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    That makes total sense. I wonder how prevalent Jewish tropes are in Japanese culture, or what level of historical education there is about the Holocaust. Your description of his doing a quick Google and randomly inserting things with no care for the context is how it feels to me as well, and I’m absolutely not saying it doesn’t do specific things that play into harmful and damaging stereotypes. Those things definitely warrant discussion and condemnation, it’s the idea that the whole thing is some sort of coded anti-Semitic thing intentionally that I think there’s not really enough evidence to
  2. Comparing Sony’s BC to Microsoft’s directly is like comparing climbing Snowden to climbing K2. They may look superficially similar to people without any specific knowledge of how to achieve those things, but one is an order of magnitude more complex and difficult.
  3. Broker


    That’s fair, and obviously I’ve got no experience of what it’s like to be Jewish or how harmful and damaging those stereotypes can feel for Jewish people. I do think it’s an interesting question though, and I want to understand more. Jewish people have historically suffered horrific persecution and I see how staying away from any tropes that align in any way with anti-Semitic conspiracy is probably generally the correct way to handle depicting any characters who draw parallels with Jewish people. To make a direct comparison, there are harmful stereotypes about black people engaging i
  4. I don’t think it needs to be the whole future of the MCU, but I also think you can have a fun sitcom recasting joke without specifically choosing an actor who will create endless speculation. To me it feels like if it’s not Fox quicksilver it’s straying more into Lost territory, putting things on screen that you know the audience will react strongly to just for the sake of that strong reaction with no plans for it to mean anything and no justification in your story is just low quality bait. The answer “he’s just some dude who happens to look exactly the same as the alternate unive
  5. I still feel like if he’s not the fox version then hiring Evan Peters is a ridiculous choice. If they couldn’t get ATJ they could have picked literally any actor in the world and either pulled a Rhodey or used the exact same script they have now without people assuming anything. If they’ve chosen Evan Peters for that role and he’s not the fox version then they’re absolute idiots.
  6. His fans spent several years petitioning for him to get a proper third go at making a D.C. movie that wasn’t utter dogshit, because they were convinced that the third film being garbage was all Joss Whedon’s fault. I’m guessing this is his insurance policy if his cut of justice league is as terrible and underperforms as badly as his first two goes at it did. Leave it unfinished and hope the same crazy fans spend the next five years harassing D.C. for a sequel.
  7. Dark Souls 1 has fast travel that appears at the exact point that most people agree that it gets worse.
  8. Broker


    But the mass hypnosis only works on other Jewish people. So I suppose you could read it as a few bad Jewish people having an evil effect on all the rest of the Jewish people, but that still paints the majority of Jewish people as innocent, which doesn’t play into any ideas that would paint Jewish people as inherently bad. And the people who are secretly controlling the world from behind the scenes are doing so in collusion with the non Jewish people to protect them from the evil ones who can hypnotise people. It’s still a story where if you’re reading Eldians as Jewish people they’re both the
  9. Broker


    Its definitely imagery intended to draw parallels with Jewish people. But I think the idea that because one person in the series liked living in the ghetto it means that the creator is trying to excuse the Holocaust is a bit of a stretch. I don’t even really see how it could be seen as anti Semitic. If we’re assuming Eldians represent Jews it’s a story about a group of Jews fighting Jewish oppression who find out that over the sea Jews are also being oppressed by people who aren’t Jewish but the non Jewish people who are oppressing the Jewish people need to use the power of Jewish pe
  10. I’m 100% in even if it’s just DS4 with a bigger map. Hope there’s no fast travel.
  11. C’mon guys, it’s a “broad movement” that just happens to constantly attack women. Just being associated with it doesn’t mean you’ve got incredibly misogynistic views! Because as we all know...
  12. Broker


    @Benny I think the reason people aren’t responding to this stuff as viscerally as you are or discussing it is because the Eldians are not Jews? I really don’t think it makes a lot of sense to pick apart the entire series assuming that the characters with one superficial resemblance to a historical group ARE that group. I completely understand the problems that could be drawn from the similarities between the Eldians and Jewish people. But it’s not a historical tale about Jewish people, so taking things about Eldians as completely literal comments upon Jewish people doesn’t make a lot
  13. It was supposed to have a system where you could create your own bonfires from corpses. The coiled sword item which you get in the game then use once before never needing again is a leftover from this and you can see the player character dragging a corpse around in one of the trailers.
  14. I think the primary factor in gaming handling old media differently to film and music has already been bought up, gaming changes faster. A lot of the changes in music and film/TV have revolves around making the same media more convenient to experience, where gaming is moving forward on many different fronts. You still experience music by listening and films by watching, just like you did fifty years ago, whereas gaming changes in how you interact with it, both physically and in more abstract ways. Controllers haven’t changed that much, but the ways we save and load, interact with characters et
  15. I don’t know about this. I’ve seen a lot of YouTube ads for it and when mine arrived both my kids knew what it was immediately, which hasn’t come from me. That means either the YouTube ads have sunk in, or they’ve talked to someone else about it, or they’ve seen someone discussing it on YouTube. Neither of them expressed any interest in using it.
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