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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1988269977898284/?ref=share
  2. have you been drinking? swap the 11 for a 3D+/CX/DX immediately, and install pandory, so you can add missing games
  3. someone tweeted this today, same day this thread get bumped
  4. charging dock 2.0 will connect via USB, and update pads willy-nilly or DualSense2 will update wirelessly. whichever makes sony more money...
  5. Sporting's second though disallowed?
  6. how's TAA been allowed to do that?
  7. also The Prince Charles Cinema, on saturday https://bit.ly/3lbkk0Y
  8. op wrote “bt sport”, hence the confusion
  9. boy’s asleep/at home/at school I’ll ask though. Any driver? Or specifically red bull/Mercedes?
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