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  1. #waffle321 1/5 streak: 2 wafflegame.net
  2. NSI Framed #272 https://framed.wtf
  3. what’s the dumbest “yeah, that was a bad call” thing you’ve ever done? The one that still keeps you up at nightz
  4. #waffle320 2/5 streak: 1 wafflegame.net
  5. just phasing out as the tech (introduced on the 1989 Ferrari T640?) got better, I guess? Or the other way around? Maybe they wanted to see if there was life in the old dog yet?
  6. If they’d released the panther earlier still, and made wedge off that to fund a proper 64bit machine, and attracted developers…
  7. NSI Framed #270 https://framed.wtf
  8. So here’s how those games ended bonus offspring photo mostly because no one wants to take photos of me in my gear.
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