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  1. It’s interesting that you interpret a comment on the differences between responses from different people on issues of gender to be me having a go at you. It’s never women who want to avoid “turning everything into a conversation about gender”, it’s always men. Because women have to live their whole lives knowing that every conversation they have has a subtext of being about gender. It’s only if you’re a man that you can choose to ignore those issues, but we still have innumerable men suggesting that would be a solution, when it really only benefits them.
  2. Isn’t it interesting that there’s never any women stating that things don’t need to be about gender. It’s almost like the people with the entrenched privilege are always hugely defensive about entertaining any discussion that might mean that they have to compete on an even field instead of always having things stacked in their favour.
  3. A maxed lightning or fire weapon is a good plan for Seath. The jump in souls from NG+ to NG+2 is pathetic. As an example, the giants in the hall outside O&S gave 4500 on the first cycle, 9000 on the second but only give 9600 on the third. I don’t know how people have the patience to reach really high levels.
  4. Same for me this morning. I just signed out, but I’m quite high level so not seeing as many signs.
  5. Broker


    Waiting for Berserk is the worst, I read through it for the first time last year not thinking to check if a series that started in the fucking eighties or something would still be running. Caught up and it totally got me off guard, and only then did I read all about the misery of reading it. Between that and Battle Angel Mars Chronicle I've got two series on the go that are published on a schedule of sometimes. The last chapter with no dialogue was a bit much. I'll have to check out Blade of the Immortal, it looks gorgeous. I assume you've checked out Attack on Titan already? It's got a bit of a weird pace but overall it's an interesting read.
  6. Broker


    Yeah it's genuinely excellent, there's a point where the story kind of changes direction and it's incredibly brave and interesting. As mentioned above, Vinland Saga is absolutely amazing.
  7. Good piece about dealing with trolls on the Verge: Lots more in the full article: https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/12/17561768/dont-feed-the-trolls-online-harassment-abuse
  8. No messages as well as no multiplayer.
  9. Broker

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    I think that you lose something by not having the characters built up over time but you can definitely understand it. You shouldn’t underestimate how much easier it is to recognise and remember a name you’ve seen written down before. My friend came out of civil war referring to Black Panther as “the king of Kenya”.
  10. Had a super weird duo game yesterday. Landed on the islands off the East coast of Miramar, and the zone closed on us. We had ages to loot, cleared all three islands out then headed round to the South of the map where the next circle was. Saw nobody, heard nothing but ditched our boat and moved along the South coast. So the zone closes again and it's on one of the Islands to the South of the map connected by a bridge to the mainland. The bridge seems like certain death so as the edge of the beach is in we decide to swim across as we can get into the zone before getting in the water and not have blue chasing us. As we're swimming across there's a lot of shooting, grenades and vehicle explosions on the bridge. We get onto land and see a guy on there (first other player we've seen). He kills one more person driving over the bridge, then jumps off into the water, but a second later he dies to zone. At this point we notice that there's three people left alive and we're two of them. Neither of us have hit another player or been hit. The remaining zone is pretty big for three people so we spread out a bit and go hunting. Someone shoots at me but he wastes his opportunity to get the drop on me:
  11. Broker

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    But Luke can literally just use the lightsaber to deflect shots from the training droid, after two minutes of Obi Wan telling him to focus and with no prior experience. He literally magically knows how to wield the weapon with no training and despite not being able to see purely by feeling it. That’s not training or martial arts, it’s literal magical ability to instantly use a weapon shown on screen in the original movie. Harry Potter is an absolute garbage student who never goes to his lessons and learns most things by trying them out once without having been properly taught.
  12. Broker

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Return of the King? The last two Harry Potter or Hunger Games Movies?
  13. Broker


    Yeah absolutely start over. The jump to NG+ is pretty big and you’ll struggle with the tougher bosses, especially if you’ve not played for a while.
  14. Play DS1, it's the best game ever.

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