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  1. Super Meat Boy

    Is the music why it’s only rated three stars in the ps store? Asking because I thought this was a highly rated game and it’s going cheap atm.
  2. Valkyria Chronicles

    Is there any way of re-playing previous main chapter missions or is that an unlockable?
  3. Valkyria Chronicles

    Oh I’ve heard! I’m feeling a bit nervous carrying on, I’m already pretty shit! Ted has put in some pretty heroic performances it must be said.
  4. Valkyria Chronicles

    Oh that point where you’ve seen the map and you’re about to position units and you’re all like “Come on then let’s do this!”
  5. Valkyria Chronicles

    Holy shit! I've always had a slight curiosity for this game, mainly the art style and it being a genre I'd not sampled. It was also fairly 'rare' to see about (in Romford anyway) so had a strong allure when I saw it cheap on ps store. And I tell you what, I'm in love. Seriously, I wish I was playing this all along, this is the game type I've always wanted but didn't realise it. Turn based boots to the floor combat, all planning and strategy. It feels great to wrack the brain, especially when I'm high it seems. And ON TOP OF THAT you've got the games character. What seemed like saccharine and not particularly interesting anime fluff has quickly blossomed. These aren't your generic shaven head military types but a likeable ragtag bunch of small town militia. I'm just at the point now where I feel some attachment to the squad, I'm at chapter seven. It's been a rollercoaster ride with some tough decisions, daft choices, huge misjudgments, triumph, humiliation and a bit of luck. A lot of learning and lightbulbs in the head and many many save files. Where has this been all my life? The intro with those sweeping, saint like strings and that slow, brown tinted footage of the lancers marching into town . . . it gets the heart racing.
  6. The Jazz Thread

    Gushed about this in the 2017 thread, one of the best Lps of last year. Latin jazz from Eddie Palmieri
  7. Journey

    I keep seeing people saying this and thinking 'yeah right. Sounds good but my headphones lead is too bloody short to put in the telly.' Only just realised the ps4 controller has a headphone jack . Wish I'd seen that when playing through SOMA .
  8. Journey

    Cheers y'all, although I did end up sending that four quid on outlast . Still, ill pick this up.
  9. The Official Rllmuk Awards 2017 - Voting Thread

    Yes. Yes it is.
  10. Journey

    Is this worth playing if you're not online? It's going cheap at the minute.
  11. Morrissey's December Speech

