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  1. yeah, everyone knows Liverpool and Manchester are blue...
  2. i just tried the first one. I think I prefer steep slope sliders on the saturn. sequel next...
  3. Blimey, is doom64 supposed to be quite this dark? (NTSC-J console, ED64 in N-mode, NTSC-U ROM, hdmi scaler) also Chopper Attack is rubbish. The aiming reticle bears NO relation to where your shots go.
  4. GAME and Smyths have both updated their sites with stock updates. May.
  5. PSG awarded a free kick for <checks notes> paredes clattering navas...
  6. that's literally the best part of the whole film
  7. fair point. My laptop struggles with 4K video, but it does look a lot better than the 480p it defaulted to.
  8. I think most of those looked better in the original
  9. SeanR

    Old Age Gamers

    here's my mum not enjoying sharks at 62
  10. weird coincidence? only 1TB though. (2TB is £250, lol) (although, for reference after 2 and a half years of ownership, I have 700GB left on my PS4 4TB external, madness!)
  11. SeanR

    Old Age Gamers

    ok, which one of you did this? https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-04-12-new-market-research-reveals-growing-number-of-old-aged-gamers
  12. DS4s are PS3 compatible already https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-07-02-how-to-use-a-dualshock-4-wirelessly-with-a-ps3
  13. or no one's buying them so there are plenty in stock, obv.
  14. you were testing with them in 1995? See, it's a goddamned conspiracy to sell more pads!
  15. Raw Deal is a cheap piece of garbage that makes Cobra look like Shakespeare.
  16. Location confirmed for Isle of Man.
  17. SeanR

    Old Age Gamers

    I watched a bit of the peanuts movie yesterday, and had flashbacks to the snoopy game and watch. on account of the animation...
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