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  1. My favourite comedies as a kid: Airplane! A Fish Called Wanda Planes Trains & Automobiles Coming to America The Naked Gun Trading Places Beverly Hills Cop Spaceballs Fast Times at Ridgemont High Weekend at Bernie's ---all of them timeless comedy classics that I rewatch almost every year. Must rewatch Revenge of the Nerds, though I imagine it hasn't aged well.
  2. Omizzay

    Nintendo Switch

    I just bought the same 400gb card you recommended in the other thread. How do I go about transferring everything from my old 256gb card to the new one (I have a mac)?
  3. Me and my boy went to see this last week. Not as epic as 2...better than 3 and 1 for me. Simply amazing and unexpected after seeing the trailer! I choked up at the end too. Buzz's inner voice was hilarious throughout. Can't wait to rewatch it. Ended up ordering this for him too:
  4. Has the Switch version been fixed yet?
  5. Looks awesome. Best of luck man!
  6. It's also pretty shit. Get Trials Rising instead, though I wish they'd give us Trials Evo or Fusion instead on the Switch.
  7. Omizzay

    Nintendo Switch

    Has this been posted here already? The Switch UP concept design art! This is exactly what the redesigned Switch Mini should be (though maybe the buttons should be up top).
  8. How the fuck do you get the boost drift???
  9. What is the difference between the two versions on the switch? One's a bit more expensive and it doesn't specify what additions you get.
  10. If anyone is looking for an amazing coop experience to play with their significant other or kids, then definitely download the discounted Unravel Two. HIGHLY recommended...and a magical experience.
  11. Thanks. I'm thinking more of a Virtua Tennis fun multiplayer experience with my 6 year old son. I've heard it's more akin to a fighting game than a tennis game.
  12. Mario Tennis worth it at the reduced price?
  13. Amazing Direct. So many good games! Was hoping they would show us the revised Switch, though I'm assuming that will be a Direct of its own closer to Christmas. Ubisoft's Gods and Monsters also confirmed for Switch right?
  14. Can you do anything with the hearts after you've unlocked all the 250 and 100 Heart chests in the Krypt? I think I've pretty much completed everything in the Krypt at the moment and just been spending my koins re-rolling the chests and unlocking all the gear and skins with that statue by giving 75k or 100k koins at a time. Also, does anyone know what to forge to give to the Kollector? I get recipes from completing some of the towers of time, but not sure where to find them. Agree with this 100%. Edge 5 is beyond silly.
  15. Yeah, I meant USD not GBP. Cool, downloading based on the feedback. 2-5 hour games are perfect for me, considering Inside is one of my favourite games of all time.
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