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  1. Why couldn't these Treyarch fuckers just come out with 15 new multiplayer maps for MW instead? The MW engine is miles better in terms of graphics, movement and overall gameplay. This yearly cycle that Activision forces upon its devs is really hurting the franchise I feel. I've still bought it as COD is what I mostly play online with my friends, but don't really have high hopes. Fingers crossed the game comes with a new Warzone map.
  2. I jumped straight into Galaxy as I've never played it before. A couple of stars in and it really is something special isn't it!!!
  3. You can download the multiplayer alpha of this today and play it tomorrow (on PS4 only).
  4. I just bought myself a Flip Grip for the Switch, and ended up buying all the Pinball FX tables for the 3rd time (PS Vita / PS4 and Android beforehand), just coz I had to have them on the Switch. Firstly I was disappointed that my Hori Split Pad Pro joycons don't work on the thing . But once I got used to the smaller Nintendo ones again, it really is an amazing simple piece of kit and makes vertical games, expecially Pinball FX, much more enjoyable. Quick question - there are a bunch of tables missing - all the Marvel ones, South Park ones, Plants vs. Zombies etc. What'
  5. I watched a bunch of Scump's stream last night, and I actually liked the look of it tbh. Then again...it is Scump and he shat on everyone so it could just be that!
  6. Huge multiplayer reveal! The ship to ship map looked fantastic. The desert and Miami ones also looked like they played well. I'm excited!
  7. Video got taken down, but here it is:
  8. Apparently some streamer called Doug is Raw accidently streamed a closed door multiplayer game:
  9. Not sure if there's another thread for this, but I'm about to pre-order the game and was just wondering what the Cross Gen bundle is. I assumed that your entire PS4 games library would be able to transfer to PS5 once it launches.
  10. I was tempted to get the Switch version too but apparently there are quite a few graphic compromises: framerate drops during cinematics, no crowds and some pop-in.
  11. I'm loving the art style now, mainly because I just completed Streets of Rage 4. Hopefully Windjammers 2 will be a faithful evolution of the original concept in a similar way to how SoR4 is.
  12. Internal. I would dread having to reinstall it.
  13. For about 3 weeks now, my Warzone experience has been extremely laggy (pretty much unplayable). It's strange though because multiplayer is smooth as butter. Does anyone else have the same experience? My internet speed is extremely fast (900 mbps dl / 400 mbps ul) and my ps4 is connected directly to my router. I think my main issue is trying to get the NAT type to be anything other than Moderate. I've tried the port forwarding thing quite a few times, but it still shows as moderate. I usually play with the same 3 guys who all live quite closeby, and even if I'm the
  14. I would kill for this version at launch: I would also take this: In fact, I would even prefer:
  15. My wife is really into hidden object games. Any recommendations on the Switch?
  16. This is absolutely glorious! So many good games and a plethora of new ones to get into. Two negatives for me: - Lack of 4 player games for the whole fam to take part in - How did they mess up Texas Holdem so badly: can't reraise as much as you want? Can't shove all in? What's going on?
  17. I haven't played this in a really long time |(since around when Terminator dropped). At that time, I pretty much finished the Krypt and unlocked most of the items. Has there been any update to the Krypt in terms of new areas and things to unlock since then?
  18. I downloaded NBA2K also, as it was next to nothing. Did not expect it to be so ridiculously massive in size. What kind of compression technology are these guys using? I had to archive 4 games in order to fit it on my MicroSD. Be warned.
  19. So the game is finally decent? Hoping the bigger gaming sites do a re-review as the initial reviews weren't favourable. I'll probably still wait for a proper discount.
  20. YESSSSSSSSSS! Best gaming news so far during the lockdown. God I loved these games. Looks like you can finish both games in 13 min 12 secs:
  21. Was this ever posted on here?? Pretty amusing
  22. I liked this a lot more than I should have, especially for the fact that it was directed by a stunt coordinator!!! Some of the action out-John Wick's John Wick and the chase scenes are also incredible. Fat Thor does a great job too. 10/10 for action, 6/10 for plot and characterisation. A solid 8 all round.
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