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  1. You need to invite them to your town 3 times. On the third time they will want to move in. Will work before your town is full too
  2. We watched the first half of episode one and thought it was pretty rubbish.
  3. Can you have bridges between cliff tops or so they only go over rivers?
  4. Going and seeing what Mabel has for sale each day is the highlight of my morning. Today I got a bunny hat, a gask mask, some dance warm up trousers which have a shiny gold strip on them and a hat which gives me a big Elvis like quiff!
  5. I had the fisherman guy on my island today. He told me to go and catch 3 big fish in a row and then bought them off me for 17,000 bells! Seems like I can sell other fish to him for inflated prices. Is he going to stick around all day? Or do I need to get fishing right away?
  6. We paused fairly early on during episode one and got told the name of one characters with a fairly spoilerific adjective in front of it. I'm guessing that's what you mean
  7. Yeah, added the account and restarted the switch. Then it was as if he'd always been there with eggs in trees etc.
  8. We couldn't get anything to work. Ended up making a Nintendo account and linking it to the lite which seemed to sort it out. Might have just been a coincidence mind!
  9. I had one of those earlier. Thought it was a big that had bugged out at first.
  10. Took me ages to come up with that.
  11. I'm just taking photos of the screen with my phone. Think you will need Twitter linked to your switch otherwise.
  12. Mrs spork hasn't had the rabbit visit her island today. Tried restarting the switch etc but no luck. Shouldn't be be available for everyone?
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