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  1. Yeah I think it is timie limited, just logged in and mine has gone.
  2. Also if the thread is pinned @Ry cannot forget the time it starts
  3. If someone had asked I would have pinned the Nintendo Direct. I'm a PS5 gamer myself so I'm following this thread obviously and hence the pin. Happy to pin/unpin threads just tag me in on a thread in future.
  4. A quick glance at my inbox and I read this post as VVD is gaining real momentum - are you ready? Hell yeah!
  5. gospvg

    Apple TV +

    Not on my Samsung, I use the PS5 app instead.
  6. @mdn2 we need some more leaks it's going to be a long day until 10pm just discussing what time this is on!
  7. Ooh nice! Will see if I can jump on after 2pm for the weekly quests.
  8. @Ry I have updated the thread title for you.
  9. Meh! I did not get any vbucks. I did however get Supercharge XP this morning, how long does it last? An hour?
  10. Is this the replacement then for the Game of the Year Editions, games that are continued to be worked on after release by the developer and then re-released two years later. Seems to be happening a lot with Japaneese developers.
  11. I expect Squadrons came as a surprise to them because I assume it had a smaller budget than Jedi Fallen Order and probably did better for them financially.
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