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  1. Been playing solidly all weekend. Currently at level 20 and been busy trying to rank up the M4, AK47 and the MP5 so I can unlock the attachments with gunsmith. Man, this is a good return to form after BO4. No bullshit specialists, just proper good gunplay. Took me a while to figure our the maps and playstyle, but once I did I've been able to get chopper gunners quite a few times. You just have to play a bit slower and smarter. Great beta so far and really looking forward to the full game!
  2. Anyone know if your leftover COD points from BO4 will end up being usable for this? I pre-ordered yesterday and there seemed to be a bit of an overlap with BO4 (like exclusive blackout skins etc) so hopefully they will.
  3. Omizzay

    Nintendo Switch

    Nowhere near enough memory! I got myself a 400GB one and its 75 gigs shy of being full.
  4. Omizzay

    Nintendo Switch

    New Kirby impressions: Game looks like it was originally meant for mobile. Doesn't look great.
  5. Omizzay

    Nintendo Switch

    Phoenix Wright, Pac Man CE and Sonic 2 were the only ones that I spotted that are on the Switch. Spelunky and Super Monkey Ball have updated versions also coming.
  6. Omizzay

    Nintendo Switch

    Amazing Direct. 8/10 for me though as I really can't stand JRPGs at all. Plus no Waverace, F-Zero, Mario Galaxy, Metroid or Pikmin announcements. Still a lot of amazing stuff to look forward to. Nintendo is really taking all of my money.
  7. Omizzay

    Nintendo Switch

    Should be relatively simple as they already have an HD remaster for the nVidia Shield TV. Mario Galaxy HD Collection would be amazing...as would a new or remastered F-Zero.
  8. This game is like the lovechild of Jet Set/Grind Radio and Pong and everyone should download it. It's amazing!
  9. I would just be happy with this...
  10. There are a lot of positives: - Cross play between ps4 xbox and PC. If you're on console you can remove PC players if you want - No more battle pass bullshit. Everyone will get all the maps so there wont be a split in the community - The pick 10 system is gone and they've gone with the focus on gunsmith where you have over 60 attachments per gun to customize your load out - The graphics seem much improved with a brand new engine - 20 vs. 20, 10 vs. 10, 6 vs. 6, and 2 vs. 2 options with a variety of maps for all modes. And apparently there is a ground war option with 100 players - The audio seems amazing. And the guns have proper recoil. A couple of things I'm uncertain on: - The removal of the minimap. Not sure why - No more scorestreaks. Back to killstreaks like the old days. Which means people are going to be less incentivised to play the objective and there might be some camping. Still I'm psyched. But I do say that every year...
  11. Rumours are the Dybala - Lukaku swap is all but confirmed.
  12. Never played them either as I skipped the Wii, but I'm waiting for the Mario Galaxy 1&2 HD pack for the Switch (never been announced, but in my head it's a certainty - especially given the fact that they've been remade it for the nVidia Shield that uses the same Tegra chipset).
  13. Omizzay

    Nintendo Switch

    I have the Skull & Co. Gripcase. It's amazing! https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71HPQ069SRL._SX466_.jpg
  14. Will Overwatch ever come to Switch? I still play Paladins on my Switch all the time, but would love it if Overwatch came over too for some more portable shooting.
  15. My bad...apparently it's August 13th.
  16. I went with Starlink from the SA Store and NBA Playgrounds 2 from the US store in the end. Will get stuck in tonight. For some reason, I couldn't find a discounted Phoenix Wright anymore.
  17. Interested in picking up a few of these in the sale (prices in USD): Trivial Pursuit $7.50 (for the kids) Starlink $18.18 Phoenix Wright Trilogy $21.35 Pac-Man DX $12.36 Either NBA 2K19 $14.99 or NBA 2K Playgrounds $14.84 Katamari $13.21 Just Dance 2019 $12.27 (for the kids) Dragonball FighterZ $31.64 If anyone has any of the above, could you recommend which 2 or 3 are definitely worth it.
  18. This is a good watch:
  19. Nightwolf releases today apparently. Not sure about the helmet.
  20. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    I kind of stopped playing this game on the PS4 once I unlocked all the hard levels, as the level progression and backflip missions and overall UI just became too annoying. BUT...I ended up buying it again on the Switch in the latest sale as it was 40% off. Annoying but, portable Trials is still better than no Trials!!! I thought it would take me a lot longer to get used to using the right stick for gas and brake, but I really don't mind it. The graphics and framerate seem pretty decent and the load times actually quite a bit faster. Recommended, especially if you would like some Trials on the go.
  21. Binged it all in a couple of days. Not as good as the first two seasons but still extremely enjoyable. Does it not have its own thread on here?
  22. I'm in. Omizzay FC. Had my best Fantasy Season ever last year, finishing with 2281 points and winning around $1500 from various leagues and side bets. Which pretty much means I'm gonna have a disaster this year.
  23. Omizzay

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm hungry! I would buy the shit out of a bezelless Switch with a bigger screen, longer battery life, 4k compatibility and a more premium finish.
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