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  1. I read something saying this will be the 18th (or so?) game he's missed for us due to fitness issues.
  2. Lot's of players with something to prove starting tonight. Actually quite excited to see this lineup.
  3. spork


    Second series of Love On The Spectrum is out. Think The Undateables but actually really good.
  4. I guess including Dizogg was a bit too far-fetched.
  5. It would just be me and Dizogg posting between ourselves.
  6. Waggo is a Leeds fan. If anyone knows about dirty diving it's him!
  7. He was taking a penalty against De Gea. Almost impossible to not score!
  8. Never in doubt he'd save that.
  9. text all in the comments
  10. Our best midfield pairing.
  11. One of my friends was on Byker Grove one time as an extra in a battle of the bands competition. His band won and he was awarded a trophy by Johnny the geordie who came second in one of the early series of Big Brother. I don't think he pursued an acting career after that.
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