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  1. Who would you swap him for? James, Lingard, Mata or Igahalo? I think even a bad/tired Rashford is probably the better option.
  2. To be fair I don't think this match potentially being dull was too far fetched based on our previous few matches.
  3. And Romero dropped for a second semi final.
  4. Midway through season 3 is when I finally remembered who everyone was and what was going on!
  5. So does this play alright on a phone? Or is it more suited to a tablet?
  6. spork

    Fall Guys

    You really want to be adding 60 friend codes so you can play a full match up?
  7. spork


    The big question is surely whether @Matt Defis is still playing?
  8. No, unless you expect an 18 year old (who is arguably better as the main striker) to be playing every game next season.
  9. Shit, word is we might have to hand back the transfer cup. Bet it's all just bluster from Dortmund though.
  10. You've obviously got some of the more memorable villagers.
  11. Now do one for Brendan Rodgers!
  12. I'm not suggesting Ole should be in there but how does forth place Frank make it in over him? Same for Rodgers who shit the bed once the restart came along. Were these nominations from before lockdown or something? While we all know the other three are there just to make up the numbers Frank and Rodgers just seem to be odd inclusions.
  13. Plus wasn't he thrust right into the team while it was all going a bit Jose?
  14. I bought a 3 pack of Hellbound so if anyone wants a copy for £7 let me know!
  15. spork

    Fall Guys

    One player on each team starts with the lurgy. They run around and grab players on the other team. Once grabbed that person also has the lurgy. First team to all have the lurgy gets eliminated. Right?
  16. Ed Woodward has 3 reporters who he likes likes to give info to. In exchange for this direct line they seemingly have to post reports about how Man Utd might walk away, how a deal isn't close or whatever whenever he tells them to. They often all post very similar stories along these lines on Twitter within minutes of each other. It happened with Bruno, Maguire, AWB, Sanchez, Pogba and probably goes further back than that. It's now got to the point where Man Utd fans get excited to see these reporters (Simon Stone, Simon Peach and someone else who isn't called Simon) talk negatively
  17. Has 5 subs been scrapped? I thought they were sticking with it. I've also seen that the English teams still in Europe will get 30 days off before they have to play their first league game meaning if any get to the final they probably won't play in the league for the first couple of weeks of the new season. What about the FA and League cups? Are they still both going ahead as planned or are there some changes being made? It's going to be a bit of a crazy season isn't it?
  18. spork

    Fall Guys

    I like to grab them just as they are about to jump over a gap which often causes them to just drop off the edge
  19. Nah, just searched for Werner. I only asked because you were so sure before.
  20. Care to enlighten us all on the Sancho transfer stuff please? Could do with another pearl of wisdom from you!
  21. Ethan Laird is also meant to be really good (apparently Williams used to play as RB but moved to the left as Laird was ahead of him in that position) and will hopefully get some game time in the upcoming Europa matches. Williams had a rough game against Chelsea but had been a surprise gem pretty much whenever he played before lockdown and at one point some fans were calling for him to be our first choice LB. According to media and rumours we are after a RW (Sancho), a more attacking/versatile CM (Grealish if Villa come down on their £80 million demands) so that we have some flexibi
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