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  1. Oh dear. Yeah, I think I’m at that bit now. E. Gadd has asked me to do some backtracking to go get a part which sounded bad enough without it turning into that. Everything in this game is just one dick move after another. I’m genuinely surprised when you get a button back to the bloody elevator without a ghost coming out of nowhere and eating it or something similarly annoying. It really does start to wear thin. I read the Edge review the other day and I’m pretty sure it spoiled the level you mentioned, as well.
  2. Gooigi only takes about 90 mins to unlock. Not sure about the mini games. I’m on floor 11 and flagging a bit. I’m not sure whether I should leave it a bit and come back fresh or if that’ll end up with me not bothering to finish it.
  3. Monomals and Manifold garden both got 8s in the latest issue of Edge. I think I might finally my trial.
  4. The Xbox Onesie is back, except it's got green, rather than white, highlights and is £64.99. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-12-05-the-official-xbox-onesie-is-back-and-this-time-its-available-in-the-uk Shame. If it wasn't stupidly expensive (and still white), I'd totally get one.
  5. The sewer works level is not very good, is it?
  6. Thanks, that's useful to know. I think it's been so long since I played 2 that I didn't notice the first mode being that different, really. I would like to give it a proper go.
  7. I didn't play it for very long, but couldn't really tell the difference between the two styles, embarrassingly.
  8. Eurogamer recommended, too. I really liked Darksiders 1 and 2. 3 feels a bit crap so I haven't got very far in it, but this looks great, so it's nice that the franchise seems to be shifting to a format that they can make work. I'll have to wait for the console versions, unfortunately.
  9. HarryBizzle


    I don't think it does, which was something I never really understood.
  10. HarryBizzle


    The problem was that you then spend lots of time either hiding behind boxes or dodge rolling as you wait for your boost to recharge.
  11. HarryBizzle


    I never understood the fuss about Vanquish. You ran out of boost so quickly that after that it basically felt like any other cover shooter. I even watched high score videos and what not to see if I was playing it wrong, but apparently not. I’ve got it through Games With Gold. Maybe I should give it another go.
  12. If someone doesn’t put a comma in the title, l’m going to keep thinking they’ve only just sold their 25th or Matty’s been particularly unlucky when it comes to faulty hardware.
  13. Yeah, we’re using the laptop for the time being. It doesn’t seem like a service worth buying another device for when my TV already has excellent built in apps. Hopefully they’ll bring an app to consoles.
  14. I saw that on there. I thought all their shows were gonna be family friendly? I've been thinking about watching the Sesame Street one with my son, but not being able to watch it on the TV without buying an Apple TV is a pain.
  15. Yeah. It was a little bit tedious but nothing too bad. The whole game is very impressive - packed full of charm and nice little ideas. It’s like playing a cartoon. It’s just a little bit dull. I think if my kids were old enough to play it, it would be the best game ever, though.
  16. I did the polterkitty bit last night. At least, I: Is that the bit that everyone hates? It was ok.
  17. Looks bland and predictable. I've never found Black Widow to be an interesting character but I expect more from Marvel Studios (even when bland and predictable they generally look good). Some of those skydiving effects look bloody terrible - absolutely in GI Joe territory. And I can't believe they're still getting away with these bloody awful Russian accents.
  18. HarryBizzle


    I actually really like darker roasts! Had a bag from Pact called Planalto that’s wonderful. It’s just this particular bag that’s better suited to going in a barbecue or someone’s fireplace. edit: and another thing, you put milk in your coffee!
  19. HarryBizzle


    Would anyone like a 500g bag of Algerian Coffee Stores’ Algerian Special for the price of postage? Can’t imagine it would be more than £3-£4 at most. I’ve had two cups out of the bag but really can’t hack it. It’s wholebean, so you’ll need a grinder. It’a the stuff pictured above. Dark as anything, smells a burnt. I know a few of you quite like oily black beans. @milko @morcs @Blue
  20. It strikes me as a non story. Sets with HDMI 2.1 don’t support 120Hz anyway. And the idea that devs are suddenly going to start making 120fps console games for the 1% of people who can play them, when this generation solid 30fps is seen as an achievement and 60fps is basically a pipe dream, is far fetched.
  21. Did anyone else think the animation on the you know what looked quite stop motion at times? I wonder if that was intentional.
  22. It feels like a lot of what happened so far has cheapened the victory of the original trilogy, tbh.
  23. I’ve moved on to Paranormal Productions now, anyway. I am enjoying it. It’s clever, looks lovely and is very charming, but it’s also all a bit simple so far. Most of the puzzles and secrets can be found (and often have to be found) by simply ransacking everything you come across.
  24. Anyone able to help with this chest? I’ve tried everything I can think of:
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