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  1. stops the website crashing due to server load
  2. “But this one has ‘official’ in the title? I hear you cry. then answer me this: who are these clowns? https://www.thegamer.com/most-important-90s-video-games-all-time/?fbclid=IwAR2s8_BhuCm1WZaRrMf7Nnt5CTCXCLex0vqlPU1NAW6n42DWkEIX2LQpZJ no no, don’t bother clicking, Street Fighter II is #27 And #1 is: I shit you not. I mean, I liked that game. Played it a lot, was even in a clan, and a regular contributor to alt.games.[spoileralert] but over and above the other 29 games in that list? That’s how you know it’s clickbait. They j
  3. this isn't very good. especially Ewan's Dennis Leary impression.
  4. Did someone say orange and blue?
  5. I can’t find the switch charger to dock it and throw it at the telly now I have a controller. Can charge it using my kindle usb-c charger, but it knows...
  6. The one with the underwater section in stunt race fx. Who cares if it had a single-digit frame rate?
  7. the guy in the thumbnail played the bad guy in Jewel In The Nile...
  8. SeanR


    I don’t understand any of this!?!
  9. SeanR

    Formula One 2021

    “How does someone end up in hospital after... ohhhhh!”
  10. ah shit, there was that thing with the move controllers, when they relaunched them at £70 a pair with microUSB rather than miniUSB.
  11. can we expect stock shortages?
  12. So I found a copy of og Xbox outrun 2 on Facebook, and fancy a copy at £8. Bargain right? So I enquire as to its availability. And you know when you get a bad feeling in your gut from their line of enquiry, and just want out?
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