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  1. Neither of them come off brilliantly tbh. I would be more on Sterlings side but his constant cackling at the other guys comments really pushed my buttons. This is my new favourite games related podcast if anybody is on the lookout for something new: http://www.outlandishpodcast.com
  2. How long is the game roughly?
  3. For me Matt Lees is a very articulate idiot, and there is a difference between intelligent people and articulate ones. When he attacked that Killer Is Dead game after having not played it once, when he attacked that touch arcade writer (I think it was touch arcade) over the tiniest disagreement, his contribution to gamergate consisting of nothing more than being abusive to people on both sides etc. He can often explain his reasoning quite well, but his instincts are those of an angry child, and he is the ultimate keyboard warrior. He looks like a stiff breeze could send him into space, but talks to people on the internet like he's in the WWE. I don't like the man. On a more positive note, the Crate and Crowbar end of year podcast is a great listen as usual, even if you don't play PC games http://crateandcrowbar.com/2014/12/20/episode-073-the-big-christmas-sneeze/
  4. Just finished the final c&j episode, one of their best episodes ever imo. For me the irony of that podcast is that when they ignore the format and just goof around, they are often funnier and more engaging than podcasters who just do that constantly. Some great insight in the second half too. I really hope they don't just disappear now.
  5. Toilet

    Rock Band!

    Its on sale on x360 until 20 Jan, not sure if it applies on ps3 (some sites say yes) or if the offer is available worldwide http://www.gamezone.com/news/get-rock-band-blitz-and-rock-band-3-for-cheap-on-xbox-360-and-ps3-next-week-5864-jrl6 Good price for blitz. Great game imo.
  6. Just came back from holiday to hear about C&J. Like many other people I am extremely gutted but based on the last ten minutes of the new episode they are probably right to call it a day. Just been having a mooch around the under-rated C&J youtube channel. Below is (still) my personal favourite upload. http://youtu.be/d5pjODkazDA
  7. 1. C&J - Always enjoyable. 2. Crate & Crowbar - A real must for PC gamers. 3. CvG Off the Record - RIP I must say I don't get the excitement around Matt Lees. I've seen him act so unpleasantly to uncombative folk on twitter that perhaps it's hard for me to see beyond that.
  8. Are they not doing that this year? Thats disappointing. Same
  9. I feel the same way. I have three kids so I barely have time to play games now but I still enjoy listening to them being discussed. No time for bs.
  10. I don't play football games myself but I really enjoy hearing those two talk about them, makes you realise how wrong it is that mags and websites give fifa games a score after only a few hours.
  11. Just heard the chatter about this on the new Chet and Jon podcast. It was the best game Jon played at games com "by far." I have a feeling this may shift a bone or two come xmas
  12. But they ARE able to….. thats surely the point
  13. Indeed. I sincerely hope they do more of those.
  14. I don't agree with that at all. When they do comment I agree with them wholeheartedly. But when they dodge (and they do that frequently admittedly) the topic I appreciate it largely because everyone else is so desperate to seem like the authority on the subject it just turns into chest beating white noise. I love that show these days, so much so that I have learned to love just rolling my eyes when they act up like you mentioned. I love that they are so far away from the industry and don't care about it one jot.
  15. He's a bit of an ignoramus, and admits it. Better that than the alternative, which is what so many other podcasts are guilty of, dishonesty. The problem is that he may have been obliged to play the game if the podcast was part of an outlet or something. Ignore it I say
  16. Would you rather he lie or sit out something he may have been obliged to do by his employer? Disagreeing with something doesn't mean it shouldn't exist
  17. That's your opinion though, and how does skipping cutscenes (and being honest about it!) mean that you are "wrong?"
  18. Just as I thought Cheers!
  19. Sorry if this has been asked already but how do you open the locked door at McDuffs? I realise that it's probably pointless to open it, but as I don't have the key I can't help but wonder if maybe I'm missing stuff from wherever the key is
  20. Who should we get to police this? You? Examples?
  21. Agreed. One of their best. Cane and Rinse? Second call for Crate & Crowbar and Idle Thumbs too.
  22. There is a rape in To Kill A Mockingbird. Rape is wrong. Book is wrong?
  23. Am i the only person that made no sense of that?? The only issue that matters is that people were all judging a book by its cover. You think that's a good thing?
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