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  1. I watched it again last night and don’t really get the soundtrack complaints (but I don’t really notice these things). Yeah, it’s not the same as every other Star Wars film. Is that an issue? The Blurgg riding thing was definitely silly but I can forgive that. I didn’t have a problem with the length either. This all comes with the aforementioned caveat that my biggest bugbear with Star Wars is aping the originals and my expectations are so incredibly low at this point that everything complaint is forgiven in the face of how (relatively) restrained this was.
  2. I would have made a bullet point list but the actual posts merit reading:
  3. Hollow Knight. It just feels like a chore to play. But on paper I should love it.
  4. Set Xboxes to New Zealand and you can play it mid-afternoon tomorrow. Any word on day 1 patch size? I remember the Titanfall 2 one was about 32MB.
  5. Why would they ad support F2P games? Xbox, PlayStation and Apple take a chunk of every purchase you make in Fortnite, for example. I don't see why it would be different on Stadia.
  6. @Alan Stock I don't understand the worry about being OP. Overpowered at delivering packages? Is that a thing?
  7. I remembered I haven't seen Solo yet. So in between that, the next episode 2 of this and Fallen Order, I'm set for a pretty damn Star Wars weekend!
  8. The previous discussion about freezing bounties had me prepped for that or that bit probably would have grated, but I think I’ve given up on them not using a recognisable droid when they have an opportunity to. According to New Star Wars Logic, nothing in the original trilogy was that way because that’s what happened to be around on Tatooine or whatever. It was that way because that is the design of every speeder/droid/doorbell in the galaxy. I’m just happy that none of the characters were directly linked to the films.
  9. Man, that was brilliant! No super obvious "DO YOU REMEMBER THIS FROM THE ORIGINALS?" stuff. And it looks fantastic in 4K HDR. I can't wait for Friday's episode.
  10. I haven't seen any real marketing/PR apart from an article on the Verge and a 40 minute slog on Tested where poor Norm had to go and do a puff piece on it. It's basically for dummies who are willing to pay to Beta test at this point. I expect a much bigger marketing push when it's no longer a turd.
  11. I'm watching the Mandalorian ep 1 tonight and expect I'll be positively foaming at the mouth for this afterwards.
  12. Am I right in thinking that apart from Destiny, to play any of the others you’ll need to buy the Stadia version? So likely £50 on top of the £120?
  13. NordVPN got hacked months ago and decided not to tell anyone about it until rumours started spreading a few weeks ago. https://techcrunch.com/2019/10/21/nordvpn-confirms-it-was-hacked/ I’ve got like 50GB a month of Windscribe free. They’re pretty good.
  14. It’s not weekly though, is it? It’s some arbitrary system of generally weekly, two weeks where you get two a week and then wait 10 days for the finale.
  15. I don't consider myself a massive Star Wars fan, but I can't watch the remasters. They're just so distracting and I sit there thinking about how George Lucas is a complete idiot instead of enjoying the film.
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