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    Mamma Mia - Here We Go Again!

    I really, really, really loved this. I had a tear in my eye at the end. A double bill with Paddington (for the n-th time) with my three year old. I feel he's having a great movie education lately, even at such a young age. For example, he watched Ghostbusters for the first time a week ago - he's seen it 7 times since!
  2. Being the 'backend' service for 2bn gamers would be incredibly lucrative. They want to be to gaming what AWS/Azure/GCP is to the web. I think that is do-able. And a much more stable revenue stream that the boom/bust risk that is associated with hardware cycles.
  3. hub2

    Google Project Stream

    OK, just set it up, and a few initial reactions. Tested on MacOS Mojave with Chrome 69. Wired connection: 65 Down/10 Up. Latency ranges from 7ms-15ms although my latency to the nearest Google server is about 37ms according to http://www.gcping.com/. Location: New York/Manhattan. Very quick to launch and get into the game. I've used Geforce Now before and it takes ages in comparison to this. Mainly because I think GFN is a brute force spinning up of a server and Steam and launching the game. This is as quick as a console. Image quality seems excellent, but I'm no expert. I think it's probably running on high but not the absolutely max settings though I don't have anything to compare against. Looks like 30 FPS. While normally excellent every now and again it just freezes or drops to very low resolution and then crashes out with a warning that the connection has failed. Not sure why this happens but anecdotally, my wife started streaming Google Play Music and it crapped out. Not sure it was a coincidence, but regardless... an Xbox or PS4 generally does not suddenly stop working once an hour for no reason. The Display settings do not have any user configurable graphics settings. This is more like console than a configurable cloud PC as is the case for Shadow or Geforce Now. Does not support Switch Pro Controller yet (:( ) so stuck with keyboard & mouse controls which are terrible, but mainly out of personal preference - it seems responsive. I'm also using a Mac, and as anyone who attempts to play games on mac knows, the Apple Magic Mouse is terrible for gaming. I NEED an Xbox or PS4 controller if I'm going to play this. Turns off after 20 minutes of inactivity. Some Images. Apologies for file sizes.
  4. hub2

    Google Project Stream

    So I've gotten an invite for this. Sadly just have a wired Switch controller... hope it works! With report my experience once I've spent a bit of time with it.
  5. The Mandalorian Candidate.
  6. hub2

    Films that are good for the soul

    Paddington Paddington 2 Cloud Atlas
  7. hub2

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    Mine is probably something along the lines of: "Goldie could have saved Jungle. But didn't".* * Plus Marc, plus Dego, plus Rob.
  8. hub2

    Google Project Stream

    It's inevitable Amazon will get into this space too. MS have Azure, Google has Google Cloud, Amazon have AWS. Also: https://www.amazongames.com/ And then one of them will white-label it so Sony/AB/UBI/EA can create their own services. Not sure Nintendo would do it for a while.
  9. hub2

    Google Project Stream

    Excellent! As long as this is perfected in time for Cyberpunk 2077. I wonder how much they'll charge? Or if they'll support Steam in the long run. I can see Valve offering the same service in the long run.
  10. hub2

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    LTTP: Do we know when the PC version is planned for yet? Any rumours or leaks?
  11. hub2

    X-Men - Dark Phoenix

    Well, my colleague snapped them up. Will let the thread know when I get his feedback. NDA be damned.
  12. hub2

    X-Men - Dark Phoenix

    Are you in New York?
  13. hub2

    X-Men - Dark Phoenix

    Well, it's definitely a locked print it seems. I've been invited to see it this week... can't be bothered.
  14. Not sure it is. But their facial CG is getting pretty good so you never know.
  15. I think, maybe (being sexist here), that girls might see more in that trailer than middle aged adult males. The whole falling down/standing up at the end as a child and adult. HER -> A HERO. I think they're trying to play up that empowering imagery. Wait until trailer 2 and she's shown to do something we've not seen before.
  16. If only the Paddington director was helming the project! I really didn't like Into the Woods.
  17. I liked it. Can't all be like the Thor Ragnorok trailer.
  18. hub2

    Gareth Evans' Apostle - September 28th on Netflix

    Official version.
  19. hub2

    Juh-rur-per-guh - The JRPG thread.

    In addition to FFXII, FFVI, FFVII I would also recommend IX which I have yet to see mentioned.
  20. Thor? Or Loki/Odin... they age at a different rate. Outside of the Avengers... The Collector? Howard The Duck?
  21. Trailer now online. All 13 episodes coming to Netflix February 1st 2013.
  22. What is that keyboard? Is there a non LED version?
  23. I thought you could configure Azure with GPUs but they were mainly for rendering or computational work, so you'd get things like NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. Not sure they are gaming GPUs. Not an expert at all on that.
  24. Looks good in stills, but lets wait to see it in motion.

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