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  1. Are they gone forever or just reset? Do I have an excuse to Platinum Bloodborne again? If so I’m in.
  2. Broker

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Polygon’s preview was very exciting, got me going way more than anything I’ve seen in the trailers.
  3. Broker

    Ring of Elysium - Winter Sports x Battle Royale

    Looks brilliant, I’ll check it out today
  4. Broker

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I doubt very much we’ll ever see single player DLC for a Rockstar game again. I’m shocked they’re still bothering with a campaign.
  5. Broker

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I think I probably love it because it was the second JRPG I ever played. Lots of things and ideas in it were new to me.
  6. Radical Heights put the company that made it out of business and Islands of Nyne is down to double figures for average player count, so the last two PUBG killers aren’t exactly setting the world on fire.
  7. Broker

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Thirty it is!
  8. Broker

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    The battles are super standard, but I’d argue that it does a great job of giving the different characters their own stories before they meet. I also really love the system where their individual powers are used in the field for puzzle solving. Only having the three main characters also ensures that you get to know them in battle as well as in the story. It’s a real shame that it used terrible early PS1 3D graphics in the battles instead of sprites. That intro though, I kept my PS1 disc for years just to boot up from time to time and watch that.
  9. Broker

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Dream games list: Parappa the Rapper Um Jamma Lammy Kurushi/IQ Kula World Suikoden 1+2 FF Tactics Lunar SSSC Wild ARMs 1+2 Chrono Trigger & Cross
  10. I feel like it came out last Christmas? Or the month before maybe.
  11. Broker

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Looks gorgeous. I’m surprised how many people are bothered about the lack of the dual shock. Having bought one at launch I feel like Ape Escape was the only game that ever really used it, with everything else just replacing digital control on the d-pad with digital control on the stick. It was pretty poorly supported and there’s literally one game you can’t play without it. Hopefully it will connect to a store, because 20 games is pretty crap, especially if the examples they’ve offered are illustrative of their general plans. Based on that it doesn’t look like whoever is organising the games is on my kind of vibe games wise. The 60hz will be the tipping point for me, if it’s 50 there’s no way I’m bothering. I think that that the half of the world you can visit on disc one is on there, ditto disc two with the other half. Disc three is pretty much only the final dungeon and boss story wise, but the rest of the disc is filled with the whole of the world from the first two discs as that’s the first time every area is fully accessible at the same time. Maybe these are are just the games they’ve already secured and they’re still negotiating on other stuff? You shut your whore mouth, Wild ARMs is a stone cold classic. Not at all. There’s no chance any manufacturer is ever going to offer BC for twenty to thirty year old games. It’s aconpletely different situation.
  12. Korean ratings board leak suggests a PS4 announcement is incoming.
  13. Broker

    Edge #324 | Cyberpunk 2077

    That’s generous. With its simplistic rules, barebones balance updates, pay to win mechanics and toxic fanbase it’s a clear 3.
  14. The opinion on it on Reddit and Twitter seems to have really turned and on PC it’s now taking longer to find games. I think if they’d just added it as an additional mode you could drop into whenever it might be better, but as a weekly “event” it’s boring and repetitive. It’s also really hard to learn a gun when you can’t choose it.
  15. Great trailer Why? He doesn’t go to call her until he sees Hill turning to dust.

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