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  1. Broker


    Attack on Titan is finishing in the next few months.
  2. For me it doesn’t feel like its part of the “Soulsborne” model. There’s too many major changes, and I don’t really mean to the combat (which does feel similar). The difference for me is that the others are definitely action RPG’s, and I’d include bloodborne in that even with its more limited selection of weapons and stats. Sekiro has very little in the way of customisation, just some straight upgrades, and as such feels more like a Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry style straight action game. In combination with this, the lack of online makes it feel like a whole different game. If you’re struggling, all your options for trying something out or easing the difficulty are gone. You can’t try another weapon, or increase a stat, or summon someone. All the feeling of having a party or companions, even if just for one area, is gone. You just have to do it again and again until you memorise the way to do it. Souls does feel like that sometimes, but generally it’s because you’re stubbornly refusing to switch up your techniques, or accept help, rather than because the game is specifically designed like that. I also didn’t play too far (15 hours or so, three bosses beaten), but what I played was pretty repetitive visually, with the areas feeling very samey.
  3. Shit I forgot to post earlier but I’ve got a meteor shower tonight. The gate is open and Celeste is trapped on Redd’s beach. You don’t need a ladder, there’s stairs on the right side of town to get out to the back and stairs down to the beach. I did a dodo code as I’ve seen a lot of new faces who might not be on my friends list, feel free to invite anyone else: 9R1WN I’m AFK but feel free to explore. Finished my rock garden:
  4. Sorry I keep missing these, had some medical stuff in the last few days so I’ve only been on really late.
  5. Yeah if I’m being fair and not a total dick about it: If you liked the exploration, tension, fear, atmosphere and story in bloodborne, and you loved the ways the world connected together, and mainly enjoyed the fights for the way they made you feel and think then DS1 has all that, sometimes a bit better sometimes a bit worse. If you enjoyed the mechanical complexity and dexterity and the general challenge of learning and fighting the enemies in bloodborne, or appreciated the lovely graphics, DS3 will give you more. It has great design for individual areas (especially the cathedral), and some boss fights that are amazing to learn and play. But it feels to me, ironically, like a very hollow experience. There’s nothing new or interesting in terms of stories or character (in contrast to tonnes of cool new boss and weapon mechanics), nothing really memorable that isn’t a well designed area or combat set piece. The world design is nearly as bad as DS2, with very few connections between areas and no real thought put into how the world fits together, with a lazy “lands converging” contrivance explaining why the world of DS3 is designed like a Mario game with different areas, climates etc all just lazily jammed together. Lordran in DS1 and Yharnam feel like real places, whereas the places in DS2 and 3 are just sets of game levels jammed together.
  6. Please play DS1, 3 is just a pale imitation of it and much worse than both DS1 and Bloodborne. Avoid DS2 unless you rinse all the others and can’t resist.
  7. Well this took way longer than I wanted it to:
  8. Missed this sorry. I’m online all evening if you’re about. Indy from Paradise right? I sent two of them this morning, might need to double check your post box?
  9. That’s so cool Ill PM you when I’m on this evening
  10. Ive definitely had different surf boards I my shop. I’ve had the white one and the flowery one this week.
  11. Sorry I wasn’t on yesterday, I’m about all day today. I’ll just check if we’re friends.
  12. I’ve got the full set in black, I’ll post the ones you’re missing to you I’m up for that trade, got the other one.
  13. The only ways to evict a specific animal are through the campsite. If you have an amiibo you can move that person in and decide who leaves. If you get a regular visitor you can just quit over and over until they choose the person you want. How you treat them, what you give them, their friendship level, how well they get on with other villagers and the time since you last played have no effect. It’s fully random with the bubble.
  14. It was, and it’s still got a respectable number of players, but it’s dipped since it was breaking records and unfortunately the way the queues are set up was designed around having two million players and doesn’t really work with 200k. So bots are their best solution without removing whole modes or styles of play.
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