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  1. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    The Last Of Us

    Nice. Forgot to mention than I'm playing with listening mode off. Is that the way to go? That mode takes the fun away surely?
  2. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    The Last Of Us

    Okay cheers guys, I’ll see how I get on tonight
  3. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    The Last Of Us

    I’m early in so don’t write me off just yet! Pathetic thing to say regardless. Just got the shotgun and there are signs the combat aspect might pick up. I’m feeling discouraged using stealth since the clickers turned up though. Is my shotgun best used for blasting these guys in the face? Their instant kill mechanic is annoying as fuck specially when trying to stealth through. TLOU has been surprisingly hard so far for this type of game. Hopefully I’ll enjoy it more when i fully get to grips with it/GET GUD.
  4. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    The Last Of Us

    Seriously, fuck this. The intro did a great job setting the tone and atmosphere but the game has been massively underwhelming so far. A shame since it's one I've anticipated playing (and even avoided all spoilers) for a while. I mean, who thinks the 'pick up plank, slooowly walk to the wall, place against the wall, climb wall' thing is ever any good to play through? I really don't get the Resi 4 comparisons in regards to the combat. This game has nowhere near the oomph that had when taking down infected hordes. Maybe it just hasn't clicked yet?
  5. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    The Last Of Us

  6. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    It looks nice, just like the first one did. How do you interact with the world though? Hope it improves upon the lifeless quests and 'press Y to watch animation' tedium of the first.
  7. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    Beyond: Two Souls

    Holy shit this might be the worst thing I've ever played! I mean it was free so I'm not angry or anything just baffled. Not just quick time events but that wacky control scheme! Not even the cringe plot and acting can save it on an ironic level, it's complete anti-fun. I'll make a note of everyone who praised this and make sure I take their other opinions with a massive pitch of salt.
  8. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    Tomb Raider (2013)

    Yeah the game didn't annoy me too much on that front. The constant animations and exposition delivery in Red Dead was far more irritating.
  9. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    E3 2018: Nintendo E3 Direct - We Hope You Like Smash

    This is what would finally sell me on the switch.
  10. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    Holy shit
  11. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    That's horseshit . Kirby's posts here were fine until Bojangle had to call him an idiot for no real reason. I enjoyed the conference, the transition at the beginning was baffling but they made up for it. Games, games, games. No developers trying to get themselves over or shit internet celebrities, just games. But yes, a bit more variety would have been nice. Everything so earnest.
  12. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    E3 2018: PC Gaming Show - Frankie

    Those sleeves though
  13. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    PlayStation Plus for June 2018 - Free Black Ops III added

    Sweet. Xcom is like Valkyria Chronicles isn't it? Played that recently and loved it. The awful Last Stand of Selvaria battle made me abandon it though so I look forward to getting into something similar.
  14. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    Valkyria Chronicles

    Since my initial posts and gushing over this game I haven’t finished it or gone back to it. I still love the game but the Selvaria battle (chapter 15) was a complete turn off. Chaper 7 was a tough bump in difficulty but it never felt unfair. How do you do this? I’m moving a scout and a merc to the flanks and taking the steps up to the button to open the lift. And Selvaria rips me apart every time. What am I doing wrong?
  15. G a r n e t s B a r n e t

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    "Over and out" I'm up to season four and Macs Banging the Waitress has been the best episode in a while. Just the three guys together. No Dee being set up for the cruelest humiliations. No Frank, who I'm finding increasingly awkward and unfunny. Just the guys, like the early days. They're an electric trio. The finale of this 'poop in the bed' episode on the other hand is terrible. Not to sound negative, this is still the funniest sitcom I've ever watched, flaws and all.

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