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  1. All the meta weapons always require mega quests or raid completions or both, so I’m always carrying something random. I love my misfit and ether Doctor, even though ARs that fire that fast have apparently been needed into the ground.
  2. So you’re going onto the weapon with the lower power level, which is also a purple or yellow weapon, and on the infusion icon below you’re highlighting and not seeing higher power blue, purple or yellow weapons?
  3. I can't believe we have people wandering around here and saying that now is the best time ever for games with a straight face. Look at that list, and what are our big games this year? Call of Fucking Duty 5000, GTA 22 Cowboy Version. What a pile of shite. If there wasn't the first Kojima game in five years there'd be nothing even slightly interesting being shat out of the Triple A blandifier all year.
  4. You’re full of scathing, judgemental posts where you belittle other people’s opinions without ever getting round to offering any ideas of your own. But I guess that’s nothing new.
  5. I think I’ve always thought of Edge as a place to go looking for new things, which is why the internet stopped me from reading slowly. I’m sure their analysis of the idea that mine craft has been important will be well written, but it just doesn’t seem like a point they need to be making.
  6. Oh shit, well maybe the buzzfeed shite is working then. Whatever keeps the lights on I guess. It’s just sad to see a publication that used to have articles you’d never see anywhere else running something literally everyone else runs every week.
  7. Yeah, it’s not like it’s problematic in the way that buying games that licence real cars and contribute to the destruction of the environment financially, or buying games that license and advertise real guns, feeding money into a machine designed to indiscriminately slaughter non white people, would be. Luckily nobody does that, so steering clear of supporting shitty drinks is obviously an appropriate and sensible moral crusade to be taking up.
  8. I mean, if the game is set in a future version of America where you only drink Monster energy and have to convert water into Monster to drink it I think there’s a pretty clear crazy satirical message he’s going for. It’s not subtle, but Kojima rarely is. I think it’s kind of a funny idea, but money so it’s not it’s bad because products in games are bad unless it’s one of the games where it’s not bad.
  9. Jesus, all the inventiveness of a buzzfeed article in the premise and they still pick the most generic choices possible. Edge really is irrelevant now.
  10. Rllmuk is very clear that anyone who gets paid for their work is automatically invalidating their work artistically. You can’t write a good review if you work for the PlayStation YouTube channel, but look this IGN review reinforces the narrative we want at the moment so let’s just let the fact they’re literally the most corrupt journalistic outlet possible slide on by. There’s a can of Monster in the game but I thought he was doing an art? Let’s dump more praise on the Witcher 3, which surely had no commercial or financial arrangements involved in its creation whatsoever.
  11. Well yeah, and that’s the other side of the coin with his games. MGS2 is an interesting idea in retrospect, but as you’re playing it having the game basically endlessly torture you about how shit sequels are by sucking all the life out of the same actions through repetition it’s not actually fun, interesting or fulfilling to play. I love a dense stack of menus though.
  12. The thing with games is that you don’t have to design something that’s fun, you have to design something that people want to do. As any baffled thirty something can tell you from watching their kids obsessively do something they can’t fathom the fun in, sometimes new ideas appeal to a large section of the public even though they sound shit on paper to existing audiences. I’m not expecting Death Stranding to be a Pokemon Go style phenomenon, but I think making a brand new type of game by reducing some of the bloat that the industry seems to expect is interesting. Obviously that’s not the bloaty cutscenes or game length, but the different types of quests and multiple objectives and items filling the environment. Elegant design can be found in different areas, and old Kojima games often shine in weird places whilst being shit to play when you’re doing the stuff that seemed like it should be fun. It’s probably more a symptom of it competing with products that were developed by larger teams.
  13. It’s not ironic. Game cutscenes are such utter shit that a ten percent success rate makes you one of the best in the business.
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