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  1. I was wrong, just finished it and the Chimera Ant arc is indeed the best one so far.
  2. Everyone thought they couldn’t make a movie out of Thor but they did. Everyone thought Guardians would be a flop but it was amazing. Coming this summer...
  3. The new island looks pretty small, so probably wouldn't match scale wise. I'm never sure how seriously to take such rumours, but I do enjoy the effort that the batshit insane GTA community puts into investigating them. As ever, we'll not really know anything until there's a real announcement. I certainly agree with the general sentiment in here that GTA mechanically feels ancient now, though I'm sceptical that they'll do anything to update any of that. As JPL said, RDR2 controls like shit and is a real step backwards for their controls, and I think because they know wh
  4. It’s fine, I don’t mind the new characters I just feel like it’s not ideal that the supporting cast changes so often. Gon has his nen back now and they’ve split into groups to go fight Freiza and his generals so I’ll see how that goes. I’ll definitely read it out, just not feeling this arc as much as earlier ones.
  5. The main issue with Miles appearing is that MCU Peter is so young, and he’s usually a new generation Spider-Man. I’d be happy to see him in whatever form though.
  6. Nope. Unless you grew up during World War 2, there was never a time before 2008 and the MCU starting when any of those characters could be argued in any way to have been as popular as Spider-Man and the X-Men in comic book sales or impact. Spider-Man is always top, X-Men and FF are the only people close. Hence the rest being, in both wider cultural impact and within comic book fandom, C Tier Marvel characters.
  7. Given that the original "C Tier" comment was referring to popularity and visibility outside of comic book fans, I don't think comic book sales are the ones to focus on. It's also extremely difficult as comic sales aren't widely reported so it's hard to deduce what the most popular actually were. Assuming we're talking about wider cultural impact I'd absolutely agree that there were almost no Marvel comics events or series that had a wide impact outside of the industry like The Death of Superman did. So assuming that we're looking at adaptations which might have been visible to people outside o
  8. Essay post warning. Ok, so it’s very tough to quantify any of these things directly, but to address just one point, the X-Men were not only popular towards the end of the 90’s. X-Men #1 from 1991 was and remains the best selling comic of all time. It sold over 8 million copies and has higher sales than any individual comic ever printed, including the entire golden age when comics generally sold much better than they ever have since. It also outsold the numerous comics that have been sold at 10c or less which are otherwise almost always the highest sellers of all time. It was the po
  9. So I’m reading Hunter X Hunter and it’s good, but the Chimera Ant arc is really not doing it for me. In general I’m finding the whole series a bit too reliant on giant exposition dumps, but losing so much of the supporting cast each arc is also not doing much to keep me invested. I’ve got like a hundred and fifty chapters to go to catch up, can anyone who has read it all let me know if the next arc is more like the earlier ones? I really liked the Hunter exam and phantom troupe parts, and greed island was ok (I really liked the part with Hisoka). Is the remaining stuff after this arc going to
  10. That’s really shit about no time to explain. The game isn’t exactly overflowing with guns right now, locking one behind bullshit purchases is really terrible.
  11. Stasis feels a bit half finished. It’s strange that there’s no guns, and they’ve not thrown stasis bounties or burns into the rotation with the other elements. It only really feels like it’s incorporated on Europa, which makes the fact that Europa also has other element and gun bounties feel a bit off. I finished a big campaign to get a new power and then it’s kinda just there.
  12. I already watched this show, in between playing occasional bits of game. Not sure what this will bring.
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