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  1. There’s details and rom download links here: http://gendev.spritesmind.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1959
  2. Yep original hardware only. The same developer also did these two.
  3. Exactly. It’s your cash so spend it on what you want and enjoy it.
  4. On the topic of homebrew, the unfinished port of Wolfenstein on the Megadrive running without any additional hardware is pretty amazing.
  5. I’m in the pro Thunderforce II camp. It’s pretty lonely here.
  6. This is really cool. I remember looking at all of the previews of Sonic in magazines like Mean Machines and those flyers that came in Genesis releases. So to finally be able to play the version with the ufos in Marble Zone and the wrecking ball in Green Hill Zone will be interesting. This first thing I noticed on the YouTube video is the snare drum sample in the music sounds different, it’s better quality but less snappy than the released version.
  7. l’ll let you know. I sold some of the valuable ones like Snow Bros and Phantasy Star 1 years back, but I still have Rainbow Islands, Gunstar Heroes, New Zealand Story, Bare Knuckle and a whole stack of others And some hardware..
  8. I do still have a lot of original games but they’re boxed up in my Mum’s loft, so I would have used the unofficial firmware on the Mega SG anyway.
  9. Excellent, thanks. I was going to buy an Analogue Mega SG, but the MiSTer is a lot more flexible. Plus, I like to tinker with stuff, so this suits me better. In terms of add-ons I’m getting the USB hub board and 128mb SDRAM. I’m not sure if I need the £12.99 fan plate and heat sink though. I’ll be using HDMI so I definitely don’t need the I/O board.
  10. I’m thinking about buying a setup for my living room. What’s the best option for wireless controllers? I have some 8bitdo Bluetooth controllers I was using with a Pi. Will they work out of the box without any additional boards?
  11. The full soundtrack is on Spotify too
  12. A new Megadrive game called Paprium was released last week after being development for 8 years. It’s uses a DSP on the cart for better quality sound samples
  13. Those Tatsuro Yamashita tracks are new to me and absolutely amazing
  14. I watched the sunset from the terrace of Cafe Del Mar 18 years ago. We were staying in Ibiza Town but one of my friends insisted we drive across the island to San Antonio to experience it. Looking back, I’m really glad we did.
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