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  1. I guess the thinking is it’s going to be a physical game so Mctominay is an obvious starter over Mata and VDB. Same reason little Diallo isn’t even on the bench. We’ve also got the bonus of having Pogba and Bruno on the pitch so the usual issue with lack of creativity from Fred and Mctom is lessened a bit. Bets on which Burnley player is going to score the first goal of the match?
  2. While obviously not the same thing as the big banners over the seats, I can imagine the banners being a bit distracting in that split second glance players often make, especially when they are presumably almost exactly the same colour as your teams shirt. Great run by Santa in that second one though to be fair.
  3. Hopefully he can get a rest for the second!
  4. At least I’m in good company there
  5. That was a joke by the way! No need to get offended and abusive!
  6. Nah, they just know their true place in the league.
  7. You’re basically describing yourself there You spend all your time posting the toppest of top banter about Ole and United but then get upset when someone posts about Liverpool or points out how stupid you are. I’m sure everyone else is enjoying this exciting back and forth so I’ll leave it there rather than arguing further with the tedious troll.
  8. What are you going on about? Other than going on and on about Man Utd at any opportunity of course. I don’t think anyone is saying the reason we only have the third best home record in the league this season is because of what Ole said, just that it’s a slight distraction highlighted by some players, so why not change it? Should United fans go smashing coach windows instead? Blame the wind? I appreciate you’re not exactly the brightest so I won’t tell you to fuck off again like Stigweard would, but you really are a tedious any one but United kind of troll!
  9. It’s not that crazy really is it? Some of the players have mentioned it so they’ve done something about it. At least he’s not blaming the wind, how short the grass is or that the other team has several injuries in the first half which disrupted our flow like Klopp has done. As Stigweard likes to say to any one who dares to disagrees with him, fuck off you tedious troll. (Hopefully non Liverpool fans can say that too!)
  10. Didn’t Arteta convince Willian to sign for you by talking about his plans to win the Champions League within 3 seasons? That’s pretty funny!
  11. You think people care about Arsenal or something?
  12. Haha look at cheating Son looking sad.
  13. Take that Chris Kavanagh!
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