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  1. Apologies for the dumb question but does anyone what is the best pad for the PSX core? I only have an 8bitdo M30 pad which doesn’t have enough buttons. I’ve never owned a PlayStation so don’t know my DS2 from my DS4. I just want a basic wired pad for the PSX core.
  2. Another three way. A lot people know that the The Fugees based their version on Roberta Flack’s 1972 release. But Roberta heard the original on a flight and teamed up with Quincy Jones to record it. The song was written and first recorded by 20-year-old musician Lori Lieberman in 1971 after seeing singer Don McLean in concert. And it went nowhere.
  3. It’s amazing what can be done on a 3.5Mhz Z80.
  4. Game & Watch isn’t my thing, but I’m just posting to say I hope your treatment goes well @MagicalDrop.
  5. Also Panasonic made nice CRTs and they don’t command the same prices as Sonys. Look out for Bang & Olfusen as well. They were premium at the time but are often overlooked nowadays.
  6. They have for anything 21” and under. You can still get at 28” back breaking behemoth for cheap. People Just want shot of them.
  7. And Fate of Atlantis was in development but wasn’t released. https://segaxtreme.net/threads/unreleased-sega-cd-indiana-jones-and-the-fate-of-atlantis.15672/ It’s also had a port of Dungeon Master II.
  8. With the Mega PC you need the original monitor or a similar multi sync one that supports the PC and MD output. When they come up for sale they go for a lot of money. I used to want one as well or the sexier Japanese Tera Drive.
  9. Sad news. Stu was influential in the early house and rave scenes.
  10. That’s a relief as I really like his channel and he comes across as a nice guy.
  11. I heard Eric Clapton’s version first. Both his and Greg Phillinganes version use lyrics added to the YMO original by Michael Jackson, but it didn’t make the final cut of Thriller.
  12. I’m wonder how many rllmuk folk have played Vectorbeam’s 1979 Warriors arcade cabinet? I played it in the early 80’s in an arcade in Seattle and I loved it. According to Wikipedia the internals were really unreliable and there’s only one working cab left in the UK.
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