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  1. gospvg

    Cricket Thread

    Pretty straight forward win for England, Pakistan could and should have set a higher target. Onto Match 2 on Thursday.
  2. gospvg

    Cricket Thread

    England back in Pakistan for 7 match T20 series starting today. Thankfully it's on Sky so I don't have to faff around trying to find a stream.
  3. lol just when I thought I could get away from Dance Battles. Akiyama has a dance battle sidequest
  4. It needs to be obvious and when you download a game it should tell you then the date if any of when the game is leaving the service so then you can decide if you have enough time to enjoy or not.
  5. Finally made it past Haruka and onto Akiyama. Hated the dance battles, hope I don't have to go back to them.
  6. Sorry all not splitting don't have the time involved in managing individual sales. Will be job lots only. I've had some decent offers of 1K+ which I think I am going to accept. Will get some more time soon to start tackling the storage boxes of games.
  7. I've not played the Judgement games yet, but was hoping they would continue with one of the side characters. I'm still on Yakuza 5.
  8. It's also easier to clear these all out as job lots instead of splitting, I will be back at my parent's later in the month to pick up some more.
  9. I'm keeping a few things mainly handheld consoles and a select few home consoles but I need the majoirty of it gone. Just don't have the space for them.
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/SEGA 11am for more Ishin Gameplay.
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