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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n88vcBwdzXE Deserved!
  2. I agree that the acting is by far the biggest problem with this. Harry Seldons' 30 second hologram blast from the past was an acting masterclass compared to the quality on show elsewhere. The inconsistent, or rather uninspiring, directing not far behind at this point, but fundamentally, it's a flawed adaptation of the source material. It's just not doing anything interesting.
  3. hub2


    Don't forget the deep-seated guilt of contributing to the western world's obesity and diabetes health crises. Perhaps like the tobacco industry, covering up decades of research. Except he is performing his research on his sub-minimum wage chattel labourers. Based on his previous work, I'm guessing social realism is the direction Paul King is going with this quasi-documentary.
  4. Thanks, that looks great and added to the wishlist! As for, 'in the same vein', I guess I mean proper audio drama rather than just a book being read by a narrator. My exposure to audio drama is basically nonexistent, but listening to The Sandman it seems to be more of an adaptation than just an audiobook, so am on the look out for that type of content, not just fantasy.
  5. Anyone else listening to The Sandman Act II? https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/The-Sandman-Act-II-Audiobook/B098TXQCJW I just finished the Emperor Norton chapter, so just about half way through and loving it just as much as Act I. Based on the audiobooks, I cant wait for the TV show. Neil Gaiman is also a superb narrator. The production values are so far beyond anything I have heard before but that's probably because I mostly listen to non-fiction. Anything else in the vein I should check out?
  6. Really glad I played this. Won't be touching it until it's on EA Play. Massively disappointed.
  7. Well that was fucking amazing. So glad films like this are still getting made.
  8. hub2

    Apple TV +

    Deep cut at this point, but the Beastie Boys documentary is great. I also liked Greyhound with Tom Hanks. And if you like Bruce Springsteen there is a decent documentary set in the studio with him and the E Street Band reminiscing and recording a new album.
  9. I persevered, but I also found it a bit dull. Huge budget, but hampered by the occasional cheap looking scene, or actor out of their league. I was also massively disappointed by Bear McCreary's soundtrack. I'm going to stick with with, but it's a solid 'C+' for me at the moment.
  10. We need more Squid Researcher Guy.
  11. I am very excited for the Mario movie. Just me?!
  12. Post-apocalyptic Kirby? O... K.
  13. Hey @The Boatmanthanks for that. Have you read 'Nina Simone's Gum' yet? Off to see Nick and Warren at the Royal Albert Hall in October - can't wait! Are you seeing them on tour yourself?
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