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  1. If this means Dizogg will stop quoting me out of the blue, trying to get my attention with his tedious toxic trolling then I’m all for it!
  2. Imagine the fury if that was posted in the direction of a Liverpool fan on here after they lost a game of football Glad you're not a massive hypocrite though eh!
  3. My post wasn't that good!
  4. Why the hell aren't you watching a delayed stream?
  5. What do you think this ones for?
  6. We watched it last year, or whenever it came out and thought it was great in a not going to mention it on rllmuk kind of way.
  7. Just because it flew right over your head doesn't mean it wasn't amazingly hilarious! I look forward to the arbiter of decency calling out trolling and abuse from Liverpool fans in the future. Anyway, this is the football thread so I'll leave it there. Good day bro!
  8. Ole's even a known FM player. He should definitely know better!
  9. Coming from you that's pretty special! Why do you not call him out for trolling bro? Or the other toxic Liverpool fans who get abusive for no reason? Makes you think
  10. His posts have been shit for longer than this season.
  11. Whatever happened to the outcry of having to play 3 games in 5 days?... That fixture list is a disgrace.
  12. Exiting line up. I don’t really mind if we lose this one considering the circumstances, just hoping it doesn’t turn into the usual dirge of boredom like all of the other times Ole has rested the more important players.
  13. Did Wozniak blow this thread over with his wind or something?
  14. Bruno, Maguire, AWB, Rashford, Fred and Shaw to play every single minute of these next 3 games.
  15. Also isn't the answer to the original question a big no? I've not seen him play while at Milan but I'm pretty sure I've read he's been pretty mediocre.
  16. At least wait until the 88th minute before you start talking about making our last subs
  17. I guess this is why AWB and Shaw always play
  18. I think the main thing you and Graham Souness need to understand that it has nothing to do with trophies or being a top 4/top 6 club. If it was all about that then FC United wouldn't have been formed. This has all been going on since the Glazers first turned up wanting to buy the club. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2021/may/03/manchester-united-fans-glazer-family-club-debt-premier-league
  19. Generic Sky Sports Man #3
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