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  1. SeanR

    Formula One - 2020

    FP2 rerun on sky F1
  2. You know it was supposed to be a direct reply to plisskens outburst, right? The Argentine connection was entirely nebulous.
  3. I mean, I put in a total of 200hrs to completion in Odyssey. But what’s your percentage like? Is there a percentage progression?
  4. don’t worry, I’m sure Zok will be along shortly to tell you it isnt, and you just made that up...
  5. Some celeb on twitter said their 2 minute final chase lasted 8 minutes because someone didn’t understand the rules. I think it was Iain Lee. And you know the final of ninja warrior UK? It’s filmed over two days, and individual Athletes runs of the two halves (if they make it that far) are stitched together in editing. To make it look seamless. Which is weird, given it’s supposed to be about endurance and everything. also “there’s no way anyone could know that much about opera!”
  6. And that the Contestants from the U.K. had an obvious advantage: that all the questions were in English! #SensibleChuckle
  7. Maybe I’m misremembering dumpsters version of the story? Maybe there’s a retelling where he expands on it, maybe elaborates, for comedic effect? who knows anymore?
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