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  1. Shame it’s Sam Andreas on Gamepass, if it was either of the others that would probably do and I wouldn’t need to think about paying for it. It looks better, they’ve fixed the controls, it’s a pretty good package, but I’m not paying full price. Shame you can’t buy each game separately.
  2. I mean, it’s the best selling sci-fi book of all time.
  3. It also helps if your game is eternally in alpha so that you can keep promising to fix things on the actual release which you know is never coming.
  4. I thought this was absolutely fantastic. Left me wanting more, but it is only part one.
  5. Can you sign up more than once? Edit: You can
  6. Or they’re expecting big sales on Xbox and PC. I know that I’ll be much more bothered about this than Horizon.
  7. The gaming rumours subreddit has this once a week. This is no more confirmation than the last ten insider rumours.
  8. Definitely to your spoiler. Book info:
  9. I’m really enjoying this, especially the stuff on Trantor. I guess it’s a bit of a slow burn but it’s practically a fast and furious movie compared to the books.
  10. I think I’m going to go with bad trailer. The cast is stellar, I like the designs, but the trailer didn’t show me much that got me really excited. And I feel it was kind of overshadowed by the flash trailer, which showed only the barest hint of Batman but it’s my favourite Batman so it was more exciting.
  11. Things I think will flop: Back 4 Blood: This feels like a sure fire flop to me. The marketing material is pure cringe, and I feel like it needs a decent player base to work. It looks cheap, like an indie game not a triple A shooter. And I don’t think it’s going to grab any of the audience that other shooters have. GOTG: This looks exactly like Avengers, except instead of looking like a single player game that has been reworked into a multiplayer one this one looks like a multiplayer game that’s been reworked into a single player one. I think the story will probably be ok, like Avengers was, but I think they’ve completely misjudged what people want from Marvel games. Big hits: COD: They could shit in the box and this would be the best selling game of the year. I’ve heard nobody talking about it, but I don’t think the audience is people who read about or talk about games. Halo: People love the beta, and Gamepass plus free multiplayer means this will have a huge audience. Not sure how it will review or if people will like it but I’m expecting a lot of attention. Pokemon: its fucking pokemon. It’s going to shit on everything. Could go either way: BF2042: I don’t know about this one. It’s got some really bad feedback and I don’t know if it’s going to work in the current landscape where BR and esports focused games are the big tickets. On the other hand it’s a big brand and I’m guessing the last two shitty BF games sold well enough to make sure this one got made.
  12. I went to NTSC-UK after Edge closed because I wasn’t part of the iRC discussions about where everyone was going. Heard about this place a month or so later on there, as it was referred to as the place where all the Edge lot went. Joined that day (late 2004) and have been here since.
  13. It’s pretty common in western comics, anime and coloured manga pages to use a dark blue or green as the highlight colour on black hair. Blue is way more common, I guess to indicate that the hair is black but with that slightly oily quality some people with really dark hair have. I think when I’ve seen green it’s often used for characters who have drier, curly black hair as the highlighted sections where the light hits it. So yeah his hair was always meant to be black.
  14. I don’t understand people. Just had a game where me and a lifeline were in the last few circles, against 2 or 3 other teams. Lifeline gets into a fight, I catch up, knock one of them but there’s footsteps everywhere and they know where we are because we’re literally on their knocked team mate. I try to take cover, not sure how to play it and the guy shouts “res me”. Like, in direct view of them exactly where they’re heading to? Why? I died anyway but damn it was such a weird call.
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