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  1. Nah, he was talking to his invisible assistant manager.
  2. Just trying to help clear up the conspiracy theories!
  3. I like that last one. Dodgy refereeing at a United game again. Ignoring that there has been dodgy refereeing at pretty much every single Premier League game this season.
  4. And you're suggesting the picture where the ball is clearly touching the Sheffield United players arm isn't 100% a handball? Not really worth keeping up with that sort of analysis is it mate.
  5. Why didn't you pick this one? This was a yellow card by the way. I wonder what Dr Manhattan said about this at the time? https://i.imgur.com/W7iOJXi.gifv if it doesn't animate.
  6. How many of these goals and penalties were incorrectly overturned/given?
  7. Firstly, where were you when Romeu didn't get sent off for that tackle on Greenwood on Monday? Secondly everyone knows these millimeter offside calls are rubbish but I'm pretty sure we've had some of these go against us this season as have most teams at one point.
  8. He had a pretty okayish loan at Crystal Palace before being kept out of the team by the emergence of a young Wan Bissaka. He then went out to Fulham and was pretty average/poor in the year they got relegated. I think in the youth teams he stood out a lot because he's got the physical presence but lacks a footballing brain.
  9. Dalot is pretty much off this summer surely? Doesn't seem like Ole has much interest in him.
  10. Timothy Fosu-Mensah starts
  11. I'm mostly annoyed that the refs didn't give it because then what's the point of our bribes and I thought the PL was doing everything in their power to make sure we get into the CL
  12. That feeling when you misjudge the room that much
  13. Nice to see we have a third season of Top 4 is lava.
  14. But where will our goals come from?!
  15. Saying that, watch us have one of those performances tonight that makes us look like a bunch of PE teachers.
  16. He then later corrects this to 7 passes in total since the break. It's almost as if someone might actually know what they're doing
  17. Don't worry, that was in the before Bruno timeline.
  18. I don't really care about the winning 4 in a row by 3 goals stat but it looks like you're suggesting no other team has ever had a run of "easy" fixtures like that before.
  19. Isn't doing more work on the training pitch a sign of good manager? It's not just about what goes on for 90 minutes when the team is in the pitch. These bottom of the league type clubs were exactly the sort of teams we were struggling against before as they sat back nullifying our main threat (pacy counter attacking) and a midfield consisting of Lingard and Pereira as our creative outlets just wasn't good enough to break them down. If you want to see how we've faired against the other big teams and so called elite managers then you can look at our results since from wh
  20. Only 2 wrestlers have ever won the Royal Rumble from the number 1 position and that is Shawn Michaels.
  21. Id be worried if you did get carried away to be honest.
  22. Think they get one guard of honour for every year since their last league title.
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