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  1. The metaverse is a pre-rendered trailer for the whole tech industry. It isn’t real, and the people selling it know it isn’t possible, but they’re hoping it looks cool enough that people will get excited and their shares will rise.
  2. I doubt the could afford it, but Sony should buy Take2 or EA if they want to compete with this acquisition. The real danger is that Microsoft eventually acquire FIFA and GTA as well, which really would push Sony into second place forever. If they could afford one of those they could carry on being in competition. With their resources the best they can do is probably Square or Capcom. Never bet against Nintendo. We’re moving towards a beautiful future where all out favourite franchises are as well managed as the office suite.
  3. Sequential art is absolutely insanely time consuming and intimidating, but it does resolve your problem about direction. You’d always have something to work on. Plus if you remove the time limit and keep the length short, say a single 20 page issue with a short story over a few months, it could take at least some of the intimidation out. Think of it more like when people are doing solo game dev and just have to accept that it’s going to take years. That’s a lot of commitment though.
  4. Have you thought about trying to find someone to collaborate with? I know that when I was looking into creating a comic book, there were a LOT of people who had scripts they’d written but couldn’t find an artist. It’s definitely hard to get paid for anything creative, but based on my experience as a writer trying to find an artist, the other side of that equation was in much higher demand amongst non professionals looking to work together on projects to build a portfolio. I can’t remember what the community was called (I think it was a Facebook group so I’ll look in a minute), but it was basically just a way for aspiring comic book creators to find other people to work with. I’m guessing comic art is a lot of work, but I also assume it would give you a lot of focus for a while, and allow you to create a lot of art. It’s also a good way to get your art looked at in depth, instead of just quickly glancing on social media someone is looking at page after page of your work. And if you’re creating characters it will be easier to sell items with your art on as they’re not just random images, plus no concerns about copywrite. I appreciate that maybe I’m just saying “do loads more work for maybe no response”, but the guy who put me into it was an artist and he chose from a few scripts that were looking for an artist and found a project to work on. Nobody ever chose my script so I gave up after a few months Ill see if I can find the group.
  5. The MCU Moon Knight announcements have really shocked me, there’s quite a lot of people genuinely excited about him being added. I always though he was a bit of a joke, he’s such a pound shop Batman. Is there a really good run from recent years that has won people over?
  6. Not really, the first post was more about finding things to do with an IP that aren’t just big games from established teams. The second is about their messaging surrounding their choice to only focus on more expensive games.
  7. If cel shading and a substituting the open world for a big flat ocean which is incredibly boring to traverse counts as an interesting enough sequel for them, that’s an incredibly low bar. The fact they were willing to put out an OOT throwback also makes it clear that they don’t actually need a new idea to create a sequel. Skyward Sword is a fair call though, that did have a lot of new stuff in it. Outside of online, Mario Kart’s additions are pitiful. The gliding is a tiny addition, the underwater adds literally nothing. Going F-Zero is an insanely generous description of tracks that twist slightly. Sonic and SEGA All Stars Transformed includes boats and planes that actually handle in meaningfully different ways, and shits all over the terrible additions in MK7. There’s also New Super Mario Bros, a low effort sequel to 2D Mario games which spawned a series of low effort sequels. I’m actually perfectly happy to play series’ that just make the same game over and over, assuming I’m still enjoying it. Twilight Princess and MK8 are both favourites of mine. The point is that their “we don’t make sequels unless we have new ideas” is bollocks, it’s just a PR line for when they’re asked why there’s no new F-Zero game which sounds better than “it doesn’t sell so we don’t want to”.
  8. The first party Wii U launch titles were Nintendoland and NSMBU, both new games. This is such obvious bullshit. They don’t make sequels if they don’t think they’ll be profitable, and this is just how they justify it. They haven’t meaningfully changed Mario kart in 20 years. They let Zelda stagnate for years before BOTW. The sports and party games get a new entry every few years with zero effort made to differentiate them. This rule only applies when a game fails and they need an excuse for dumping the franchise.
