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  1. Mr Monday

    Lucky finds to look out for in Japan

    Special edition Dreamcast consoles and OG Xboxes would be on my list.
  2. Anyone else having problems getting the frog into the trophy in the girls school?
  3. Mr Monday

    Screen jumping - any way to fix?

    There’s a few PAL games that don’t work in 60hz. Sensible Soccer and Mega Swiv spring to mind.
  4. I know it’s very unlikely they will ever be shipped, which makes it all the more intriguing why they are still pretending that they will be. I’d have disappeared to somewhere far away by now.
  5. I’ve only ever backed books on crowd funding sites, but I have to admit that the Vega saga has had me hooked. I just can’t work out if it’s going to end in shipped units, nervous breakdown, jail time or a lynching. Or maybe everyone will get bored and it will just fizzle out...
  6. Mr Monday

    Commando Madness!

    It’s on this Saturday Film 4 at 9pm
  7. Mr Monday

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Get a cheap PSP Go and hack it for the emus. That’s what I do.
  8. Mr Monday

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    If you want to convert a PAL MD into a true NTSC machine you have to also change the crystal that controls the timing of the colour video encoder. Then it’ll do proper 60hz.
  9. Well I’ve played the Speccy, C64 and the Atari versions and they all seemed about the same. So if there’s a rock hard version I don’t think I’ve played it.
  10. Bruce Lee on the 8 bits. Mainly because, unlike most games back then it’s easy.
  11. Mr Monday

    PC Engine

    Another positive review of the SSDS
  12. Mr Monday

    PC Engine

    There’s an in-depth look at the SSDS 3 here
  13. Me and a pal used to make tunes with our STs, a hooky copy of Cubase , some keyboards a MIDI thu boxto connect it all together. You couldn’t do that on an Amiga. Well not with Cubase.
  14. And the original had joystick ports on the side before they made the floppy drive internal on the STF.
  15. ST for me but only because that’s what we had in our house. We got one in 1987 when the Amiga was still very expensive.

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