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  1. This game is hilarious sometimes. I had a daily to out survive 200 people, and having done 120 playing normally I figured I’d drop in solo and just hide for one game. I picked Wraith (for running away purposes), landed miles off the path, got myself some stuff and slowly moved in with the ring. Ended up with 16 people alive over six squads, so I went looking for people but everywhere I went it looked like a fight had just finished. Eventually there were three squads left and I heard shooting, so I ran there to avoid ending up in a 3 on 1. There was a full squad fighting two people,
  2. Do you have to get 10'000 points in a month? Or reach 10k from where you are now? Is King Kong on gamepass?
  3. I think the yellow coins to buy a new legend, a cheaper skin or the next battle pass are worth aiming for, as are the crafting mats as those things give you choices. I get that people who are 9 seasons in probably have plenty of that stuff though. I guess it’s like PUBG, where after a few battle passes and a tonne of free crates you’ll have enough stuff that it would need to be things you actually like to attract you.
  4. What really amazes me is that I've played 2000 hours of PUBG and I'm shite. Even with all that practice I can't touch most of the people I run into.
  5. According to trueachievements my 9:40 completion took 17 hours and 18 minutes.
  6. I feel like the games I’ve played the most would be Dark Souls and Skyrim. But across multiple consoles and hundreds of saves it’s really hard to tell. I’ve definitely put a lot of time into those two though. The biggest number I’ve ever seen on a game is PUBG on Steam which is about 2000 hours. I think about 800 on Destiny. Though Destiny brings up an interesting point. When I think of the time I spent playing Destiny, I don’t really differentiate between 1 and 2, and I guess that would be the other place I’ve got big hours would be franchises that are many entries long
  7. I’d always take 20 hours I liked so much I finished it over a weekend for £55 over most full priced games. I paid £60 for Red Dead 2 which functionally ended up being a 4 hour game for me, and at least half of that was watching terrible cutscenes. That’s bad value, and I’m sad I supported it. This was a great game and I hope they make 9 ASAP.
  8. Aren’t we all desperate to discuss the stupid opinion of someone who hasn’t played the game the thread is about?!?
  9. How do you do the push after blocking? I got through standard mode without using it.
  10. Yeah I think there’s also the difference between the remakes of 2 and 3 as well. They have similar numbers of unique locations and enemies, but 2 gets you to move through the same environments repeatedly and is quite a lot longer. But I enjoyed 3 more as it felt like more of a journey and nothing stuck around that long so it felt massively varied.
  11. I think it probably depends on your view of it. Me and my girlfriend split the cost because we wanted to play it together right now. We’ve played the remakes of 2 and 3 and VII together and we’re pretty confident that we would enjoy it. We rationalised it as about the amount we would spend on going out for dinner together, which only lasts a few hours. It seems like a reasonable price for an entire weekend of entertainment for two people.
  12. I know what the response will be from people in here, because there’s clearly no room for discussion on this issue (which is totally fair, it’s clearly a topic close to people). But I do wonder, do the people who feel like this thinks it’s acceptable for there to be anything that disabled people can’t do? I’m not suggesting that it is, but I’d sort of assumed that if you have a disability there are just some things you can’t do. That if I didn’t have working hands I just wouldn’t be able to draw or play an instrument. That if I was deaf I just wouldn’t be able to listen to music. Or if I was b
  13. Loved that throughout, I really enjoyed every section, thought the pacing was great, really appreciated how it mixed things up. For me it’s a much, much better game than 7 which tried to do the same thing throughout the whole game but had the best parts at the start. I’d give it a solid 9/10, don’t regret spending £55 on it at all. Though my time says 10 hours or so I think it took me about 20. Well worth the money.
  14. Played through to near the end of the factory tonight, I’m still really enjoying it. I like the variation between the areas, both visually and in terms of gameplay. I can’t imagine I’ve got much left but I’m really happy with it.
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