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  1. You know what their three cars reminded me of? MSR/PGR. You know the oddities you’d get in every class of car? With the roof and window options? That.
  2. Did someone say “PnP GC SD loader solution”?
  3. Help me out with a show then. late night Friday, poss Saturday, but of 30-somethings dicking around, with flashbacks to their youth. Either before or after tour of duty. one of them had a shit beard, but also might have the guy with the shit beard in 30-something...
  4. I watched the first episode of Hunter the other day. Single-handedly responsible for Sledgehammer...
  5. yes. But if we’re including that why not whiz kids?
  6. Also if you want obscure, try 240-Robert...
  7. Ok, so if I do it solely by theme tune. Airwolf CHiPs (1978 though) Knightrider StreetHawk Magnum PI
  8. Galactica 80 was a thing. It had Barry Van Dyke in it.
  9. Ok ok... I want a 32X, so I can play my 32X games. i want a jagCD, cos I’m a masochist. I need a wiiU, to finish my Nintendo collection. i need a pc engine CD-ROM to have a briefcase setup. a 3DO, just to complete that run of cd machines (megaCD and CDi doesnt count)
  10. I’d rather not say, as soon as I do, prices will triple. but... I finally got my AES, after constant mentions in Edge, indeed their viewpoint review was in issue 1, and other magazines including ACE, Arcade, and Maximum. talk of £100+ games, when ST titles were tipping the scales at £25, and spectrum games were a tenner. I knew I would never own one. Now I have one of each: AES, MVS, and NGCD (or three). I most emulate them though, on the Xbox. Easier. Cheaper.
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