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  1. I know what you mean, although believe me when I tell you that it doesn't look like that without a flash! Also, I don't need to use the remote control, we have a freeview box and when I turn the TV on, I have to turn on my a/v amplifier at the same time, so I use the buttons on the front panel to switch sources. The remote hides in a corner ashamed!
  2. I haven't got another one to test it out on.
  3. Ah, sorry about that... I have two leads. The one split into left and right phono and video, that was flickery and blurry. The one with s-video was perfectly clear but in black and white.
  4. Nope, not flickery! I ordered another cable last night, appears as though this cannot be the wrong one: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT
  5. I can't get the wii cable to reach to the front unfortunately! By the way, I was wrong about the 3 and 3.5 thing. It is 3S! When I plugged the phono leads into the front and clicked through to 3S, I got sound but no picture: View Example 108_0299.MOV
  6. Hello Mr-Monday, you misunderstand. Flickers with composite? Have I tried composite? Maybe this is the time where I mention that I also have a Nintendo Wii hooked up to the TV, which works perfectly using red, white and yellow cable to a scart adapter (not on AV2, but AV1)! (lol) The s-video cable was connected using a scart adapter too, to the same scart box. This is when I get a black and white picture with the s-video lead. Essentially, both were connected in the same way and both are actived in the same way (pressing one of three buttons on the front of the box to select the relevant source). Any ideas?
  7. Hello guys, the cable I bought seems to be the problem? I sent the seller an email and he doesn't have a clue why it isn't working, so he refunded me without asking me to send it back or having to ask! Any more recommendations of another cable similar to this that I can buy and see if that works?
  8. There is a AV 3.5, but that has a black screen too.
  9. Hello F-Zero, the games are from the UK, yes. As is the N64. The cable fits perfectly and has no bent pins (all four are where you would expect them).
  10. Hello Mr-Monday, nothing hapens when I cycle through AV2 and AV2(S). There is no reason for me to think that it is broken, as it hasn't been used before. The adapter does have a switch on it (input/output). When you have it on the one, it shows a black and white picture. When on the other, it shows the freeview box. The adapter: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...:EOIBSA:GB:1123.
  11. Did you click the link on the page that appears? Black screen, not like when connected via scart adapter and scart block. How do you tell if it is an NTSC N64? I don't think it is, it has the normal UK plug.
  12. The TV model is Panasonic Quintrix T-28PL4.
  13. Sorry I wasn't clear before, yes I have tried plugging it into the front panel, I did plug it into the front panel and couldn't get it to display a picture. Tried all av numbers.
  14. Thank you both for your support. The TV has an inbuilt s-video connector on the front panel, as well as red/white phono connectors. I have ability to switch between tv/av1,2,2.5,3 and 3.5. When I plug it in directly to the TV, I cannot get it to display any picture (don't know why). When I connect it to the scart adapter, which is connected to a scart switcher, which is then connected to the TV via scart. I tried twisting it around and pushing it in harder, neither made a difference. It is a PAL tv and PAL N64.
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