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  1. Today’s show is SUPER-easy
  2. The boy got the flag question on the second clue, a proud day indeed.
  3. soothing. I just drifted off to that and dreamt about being stuck in a sewer with rushing water…
  4. there’s loads of this but also a lot of this
  5. 45 hrs into ACValhalla I think I’ve synchronised all the viewpoints in England, no achievement mind, so maybe more of England unlocks later or something. so it’s time to progress the story. One of the problems with my play style has reared it’s head. There are letters written about events in the game that provide clues that I can’t used to act on I’m SCREAMING at the telly now, I know who the dirty fucker is! Instead it’s exposition, a quest, a raid, and an Arkham asylum style follow-the-clues bit of detective-vision work to I ALREADY KNOW!!!
  6. Do we have to kill Thomas Riker now?
  7. I’m sure it’s the tethered wheels. They really… wig out.
  8. My son enjoys watching crashes, from the victims pov… (he’s in the red, white, and blue)
  9. is it just not there because it’s not on the compatibility list(s)?
  10. do not do this. It is a glitchy mess.
  11. you know there’s a rockstar pack featuring quite a few of those ps2 games on PS4, that can be played on ps5, right? eg.
  12. probably the soundtrack by HEALTH
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