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  1. I'm not too concerned about single player games because I usually play one at a time & then delete the install but it is the multiplayer, never-ending games or PSVR games that will always sit on the SSD I am worried about. Currently on my PS4 RDR2, Fortnite. Fall Guys, Dreams, No Mans Sky, Minecraft, stacks of local multi-player family games & PSVR games installed come to over 1TB at the moment. For now I am going to leave the family games/psvr games on the PS4 and just move over RDR2, Dreams & No Mans Sky to PS5.
  2. PS5 Fat, will get an Xbox Series X later in a few years time when all of these MS Studio's start delivering the games.
  3. No chance, can't see MS putting in that much money to have Bethesda games coming to PS5 it will be Xbox & PC. Also I expect them to release a TV App/Streaming Stick so you can play them on your TV via X Cloud.
  4. This was prior to the megaton announcement, now I will have to buy an xbox at some point just not on release.
  5. Then they need to bring Game Pass to Playstation but Sony will say no thanks even if MS do offer.
  6. Agree I hate it but that is how the video game industry has worked for many years. Bethesda will not be the last Megaton.
  7. Meh! the console wars. This is a big get for MS & I hope it works in our favour by making sure Bethesda games are delivered quicker & with better quality - bug free. For me personally the announcement sucks because it means I have to buy an Xbox if I want to play Starfield, next Elder Scrolls or Fallout now.
  8. Huge announcement by MS. I will still get PS5 on launch but now at some point I will also be buying an Xbox when Starfield is released.
  9. Only PC. Big blow for Sony but MS have finally come up with a reason to buy an Xbox will wait till 2024/25 when Elder Scrolls is released.
  10. Id Software & Arkane are the biggest gains. Elder Scrolls will not be out for years yet.
  11. Both won't be out till 2021/22 I would say. I'm hoping GT7 is released soon & yes Mile Morales to enjoy now. Demon's Soul is not for me, I don't enjoy souls-like games. Ghosts of Tshushima also for me I am not playing that on PS4.
  12. I would love to be able to expereince those two games again, you have two great games to enjoy when you get your PS5. I know you love your JRPGs, I've edited my post to give some honourable mentions to FF7 Remake & DQ Builders.
  13. That was my main question also & add the Playstation Exclusive games then only one option for me in the PS5. Xbox might e slightly more powerful but has no exclusive games I want to play where the PS5 will have Horizon 2 & God of War 2 for starters.
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