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  1. It’s a weird psychological quirk, and it’s interesting that someone immediately mentioned that he’s married, because although it seems like an obvious lonely nerd joke the reality is that living with someone else in limited space forced me to answer the very fair question “why should so much of the space be filled with things that you don’t actually use”. I’ve stopped hoarding random crap and try to make purchasing decisions based on utility and necessity rather than random greed for more Amiibo or Ghibli Blu-Rays. I’ve sold off a lot of my collections and it’s really made me think about what things are important and what things keep their value. I’ve been unable to escape the reality that by the time I get round to wanting to watch whole series of movies or play old games that they’re usually available in a better, more convenient format. My DVD collection is now a sad relic, and even if I wanted to watch one of those movies, I’d do it on a streaming platform for the quality and convenience. The same is true of my SNES games, and increasingly true of my comics and manga. A lot of it is now on offer in cheap digital formats that I’m more likely to actually use.
  2. Broker

    Illustration Club

    I drew this for a project but as it turns out we don't need a doctor character because it's Robin Hood themed now. So here's Dr Katz, who no longer has a purpose.
  3. How would handing the franchise over to someone who spent years destroying it be better then? I think the sequels have been handled pretty poorly, especially the willingness to change major things in editing. That kinda makes her opinion on the scripts irrelevant, as she’s got no interest in sticking to them anyway. Prequels in general are creatively bankrupt garbage in general, and Rogue One is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. But even given all that, Lucas would be worse. Despite a total lack of creative direction and a complete lack of respect for the scripts as written, none of her films are close to being as terrible as Attack of the Clones. That’s pure Lucas, and it’s one of the worst Hollywood movies ever made. Regardless of what you think about his early career, between the prequels and the Special Editions, nobody has ever done worse with Star Wars than he did when he was working on it most recently. And his plan for the sequel trilogy was to explain midiclorians even more. He’d clearly gotten to a point where his bitterness about Star Wars and it’s fans was driving his decisions, whether it’s burning the origins prints or planning to double down on the least popular aspect of the prequels. I know my opinion on his early career is very different to most people, but I can’t believe after his more recent stuff anyone would ever want to watch a film made by him again.
  4. Same with that Uncharted movie they’re still trying to get going. Maybe five or ten years ago, but I can’t help feel that particular franchise is past the point where a movie would make sense. With discussion of media moving so fast, and so much content, things seem old much faster than they used to. Which means that corporate mimicry often now feels more transparently lazy and unimpressive.
  5. Red Dead or GTA would be literally the worst thing you could try to adapt into a TV show, they’re the archetypical example of a story that only exists to contextualise actions in a game. They have the veneer of a TV show or movie, but no actual story whatsoever just an endless plot. Everything about their games is supposed to make you feel like you’re in a cool western or crime movie, but it can’t have an actual prescriptive plot because then you wouldn’t have freedom. The story in any crime or western based movie uses the action to punctuate the character beats, which isn’t possible in a game because the author can’t control when the action will occur. I guess the main issue is that mainstream games also demand far more brainless action than any worthy and well written piece of TV or movie ever would. The Sopranos is an obvious inspiration for GTA, but the violence in infrequent, stark and shocking in that world. The Sopranos wouldn’t feel the same if Tony regularly got into gunfights with thirty people and killed them all. You’re not going to get an adult Western of the quality of deadwood if you can’t control the pacing, and what control you do have you’re using to make a Michael Bay style mess of action. As long as games are designed with all the subtlety of Rambo 4 that’s probably about as much as we can expect from their stories.
  6. It definitely feels like it’s trying to be like game of thrones as well, especially in the first few episodes, which I suppose would be a much more obvious reason for Netflix to make a fantasy style series based on some books.
  7. I think a major part of the problem has been that increased dev tones weren’t accounted for when desperately chasing trends. In previous generations, a big game came out and then the other publishers could be ripping it off within the year. Now, with four or five year development cycles you get these bizarre situations where a bunch of Overwatch clones all turned up around the same time, long after the excitement that maybe hero shooters would be a thing had ended. There was a ridiculously long time where people on console could only play fortnite to try BR, which the world seemed to think was the big new genre. In fairness they got a few more of them out pretty fast, but it seems like the old model of just imitating whatever is popular doesn’t work as well when games take five years but early access lets people try new concepts immediately.
  8. Saw a guardian article suggesting this yesterday, and there’s one on gamesindustry.biz today. The argument goes that recognisable IP is valuable, and gaming has a lot of it that nobody is making TV shows or movies about. Also games are long like TV shows. The popularity of The Witcher TV show seems to have given people this idea, but I can’t help but think that this particular series being originally based on books (and from what I remember/understand the show is much closer to the books than the games) is probably more why it’s a good TV show. You could definitely argue that the popularity of the games made this show possible, but personally I don’t think there’s many games that would make good stories for TV. That’s largely because I think most games (including the Witcher series) have awful stories in the traditional sense. The story in a game is more like a Disney ride than a movie or TV show, it’s there to supplement the actual experience. Which leads me to believe that most games wouldn’t have much to offer a TV show or movie except their name. Did you guys watch the Witcher because you like the games or because you like the books or because you like Henry Cavill?
  9. This is pretty much why I qualified triple A at the end. There’s definitely more games than ever before, most are indies and they are more likely to be new IP. But it’s felt to me like this generation the giant publishers have released less new things and even more bloody sequels. It’s an interesting point about Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break et al. Maybe the issue is that this generations new IP has just been shite.
  10. It’s two minutes but this is my favourite:
  11. I can’t really think of any reason that Kylo needs redeeming and to not be the villain other than a desire to slavishly imitate Return of the Jedi by having bad man in mask realise he is good man and then he dies.
  12. It feels to me like this gen we’ve got less big new IP, especially from third parties. Ubisoft are still leading with AC like they did all last gen, but the generation before that Prince of Persia was their big franchise. I guess maybe Watchdogs underperforming affected that. It seems like a lot of the big franchises this generation were carried over from last gen, with COD still being probably the biggest game in the world. Is this a problem? Do new consoles need new IP? Will the new consoles push any? I’m guessing that technically the giant number of games will mean that this gen had more new IP than ever before, but it definitely seems to me there’s less new triple A franchises this generation.
  13. There’s nothing consoles offer over PC, or each other really. They all play 90% of the same games and have identical features. One costs a bit more but works better, one costs a bit less. The days of meaningful exclusives seems to be melting away, and the idea that consoles are functionally easier to use seems to still be something a lot of people are desperate to believe in the face of evidence to the contrary. But generally this shit is all exactly the same. The idea from people in here that the PC is an objectively worse choice than a console because they read a letter complaining about drivers in a 1997 copy of PC Gamer is fucking stupid. But so is the idea that the massive majority of games that are designed to scale up from an Xbone CPU are any better on PC, outside of graphics. It’s all just the same.
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