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  1. Aren't our defensive subs err.. Timothy Fosu-Mensah?
  2. Not according to commentary.
  3. https://streamable.com/oq9hdc Conspiracy!
  4. Top penalties conceded Vs top penalties scored. Watch as we lose to a dodgy penalty.
  5. Couldn't they have done something better with their in game character models?
  6. Ideally we'll draw and Chelsea lose meaning they miss out on the CL.
  7. Nothing has happened on my stream yet so I'm going for a Fosh Mensah wonder goal.
  8. Don't think Fosu Mensah has done much to stand out but I'm quite surprised with how he hasn't been terrible.
  9. Dalot is gone in the summer and AWB probably needs a rest more than anyone. Just have to hope De Gea doesn't have any mistakes in him tonight
  10. Nah, I think we mostly know that next year will not be our year. It's the year after that will be ours
  11. But we already have so many
  12. 80 million to not have to play Jones or Smalling was well worth it though.
  13. Pretty sure he was well thought of in the youth team as a potential future Utd keeper but Jose gave him a chance at one point and he made a big mistake. He's then been out on loan to Hearts and possibly other teams but hasn't exactly been great at any point.
  14. Hasn't he been a bit rubbish?
  15. Don't they get a big chunk of their remaining wages paid? Jose has reportedly made millions and millions from getting sacked.
  16. It's been 2 years since he seemingly turned terrible while at the World Cup and he'll be 30 in November.
  17. Yep. We could have easily started with Lingard, Mata and Pereira on the pitch but nobody wants that!
  18. However, I will happily eat my hat if we go 3 nil down
  19. I don't think it's that bad! Pogba, Martial and Greenwood can't play every single game, especially when they are coming every 3 days. They have looked tired in the last couple of games and the results and performances have shown especially compared the the previous games since the return. James, Fred and Williams (plus Mctominay ) are probably the best of our non starting 11 so having them step in gives some important players a much needed rest. James will definitely have a chance to do some good unless Chelsea just sit back which they won't!
  20. 5 at the back, 3 in midfield and 2 up topish?
  21. Our starting eleven have looked a bit tired in the last couple of games though and most of their potential replacements are either not really good enough or don't quite fit into the system we've been playing recently (thinking of Mctominay and Fred here). I think James could do well today against a team who presumably won't be sitting back too much and he offers a bit of defensive cover but I can't really see any of the front 3 being told their sitting out today.
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