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  1. SeanR

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    do you have PSVR? it was one of my deciding factors. That and I wasn't paying for it, this time around.
  2. SeanR

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    well, that's just rubbish, isn't it? So, they should definitely get a PS4 pro!
  3. SeanR

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

  4. SeanR

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    hang on... It was certainly true on the PS3 I found a video of GT6, running at 720p/1080p and the framerate is better at 720p. Fewer drops. looking for similar or PS4.
  5. SeanR

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    cod this be the best DC film of the modern era?
  6. SeanR

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

  7. SeanR

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    no rush, right? I'll be restarting Rise on my boneX, once I get it.
  8. SeanR

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    not even for less than £300 over black friday, and then with boost mode turned on? oh god, the NOISE!
  9. SeanR

    Digitiser:The Show: Episode 2 out now!

    mmm, trying to turn a negative into a positive. Clever.
  10. SeanR

    Doctor Who

    too? it was
  11. SeanR

    Doctor Who

    we'll never
  12. SeanR

    Doctor Who

    "just making noises now" yeah, there's something grating about her delivery.. DYSWIDT?
  13. SeanR

    Football Thread 2018/19

    until (your country) gets knocked out...

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