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  1. 2 minutes ago, 5R7 said:

    That was sorta my point, if williams went to left back, as laird is better. And, when he played there he looked decent, AND gave shaw the kick up the arse he needed, why, then  would he get switched back to RB, and block lairds path?


    And Dalot...yeah...thats an odd one, i mean, he has had injuries galore, but, do we keep him and hope that improves, or will he become another phil jones.


    which reminds me, why are we not keeping smalling? but, not selling him... he turned out to be one of the best defenders in seri A last season, no small feat! why not keep him and actually play him!



    Next you'll be asking why we haven't had a property right winger for several years!

  2. 7 hours ago, 5R7 said:


    Apparently Williams is seen more as a right back and switched to left back in the youth team as Ethan Laird is meant to be the better right back.


    So Telles would be decent competition/depth for Shaw. I have no idea who is meant to be better but I know Telles is more about the attacking side which if we're honest, isn't exactly a strength for Shaw.


    We then have AWB and presumably Williams as right back options with Fosu-Mensah seen as extra cover for any position in defence of needed while Dalot doesn't actually exist.

  3. From spending to much time on a United fan discord this transfer window it sounds like we're probably still in for Sancho, just with Ed doing that thing where he delays expecting the selling club to give in to our demands of discounts before ending up paying the price originally quoted. 


    Madrid are apparently insisting on a bit back clause for Reguilon which we're are refusing which is fair enough. Spurs have then come along and agreed to that so it looks like that's on for them. He can then go back to Madrid in a year or two when Zidane is no longer manager as apparently Z doesn't like him.


    Thiago seemed to come from nowhere and wanted to go to Liverpool but they won't pay the full amount Munich want. We're happy to pay the fee but he is less keen to come to us and was asking for higher wages. We allegedly finally agreed personal terms with him but then haven't put in a bid. Liverpool buying him is said to be down to them selling first with Wijnaldum to Barcelona being the sale they were going to make but Barca dropped interest and now he's staying. I guess we might bid for Thiago but who actually knows.


    Bale is Bale. Thought to be rumours of this coming up now to suggest we are happy to walk away from Sancho but people think it's mostly nonsense.


    Sancho also played for Dortmund last night in the first round of their domestic cup but Maguire and Bruno both played a couple of days before becoming United players so make of that what you will. 


    Other than that there isn't much being reported at the moment so either nothing is happening or the board are managing to actually keep things quiet. Van De Beek did ultimately come from nowhere so you never know.



  4. 2 hours ago, spork said:

    Sounds like it's probably not worth watching later. 


      Reveal hidden contents

    Pretty much played a b team with Lingard and Mata on the wings.


    Lost 1-0.



    Apparently the leaked line up was wrong so might be worth watching. Maybe.

  5. 11 minutes ago, ckny said:

    What time is the friendly kick off today? LiveScore says 2pm, the Man Utd app says It’s on MUTV at 10pm, but that can’t be live, surely?


    MUTV aren't showing it live.

  6. They all look like good signings on paper but when was the last time a team made this many signings for their first team and had got them all working well in the first season? Ziyech has supposedly been available for a good price for a couple of summers now, I know he's been good for Ajax but you've sort of got to wonder why no one else has bought him previously.

  7. Looks like the usual journalists have been briefed that we've sorted personal terms and agent fees for Sancho which is being called a breakthrough.


    Expect news to ramp up a bit before the signing is announced :eyebrows:

  8. 17 minutes ago, ckny said:

    It's obviously a kit they don't ever intend to actually wear more than maybe once. It's designed for the ladz to wear to the pub. There's a promo shot of McTominay wearing it over a hoody and it looks decent.


    Because it's covered up?

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  9. On 04/09/2020 at 19:53, glb said:

    That rumoured Man United kit looks even more out there with the shorts.


    Still better than Nike’s efforts with Liverpool’s away and 3rd kits.




    I see your shorts and raise you the socks.



  10. 14 minutes ago, 5R7 said:

    so...our first game is in two weeks...have we played a friendly in preseason yet??



    Players not on international duty only returned to training a couple of days ago. This coming season is probably going to be stranger than the last.

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