  9. Broker

    Illustration Club

    A portrait of Mr Horse
  10. The Switch Pro Controller is lovely and as you don’t need triggers for souls it’s a viable choice. Series is post comfortable. The dual sense is nice too though. Controllers now are amazing, as is the support for them on PC. So I just voted Xbox One as that’s what I use with my PC. I’ve got all these controllers and can confirm series is the best one.
  11. I guess meaning they'll be giving them new names instead of casting younger people to play the same characters.
  12. In fairness, looking at MG Survive I'd rather have no DLC than something made by Konami after Kojima left.
  13. I’ll give it a look, thanks
  14. Building your new IP on the idea it will have a story people love, spending 3 years on world building and writing backstory, hire excellent writers to do text that players can read in your game, then farming out the actual dialogue, scripting and voice acting to people with no talent whatsoever. Destiny has incredibly lore in the grimoire, an amazing world and fantastic character designs. But the dialogue in the actual missions sounds like it was written by a twelve year old who just read their first sci-fi novel, and a lot of the initial voice acting was embarrassing. I can’t understand how a giant company can be hoping to create an IP that spawns movies, books and supports years worth of games, pay talented people to create and flesh out the story, then scrimp on the thing that they’re relying on to get people interested enough to dive into that lore and invest in the world.
  15. In general, I'm always baffled by the amount of IP big companies just sit on when there's clearly an appetite and fanbase. I get that Nintendo don't think it's worth putting a triple A team on F Zero, but surely they could hire a smaller developer to put out a game? The success Sega have had with letting passionate creators work on Sonic Mania and Streets of Rage 4 is a great example, surely there's a million indie developers who would love to work on sequels to the games from their childhood, they get work, the publishers get new games at a fraction of the cost of a full studio, maybe they create enough interest in the franchise to make another big game worth it. Literally everyone wins. I know Nintendo are protective, but it's amazing to me that Capcom, Konami, Bandai Namco and others aren't doing more of this. Similarly, why don't they buy fan games? If someone has lovingly spent moths remaking an old game that you own, why not offer to hire them and buy their work. You stick a single producer on it to ensuire quality, QA test it and you've got basically a free remake. Again I get with Nintendo they don't want a UE4 version of Mario 64 because it's one of their biggest games and they're still selling the original. But why do Square Enix shut down Chrono Trigger remakes when they have no interest in using the IP or even making the original game widely available?
  16. Anyone here an animator? I’m looking to make a simple animation, not really sure where to start. I’m not the best artist but I can draw a bit, and I’ve got a graphics tablet. Primarily I’m looking for something very easy, preferably that does as much of the work as possible for me. I’m not looking for anything focused on my drawing 12 unique frames per second, unless there’s very easy options to clone the last frame and alter it. I’ve seen videos that have bone systems, that seems like it would be helpful. I don’t want to work in 3D though, 2D all the way. I’m looking to create something with an anime style as a joke for my son, but might keep using it afterwards. Obviously free would be best, but I’m happy to pay a bit if it gets me good features. I’d rather pay once though, I’m not looking for another subscription.
  17. Just catching up on late 2021 stuff, really enjoyed Don’t Look Up. It had a great balance between funny and depressing. Great cast. But Jesus tick, tick Boom was amazing. I love musicals, I utterly loved every single second of it. Really beautiful and sad and inspiring. It’s going to win all the awards.
  18. Doesn’t this statement apply to every adaptation of anything ever if you’re a fan of the source material? I’ll throw in every anime series that is adapted from manga before the anime industry switched to a seasonal model.
  19. I watched the last season on Prime as it aired so it's interesting that it's moving to D+. I'm excited, I love this show.
  20. 3090Ti isn’t it? https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3090-ti-pictured-specifications-confirmed
  21. Never heard of this but the trailer played before the matrix and it looked gorgeous.
  22. I feel like it’s really noticeable how the magazine industry has changed, paying £6.20 for a copy of edge that is thinner and cheaper feeling than I remember it being. The quality of the print materials is still good, but it doesn’t feel as good. Ad the news and stuff just feels totally pointless. Great Elden Ring piece though.
  23. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, took me about 6 months of on and off attempts to beat it:
  24. This one is a favourite. It’s just such a stupid move that they don’t expect it. Running through open ground, lying down right in front of them with no cover except smoke. The shots at the end are on point as well.
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