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  1. I would go with a +2 if you are looking to use tapes rather than SD cards, they are cheaper and by the time you add a cassette player to it the size difference to the 128 goes away. I had a +3 back in the day and hardly ever used the disk drive, as most games were on tape and the disks seemed pretty unreliable even when new. It was a lot faster to load stuff however.
  2. I recently started playing through TR1 on my PS1 (NTSC version on original hardware via 14" CRT) as I didn't play more than the demo when it came out, then played and disliked TR2 and TR3 so gave up on the series. The controls, camera and general mechanics are pretty bad by modern standards (and indeed by 1990s standards if memory serves) but despite repeated deaths due to missed jumps, too-far-spaced save points and tiny, almost-invisible but critical collectables I keep playing through it. The graphics stand up fairly well (on a tiny screen and when the framerate isn't collapsing). The atmosphere of being alone in huge areas with very little in the way of help from the game is probably what's keeping me interested.
  3. I played this for the first time last week on an Amiga project I have been fiddling with (I played Flashback a lot back in the day but missed this one) so here are some loosely connected ramblings on the subject. I hated it completely apart from the graphics for similar reasons to the ones mentioned in this thread, then watched a youtube video which shows you can actually kill the little worm things, got a bit further, got stuck again and switched it off. I would be surprised if anyone played one of the numerous remakes from cold nowadays and thought it was anything but awful. I don't know if I would have stuck with it if I had paid money for it in 1991 so played a few more games I used to like a bit but not love - I tried Batman the Movie (which I definitely got fairly far in when I was a kid) and gave up in disgust with the controls, leaps of faith and death from offscreen before I finished the first level. I then did the same with the hallowed Turrican 2 so either games have got better, easier, or my tolerance for unfair ones has completely evaporated with age.
  4. That would explain the massive difference in scale between the buildings and everything else that has bugged me since the 1990s.
  5. Space Channel 5 (DC) - after not picking it up for 10+ years (and never having got past the last level) I beat it on my second go. Very enjoyable and totally nuts (character bios are highly amusing) but I swear the timing is off on certain bits. House of the Dead 2 (DC) - remembered very quickly why I sold this after a couple of weeks in 1999. Shining Force 3 Scenario 2 (Saturn) - Patched version not really distinguishable from a “properly” translated game so far, it’s great. Burning Rangers (Saturn) - Finally playing it properly using the voice navigation having only had the Japanese one before. Nice enough but wonky camera and very short.
  6. I always preferred the Master System versions of Sonic 1/2 for the above reasons, but this may be a heavily rose tinted view.
  7. Mine - Aliens vs Predator on Jaguar is rubbish. I agree with you on Streets of Rage.
  8. I was heavily into emulation years ago, mainly so I could play games on my PC that I didn't own the hardware for (playing SMW on a tiny window with missing boss graphics for example). When the consoles got cheap enough I bought them and the games for next to nothing so I could play them on a bigger screen with a proper controller - in the end most of the games I didn't like much so I got rid of them (Jaguar, Mega Drive/CD, Lynx, Game Gear, etc etc), and stopped emulating stuff. I tried the Retropie thing a couple of years back and became extremely frustrated at the lagginess on systems that I was running perfectly well 20 years prior on hardware many times less powerful (this was possibly rose tinted specs but I hated the whole experience). I got a SNES mini as some of the SNES games still hold up well and it runs nicely enough, the PS Classic was the final straw for the early 3D era especially coupled with the huge nasty pixels on my main TV. I have a 14" portable with a Dreamcast, Saturn and PS1 connected via RGB and the games look really nice when sat on a sofa a few feet back - so far I am much happier with this setup than with previous attempts at emulated ones - this is of course entirely subjective and most people have just laughed at the tiny screen.
  9. I think I would be with you there if I didn’t have a spare room to hide it in.
  10. I am currently in the hole - I bought and sold all the consoles when they were cheap in the early 2000s but kept the ones with games I really liked (GC, DC, Saturn). I have a spare room which I am now turning into a games room with a CRT TV (have added a PS1 and some Lightguns), and my old consoles and games I kept, plus the odd game I am missing oh and that would be nice too and also a SCART switcher etc etc. I came to the conclusion that these games look awful on a big TV and am enjoying playing through the old stuff so far. Will see if it lasts or if I chuck it all back into the loft in a few weeks.
  11. Indoor car boot this morning. I recently decided to get another PS1 console after acquiring a CRT TV and fancied playing some light gun games again - I have been buying NTSC games so far but picked this lot up for £4.50 which I am pretty pleased with: Final Fantasy 7 Time Crisis Project Titan Asteroids Gran Turismo Die Hard Trilogy Bust a Move 4 Original PS1 joypad Annoyingly missed out on a nice free Sony CRT from Gumtree this morning though.
  12. Yes - just got to find some blank CDs, the translation project looks in a much better place than when I last checked.
  13. After 20 years (most of which it spent in the attic) I finished Shining Force 3 part 1 a few weeks ago. Surprisingly good special effects on the magic attacks and the game holds up well.
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