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  1. Thanks @Boothjan that was a good read and equally sad to see the potential demise of Wigan.
  2. I have put it back in the title, let's leave it with this until the new season starts. Was good to see Klopp fuming after the match.
  3. I remember paying £69.99 for ISS Soccer on the SNES ( Lost a bet with my brother).
  4. It is a poor performance with our first team, we have not been at it. Defence is asleep. Not taking our chances.
  5. WTF was that? Yes we have the title but 3 goals in one half!
  6. @CheekyLee that is very good, well done.
  7. The excellent Knives Out is being added 17th July & Rambo Last Blood 10th July
  8. Thanks @Mogster it is back on my list to buy.
  9. I opened up my original launch PS4 yesterday and cleaned up the fan and used the air cannister to blast everywhere I could get but alas it is stil noisy. Guess only thing left to do is Thermal Paste which I am not brave enough to do just yet, will attempt once I have purchased a PS5 & then the kids can have the Pro. Will clean up the PS4 Pro today.
  10. I like to take my time when exploring a world, don't like playing with a forced limit.
  11. Oh! that is a shame I am like @Mr. Gerbik and hate time limits in games so will have to cross this off the list.
  12. Outer Wilds? Does that have time limits?
  13. What?! That is stupid of Amazon! Hate it when streaming services do not put up the full box set. Sorry all still a great series but alas only 3 season on prime.
  14. The excellent Hell on Wheels has been added back again to prime, if you love westerns it is a must-watch one of my favourite shows of the last few years.
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