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  1. I do wonder if more TVs will just start to do 120Hz, in the same way you can't really buy a non-4K telly anymore, or whether manufacturers just don't care about pushing it at all. Outside of OLEDs, how many TV manufacturers really care about gaming? And if that actually happens I expect certain games like COD, which have partially been successful because of that snappy 60fps feel on consoles, might have to jump to 120fps if Halo 5 does. Unfortunately, my 2017 OLED doesn't do 120Hz, so I'm unlikely to experience it any time soon - unless I drop the input down to 1080p.
  2. I think I'm near the end (at the Bunker) and am probably about ready for it to end. It's at it's best when puzzling, rather than the combat, I think, though there's not too much of the latter to make it an issue. I do like how well it simulates the whole monster thing - as a huge monster I honestly can't be bothered with killing the non-combat humans so just go straight past them, leaving them horrified.
  3. Thanks. I don’t study have access to Shadowfall, except through xCloud, so that might be it. Will have another look for that yellow boost on the character select, too.
  4. Sony do or at least used to do PS Now built into their TVs, so I'm sure it's a long term goal of Stadia/xCloud.
  5. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/infinite-inquiries Lots of other bits and bobs at the link.
  6. Jeff Gerstmann made a great point that it basically penalises people for playing on Xbox, rather than PC.
  7. I think Sony can take credit for taking things to the next level (even if they don’t) if they actually let us send Mark Cerny pictures of our ears.
  8. Looks like a YouTube parody called “If they made a new Battletoads...” But yeah, bits of it look surprisingly good.
  9. Wouldn’t you prefer being able to stream a game immediately, while you wait for it to download? Certainly beats seeing “Ready to Start!” only to be confronted with an “Installing Destiny 2” page for 4 hours.
  10. The more people playing MP, the better. Warzone could do with a Battle Royale mode, too.
  11. I can’t play Disagaea these days. The amount of content makes me anxious. There’s probably as much in there as the rest of Game Pass put together.
  12. I was impressed with xCloud, but playing it on a 5" phone screen is less than ideal. I really hope Apple stop being stupid and let them bring it to iPad. Would love it if they brought it to Xbox as well - so you can stream games while they download.
  13. Both consoles support 120fps. It’s just that no games on PS5 have been announced which support it. I don’t expect there will be many games which support it on either platform. As you say, if your >£1000 TV, 2 year old TV doesn’t support it, how what proportion of console owners are going to be able to make use of it?
  14. We put a roadmap in our roadmap, so you can wait while you wait.
  15. I managed to activate Cross Save to bring my 656 Power PS4 character to Xbox and had a go on xCloud. While it’s pretty impressive how well it works, I’m completely lost. It just played a few cutscenes and chucked me in front of a Pyramid on IO to chase Aeris Morne or something. The first enemies you encouter (Taken?) One hit kill me, are immune to at least two of my weapons and the game tells me Power level 750 is recommended. I’ve not played since the base game, really. When all the expansions come to Game Pass in September, is there like a campaign for each expansion or anything to get me up to speed/boost my levelling?
  16. I started this today and made it to the Uranium mines. It feels like it could do with a map and slightly more explanation. I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing most of the time, but it’s generally pretty fun. The way the monster moves is great.
  17. It’s not that cheap and a lot of people say they prefer Windows Sonic. So unless you don’t like Sonic, I probably wouldn’t bother.
  18. I watched the reveal again today and I think what makes the Brute chewing the scenery at the end so funny to me is the fact that he’s saying all this stuff about baring your teeth and what not to the most boring and straightfaced opponent you can imagine. Reminds me of this:
  19. I just had a quick go on Grounded and was quite pleasantly surprised with how polished it seemed. Anyone put a few hours into it and got any thoughts?
  20. Thanks. i hopped on just now and had zero issues getting a game. So that’s tonight written off. edit: They got rid of Ground Pound and Charge in Team Arena?!
  21. That was crazy. I basically stopped playing MP because the matchmaking takes a million years these days. Any tips of finding games more easily? I don’t really care which playlist and whether it’s social or ranked.
  22. Your gaming habits seem a bit weird - playing 11 games on and off for 18+ months. Maybe Game Pass isn’t for you. That’s ok. We’re not all paralysed by the amount of choice on offer or unable to finish any games for whatever reason.
  23. I really hope they announce that rumoured State of Play for next week. I want info and I want it now.
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