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  1. Very nearly bought Galak-Z yesterday so good month for me. Disappointed Broforce won the vote as Assault Android Cactus looks great.
  2. This working for anyone? I've done the tutorial, but after the train ride and title sequence it says cannot connect to server and goes back to the title screen
  3. Ooh, that date suggests it could well be a ps+ title.
  4. Holy shit. I wasn't planning on getting playstation VR, but Rez means there's no way I can avoid it now
  5. Wouldn't think it would need much processing power at all, as long as it's capable of playing HD video I think it should be okay. As cool as that unofficial app looks, I think I'll hold off on paying for it and wait for the recently announced official Sony app.
  6. 1 Super Mario World 2 Zelda: A Link to the Past 3 Super Mario Galaxy 4 Resident Evil 4 5 GTA: San Andreas 6 The Last of Us 7 Castlevania: SOTN 8 Dark Souls 9 Final Fantasy VII 10 Super Metroid 11 Super Mario Galaxy 2 12 Super Mario 64 13 Demon's Souls 14 Metal Gear Solid 4 15 Binding of Isaac Rebirth 16 Metal Gear Solid V 17 Final Fantasy XII 18 Metal Gear Solid 3 19 Metal Gear Solid 20 Metal Gear Solid 2 21 Uncharted 2 22 Super Mario Bros. 3 23 Tetris 24 Shenmue 25 Grand Theft Auto V 26 Shadow of the Colossus 27 Portal 28 GoldenEye 007 29 Resident Evil 2 30 DK Country 2 31 Kingdom Hearts 32 Final Fantasy IX 33 Zelda: Ocarina of Time 34 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 35 Batman: Arkham City 36 Mass Effect 37 Persona 4 38 Portal 2 39 Fallout 3 40 Halo: Combat Evolved 41 Star Wars: KOTOR 42 Kingdom Hearts II 43 Mass Effect 2 44 EarthBound 45 GTA: Vice City 46 Final Fantasy X 47 Half-Life 48 Chrono Trigger 49 Red Dead Redemption 50 Tales of Symphonia 51 Zelda: The Wind Waker 52 Final Fantasy VI 53 Dragon Age: Origins 54 Valkyria Chronicles 55 Final Fantasy IV 56 Deus Ex 57 Zelda: Twilight Princess 58 Metroid Prime 59 Half-Life 2 60 Journey 61 Skyrim 62 Shovel Knight 63 Banjo-Kazooie 64 Civilization V 65 The Walking Dead 66 Final Fantasy Tactics 67 Resident Evil 68 Oblivion 69 Starcraft 70 Smash Bros. Melee 71 Halo 3 72 Call of Duty 4 73 Mega Man X 74 Cave Story 77 Destiny 78 Animal Crossing New Leaf 79 Final Fantasy VIII 80 Hearthstone 81 Okami 82 Warcraft III 83 Phoenix Wright
  7. Remote play coming soon to PC (unofficially)
  8. Sony's big Christmas bundles will be the Black Ops 3 and Battlefront ones. This is something extra to tempt people who didnt have a ps3 last gen
  9. Yeah, it takes some doing to work for the same publication as Arthur Gies and still be by far the most incompetent journalist there.
  10. Gah, I need this in my veins now, but it's going to be months before we see any signs of a PS4/Vita version
  11. Either that or the money they make from selling their expensive video games to millions and millions of people.
  12. That's Remedy, not Quantic Dream
  13. It's funny, I agree with most of the criticisms of Quantic Dream's games (other than the "they aren't real games, just semi-interactive cutscenes" argument). And yet I still unashamedly and unironically think they are great . It's hard to articulate why I like them so much, in thinking about it I suppose a big part of it is his games feel really sincere, despite their flaws, where as most other big budget, high production values AAA games feel cynical and every aspect of them feels designed by committee (since the major American studios and publishers started to dominate the market)
  14. Did those games sell significantly more than Quantic Dreams games usually do then? I imagine Walking Dead probably did, but I expect Heavy Rain at least sold way more than the other two. Anyway, I'm sure you'll all be devastated to learn that David Cage isn't the sole writer and director on Detroit, unlike his other games, he has two co-writers and a co-director.
  15. Fahrenheit got a bit shit at the end, and I seem to remember there was an interminable stealth section (something to do with sneaking on to air force base maybe?), but as a whole, I thought it was brilliant.
  16. I think his plots are generally really good, there are issues with pacing in some of the games, the direction is great, some of the dialogue can be pretty terrible (I think they would probably play a lot better in French with English subtitles) and the characters can be hit and miss, but are mostly good.
  17. Perhaps rubbish is overstating it a bit, I thought the praise for Walking Dead was way, way over the top and all the plaudits and game of the year awards ending up looking pretty silly a few months later when The Last of Us came out and told a zombie story that was 10 times more interesting, engaging and better written and acted. I only played the first season though, maybe it got better in the second season.
  18. Jesus, the amount of vitriol David Cage gets from gamers is embarrassing. He puts out 1 game every 4 years in an under-served genre and if you've played one of his games you know pretty much what your going to get with his others, so you're not going to get tricked into buying a game you don't like. People act like his games are some kind of threat to "real" games, but other than rubbish like The Walking Dead, which was somehow critically lauded, and Until Dawn, which I haven't had a chance to play yet, but looks great, there's still very few games of the type and no one has abandoned development of real games like FIFA and CoD. I love David Cage games despite some awkward plot points and dodgy French to English translations at times. I can't wait for Detroit.
  19. I don't think it's too bad. The podfest is over and everyone who was going to pay to watch already has. The video is never going up on the GB site, only the audio.
  20. LA Podfest panel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZoYtPhbRSg Watch it before it gets taken down
  21. Where's the evidence of all this increased marketing then? I haven't seen any adverts on TV or posters/billboards anywhere. Do you really think if Kojima had managed to reign in the excessive spending and had managed to produce the game for $40 million Konami would have marketed the game even less?
  22. GTA V cost £170 million to develop and market, the article is suggesting MGS V marketing budget could be up to $240 million. GTA V was advertised everywhere during practically every TV show for months. I haven't seen a single MGS V advert.
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