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  1. i was admiring that NBA next-gen thumbnail for the video, so realistic then I spotted this guy, and cancelled my pre-order
  2. that TV's leg look CGI with the brushed steel thing going on
  3. if anyone missed out (me) there's a THIRD round of crowd funding with "limited" places to get onboard https://twitter.com/rtypefinal2_gz/status/1321047993936609281?s=20 THEY DELETED THIS TWEET here's an earlier version https://rtypefinal2.com/crowdfunding/third/
  4. PS4 games are the IGC, taking advantage of the BC PS5 games might well be 1 every 2 months, until they have enough. How was PSplus done at the launch of the PS4?
  5. Son of Godzilla [edit] probably near the end of this clip
  6. Ugh. Stretching PS4/PS5 games across months, a bit like the roll-on/roll-off method employed by GamesWithHold, but not as many of them. imagine that
  7. episode 1 on bbc1was 3.1mil where their first series on bbc2 was 3.4 million, consolidated. family fortunes on itv was 3.5mil, for comparison
  8. I hope it’s not from the: “Holy fuck, this game is terrible” ”you’re right, we couldn’t give this away” *lightbulb* school of thought. Yeah, I’m a cynic. Why do you ask?
  9. I've been told I can buy a PS5. Now I have £600* burning a hole in my pocket, and no way to spend it. * extra controller, camera, games...
  10. 16-bit ports were pretty accurate then...
  11. its been £4 since forever. thats the price i paid in... April
  12. after 200-odd hours, i didn't go back for the DLC.
  13. why do I recognise the number plate 1 AML ?? [edit] apparently all the AMs on the show have the same plate?
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