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  1. MFS? mother fucking simulator?
  2. Anyone else chanting Shenmue 3 to the “tune” of EDF?
  3. Oh and I just remembered another thing: Cocktail cabinet Pac-Man in a chip shop in Greenwich. Not that it had the room, but I guess it made them money.
  4. First time I played namcos soul edge* was in a kebab shop. I wasn’t very good. * laaaaangdell!
  5. So far so bioshock*... enemy encounters are rock hard, after hitting them with the GLOO gun anyway. It’s not got a lot in common with the previous game of the same name. i remember when this game was going to be about a human bounty hunter in an alien world... * with shades of half-life
  6. Fire in Babylon 5-0/5 i may have mentioned, in the cricket thread, despite being West Indian by heritage, and havibg grown up in a West Indian household, to quote 10cc, I don’t like cricket-ah...* having watched this film, I get it. fills in the gaps. The importance not just of the matches, but of the game, the sport itself. what I find interesting is that the documentary plants itself inside the WI team of the late 70s, early 80s, and let’s the players speak of the what’s and why’s, and uses old footage to show what they faced on and off the pitch. Then adds social commentary of those who noticed the changes that the success of the team brought. And how the two threads: WI cricket, and civil rights, are intertwined. recommended. * I love it!
  7. The swimming pool in Greenwich had battlelantis (medieval space invaders) and Salamander, and 1941, and the smell of monster munch and chlorinated water. the working mans club had mr.do, and the smell of cigarettes and alcohol. the kebab shop though... rtype, rtype2, tecmo soccer, final fight, aliens, turtles, snow bros, and a shit tonne of SF2 variants. and a fruit machine. NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME OBV. when the funfair was on blackHeath there’d be a truck, loaded with exotica: splatterhouse, bubble bobble, grabbers, and pushers. Battlezone and continental circus. 3-player sprint, steering wheels! Margate was king of the arcades. first time I played sitdown Star Wars. And a mechanical rodeo bull. Brighton too. sit-on hang on, tilty bikes. Pinball tables I didnt go to Southend until I was nearly in my twenties. but, and I’m an idiot, between 11 and 17, you’d go up the trocodero in Piccadilly. Sometimes with your mates. Sometimes with a girl. Sometimes you’d take a girl to the arcades. No, actually do this. Two things can happen. One, they get bored, or worse, beat you at something. like LA Machine guns, (that was the wife though, so I must have been in my mid 20s by then) Friendly rivalry. Forge bonds with common experiences. I never played the sitdown mx5 version of ridge racer. lea valley ice rink had pole position... 2, but the ice skating was the important part. You know how in Rocky he takes adrien to the ice rink? Yeah... if you can find someone who likes games as much as you do they’re a keeper.
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