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  1. New superheroes don’t have the recognised names and fan bases of existing ones, it’s just not the same thing. If you want the budget and immediate recognition of an existing hero, you either change them into something other than a white dude, or accept that all the biggest, most famous superheroes are white dudes. It’s also not a mutually exclusive situation. It’s perfectly possible to have existing heroes mantles taken up by women or people of colour and to have new characters that are diverse. The only logical reason to assume it’s a zero sum game is if you want to keep women and non-white people in smaller, marginalised roles, which is what makes your posts seems sexist and why I negged them. It’s literally designed into the character from the off, the enchantment on the hammer is specifically worded to allow the possibility that other people could wield the power of Thor. It seems weird for you to be so protective about a character you know so little about. Which again suggests that your issues here are motivated more by sexism than the actual concerns you’re voicing.
  2. She spat conks from her mouth into the cat’s Mouth, which is grim in a variety of ways.
  3. I was quite excited but now I see that they’re running with the new Thor and hopefully having a tense dynamic between the three leads leading to comedy in 100% sold. She is in Endgame.
  4. That’s a really boring lineup. Most of it I struggle to care about at all, and there being no Spider-Man 3 is a big worry. I’m not really fussed about most of it, but I’m well up for what if and Thor 4, so I guess that’s me out on next year.
  5. Yeah, it’s like a landscape but rather than describing the layout of the land it describes the connections between the different planes of reality.
  6. Broker

    Gaming for free?

    CS: GO and Ring of Elysium are both good free games, everything you can pay for is clothes like in Apex. Is there much content in Forsaken for somebody who played D2 through the first two expansions? Or will it take me a few weeks but then I'll need to buy the new one? There's lots with cosmetic only DLC now.
  7. I’m not especially fond of Arkham type super hero games (I actually don’t think super hero games can really ever work), but if you look at something like Spider-Man or Arkham they’re so clearly being made by people who love the character and are excited to create their own version. In comparison, this looks like it was designed by the marketing team.
  8. Info from SDCC: https://io9.gizmodo.com/everything-we-learned-about-the-new-avengers-game-at-ma-1836390020
  9. Sorry to dare question the perfection of the game. I’ll remember for future reference that you respond angrily to that, then make sure I never criticise anything you like again.
  10. Elden Ring is literally exactly my thing, I was already annoyed by the lack of build variety and weapons in Bloodborne. I want a million options.
  11. Aside from the dialogue, I didn’t make any specific criticisms, unless you count describing it as ordinary. I’m glad that people enjoy it, and it’s not really relevant if it’s for me because it’s my girlfriend playing it. It’s just interesting to see how bloated some of it’s systems are, when the game seems to be designed to refine them. It was a problem with their previous games, but one that got lost in the muddle of other systems. I think I’m just not fond of it being the first one of their games where you actually have to git gud.
  12. Again though, their design goals in removing weapon variety, stats, armour etc would suggest that variety isn’t what they’re aiming for. The prosthetics remind me of upgrades in Arkham and Rockstar games, they’re there to rock a box because games have that stuff, but because they’re optional they offer very minor upgrades that might not be worth bothering with.
  13. Sure, but it’s not hard to have an item like the calamity ring, which allows harder play through for those people without forcing everyone else who buys the game into wasting their time, a decision that would be consistent with their extra tutorials and generic story delivery in this game, which are both things squarely targeted at attracting a wider variety of people. Even having a single prompt at the boss location saying “absorb power?” which you could go back to would be better designed than the icons and menu items they’ve created which literally just offer you that option. In many ways it just feels like a much more “normal” game than the Souls series and Bloodborne. Those games are full of clever twists on recognised mechanics and design decisions, where this generally goes for more ordinary design choices, assumedly to try to drive wider appeal, hence the tutorial stuff, the constant terrible dialogue, the other story stuff like the memories, the relatively simple (if convoluted) currency system etc. I’d prefer if it was a bit more esoteric.
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