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  1. and yet only took 4 minutes in 1953...
  2. imagine Q fucking with the prime timeline, to bring it bits of the kelvin-verse.
  3. Escape from the planet of the Robot Monster Hunters It's just Monster Hunters X Horizon Zero Dawn
  4. gonna try some USB sticks I have lying around, before splashing out on a new one.
  5. 2 games for the price of one today: AC Odyssey I do not know if I'd get the DLC right away... and The Darkness II It's not as good as the first game. Gorier though. I'd play a third game.
  6. Where did I see this earlier? Was it also the last leg? amazing cgi on the helicopters
  7. Do they even fly tomcats anymore?
  8. Which one does he fall through the awnings down the side of the building? Is that armour of god?
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