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  1. As a “retro experience” it’s pretty authentic, in that it hasn’t moved on much from when you put RAM expansions and hard drives into Amigas (“fudges”) 30-odd years ago, except now you can google things when something doesn’t work. Once up and running it’s fairly painless however. If you just want to play old games then another option is probably best (and likely a lot cheaper).
  2. WHDload installs tend to fix compatibility issues, so will do things like downgrading Kickstart etc etc when you launch them. Compatibility issues only tend to occur when a WHDload installer doesn’t exist, although some of them are still buggy.
  3. It’s certainly not cheap but the A1200/600 option is pretty straightforward - once you have the computer, RAM expansion and hard drive solution you can use a £10 PCMCIA-CF adapter in the side to transfer stuff between it and a modern machine using a FAT formatted card. I quite enjoy getting everything working but others may not. You can get 4MB fast RAM for an A600 for about 30 quid but it’s one of the dodgy clip-over-cpu types like the Furia. And then you would want to recap it if it hasn’t been so another 50 ish. You then have the issue of what to use for a display - I
  4. Not quite - very early ones have 2.05 37.299 which doesn’t have IDE or PCMCIA support (I have no idea how they managed to achieve that). The fix is again easy and cheap - new Kickstart ROM.
  5. I think I need to get hold of another DC + ODE to give these a go (I have a Japanese launch console (VA0) which seems to still be a no go for ODEs, unless anyone knows of one?).
  6. WHDload should work with non-AGA games on a Kickstart 2 A600 (assuming you don't end up with the version that wont work with internal hard disks) but is mostly tested on Kickstart 3.1, a Kickstart upgrade is easy and cheap. You would also need a RAM expansion (probably an extra 1MB chip and 4MB fast). I went through all this over the past year and got an A1200 with 8 meg expansion which works with everything pretty much.
  7. I got this today, mainly because I like Mario Sunshine, and am therefore late to the moanathon. I am pleased the invert control option is there as it would have gone straight back otherwise, but the game appears to have been completely ruined by input lag and imprecise jumping, which is not present on the GC version. I am also amazed that they have somehow made an 18 year old game have a worse framerate than the version it is a cash in of, which completely ruins the void sections.
  8. Pretty much yes. I also like the looks and am tempted to get the case for my A1200 but it's fairly expensive and has a few design quirks which I dislike - LGR on Youtube has done a good build video on it. It's got a bit of history - in the early 90s the same guy made an "A1500" case for A500s and sold conversions, which inspired Commodore to put "Amiga 1500" stickers on the front of A2000s, drop the price and put him out of business. I had one of these and it was very nice, it let me put a hard drive and accelerator in a compact case and put a monitor on top.
  9. Pretty sure - it has MX branded chips inside.
  10. This is a Checkmate 1500 case into which you can install pretty much anything. It’s heavily inspired by the A3000. In this case it seems to have some kind of FPGA Amiga clone in it.
  11. This one wasn’t too bad (compared to the others and Neo Geo stuff in general at least, which is probably the answer to your question), it was £70 delivered from France.
  12. I finally bought some non-fighting games for my AES, but it involved the Fusion MVS-AES converter: I got a (bootleg annoyingly) copy of Puzzle Bobble which is one of my all time favourites, and Super Sidekicks 2 which I remembered fondly but has not aged well at all. The height of this thing with a cart attached to the converter is something to behold, but surprisingly is very stable and seems to work well. The A button on my stick is somewhat oversensitive so I will take a look at that soon.
  13. I think my biggest issues are lag and the fact that big TVs look rubbish to me, even with a technically good picture, due to the size of the picture. I can get a very good output from things like a Mega Drive on my plasma TV via the Retrotink but it could do with being half the size. I have also heard the thing about B&O TVs being slimmer so I will check them out.
  14. Since dragging my old consoles etc out of storage, I have struggled to find an acceptable display to run them on. Currently I use a 14" CRT via RGB SCART - the picture is great, there is no lag, the aspect ratio is correct and the games generally look quite good as the display is small. I am not quite happy with it because it's a bit TOO small (20" would be about right but these are too deep to fit in the space I have) and it's old. I have looked at a few options, most of the issues I have found are subjective and my testing sample is small. I have used a Retrotink linedoubler for
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