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  1. If anyone is looking for an amazing coop experience to play with their significant other or kids, then definitely download the discounted Unravel Two. HIGHLY recommended...and a magical experience.
  2. Thanks. I'm thinking more of a Virtua Tennis fun multiplayer experience with my 6 year old son. I've heard it's more akin to a fighting game than a tennis game.
  3. Mario Tennis worth it at the reduced price?
  4. Amazing Direct. So many good games! Was hoping they would show us the revised Switch, though I'm assuming that will be a Direct of its own closer to Christmas. Ubisoft's Gods and Monsters also confirmed for Switch right?
  5. Can you do anything with the hearts after you've unlocked all the 250 and 100 Heart chests in the Krypt? I think I've pretty much completed everything in the Krypt at the moment and just been spending my koins re-rolling the chests and unlocking all the gear and skins with that statue by giving 75k or 100k koins at a time. Also, does anyone know what to forge to give to the Kollector? I get recipes from completing some of the towers of time, but not sure where to find them. Agree with this 100%. Edge 5 is beyond silly.
  6. Yeah, I meant USD not GBP. Cool, downloading based on the feedback. 2-5 hour games are perfect for me, considering Inside is one of my favourite games of all time.
  7. Brothers: Tale of Two Sons worth it for $15? Never played it before.
  8. Wish these games featured a VR mode on the Switch if you had a Labo VR Kit. Seems like a no brainer.
  9. Omizzay

    Quake II RTX

    Nvidia and id Software are bringing real-time ray tracing to Quake 2, officially. The release, known as Quake 2 RTX, will be available as a free download for Linux and Windows PC on June 6. Nvidia promises “top-to-bottom enhancements that improve virtually every aspect” of the 1997 first-person shooter. “We’re massive fans of the original, and even-bigger fans of technology, so when presented with the opportunity to remaster a classic game with all that ray tracing can offer, we jumped at the chance,” Nvidia said on its website. “Quake II RTX demonstrates the possibilities of ray tracing, and offers a glimpse at the future of gaming, with realistic real-time lighting, shadows and effects.” Those visual effects include, but are not limited to, the following enhancements, according to Nvidia: Improved Global Illumination rendering, with three selectable quality presets, including two-bounce GI Time of day options that radically change the appearance of some levels New weapon models & textures Real-time reflectivity of the player and weapon model on water and glass surfaces, and player model shadows, for owners of the complete game (the original Shareware release does not include player models) All 3,000+ original game textures have been updated with a mix of Q2XP mod-pack textures and our own enhancements Updated effects with new sprites and particle animations Dynamic lighting for items such as blinking lights, signs, switches, elevators and moving objects You can see Quake 2 RTX in action in the video above. The first three levels of the game will be released for free on June 6 for everyone. Those who already own a copy of Quake 2 can play the full campaign and multiplayer mode by downloading the remastered update. Nvidia recommends a GeForce RTX 2060 or higher in order to play Quake 2 RTX.
  10. That MK11 score is ridiculous! Whatever people may think of the grind of unlocking new character skins and gear (all of which aren't even necessary), the core mechanics of the game make it one of the best fighters I've ever played. It would be great if someone who has the mag can summarize their negative thoughts on it.
  11. Am I the only one who feels bad for Weiss and Benioff? When they went to convince GRRM all those years ago to let them adapt his books into a show, I am positive that they thought the whole series would be completely written by the time the show had caught up. The two were phenomenal at adapting GRRM's books as the first few seasons showed, and I am sure that they thought they would only be adapting the whole way through. But when it actually dawned on them that the 5th and 6th books were nowhere near ready they made the difficult decision to go it alone. And I applaud them for it. Even though their writing after the books had ended is often regarded as sub-par, The Door remains my all-time favourite episode ever on GoT. The Winds of Winter and Battle of the Bastards, which they also wrote, are also regarded universally as some of the best. I just wish that this season was a full 10 episodes, instead of it being crammed into 6 - it could have been up there with the best seasons. I really don't mind what happened to the characters throughout this season, but a lot of the character arcs deserved more time and care.
  12. Bought it on Switch. Game runs amazingly well - even in handheld mode. Very crisp and clear with no slowdowns. I played a couple of hours last night and I'm really enjoying it, though I do wish they went the Sega All Stars route instead of just Sonic. The team mechanic takes a bit of getting used to, and I imagine will be more fun online with real people. If you're on the fence I recommend it for the Switch just for the portability factor. Ultimately, however, it will just be compared to Mario Kart and it's definitely not as good as that.
  13. Any of the downloadable courses worth getting?
  14. Maybe the next Trials game levels can load in under 10 seconds finally, considering they take about a minute now.
  15. Omizzay

