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  1. Haha yeah you're right, Liverpool would never come out onto the pitch wearing some ill advised t-shirts.
  2. Mctominay Fred Bruno midfield is our best/most balanced midfield.
  3. Fucking hell, Neymar and Mbappe beaten by a PE teacher who doesn't know what he's doing!
  4. Would never cut it in the Premier League!
  5. Pretty good first half! Tuanzabe making it look easy.
  6. Pretty much as expected I think? Apparently it's Tuanzabes first game this year. Not sure if that just means this season or if it's actually his first in the calendar year but at least we get to ease him into a match against some crappy strikers.
  7. Usually he is, but not tonight!
  8. But only because Maguire is out injured along with Bailly. Lindelof and Tuanzabe look to be our central defenders for against PSG unless we play a back three with those two plus Shaw.
  9. Top four is lava has started early this season!
  10. We didn't even score any penalties!
  11. At least James finally gets to play on his best side!
  12. I take it we're all really hyped about tonight's game?
  13. Unless it's after the final whistle
  14. Same here although we've still been enjoying the general creepiness about it all. What was the amazing cameo in episode 2?
  15. No. First episode is very good!
  16. With these queue systems is there anywhere I can put an order in right now at RRP and just have it turn up when I'm first in line?
  17. Ighalos loan is up in January is probably the main reason. That and panic as the transfer deadline approached I imagine. Never know, he might work out.
  18. Proper attacking left back who can cross. Perfect!
  19. Also reports that either Sancho or Dembelelelele are still ON. Can't wait to end up paying over the odds for Sarr instead.
  20. 30 million is what is being said we've agreed to pay. Bit of an FM wonderkid signing Edit: He's apparently played 25 minutes in Serie A. Superstar!
  21. At least he would actually feel like a new signing
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