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  1. I like that it’s not teasing loads of boring mysteries out over the whole season.
  2. Alyx looks like red dead 2. I watched a play through or two and people are still messing up basic inputs hours into the game because motion controls are still shite. I’m don’t mind the screen on my face for a bit, but it’s the shitty waggle 2.0 controls I can’t be bothered with. I want to play games by waving my hands about nearly as much as I want to play chess by wandering around a life sized board.
  3. It’s a point that I’ve only ever seen bought up by people desperate to find more issues with PlayStation controllers. I assume it’s Xbox crazy because otherwise it makes no sense. Both the PS and Xbox feature both games that use both sticks and games that primarily use the left stick and the buttons. The controllers we use are designed to facilitate this. If there was a big problem with the PlayStation layout when playing FPS games, you’d have that problem on Xbox when playing games which use one stick and the buttons.
  4. It’s the money and time being wasted pursuing the waggle dead end again that irritates me. Just think of all the money that could’ve been spent on real games.
  5. I can not believe Xbox crazies are still making this same idiotic post ten years later.
  6. God between the clear buttons, the two tone and the blue light it fully looks like a CG render from 2002 of what the PS3 might look like. I really hope the console matches.
  7. I like it, some crazy looking Tron shit is what I want.
  8. Any good websites that store up patterns that you can download?
  9. Is there a guide anywhere to how the amiibos work?
  10. The director didn’t even know he was doing it until the e3 trailer had his name in it. Given he’s just gotten past a years long project that fell apart and a much awaited sequel maybe he’s not up for producing another endless project.
  11. Interviews suggest that they think that the online multiplayer resistance thing is somehow a replacement for the single player, score driven mercs mode they’ve removed.
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