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  1. Yeah, VPE looks amazing - can't wait for it and the fact that it's backwards compatible with VPX is a bonus. There have been some unbelievable table conversions that have come out recently - I would highly recommend all the tables that VPin Workshop (VPW) put out. The new Indiana Jones they did plays just like the real thing.
  2. Stocking up on a bunch of PS5 and PS4 games in the big sale. So far I've bought Sackboy, Riders Republic, Street Fighter V CE and Cyberpunk. Still looking for a nice single player experience. Should I get Resident Evil Village at $27, Assassin's Creed Valhalla at $30, Psychonauts2 at $48 or Returnal at $54?
  3. I think this is the first COD ever where my main is an LMG (the first one). The thing is just a beast and mows down everyone. Loving Vanguard so far, but I mainly stick to FFA.
  4. Fantastic work @Parappa My recommendations in terms of which tables to download first would be all the VPin Workshop tables (https://vpuniverse.com/forums/profile/40692-vpinworkshop/?tab=node_filestabprofile_filesTab), the JP Salas tables (search on VPforums and vpuniverse) and all of Scotty Wic's tables (https://orbitalpin.com/downloads/) I predict that you will be building a full cab pretty soon. Enjoy man!
  5. I finished second last year...one point behind first. Honestly, the rllmuk is a nice group to be in but my main aim is winning my two cash mini leagues. Won $4.5k last year
  6. Took a 4 point hit and brought in Vardy and Sarr for Antonio and Mahrez. Paid off with 88 points - top of the rllmuk league and top 3k overall!!! Would be happy if the season finished now. Downhill from here on out for sure.
  7. What SSDs are people installing? Any good deals about?
  8. You will be surprised at the improvements when it comes to graphics and physics from a few years ago.
  9. VPT files are for VP9 and VP8 (older version of VPX) - worse graphics and physics. That's not what you want. The tables you want to download are from here: https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=50 Also be sure to check out vpuniverse as sometimes they have exclusive tables that vpforums don't - Batman 66 is one of them.
  10. Enjoy @roobarb. It's pretty addictive and you'll end up collecting tables, tweaking them, adding pup packs and playing them daily :0 I would suggest you flip the orientation to landscape though as you're using a widescreen.
  11. Not really. You can get 60 fps on a mid range graphics card. You might have some issues running the more intensive pup packs though, but those aren't really necessary.
  12. There's a small discussion going on in the Retro subfolder so I figured I'd resurrect this thread to get everyone to play some more virtual pinball. Honestly, since I've received my machine, it's pretty much all I've been playing daily while my PS5 and Switch gather dust and look lonely. Whether you have a cabinet or not is irrelevant - you can simply just download the VPX program and play the best pinball software available anywhere - all completely for free! Pretty much every single table ever made has been meticulously recreated with the most accurate physics around. And if you also download the Pinup Popper system, you have a lovely frontend to manage all your tables Have a look at this guy's youtube channel as he compares his real life pins with their virtual counterparts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZbP-VoX5llSBuesi-nFfrQ/videos On top of that there are some amazing original tables that are leagues ahead of what Zen put out. Stranger Things: Harry Potter: If you have the means and the space, I would highly recommend you invest in a virtual pinball machine. But if you don't, you can still have thousands of hours of pinball fun for free! Get flipping. All software you need and tables/files to download are available on https://vpuniverse.com/ and https://www.vpforums.org/
  13. Honestly I would just start out with downloading VPX as well as a few tables and run them on your PC - you can play them in desktop mode. It's the best pinball available (better than Pinball FX3, Pinball Arcade etc) and it's completely free. Also, you should download the Pinup Popper frontend to manage all your tables - amazing piece of software. The best websites for everything you need to get up and running are vpforums and vpuniverse where u can find the programs and tables / backglasses etc. And then go out and buy one of these pre-made ones
  14. Their site lists at around £3,300 for the base model. You can then upgrade the PC, graphics card, RAM, TV monitor to 120Mhz, add LEDs etc as well. https://xtremegamingcabinets.com.au/presta17/virtual-pinball/98-607-jurassic-park-virtual-pinball-machine.html#/27-120hz-no_120hz_package/29-matrix-no_matrix_lighting/31-dmd-single_xtreme_dmd_backbox_screen
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