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  1. I think it’s hard to say how “people” would react to being torn out of time, shown the rest of their lives and presented with the fact that the things they believed were their destiny would never have happened to them. It’s not possible for us in reality to experience that or know how we would deal with it, and that’s before you account for the fact that he isn’t a person in the way we understand them, he’s a being thousands of years old who experiences time differently to us. For me what sold his change wasn’t so much the moment where he saw his life, it was the moment when he found the spare infinity stones in the drawer. This is a character who understands and has experienced a higher and more powerful form of existence than we ever could, and he was presented with the power he’d lusted after his whole life, a power that made gods look like nothing, and it shrank away into insignificance compared to the TVA. That sense of the scale of power, and his incredibly minor role in the vastness of the universe, blowing his mind and throwing his perspective into a completely different place makes total sense to me. This was it for me. I love MCU Loki but we’ve had five movies of him being like that. I was really worried that it was all going to turn out to be a big trick by Loki and I’m really glad it wasn’t. I think there’s always going to be a split between people who enjoy the comfort of seeing established characters in familiar locations and people who want to see those characters change and be put into unfamiliar circumstances.
  2. We had a guest on our podcast this week who saw the press screening and she was unbelievably positive about it. She’s got great taste in movies so I’m getting pretty excited now.
  3. Batman: The Brave and the Bold is excellent. It’s the one I remember because I was watching it with my kids one day when a friend was round. I went to put the boys to bed and when I came down it was still on. I apologised and went to turn it off and he just went “nah leave it on”. We watched a whole series of it that night and it was brilliant.
  4. Broker


    This is crazy. It’s a list of the most commonly appearing One Piece characters over chapter 1-1000: I would love to see these stats for other similar series, because to me the main character only appearing in 860 of 1000 chapters seems really low.
  5. That reads like it was written by Baby Kangaroo Tribiani.
  6. God you’re such a tiring child. I think the fact that they’ve announced new Witcher 3 DLC tells you everything you need to know about Cyberpunk’s performance.
  7. I’d rather it wasn’t Vice City (even if they’re sticking with cities from the PS2 games I’d rather see San Fierro), but I think it’s inevitable that it will be. By the time this comes out it will be over 20 years since Vice City on PS2, and I think they’re likely to just keep recycling the same few locations now it takes so long to make new games. Plus it’s going to get more attention and discussion if it’s going back there than if it’s a new location.
  8. Pretty much. The original release was ludicrously close to PUBG, down to tiny things like the item use animations and the use of a circle (which seems like a standard BR thing now but was a compromise PUBG made because Brendan Greene couldn’t programme well enough to replicate the zones from Battle Royale). They added the pings and reboot van that lets you respawn dead team mates straight after Apex came out with those things. The colour coded tiered loot system is similar to Destiny (though I think they took that from LoL or something). The only unique mechanic Fortnite has is the combination of fighting and building, which seems kind of like a happy accident that’s evolved from clever uses by the community. Even that is basically ripped from Minecraft PvP.
  9. There’s been a bunch of new “leaks” over the last few weeks. Someone posted a video apparently showing the map, it’s wobbly and shit but obviously someone stitched together the whole map from the blurry, shaky video: This is apparently the map of the Florida area, as the video is moving around you can see location names so someone added all of them: Included in the locations is a theme park, which has its own leaked map. Then there’s a few leaked screenshots: The second one looks totally fake, it’s harder to tell with the first.
  10. This one is going to be shorter I think, Feige said that this next arc isn’t going to be ten years long. I think it’s interesting that the last movie of this phase is FF, so I’m not sure if they’re just not going to have a big event movie at the end, or if FF will be that movie? I definitely think it makes sense that this phase will be a shorter one. I’m expecting the multiverse to be a device designed primarily to introduce things like the X-Men into the main MCU through alternate timelines, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they didn’t also use it to add in child variants of Tony Stark, Steve Rodgers and maybe T’Challa so that in a few years they can recast them.
  11. BF let’s you spot enemies, which marks them on the map for your squad for a brief time. The context sensitive spotting that tells others about whatever you point at, be it a location, enemy, weapon or whatever is a BR thing which Apex added to help teams without voice comms.
  12. Sounds like a BR feature. Though I don’t think it will have a BR mode, I think it will have leftover elements from a BR mode that was developed then scrapped at some point.
  13. I think it goes in cycles. I’m sure they’ve got an idea of where these movies and shows are leading, with a finale in place, but I doubt they know exactly what will happen in any of the movies or series that are still in pre-production. With any crossover between pre and post Endgame split I’m guessing they might have more of a divide, as Endgame was a line that they’d planned up to and then spent years moving towards. I’m guessing Endgame’s general content was probably finalised a while before they started exploring what came after it.
  14. I’m away for the weekend in Matlock Bath, there’s a little town called Cromford down the road (5 minutes by car, 25 on foot), with a tiny comic shop that absolutely blew my mind. It’s a tiny place but the guy has an amazing selection, including the first issue of Days of Future Past and a bunch of vintage Iron Man and Hulk stuff. You can check out Cromford Collector’s Corner on Facebook and they have a store, the guy is also on Instagram as secondhandgeekery. I feel compelled to tell everyone I can to check them out and follow them etc. I really want it to still be here next time I visit. Some No Man’s Land, old Iron Man and Avengers and a CGC Gotham City Sirens. Bought myself this beauty:
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