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  1. You'll find HTTP downloads here if you're still having no luck with the torrents.
  2. 'Super Castlevania IV' is absolutely essential.
  3. You, sir, are an absolute star. Seems much nicer than even the fixed UKNova rip, despite the smaller file size. Cheers! The ep, then: Without a doubt the best episode so far... Couldn't fault a moment really. Everything worked, and everything seemed tight. The series really seems to be finding its feet. That Guitar Hero stuff was pure magic, as was the Katamari challenge. Ace. If only we were getting more than six episodes.
  4. The version on my site's the UKNova cap. It's not perfect but it looks like it's all there is at the moment, so any problems are forgiven.If anyone's got their hands on a better version I'd appreciate a shove in the right direction so I can add it to the archive.
  5. Direct download's up: http://mirror.pixelated-ape.org/videogaiden/season_2/ Enjoy!
  6. Don't worry about it... It's not like you're under any obligation to even try to cap the show, so your effort's very much appreciated. The torrentless hordes will just have to have a bit of patience this week, that's all. Just got around to watching this on the Sky+ box, so a few impressions: The whole show seemed even stronger this week. Really feels like it's finding its feet. I loved The Eternal Pixel this time around. It was probably the weakest chunk last week but this time it was pure magic. The reviews were as good as ever. I've not touched an ice-hockey game in about a decade and Rab's review convinced me to give EA's effort a chance - You're obviously doing something right. The Pathologic review cracked me up... I'll have to look in to that one as it sounds like it might be worth a punt. The commentary on the state of games journalism was spot on. I'm guessing not naming some names took a bit of restraint... The Allard/Crystal Maze stuff and the Gordon Bennet cameo got big laughs, as did the Brain Training stuff.
  7. The moment I get my hands on a cap it'll show up there, but since polygon_monkey's capture went south this week it'll probably not be until I can grab UKNova's release. I'm scouring the interweb for another source but I wouldn't hold your breath, folks.If anyone did get a cap but doesn't have the means to host it then PM me and I'll FTP you up real nice. I was in the process of ripping the BBC stream as a stop-gap but it keeps cutting me off halfway through. Sorry guys.
  8. No problem, fella. God-like genius!
  9. I'm in the process of re-upping it now... 23 minutes to go.
  10. I'd almost forgotten this was coming. Between the DS and the 360 it's shaping up to be an expensive Christmas.
  11. It's £17.99 delivered at MovieTyme. Bargain of the century, that, and no mistake.
  12. £23? I'll be having that. Cheers for the heads-up.
  13. The original B&W pilot movie is doing the rounds on usenet at the moment. I got a grey kitty, white one, and a tabby too, And a big orange guy who put snakes in my shoe. Mad MC skills leave ya struck, And I roll with ma kitties, and I'm hard as fuck. Bubbles. Great character or the GREATEST character?
  14. This.I can't imagine having to choose between the two. A couple of days ago I'd have probably plumped for Ouendan but the more time I spend with EBA the more it grows on me. They're both works of ultra-camp genius and I honestly couldn't pick one over the other anymore. You can get the pair for <£50. It'd be a crime not to.
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