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  1. Sunshine looks pretty good, but damn it’s hard to control. The minor changes to the controls are fucking with my muscle memory, I wish I could play it with a GameCube controller. How many levels in is Noki Bay? I’ve just unlocked the theme park.
  2. They’ve said that his work on it was done a while ago, but the whole project is baffling to me. I get why they would have wanted him to make this, but numbering it is bizarre, given how little the original is mentioned or remembered by anyone. Just call it something else and set it in the same world. Then there’s going for the unique vision of a single creator on a scale that one person couldn’t manage if they worked for ten lifetimes. There’s a reason nobody plays Eve or Elite for their character driven stories, they don’t have them because that’s completely incompatible with a giant space game.
  3. I find it crazy that anyone is complaining about the launch games. Everyone loved that Spider-Man game and Demon’s is a full remake of a massively praised game. PlayStation and Xbox launches are always absolutely terrible, outside of Halo I don’t remember any of the launch games on either of them being interesting. You either get stuff that’s appealing to a small audience like driving games or kids games, cross gen stuff that looks nicer or pure dogshit. Only Nintendo ever launch their machines with good games, a and even then they’re often cross gen. The PS5 having one game that will actually be decent should automatically make it one of the best non-Nintendo launches ever.
  4. That’s fair, until the tail end I was too young to be buying my own games. Resi 3 was the first I bought for myself.
  5. Cool, I’ve grabbed the version of 5 that’s on sale with the last of my birthday money so I’ll check it out
  6. Does the story link together? I still play FF tactics from time to time so it being dated won’t bother me.
  7. As others said, every source I’ve seen says that if you pick royal this is the easiest souls ever was. You can infinitely stack healing items as well.
  8. Every time on of these comes out I think I’m going to try it, but never do. Would the one that’s already on Switch be a good starting point?
  9. Speak for yourself peasant. I played all my GameCube games in lovely p on a CRT monitor.
  10. Yeah it’s like Bloodborne, it won’t ever be on Xbox.
  11. Ive found this generation incredibly boring for triple A titles, it’s just the same shite from last gen with prettier graphics. The most interesting games aren’t charging full price or really using the hardware, so it’s largely irrelevant to me how much they’re selling triple A games for on day one. The flip side of that is that I went from paying £30 for new PS1 games, to £40 on PS2, to £50 on PS3, to £60 on PS4, so £70 doesn’t seem crazy. Inflation exists, and for something like Bloodborne (or Elden Ring I guess), or a new Elder Scrolls or FF that’s still fantastic value for the amount of hours of entertainment I get compared to most other things I could be paying for to entertain myself. With so few big games appealing to me, I’m much more likely to wait anyway, as £60 is already too big of a gamble for basically the same stuff I already own, and I very frequently find myself enjoying new franchise games less than the older ones because there’s so little innovation. If it’s another gen of Ass Creed, COD etc being the big games I’m never going to buy them anyway.
  12. I’m long past buying consoles at launch, haven’t bothered since the 3DS. Red Dead also put me off buying games on launch day, as I was so sure it was the perfect game to pay a bit extra for digitally and I hated it. I’ll probably consider the next Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls, but aside from that it’s only new FromSoft games now that I’m sure I’ll want at launch, and I’ll happily pay £70 for them. The vast majority of what I play is either free or bought on sale, so it doesn’t really affect my choices.
  13. I payed £640 for Garou: Mark of the Wolves so all games should cost that much.
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