    Xbox Game Pass

    What about Layers of Fear for example. I played through the game, loved it and then bought the DLC for it from the store. What happens then?
  16. Guacamelee 2 needs more love in here. Absolutely sublime game. Definitely download it before the sale ends.
  17. I still think that this could've been up there with Season 3 or 4 as one of the best seasons of GOT if the showrunners had given us 4 more episodes. So many things feel rushed and therefore "out of character" but would've made a lot more sense if given more time and care. Shame!
  18. I've opened up all the chests in the Krypt and I think only unlocked about 30% of the gear and skins. There are plenty more things to unlock with the green soul fragments. Once you've opened up absolutely everything in the Krypt, you have more stuff to get by trading with the Kollector (found in Goro's Lair) and through the Slot machine thing by donating 75k koins for two items of gear and 100k koins for skins. You will also need to use the Kronika thing on the walls to reset the chests and open up more stuff. Apparently they're working on new areas for the Krypt in an upcoming update. For me the hardest kurrency to get in the game are the soul fragments. Thankfully, someone found a way to get them relatively easily:
  19. Thanks for that. Exactly what I was looking for. Quick clarifications - I'm assuming 'xx' means cancel and 'ex' means amplify correct?
  20. It's one of the best fighters of all time in my opinion. The game has been patched a few times and the grind has gotten a lot better since week 1. You can always just let your AI fight the towers and collect money while you do other stuff. Get it.
  21. Are there guides available online somewhere that help you with the characters' longer combo strings? The advanced tutorials only do a couple for a few characters...
  22. Grinded more of the Krypt last night. After opening up the Dragon Amulet door, you can abuse another glitch downstairs where you put in those orbs in the slot machine thing. The one on the left is locked, but if you tap x while you're right next to the green soul thing but still looking at it, it somehow appears. Good thing too - otherwise it would've cost 10,000 green soul fragments to open up.
  23. It's both amazing and depressing that you resurrected this thread Meatball. Trials Rising is better in every way for me from a level design and graphics perspective. The grindathon and UI clusterfuck that it is though makes going back to Evo a better option unfortunately. I'm gonna hop back on now too and basically start that from scratch on the XBone. I really don't get why Redlynx don't just give us an Evo option - easy / medium / hard / extreme / ninja tracks in that order with only your friends on the leaderboard so you can keep retrying to shave those hundredths of seconds off and earn bragging rights. Even the level progression in Fusion was better. Such a shame.
  24. First time I've seen Sonic Fox struggle. And it's against Cetrion of all characters - it's like he couldn't figure her out. This is a great watch and makes me want to learn her combos. Regarding the Krypt head glitch, I did them all - you end up opening up Shang Tsung's treasure room which is full of intros, brutalities, skins etc. My best piece of advice would be to go to the room on the left, use Sindel's something or other (it basically halves the cost of crates for one minute) and open them all up for half price. There's another recently found glitch in the Krypt:
  25. Easiest way to earn a massive amount of coins, time crystals and hearts for the Krypt: 1. Go to Kustomize 2. Pick Noob Saibot (most OP character) 3. Edit AI to Maniac Preset and save 4. Go to Klassic Towers and then Endless 5. Pick Noob Saibot but turn AI on 6. Make a cuppa Basically, he just keeps winning over and over and also performs a Fatality every time earning you those precious hearts. Plus you can do other shit while he's earning you all those, but unfortunately you have to stay close by to press Kontinue in between rounds.
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