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  1. I have a question for the forum Next owners - Are you using it much?
  2. This is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before. My wife grew up in Maidenhead but was too young to get involved in clubbing at the time. She was probably listening to Bros and Kylie.
  3. I’ve really enjoyed going through the songs in this thread. Here’s one from me that meets the criteria (I think)
  4. Here a couple of sun soaked beauties
  5. I agree that for me Balearic is made of tunes played by Alfredo at Amnesia and later at venues like Cafe Del Mar and Cafe Mambo. A lot of good stuff has been posted already, so here’s a few that spring to mind. You guys probably already know that the break at the beginning of this white label was sampled by Andrew Weatherall on Loaded.
  6. They should have put all the games on each variant so you could just pick your favourite colour. It’s just a waste of silicon and plastic.
  7. I don’t know I’ve never tried it. Most people bought one of these
  8. I bought this compilation when it came out in the 90’s. it’s definitely worth seeking out if you can get it for a decent price https://www.discogs.com/Various-Absolutely-The-Very-Best-Of-Prelude-Records/release/279508
  9. Well Art’s sunshine pop made me think of this.
  10. My wife reckons they’re better than takeaways, which I’ll definitely take as a compliment My top tip would be to watch people making them on YouTube to get a feel for it. For a good curry you have to add the right ingredients at the right time. If you do things out of sequence then it won’t taste right. Also prep all of the ingredients ahead of time, then the actual cooking is really quick.
  11. I had to do an early curry tonight as we have a Zoom call in a bit. There’s been a lot of talk on The Secret Curry Club Facebook group about Chicken Chasni, so I thought I give it a go. I used a tweaked version of The Curry Guy’s recipe using about 1/3 of the sweet ingredients, 2 chillis, dried crushed chilli, a handful of fresh methi leaves and much less red food colouring. And it was really good. I’ll definitely make it again.
  12. Colonel Abrams early stuff came out on Arthur Baker’s seminal record label Streetwise. Earlier in the 80’s Arthur Baker was involved with this project
  13. They were both great. And now I have a supply of base gravy in the freezer for future experiments. I really want to make a lamb keema curry next. Both recipes are by The Curry Guy. I got this book for Christmas https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1787135217/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_4AmMEbP7F87TT
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