    That’s exactly what he is. Overrated fuck.
  12. Best New Music of 2017

    It takes at least a few good months to figure out what the best releases are from any given year. Putting together a list before the years out always feels like a scramble, I'm always late. There's certainly a load of stuff still in my backlog. 2017 was so good that narrowing it down to twenty was hard enough. Great records from Vince Staples, Oddisee, Pan Daijing (thanks @Nequests) Jlin and more didn't even crack the top twenty. Ten is cruel. 20-11 The Ten 10 - Eddie Palmieri - Sabiduria Latin Jazz. The sax, vibraphone, piano and the wonderfully squeaking violin playing is immaculate. Not to mention the deep, ceaselessly funky percussion. This is old man, muso jazz, make no mistake. And it's glorious. 09 - Giant Claw - Soft Channel Brain melting trip through glitch and plunderphonics. The best from the gluttony of 2017s Orange Milk releases. There's a real skill and mastery in Giant Claws manipulation of sound. It's modern classical machine music. 08 - Spoek Mathambo - Mzansi Beat Code Afrobeats, house and hip hop thrown into the blender. It's called kwaito music, from South Africa and it sounds as unlikely as it is insane. Something like 'Landed' is as mind bending as any experimental US hip hop out there. An amazing record that would be in contention for the top spot most other years. 07 - Denzel Curry - 13 EP of the year. Dark, industrial, scattergun hip hop. 06 - Richard Dawson - Peasant What you could only call avant-folk. It's Dawson's pained banshee welp over ghostly John Fahey chords. It's a eccentric kind of folk that's as old as the hills, emitting dark magic. There's moments of lucid beauty too like the intro to 'Soldier'. Only a rare talent could make good old folk music sound this fresh and boundless. 05 - Playboi Carti - Playboi Carti Pop rap trash. The best thing about trap - aside from it winding up hip hop purists - it's the best music for fucking and getting fucked up out there today. It's the bratty, hedonistic step child of gangsta rap, morally bankrupt and seductive as hell. And it don't stop giving a fuck. If Open Mike Eagle provides food for the soul then this is the greasy takeaway. Regrettable but, oh, what a thrill. 04 - Natalia Lafourcade - Musas The most pleasant surprise of the year. Mexico's Lafourcade has been around years and apparently won grammys and all sorts, I'd never heard of her until I chanced upon this. Musas is a Latin folk pop masterpiece. Her voice is timeless and backed by the most impeccably played music all year. The way the twin acoustic guitars are gorgeously plucked from each speaker channel! Lush! 03 - Chloe x Halle - The Two Of Us By far the best mixtape I've come across in 2017. Chloe x Halle are a duo from LA. Two of Us is a dreamy stumble through modern pop, 'alternative' rnb, hip-hop, and a very psychedelic soul. There's some lovely, bright and fluid interplay between the vocalists, wrapped up in slighlty oddball pop magic. There's as much Kate Bush as Rhianna. At twenty eight minutes there's not an inch of fat. 02 - Kristofer Maddigan - Cuphead Soundtrack There were two albums that had me grinning from ear to ear this year for different reasons. Steven Universe because of its message of love and Cuphead for the most glorious music on earth in 2017. I suppose you can call this the real number one; Universe wouldn't be there without the cartoon link to be honest. Cuphead looks like a cool game but it's the sort of thing I'd be shit at and I've no plans to own a Xbone. This stands up on its own. It starts with a barbershop quartet, segues into a classical piece before diving headfirst into skiffle. This music -swing, dixieland, ragtime, big band . . . it's so old. So old you can point fingers at bop jazz and rock n' roll for killing it off. Music untouched and untapped for so long it feels like the freshest thing on Earth in 2017. And it's all played with relentless gusto. You can feel the joy, the sweet release in every trumpet blast and frantic piano line, the reverie in it's own unlikely existence. 01 - Various Artists - Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1 Putting a soundrack for a kids TV show at the top spot looks incredibly garish, and I understand it if you write it off. If you're familiar with the series however you'll understand why it's here immediately. Steven Universe is a coming of age tale of a boy getting to grips with relationships, morals, gain and loss and challenging emotions in an extra ordinary world. It's a cartoon whose prominent theme is acceptance and it tackles issues like gender, race and sexuality in a staggeringly mature and tender way. It's a show of real depth and quality and happens to have the best sci-fi world-building you could hope for. And it's funny. And I could go on and on about it but this is the wrong place. The music? It's 8bit pop, AOR soft rock, jazz, show tunes, Rn'B, lute twee, electro pop . . Without context it's perfectly likeable fluff. But within the context of the show these are some of the most loving and generous messages ever put to tape. For example, Garnet's (voiced by Estelle) 'Stronger Than You' is a fine catchy pop number. But what it REALLY is is somebody coming to terms with being part of a same sex relationship, telling us that love will conquer prejudice. It's everything the cynical, combustible world of 2017 and beyond needs. And it's certainly not for everyone. But why pretend to be objective anyway?
  13. What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    In an unprecedented feat I just completed two games in one evening Horizon Zero Dawn is the first current generation game I've properly played and woah, what a way to start. A great experience generally speaking. Unfortunately the last few battles were so fucking infuriating it ended on a sour note for me. Would have called it an all time classic. Instead I'll say it was pretty awesome. Did Soma earlier this evening. Only criticism is that it runs like shit on the ps4, really disappointed with all the jittering during the autosaves. Real cool game though. Good atmosphere, on point voice acting (swearing was bit excessive for me), intriguing story, and it got creepier as it went on. The puzzles make you feel smart and the stealth makes you feel ninja. Also, and this is a big one, it's the PERFECT length. If only more games were this concise. Oh yeah, great ending too.
  14. Best New Music of 2017

    ^ Yeah that LP is amazing.
  15. Best New Music of 2017

    No worries dude!

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