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  1. I hope the socks have the pattern on too.
  2. Do you think it's to distract us from the lack of signings?
  3. Greenwood has been given the 11 shirt for the new season. Well deserved!
  4. Plus next summer when his best mate Frankie De Jong sees how much he loves it here, that will be our DM sorted for most of the next decade
  5. Pogba and Bruno can't start every game. Rotation is important! We saw that after the Covid break and I don't really think Lingard/Pereira/Mata/Mctom/Fred are good enough to replace either of those two. He was left out of the Ajax friendly today and someone high up at Ajax said it was because of transfer stuff. It's gonna happen soon
  6. The Simon's and Romano all briefed. It's happening
  7. Lots of rumours appearing this evening that Van De Beek is ours.
  8. Look past the logo and it's actually quite nice
  9. Just like.. hanging out?
  10. That white shirt is more Leeds United than the actual Leeds shirt.
  11. Aren't you likely in for Diego Dalot from Man Utd? He's even Portuguese!
  12. Pogba has now apparently tested positive for Covid 19 and had been replaced in the France squad. What a great summer this is turning out to be
  13. The original Deus Ex on PC. Like I knew how to pronounce that in a non embarrassing way!
  14. My favourite recent Barcelona story is that after De Jong joined them last summer he was shocked when he found out how little they were worked in training as the older players had so much power that they were able to pretty much dictate that they wanted to do less training. He ended up hiring his own personal coach to keep his fitness levels up. Pretty crazy that player power can be that bad.
  15. If Apple are found in the wrong by the EU anti trust committee what will actually happen? Will they be expected to split to their business into smaller chunks or something? What if they were ordered to do that but said no?
  16. Shades of Mou finishing second and then not being supported by the board. Hopefully it's all just being kept under wraps rather than absolutely nothing actually happening!
  17. BBC RM Sport: "Harry Maguire is one of three arrested by the Mykonos Police Dept. Statement: 'A case file was opened against the trio for the occasional offenses of violence against officials - court officials, disobedience, bodily harm, insult and attempted bribery of an employee.' " Blimey Look forward to seeing him continue our tradition of naughty captains. Cantona, Keane, Rooney and Harry!
  18. spork

    Fall Guys

    I'm level 14 but still haven't won a crown yet. Tonight I got into yet another final round and it was Fall Mountain. Right away I know I've got no chance of winning but somehow after the first few obstacles I notice I'm way ahead of everyone else. I get knocked down by a spinny mallet but I'm still ahead when my little guy finally gets back to his feet. I run up the final ramp and the timing of the crown going up and down is absolutely perfect! I can't believe my luck as I leap off the edge to glory, to finally receive my first ever crown! Except I didn't realise I needed to press
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