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  1. I didn’t play days gone because it looked incredibly bland and had a marketing campaign that made it look shit. A lot of the positivity that I’ve heard since has been about the story, but people seem to enjoy the story in god of war and horizon and assassins fucking creed so I’m never going to play a game on that basis, given that I can count how many games I’ve enjoyed because of their story on my fingers. Luckily, this bellend has just ensured that I’ll never bother with it, so that’ll save me being disappointed by another shit story.
  2. Broker


    I dunno, I think Denji is a lot more nuanced than your typical Pervy main character, and his interactions with women are all at least consensual. There’s a lot more to him that is slowly added as the series progresses.
  3. All of that is absolutely true, which makes it even more impressive that they manage to be so bland and dull. Every few years I get sucked in by the beautiful recreation of a historical place, then play for a bit and remember that what you actually do in assassins creed is hold forward to climb things, engage in terrible combat and watch cutscenes where everything sounds important but nothing happens.
  4. I think I might take a break here, because like: What the actual fuck does any of that mean? I get why they’re not going to say “hey this season in Destiny we’ve added yet another temporary game mode where you fight through some fodder enemies then kill a few bosses, maybe stand in a circle or Chuck something if you’re lucky”. But I feel like rather than making it sound exciting, I’m just very aware that I’ve read quite a number of words there and have literally no idea what I’ll actually be doing, and I’m assuming I can’t find out unless I give them money
  5. Crisis Core was treated really unfairly by its original reviews, it’s a really good game. It’s got a good story and has that beautiful JRPG weirdness without being too confusing and a nice deep story without being too slow. Builds its protagonist up really nicely, and a great payoff at the end.
  6. Most games I buy get played by at least two people. Some of them get played by four people. Off the top of my head, paying for Hollow Knight, Bloodborne, Shovel Knight and Super Meat Boy has gotten me full playthroughs for all of the four people I live with.
  7. I guess this is the downside of their “Phil is your mate, he’s just like you, he’s wearing a shirt with a retro game on it, he wants crossplay” branding strategy. They’ve successfully convinced a bunch of their evangelists that they’re the nice massive gaming corporation, so when they act like a corporation there will be more pushback. I’m sure one of their fans will be along any second to somehow blame evil Sony and their dumb fans for Microsoft choosing to price their games higher, because this tribal identity based bullshit really works…..
  8. I went with what I think are the best films, accounting for all the aspects that make up a movie. There’s probably a few movies I love that aren’t on there, like Robocop, but whilst I think almost everything about that movie is perfect, the dialogue is a bit weak and the villain’s motivations aren’t as compelling as they could be.
  9. 1. Whisper of the Heart (1995) 2. Dead Poet’s Society (1989) 3. Silence of the Lambs (1991) 4. Akira (1988) 5. I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020) 6. Chinatown (1974) 7. Prisoners (2013) 8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) 9. My Neighbour Totoro (1988) 10. Pulp Fiction (1994)
  10. With one “fun” choice to prove you’re a human Jokes aside, the reality of these lists is that most of these people will have seen a lot more films that most people and will be incredibly invested. I can’t imagine that the Rllmuk top 100 games is very similar to what your average person would vote for, and give it 30 years I’m guessing most of us will still be listing Resi 4 when it’s the equivalent of a movie from the 50’s.
  11. I’m voting assassin’s creed. They’re so bland, so average. I couldn’t point out anything bad about them but there’s nothing good either. Just a bug in empty nothing. I’m always amazed when people who play tonnes of games for a living enjoy these bland franchise games.
  12. Broken moon in general is rubbish, it’s really samey and seriously lacking in unique or interesting POIs. I like the zip rails, but everything else is really uninspiring.
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