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  1. Holy smokes this is magic. Might be the spookiest album I've ever heard. Unbelievable this was released in the 50's.
  2. and that one by the shaggs.
  3. All the time. I'd go fucking mad if I didn't. Listening to music incidentally just isn't the same, there's so many great LPs that would have gone under the radar if I hadn't given them full attention. Jazz and Classical in particular don't work for me as background music, you miss so much nuance. At the same time, music I'm familiar with I'm fine with having in the background while I clean, walk, travel, whatever. But something I'm new to absolutely gets my full attention, whether I'm playing it in the garden or listening through headphones at night. I find it very rewarding. It's how I've alw
  4. U2. Manics. Morrissey. Horrific overwrought shite.
  5. Christ, just browsed the first page myself. Embarrassing stuff all round rllmuk!
  6. Yeah, first is definitely the best and the only good one. Pointless open world killed that series for me.
  7. Teen Spirit has a whiff of this about it too which is great
  8. Nirvana were a good punk pop group, nothing more. Great singer, good but overrated drummer and some terrible lyrics. I mean compare nonsense like 'Rape Me' to anything Ian Curtis wrote, it's trite sixth form rubbish. Most of all though they're so plain musically speaking. None of the weirdness of Pixies or the other groups that inspired them. I guess that's why they were huge. 'Teen Spirit' is a classic though, I stand by that. Pop perfection.
  9. Curtis had charisma at least. He also had some great lyrics.Sumner has all the presence of a baked bean. I shouldn't shit on New Order though, really haven't heard enough by them. That Substance is getting saved on spotify.
  10. Fair enough! I've always struggled with the singer. I've only listened to PC+L though. Have you heard Safe as milk? More traditional garage blues rock lp. Love that record.
  11. I've always found the skits on Enter The Wu entertaining! But yeah, skits are a scrooge on rap LPs, especially the 90s stuff. Length is my major bugbear though, in rap and in general. 40-45 minutes is the sweet spot for me. Bish bash boom, no fucking about. Anything beyond 55 minutes and I struggle to keep my attention tbh. That's one thing nobody brings up about Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. Legendary album of course, but thing's got a lot of filler! I love a good double album though . Maybe it's because I don't feel compelled to listen to them in one sitting.
  12. Also, yes 36 Chambers is an amazing achievement. Does anybody not like that record?
  13. I don't think a lot of them hold up @Fatsam but I'm with you on the REM thing. You are Everything, Wrong Child and Hairshirt in particular give me shivers. Hell, Losing My Religion still sounds class to me. The mandolin its greatly underused in rock. I love Green but I wouldn't rank it that strongly myself. I rate Fables Of Reconstruction as their best record actually. It's really weird and murky but has a ringing beauty to it.
  14. Stumbled across this old little article that I thought was apt https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2012/jul/17/public-enemy-classic-albums
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