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  1. The failure of the Saturn meant that my personal preference for fighters 95-00 had been namco fighters on the playstation, so the problem with 3tb was that it had direct competition from Soul Calibur, and DOA2 so it was always a distant 3rd, despite Dural showing off metallic textures, and being VF.
  2. SeanR


    how about... Saka and Tierney?
  3. You're big You're ugly and you're not as powerful. You'll go a long way.
  4. if I own a 'souls game, it's been entirely accidental. I've tried it, didn't like it. Selecting it for a remake/launch title, seems incredibly niche OR incredibly shrewd. #marmite
  5. I phrased it as a question because I only think it's a valid enough reason.
  6. because I have a 4K tv, and Xbox One X?
  7. was that R200? cos the 9800pro, surely? or maybe the AIW variant.
  8. are you saying the last great ATI card was pre AMD?
  9. SeanR


    no, but it is the first home game...
  10. that DF article confirmed that I'll wait for a price reduction on the series X
  11. SeanR


    the boy wants to point out that we played west ham on the opening day of the 15/16 season, and lost 0-2 I dunno if that's important?
  12. SeanR


    am I the only one who feels all warm and smooshy that Elneny is back in the squad?
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