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  1. I'm hooked been playing this almost every day for over a week now & I really love the setting as I knew I would, the standoff sequences are my favourite. If you enjoy your open world games then definetly give this a try. In my open world gaming list it comes in just after Horizon Zero Dawn & The Witcher 3.
  2. Are you on the negative side Mike? Turn over and you'll be positive.
  3. I'm probably in the minority but I love Eneloops, have been using them for years. I agree would love it if the Playstation controllers took standard AA/AAA batteries. No need for a charging station.
  4. My big issue with gamepass is it is yet another subscription service. With a subscription service I feel compelled to use it because I am then getting some value from the service. The way I play games sometimes it takes me weeks/months to complete a long single player experience like Ghost of Tsushima. I could certainly get value for paying for a few months to enjoy all the shorter indie games I want to play and then cancel the subscription. I don't have an Xbox at the moment and history has shown me that owning more than one console is not a good idea because one will always get n
  5. Copy/pasted from my blog. This is my gaming backlog page mainly for Playstation 4/5, I don't really game much on the Switch that is more of a family console for Mario Kart etc. The numbers in brackets are HLTB completion stats in hours for my own reference, I like to go from playing a longer game to enjoying some shorter titles. Playing (I only play one game at a time) Monster Hunter World - Multiplayer with friends Ghost of Tsushima - Waited to play this on PS5 and it's great, will keep me busy for a few months. Physical Desperados 3 (50
  6. Yeah this is another reason to wait on using external storage, Sony will need a few firmware updates to fix the OS.
  7. Can you not claim them from the mobile app or website?
  8. Yeah we were poor, just too slow and could not get that needle-threaded pass through their defence. We gave away so many balls, I thought Neco Williams played a bad game, gave away too many balls and did not drive the team forward to create crossing opportunities unlike Tsimikas who had a better game. Anyhow the fixtures keep coming thick and fast we go to see how Adam is doing at Brighton.
  9. Lost your Christmas spirit then? No further news from Sony?
  10. Can you not delete it from settings/storage?
  11. Still looks ok in that gameplay but I'm going to wait on this until the full featured version for next gen consoles is released at some point next year.
  12. Yeah the OS needs some quality of life improvement in areas, I also miss that quick power menu, folders uploading PS4 saves to the cloud direct from the options menu on a game.
  13. Are they registered on PlayStation with an email/login? If yes you can use same QR code method from the mobile app to log them in, this is what I did for my kids.
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