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  1. Got an email offer of £49.99 for the year. Don’t see any apps released on the AppStore & any news of Samsung TV apps?
  2. I purchased the PS4 at launch, hopefully to play watchdogs which got delayed & I played nothing on it for a year. I then got the Pro on launch and had lots of games to enjoy which looked slightly better & loaded quicker. I’m ok with that I get the return on my investment it’s my only gaming console. At least with the PS5 even if I get no games at launch I’ll have a collection of PS4 games still to enjoy. We need lots more info about games, price point etc before any of us can really make a decision. However I just need either of the following to be true & I’m in day 1. CD PR to confirm that Cyberpunk will be a launch title for PS5 or Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is a launch title.
  3. Why do we always get the shit refs!
  4. The delivery stuff is when you select a standard order, there is a premium delivery option. This usually means deliver in less time or carry more etc. I’ve done quite a few already all pretty easy. If you are going for the Platinum make sure you have the game on hard difficulty to get the legend rank status when completing the order.
  5. i dismantled that structure to get the bandwidth back, just finished completing the road from lake knot to south knot. Now back to capital knot to sort out the Zip lines to the windfarm/musician.
  6. Thanks, the two colours are similar & it was difficult to spot. Wish there was a default option to skip the various process cut scenes to make them quicker.
  7. The chiral network structure limit is it per map or area? I now have zip lines & have gone back to the Eastern Region to get 5 stars on the Wind Farm/Musician. Also on the map how can I see the structures I have built so I can dismantle if needed?
  8. Grind it out, Salah left his shooting boots at home was too busy passing.
  9. I’m pretty sure that will happen, along with most of the other releases this year.
  10. I think that’s it.
  11. I’ve only made it to chapter 5 and I’ve put in 60 hours already!
  12. Will that allow PS4 controllers to be compatible with PS5 I wonder? Surely no current release game will be configured to use it? So why buy it? Also does it not have a controller charging port underneath the adaptor?
  13. I got a refund on an accidental season pass purchase for Destiny 2. Contacted customer service & was refunded straight away.
  14. I’ll stick the grenades, they seem much more effective.
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