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  1. @grounded_dreamsgreat trailer, I've split your post out into a new thread.
  2. I got Suarez a few days ago and sold him for 22K
  3. Nothing new from me but just to reaffirm SOTN & Shadow Complex are both excellent choices & also Batman Arkham Asylum had a metroidvania feel.
  4. Also one more thing to add @Pants McSkill is make sure you open the Gold/Silver preview packs once a day just in case you get anything good you can sell on. If you do then once you purchase that pack you can preview another.
  5. I only get to play maybe an hour each day and have found Div Rivals difficult because my skill level against other players is poor so I stick with Squad Battles on Semi-Pro/Professional and I can usually get Elite 2/3 every week. I always keep a look out for any new SBC's I can complete to get packs. The BPM is what works best for me, mass bidding takes too long and you usually get outbid.
  6. Nearly 50 here also, I still enjoy playing games a fair bit especially with my daughter either Fortnite or Fifa. I enjoy single player story focused games, currently enjoying the Yakuza games.
  7. Level 71 at the moment plodding along slowly getting quite a few wins on Solo or Duo/Trio with daughter and Nephew. Don't like the recoil on the new combat rifle. Love the automatic sniper rifle. This is one of my Solo Wins
  8. Great play by Salah and lovely finish by Mane.
  9. Too time consuming with constant bidding on players, I just stick with BPM method and play the game. It takes longer to get decent wad of coins but I've made 250K since i started playing a couple of weeks ago.
  10. This is the best I can get for now until I pack something better or save up the coins.
  11. Great news! Glad they are carrying on with Ichiban.
  12. Mercedes gifting Red Bull some extra points. Lewis could have gone to end and still would have finished 4th even if Perez got past.
  13. Joker has been added, definitely worth enjoying again or if you one of the few who have not watched it yet.
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