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  1. spork

    The Man Utd Thread

    We didn't even need to go behind!
  2. spork

    The Man Utd Thread

    That’s like 100 minutes!
  3. Some of us like to live dangerously.
  4. spork

    The Man Utd Thread

    Especially when moments before he had a full crowd booing him for being stamped on.
  5. Wonder what Villa fans are going to blame this one on?
  6. spork

    The Man Utd Thread

    Fred direct from the corner spot.
  7. Surely you must be at least a little bit confident after Mondays match? Plus you’ve got those two new signings. Just don’t do that dodgy free kick routine again
  8. out on Netflix at the end of the month!
  9. spork


    First few minutes of the new season of Cheer was unexpected.
  10. When I started watching I thought it was a limited series so it would all be wrapped up nicely after the 10 episodes but apparently they have a 5 year plan.
  11. wonder if they will keep on doing it after having a goal rightfully disallowed while doing it
  12. VAR was obviously looking at offsides first which is ultimately not a subjective descision. If one of the players was offside then it's nice and easy and avoids controversy (lol). After that they probably looked at the potential handball and then looked at the foul which is always subjective, both of which are more subjective. Yeah it took longer than it should have but they got it right which is what we want isn't it? The fact that this thread isn't full of Liverpool supporters bemoaning Man Utd getting a dodgy var decision go their way pretty much sums it up
  13. Glorious footballing victory!
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