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  1. I bought a couple of 4L bottles of 12% liquid peroxide and am having much better results with submerging things in that than with the cream on larger things - only downsides I have found are you have to remove all stickers and painted bits as you can't just paint around them as with cream, and big things like Amiga cases require a lot of peroxide and a big container (it can be reused however). You also have to weigh things down as they float - I have been using the little plastic/metal ties you get with food bags and some old stainless sockets from a tool kit.
  2. If you have no experience at all of basic electronics (my knowledge is very basic, I learnt at school and through messing about with stuff over the years, installing modchips and 60hz switches in consoles etc.) I would suggest having a look at some of the courses on Youtube. A basic electronics kit might also be a good idea to learn about resistors, capacitors and how circuits etc. work in general.
  3. AES - Test, Controller, Fixed? Finally the game arrived after being sent back to the sender (thanks Hermes) - I knew they were big but was still a bit surprised by the size (Pepsi can for scale): I rigged up the AES to give it a test, first of all without the game inserted to make sure I still got a blue screen after a few days. I turned it on, and I did not get a blue screen but an odd flickering image with pulsating static noise coming out of the speaker. I gave all the chips a prod, turned it on and off a few times, and eventually got the blue
  4. I used IPA and a toothbrush. It looks like the PCB itself is OK, but the solder joints were fractured.
  5. The Amiga is now done, and nothing much was appearing locally, so I put out an appeal on this board for old broken consoles in case anyone had something interesting. I was offered a Neo Geo AES which was outputting no audio or video for a reasonable price, which appealed greatly because 1. I have never handled one in the flesh and 2. when I was a kid it was the completely unattainable holy grail of video gaming (actual arcade machine in your house! The games are £100+ each!). A price was agreed and it arrived shortly afterwards. The seller wasn't sure if the power supply was workin
  6. The MS was my first proper console in 1992 (after the Atari 2600 which was utterly crap by the time I got it). I will always respect it for the great versions of Sonic and Prince of Persia, and the only version of Ghouls and Ghosts to date on which I can complete the first level.
  7. I've only used UK ones, I don't think there is any difference.
  8. I have always used official ones, they are easy to find as they shipped as standard with early consoles so there are lots of them.
  9. I recently put a load of ST games on eBay as buy it now and used recently sold prices as a guide where they existed. This will allow you to sell to collectors and generally get the best price, if they don’t sell you can either relist until they do or put them on as an auction and hope for the best. I have also sold a few through sites like Amibay, most of them have gone to Europe.
  10. RAM Upgrade Being by nature a thrifty sort of chap, and feeling cocky about recent repair jobs I bought an "untested" generic 512KB memory expansion for my A500 from eBay for 10 quid. It arrived in very good condition, so I installed it in the trapdoor to be greeted with a yellow screen (expansion RAM self test error usually). Starting with the basics, I cleaned the trapdoor pins with IPA and doused the connector on the expansion in contact cleaner. Repeated reinsertions failed to help, so I removed all the chips and doused everything in contact cleaner:
  11. This is probably the wrong way round but I found the following stuff bundled with a load of Atari ST games: Rally day experience with Lombard RAC Rally Chalk + autobiography with Jimmy White's Snooker VHS tape of wrasslin' with WWF Wrestlemania Tattoos in TMHT (possibly nonpermanent) Numerous awful posters
  12. I bought one on launch in the UK and liked it in general, the ergonomics were pretty good and the games were a step up from previous gen stuff (Sonic reminded me of the Master System versions which are still my favourites). It didn't get much of a look in when I got my GBA, so of course I sold all the games for peanuts and I think I chucked the console in the bin when they were not worth the bother of posting to people.
  13. Turrican is a game series I have never really "got" despite the feverish love for it in Amiga circles. I have been playing T2 again recently to see what I have been missing and find it enormously frustrating (mostly because you can't see far enough ahead and fast moving enemies plough straight into you giving no time to react), but people who enjoyed it back in the day still seem to really love it. It certainly still looks nice and the music is great. From my (non-Turrican lover) perspective this collection seems to be a pretty cynical money grab as they are just a bunch of ROMs bu
  14. Cosmetics Having returned the A500 to working order I set about the cosmetics. Once cleaned up the casing itself was fine (it's supposed to be a pale beige), so I didn't do any further treatment on that, the keys however were very yellowed and extremely dirty: I removed them with a key puller as above, washed them with a toothbrush and APC then put them into a ziplock plastic bag with slightly diluted 12% liquid peroxide. I then left them in patchy sunlight for about 7 hours total, rinsed thoroughly, then after they had dried put them back on the keyboard wi
  15. I have seen RMC - I like his stuff and his style and it was very handy when I was fixing my Philips monitor. My kit is fairly basic, I have a 25W Antex soldering iron, a stand, some helping hands and some normal screwdrivers, snips etc. I am liking the new desoldering pump as the old traditional one is a pain. I have a normal digital multimeter for checking things. For cleaning I have a load of IPA in a big bottle and some all purpose cleaner which was meant for cars but really will clean anything. Broken old consoles like Playstations are a good place to start f
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