shirt.
  2. He'll come good! Was gutted to lose him to be honest, but in hindsight perhaps he was anonymous in too many games. When he's on form he's unstoppable though.
  3. Dumb question - does Lewis need prescription glasses, or does he just wear clear lenses as a fashion thing because he's a twat?
  4. Yeah, I get that it can be frustrating at times but Farke seems willing to mix it up and we won't just be knocking it around on the halfway line in the 89th minute if we need a goal, which I have seen teams do. He also seems more proactive than a lot of managers we've had of late, willing to make substitutions earlier or change formation if things aren't working. Under both Alex Neil and Chris Hughton we were very one dimensional so it's good to see. I'm still just trying to get accustomed to all our new players to be honest. Think we brought in something like 12 new faces over the summer and
  5. He is. Christ knows when he last played though. Has been crocked forever. Just looked it up - 14 appearances since Sept '15. He did look a decent player when he first joined but since then has just been a constant drain on the wages. Too early to say on Farke. Loves to play possession football, which I quite enjoy watching but 90% of Carrow Road will get on his back after 2 minutes because of all the sideways passing. 'GET IT FORWARD!!!'. We were woeful in the first few games but now have 5 clean sheets on the trot (also playing the zonal system, seems to have clicked n
  6. Yeah, he did maybe seem to stagnate a bit for the last season or two with us, but that's true of a lot of our players. With Norwich being so isolated it can become a bit of a vacuum sometimes and I think players can get too comfortable. Everyone looks fitter and 'hungrier' (I hate that word, these guys can afford a sandwich or two) since the big restructure we've had over the summer. Bennett looked raw but with bags of potential when he first arrived from Peterborough. Sadly he just never improved. Still a competent player but only at lower level Champ/top of League One I'd say. Gu
  7. That's good to hear. He was a great servant to Norwich and I'm sure he would've wanted to stay on if finances had allowed. Hope he gets another shot at the England squad at some point. He's nowhere near good enough to be first choice but would be good to see him get a few caps in friendlies. Really nice chap.
  8. Wolves guys, has Ruddy been playing? How's he getting on? Assume Bennett's not been in the first XI since he's shit, but would be good to hear how our old lads are doing. Always rated Ruddy but in Gunn I think we've got an upgrade. Seems more switched on and less prone to the odd mistake that'll cost you a goal. Shame we've got to give him back at the end of the season, mind.
  9. What's going on with this drain cover? Can't they just put a traffic cone on it and get on with things?
  10. I've an old Mega Drive II and PS2 Slimline that no longer work. Rather than take a fiver for them on ebay for parts/spares, any idea what I could do to upcycle them? I've tried google for ideas but other than turning the Mega Drive into an iphone dock, which looks shit, I've come up with nothing. Guessing the PS2 might be a lost cause as the shape of it doesn't lend itself to...well, anything. Sure I could turn the MD into something vaguely useful though. More useful than a pencil holder, anyway.
  11. Anyone messed about with any of the mods for this? I've just started a new career with the Fire 2017 mod and really enjoying it. After harshly getting sacked by Archer in my first career because I kept running out of fuel like a huge div - could happen to anyone - it's good to give it a blast with real teams and drivers.
  12. Renault ditching red bull! Very lol.
  13. The last three times I've had access to a ticket but not been able to go, we've won. Today could make it four...might have to buy a half season ticket and not bother turning up if this continues.
  14. We've passed 30 without losing a wicket! That's Stoneman on the plane, then.
  15. Yeah, they are great and the final is usually a good one to watch for the neutral. Our record of two appearances, a penalty loss at Cardiff and comfortable win at Wembley possibly affects my judgement though. We never expected to go up that season we played you guys so the Cardiff trip was just a great day out and the defeat wasn't too difficult to take. My nerves were shot all through the Ipswich semi and 'Boro final a few years back though. Great in the end but at the time I'd much rather we'd finished 2nd.
  16. Was looking at playoff stats the other day, surprisingly wolves don't hold any of the worst records despite that! Preston having 10 appearances and one promotion is pretty galling. Blackpool won 10 games on the trot at one point!
  17. Aye, 1-0. Was 0-0 for most of the game though, not sure if away goals would've counted? Who cares. Annoyingly I missed both games as I worked pretty much every hour I could at the local pub at the time...an unfortunate necessity due to sinking all my earnings on the other side of the bar... I managed to get to the final though. Best atmosphere I've ever experienced...up until Brum's winning pen, anyway.
  18. Was thinking about the Norwich v Wolves play-off semi the other day actually. Was gonna ask if any of the forum's resident Wolves fans were there, but I'm not sure there's any team in the Championship that haven't beaten Wolves in the playoffs at some point so it's unlikely to have stuck in the memory
  19. English batsmen clearly wanting to see Jimmy get to 500 ASAP.
  20. Fuck me this is dull. Someone do a rain dance plz
  21. I'd assume that yeah, but what if Quali wasn't possible at all?
  22. Showing my ignorance here, but what would've happened if Quali wasn't possible today or tomorrow? Would they line up with whoever was quickest in practise?
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