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  1. I have 31 points on the bench (as I'm sure loads of people with Dallas did)...but still managed a respectable 71 points to go into second place. Love the end of the FPL season. It's getting tense now.
  2. So about 5 and a half months after placing my order, it's finally ready!!!! Here she is in all her glory: Slight annoyance was that the company building it had a major legal falling out with the artist who produced my custom artwork, so they refused to put it on my machine. So I went with the Big Bang Bar artwork that I love so much just as a temporary solution. Once it actually reaches my house, I will have another company here slap on my custom decal on top. I am so excited for this to get here. It's got over 1,000 pinball tables on it including a
  3. Good to have you back @Dark Soldier!!!
  4. Definite room for improvement, but here's a pretty decent run on Smush Inc for you guys to improve upon no doubt:
  5. Hey sorry...been a bit swamped work-wise so I forgot to update this week's tourney. Congrats to meatball and peeveen once again on their sick runs on last week's tracks. For me, I was unfortunately not able to get jammy on the Tropical map and do the time save though I did improve on my time. And the Aegean one I also wasn't able to do properly and get a good bounce off the dome without losing time. Here are my not-so-great times: - Tropical: 55.6 - Aegean: 28.2 This week, we will go with the following tracks: 1. Smush Inc (Med) - a nice run through a
  6. Jumped back into Modern Warfare multiplayer last night. Everything feels so much better - from the graphics to the fact that you never feel a gunfight was unfair. MW2019 is miles better. I really wish Cold War used the same engine.
  7. Been informed that my table is almost done, so it should be with me before end of April . A lot longer than initially expected but Covid delays were inevitable. Will keep u guys posted. In other news, it seems like Zen Studios is going to be screwing people over. Their next game, titled just Pinball FX, is coming out for all the next gen systems but has a few major drawbacks: - The whole engine is getting updated to Unreal, which means better lighting, physics etc. But it has also been confirmed that you will have to rebuy all the tables!!! As someone who has suppor
  8. Omizzay

    Pokemon Go

    Please add me. Need people to send gifts to. 2946 4518 7680
  9. Sick run @peeveen I've only been focusing on Tropical and managed to get a 55.6. Pretty decent run, though there is a crazy shortcut about halfway through which should be able to shave off a whole 4-5 seconds. Really difficult to pull off though.
  10. Happy to keep it to two tracks also, so let's keep Tropical and Aegean for this week. Rock giants can be one of the two next week then.
  11. Can't see any requests or any friends on Ubisoft Connect. And when I try to link it to my PSN and invite people it says An error has occurred, please try again later :S
  12. Week 1 of the Trials Custom Track Tourney done! Thank you to all who competed. Pretty sure Meatball wiped the floor with all of us on both tracks. Can everyone please just repost their fastest times (will have to trust everyone without screenshots). I got 36.2 on Sanctuary and 56.6 on Armadillo. For this week, let's go with the following three tracks: Tropical 1720 - Piratey track with some underwater action Land of the Rock Giants - reminds me of that mountain scene in The Hobbit Gem of the Aegean Sea - Trials in Santorini or Mykonos
  13. For me its the jumping off the bit right after the wheel into that ramp where the first checkpoint is. It's a bit of a bastard if you don't get it just right. Shame I can't see anyone's replays. Any idea how we can fix the leaderboards so we can all see our times and race our ghosts?
  14. Meatball has always been a beast! I'm struggling with the start of Armadillo - I keep smashing into that ramp on the first checkpoint. Must've restarted it like 300 times tonight. And if I clear it flawlessly, I end up messing up in the middle part in a panic. Sanctuary is nice. I'm on 36.2 at the moment but know I can bring it down further (mainly at the end). Few more days left anyways...
  15. Not really sure what's going. on with the leaderboards. Only friend I can see on there if revbob who sent me an invite yesterday. Maybe we will have to post pics as proof on Friday. So far. I've only done the Armadillo track. Pretty difficult to get the perfect line, but I've put in a semi-decent run of 56.695 seconds. How's everybody else doing on that one?
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