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  1. SeanR


    it means Liverpool can’t beat city’s record points tally, and that’s the real victory... that and the friends we made along the way
  2. SeanR


    one eye on the cup game... oh wait #subliminal
  3. SeanR


    it's the hope that kills you
  4. still waiting for my heart to move back down to my chest...
  5. I have about 48 games installed, I have 5tb total storage, and am at 33%
  6. he was good in Batman Returns, too
  7. I like to reimagine all of DPKs films, but with David Kelly in them instead...
  8. Didn’t I once see him laugh while wearing fangs?
  9. I played the Wii version of gunblade NY on a 42” Panasonic from 2ft away, and nearly threw up. and that wasn’t because of the resolution.
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