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  1. Give it to his daughter Bryce, she's done well on the Star Wars stuff.
  2. These are bloody brilliant. I know what I am listening to for the rest of the week. Thanks!
  3. OMG. I now want CDPR: Downton Abbey.
  4. Didn't realize evil Agent Dale Cooper was in this.
  5. At the beginning of August I made an incredibly naive post in the Wanted Folder: "Rinsed it?" I picked it up about 2 weeks ago and have sunk about 50 hours into it and currently Level 50-ish. I think everything has been said already in this thread, but I'm pretty stunned with what I am experiencing. AND we're getting DLC!
  6. Not sure why people are saying this doesn't look good. From a few videos I watched which were set outside, it looks quite nice. I also quite like the Bonnie & Clyde thing they seem to be going for, but who knows if that's how the dynamic works.
  7. hub2

    The Man Utd Thread

    Any depot regimes with a terrible human rights record and tons of money who don't yet own a football cub? Don't worry, there will be a few weeks of 'concern' and people will forget quickly enough.
  8. If Brentford have any chance to stay up and avoid the 2nd season Premier League blues, they really do need to get the 3 points from home against these lesser sides and rack up a decent GD. Job done today, but let's not get too excited.. should be a much tougher match next week at Fulham.
  9. Brilliant stuff. Loved it. You must be chuffed to be played out by DC.
  10. I also now want to visit Karachi.
  11. Anther wonderful episode. I love how it's shot and the production design. And to address a previous comment, this show is about Pakistani culture and history... it's not just a backdrop. It's explicitly about it in what it shows about the characters, the family, and their situation, and sub-textually about partition and where the plot is obviously going. It just wouldn't be the same show or anywhere near as enjoyable with that stripped back. The 'cultural stuff' is the joy of the show.
  12. The content offering on this is shockingly poor. Going to try Halo and ST:SNW, but most enticing after that is perhaps a rewatch of Twin Peaks: the Return.
  13. Loved episode 3. Best Marvel series, hands down. Soundtrack is great also. Episode 3 credits song: This creative team need to be the new Russo's.
  14. Little aside, but there was a ton of cool merch I want at the Avergercon scenes. And there's also lot's of little easter eggs like an 'America's Ass' poster, which was a blink and you'll miss it moment,
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