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  1. hub2

    Apple Arcade

    Well, it left me wanting more, so it was doing something right. I just wish it was longer and a little more challenging..
  2. hub2

    Apple Arcade

    Finished 'Assemble with Care' earlier. It's essentially the first level of what should be a 7/8 level DS game. Very, very easy, and more like an interactive novel short story. I hesitate to recommend, but it is relaxing.
  3. Has anyone seen Criminal? Worth watching?
  4. The ending is just so awesome. Not just left a smile on my face, but uplifting as well.
  5. Actually for those deliberating a purchase, I'd probably compare this more to Ouendan than Rez. Certainly in tone. Off to see if a Negroni and G&T helps my performance. Edit: That's an emphatic no.
  6. hub2

    Apple Arcade

    Yeah, that's wise. I did read even that 13.0 iPhone release is buggy and they're bringing forward the 13.1 release to address the issues.
  7. hub2

    Apple Arcade

    The current beta is the GM, which means it's identical to the one being released next week, if that helps? Still, only a few more days to wait, so enjoy on iPhone 'till then!
  8. hub2

    Apple Arcade

    You can download the iPad OS beta to try it on iPad as well, but no-one has it on Apple TV or MacOS yet.
  9. What about this for cool swag: Might just be PR and not available to buy.... at least I can't find it. Edit: Will be available in a few weeks:
  10. I've only played on an iPhone (XS Max) and the touch controls are... adequate. On the phone I was occasionally swiping to open the app switcher, which will not be an issue on other devices including iPad I think. There's also so much action on screen, your hand does obscure things sometimes. Still lots of fun though. Also interestingly, the graphics kinda look better on the small screen than the trailers I've seen - sharper and cleaner and less pixellated, I guess the small screen gives some free AA. I'll be interested to see it on a Switch and Apple TV if it's available on that. Edit: headphones are almost mandatory. Do you have a Bluetooth set you can connect to your TV?
  11. Yes, it's easy and also hard if that makes sense. I think it will take many attempts to get gold in all levels. It's like Rez in that sense. I bronzed all but one level in which I got silver, and will be starting again tonight.
  12. Well.That was stupendous. Make sure you play in one sitting. Will take 60-90 minutes.
  13. This is pretty great. Took a few levels to get going and i had my doubts at the start but it ramps up into gear with the motorcycle chase. Some of the levels feel a tad short though. Ignore... as you play you realize it really just one big level (kinda) split into chunks, and those chunks get meatier.
  14. hub2

    Apple Arcade

    No support for the Switch pro controller yet, but I read that Exit the Gungeon has controller mapping in its'settings for PS4, Xbox, and Switch... so maybe it's coming eventually? Or perhaps the devs are just future proofing (or it's just in the code base from other versions).
  15. hub2

    Apple Arcade

    Still adding new games as of this morning. Jenny LeClue is up... first place you can get it I think.
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