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    Thanks. I'm very keen to get one but have told myself I have to get rid of my Nespresso machine first as I've got too much clutter on the kitchen work tops. Someone broke the filter brewer we have at work, which was just a basic filter one but produced some great coffee and they've brought in a Tassimo to replace it. I tried the Costa Americano pod this morning and it was the most disgusting excuse for coffee I've ever tasted. Couldn't have more than two sips of it before chucking it.
  2. Other than Doom pretty much none of these interest me. Maybe my interest in games is going through a bit of a lull.
  3. The Edge stuff about Halo and what not had me thinking Disintegration was a standard FPS rather than what seems to be a game where you point at an enemy for your minions to go after while you float above them like a gattling gun wielding Lakitu.
  4. Is it worth turning this into an OT? I would start one but don't want to start on a negative note. Gamescom trailer: I've never been into Gears MP. It's always been about the campaigns for me, and I've enjoyed all of them. Gears 4 was probably the low point of the series for me and I have to say this trailer doesn't really get me very excited. On the one hand, it's full of killing and explosions, which is all I can really hope for from a Gears game, but it just leaves me feeling a bit flat. Doesn't help that it still features The Kids as the main crew and they're all utterly bland.
  5. The best bit is it’s Geoff’s face but not his voice. He just captured his face and said “trust me.” I wonder what thoughts Geoff had of what his good friend Kojima would have in store for him. Probably not turning him into the equivalent of this guy:
  6. I feel bad for Geoff, being reduced to an in game Kojima fanboy while all these other people have Kojima wildly fanboying for them.
  7. I think this looks terrible. BDT is clearly not a voice actor and him just being there feels like the height of Kojima indulging himself. But then this whole thing is performance art to Kojima and he can just show any old meaningless clip and get nothing but adoration, so who knows what the final thing will bring?
  8. I've only just realised that next Monday is a bank holiday. What a shame this isn't coming out a week earlier!
  9. I had a brief look at the comic and there's nothing really there that interests me. The show seems to be a very different take on things.
  10. I picked up a copy from CEX yesterday and have been carrying on. That first vault was incredibly boring. And since then I've been talking to everyone and their dog on their nexus doing boring tasks which involve using the Nexus rail transport things far, far too much. I hope it picks up a bit soon.
  11. HarryBizzle


    Anyone got a Wilfa Svart grinder? I’m thinking about getting one bit am just wondering about the noise. Was so busy looking at those expensive hand grinders that I didn’t realise you could get a great electric one (so long as you don’t care about espresso grind) for less.
  12. HarryBizzle


    It’s currently £14.99 at SimplyGames on console. Is this pretty much dead, then? Do we get Mass Effect 4 now?
  13. Looks like they found someone who dressed up as Lobo for Halloween and cast him. I miss this Lobo (skip to about 4:20): https://youtu.be/osEjX0Bb2X0
  14. The only things that should be pushing you to do them are good writing, fun gameplay or good rewards. Not levelling up or else you can't progress in the story. I don't see how this is controversial.
  15. Yeah, not even slightly.
  16. I watched a couple of the songs on YouTube yesterday and they’re somehow worse than I ever could have imagined. Never Had A Friend Like Me felt like Will Smith was really phoning it in and Prince Ali makes the procession look incredibly cheap and nasty.
  17. So I didn’t realise the trial ends when you get to a certain bit of the main story. Seems a bit of a cop out, as I’m only 2 hours in and I seriously doubt there’s enough stuff to do right now for me to get 10 hours out of this trial. Given it’s about a fiver everywhere, I’ll probably pick it up. It’s actually making me kind of sad that we won’t see any ME for some time, if ever. It’s early days, but there’s some great stuff here in terms of combat and sense of exploration, hidden under all the ropey characters and writing.
  18. HarryBizzle

    PS4 Pro

    Likely to be a handshake issue Check the description for a couple of neogaf/reddit threads if the stuff if the video doesn’t help.
  19. I’ve made a start on this. I can’t seem to find the trial on the Xbox store so am playing it on PS4 Pro. I started it previously but was so put off by the dull opening that I never got past the first few minutes. This time around I actually made it onto the first planet and it’s amazing what a difference there is between the creepy facial animations and sterile ship environments in comparison to the planets, which look great. Currently bumbling around on Eos, 2 hours into my 10 hour trial.
  20. I think you’re missing the point. My issue isn’t that there are side quests (although many of them are poor and the Lost Tales of Greece really show how rubbish most of the original ones were), but that the pacing in the game is off. Origins was huge and had plenty of side quests, but didn’t feel like it was paced poorly or padded out for no reason. I also wanted to do them because I was interested in the storylines, most of which tied into whatever problem was going on in the local area. This just feels like it’s full of padding all the way through. In Origins, each region you went to had a main enemy and you’d do a load of side missions which would culminate in you taking them down, save the city, etc. Each area felt important and it kept you moving towards your overall objective. Here you get someone just go “nah, not helping you. Go get 15,000 drachmae and come back.” Your epic quest comes to a grinding halt. And then you get back and she tells you she doesn’t know where the person you’re looking for is, anyway. Who thought this shit up? Then you meet your mum and she fobs you off with some absolute nonsense about not being able to tell you who your dad is because it would blow your tiny mind and you need to go meet him yourself. Then you meet him and he’s not interested in talking to you and says piss off and find me 4 keys. Brakes have been slammed on again, all plot momentum lost. It all just feels totally artificial and poorly written.
  21. HarryBizzle

    PS4 Pro

    God, my Pro is noisy at times. It seems really variable. I want to sell it but feel like if I don’t explain clearly to someone that it’s like living in the Heathrow flight path, I’m scamming them.
  22. I think I was 2 levels above where I needed to be for that mission and I'm still 6-8 levels off being able to go and get an artifact. Even if I was at the right level, "go and get four keys and come back" still feels like egregious padding.
  23. I think this game has some serious pacing issues and it makes it feel very padded in places. So now I'm stuck basically just doing side quests, hunting down cultists and I've lost interest again. Shame. I'm sure I'll come back at some point. With Origins, despite still being enormous, it had a much tighter and focused plot running through it.
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