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  1. also if you are a horde and say 'ab d d c' it will show up as 'he l l o' to the alliance
  2. Can you imagine the amount of abuse that would go between horde and alliance if we could learn each others language? It's bad enough just having to put up with most of the crap in general chat!
  3. I think he's just dissapointed that WoW doesnt have that old guys voice telling you that there is a new quest that needs doing every other second and that you can actually stray off from the path
  4. Well I've been rather addicted since the game launched back in February and pretty much end up playing it whenever I'm not working/at college/out. It's also got to the point where I log on and can't be bothered to do anything in game so just end up staying for the guild chat... I think I probably need help?
  5. spork


    I'm also up for BRD sometime soon!
  6. Well I'll definetly be up for it with either a mage or druid..
  7. Then wouldn't some of our guild feel right at home?
  8. So is it going to be more of a slowly add new people to our guild type thing rather than have 2 or 3 relatively average sized guilds merge to create try and create an UBER guild? Aslong as it still has a sense of being 'our' guild I'd definetly be up for it..
  9. While I think we do need some more new blood in the guild, I'm not entirely sure merging with others would be the best idea, although part of me is quite up for it.. I guess I'm just a bit worried about the possible politics which could stem from such a merger? Aslong as we can prevent all of the crap which has happened to our alliance counterparts on the forum, I see no reason why we couldn't make things work.. And could we get Bright to join?
  10. Does anyone have any idea what runetotem is actually like? Will any of the rulers be heading over there? Won't disgruntled horde move there and make the situation even worse on ER for horde who do stay? Couldnt it also effectively ruin runetotem if too many of one side from ER more their? Too many questions!!
  11. What about making the battlegrounds as world servers where you can end up fighting with or against characters fro other servers? Surely that would fix the prblems with all of the queing?
  12. I saw that yesterday, and to be honest, apart from the battlegrounds situation I hadn't really noticed much of a problem myself..
  13. spork

    T-shirts For Sale

    I really like the tarren mill idea.. not geeky enough for outsiders to know what its about, but geeky enough for any WoW player
  14. I also went in yesterday with a different group. We got up to the part where you open the jail cell and loads of guards come charging in. We wiped, and then our tank decided he had to leave. We couldn't find another tank, so called it quits, so I will be up for it at the weekend
  15. spork

    Rulers Of Muk

    Not entirely sure but i think we now have loads of priest alts. With both Peve and Louhi gone we could probably do with some mages?
  16. Ithica shall be in attendance
  17. Atleast come on to try out battlegrounds. It will relight that fire inside your magey bones!
  18. Although it took a bit longer than 'a couple of hours' And who took the picture of us sitting on the edge of the platform? Pat?
  19. Also, for anyone who has left the game out of boredome (AC among others), you should at least come back to have a taste of battlegrounds as it is rather spiffy and easily brings a new lease of life to the game!
  20. On my main I have played just over 20 days. Although at recent levels ive taken over a day (or thereabouts) to level up due to prefering to get involved defending XR, doing warsong gultch and general mischeif in alliance lands
  21. I should be up for ST tomorrow after 3ish..
  22. Unless you are a hunter and have a pet. They eat food like 'a fat american kid' and need to be kept fed to stay happy.
  23. I'm a student and have lot's of coursework that needs to be done for the next three weeks. But WoW is just
  24. We saw loads of ghost mushrooms in the hinterlands when we did the ancient egg quest yesterday..
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