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  1. Tetris Effect will be number 1, then: Forza 4 Ori (or may be wait until the update) Cyberpunk 2977 I quite fancy Gears Tactics or Wasteland for scratch the strategy itch. Sea of Thieves. Minecraft Dungeons with my son. Many, many others., As a non-Xbox owner this gen, and 3 years of GP paid for, I'm gonna be in heaven. When (if) I get a PS5 in the new year, it'll be Demon's Souls and Miles Morales.
  2. Oh, and I just thought of the reverse situation. Getting an Atari 2600 when everyone else was getting a C64, Spectrum, or god forbid, an NES. I hate Centipede to this day because of that. My main memory of that console is bitter disappointment and the smell of a console or power adapter which was on the verge of going on fire.
  3. **** Obligatory Dreamcast post. **** When the Dreamcast got unceremoniously canned by Sega and the console itself was being flogged for like £50, you could pick up some amazing titles for a fiver each. I think I picked up 20+ titles or so in a few short weeks, everything from Shenmue 1&2, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, MSR, Rez, Street Fighter 3rd Strike, Power stone, Rez, Bangai-O and the absolutely seminal (for me and many others) Phantasy Star Online - the first online game I ever played and frankly and rarely surpassed TO THIS DAY. I honestly don't think it will eve
  4. The UI as demoed in the video showed the 'cards' UI overlaid with the game so if the game is 4K the UI would need to be 4K also. There was also a lot more use of images and a large background image which took up the screen.I think it was the PS store which is integrated with the dashboard now. Basically, it seems like it is more image heavy and textured. I think I need to do a side by side comparison.
  5. The Xbox UI seems a lot more flat that the PS4/5 UI with straight lines, text and simple icons so may not need to be 4K. The store might benefit from 4K screenshots though.
  6. I've never seen anything so ridiculous in ecommerce before. There must be a better way of doing this.
  7. This is a silly UX/UI one, but what about hold a button to perform an action while a little bar or circle fills up, rather than just a button press. A special thank you to the first game to introduce "press X to skip cutscene".
  8. I saw in the 'x-ray' episode notes that that was moved from season 1 ep 2 due to how, er, controversial it was. /boring fact
  9. Tetris Effect: Connected. It will also be on Game Pass.
  10. Thanks! Also quite neat about the circuit board design was the radial placement of the memory. Don't know if there is a technical reason for that, but it looked quite elegant. Design is growing on me.
  11. This might sound dumb, because i thought they were separate, but is that a custom CPU/GPU rather than two chips? Or have I missed something in the video?
  12. On teardown: does look like replaceable faceplates are in.
  13. Hmm, so if the non-enhanced XBONE version is going to get a 4k/60 mode basically 'for free', would the enhanced XSX version next year with improved graphics and whatever else they do, potentially be capped at 4K/30? I don't think they'd allow that. Therefore I'm guessing capped 4K/30. Er, not sure that logic makes sense, still noodling on it.
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