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  1. What is the clunkiness in BOTW? BOTW is trying less hard to paint a realistic world, but I find the world easier to be immersed in, because the internal logic is pervasive. You can combine systems in ways that make perfect sense, and they govern how you interact with the world. There’s no “you can’t do that because it’s a video game” - if you want to break a puzzle, you can do. Ghost of Tsushima is a beautiful world, but it’s totally superficial. The ways in which you interact with things are by talking to NPCs or killing things. There’s very little actual (unscripted)
  2. Once you get past the initial 20 hours, and don’t have to do all that pointless crap, there is a very fun Mongol murder sim in there. I’m having a great time just fast travelling to every camp and annihilating them all. I’m not really sure what kept me playing the game for that first 20+ hours. I think a combination of it being pretty and wondering if I’d missed something. Turns out, it’s just paced horribly. I’d love to see them try again with an approach more comfortable with you finding things for yourself and more interesting things to do in its beautiful environment
  3. I haven’t played Cyberpunk but the world is in no way better than BOTW. Everything in it is signposted and the game is obsessive about its handholding. There is no sense of discovery or any real reward for exploring. You’ll be trying to explore and then a bright yellow bird will start circling you, demanding you follow it to something that would be much more interesting if you just came across it naturally. Unfortunately, Sucker Punch have binned off all their amazing world traversal stuff from the Sly Cooper and Infamous games in this. (Which makes it all the more bizarre that they
  4. I don’t there’s anyway you can reasonably argue that a spiritual successor to a franchise with ~15 million sales is a more niche than a rogue like starring a middle aged woman, from a developer that makes arcade games that hardly anyone bought. Even on this forum the response to the game was pretty ambivalent until the preview period started. Blood borne was massively hyped from the second there was that CGI teaser at E3.
  5. Dark Souls had sold >5 million copies by 2015. Dark Souls 2 had sold more than that. Everything about it suggested it was going to be similar gameplay but with Lovecraftian horror. Not exactly what I'd call niche in comparison to a completely new IP.
  6. Yeah, the side missions are really padded out. I can't be bothered with the Norio or Kenji ones. Has anyone done them, and are they any good? I'm coming close to the end, I think. Going to kick Khotun Khan's head in, good and proper.
  7. I think the S complements my PS5 brilliantly. 60fps is way more important than resolution, I think, and most games which are 60fps on X are 60fps on S, too. So in the ways that really matter - loading times, quick resume and frame rates, the S definitely stacks up.
  8. I have an S and it does support 120fps for a surprising number of games, but it’s almost indistinguishable to 60fps to me. It’s a great little console, but if you can afford it and have the room, the X is almost certainly the better buy. The S only has about 300GB useable storage and I can potentially see myself upgrading to an X at some point and probably losing money overall over just buying the X in the first place. The good news is, I don’t think you can go massively wrong either way. I’ve been very happy with the S and don’t mind the power difference between it and the
  9. I gave it a go on my MacBook Air, which has Wifi 6 and had no issues with the stream. But pretty much everything is 30fps and feels sluggish. The loading times are so bad that I can see them putting people off from giving it repeated chances if they run into streaming issues.
  10. A mere 1500 years after they were invented!
  11. The way they’ve paced the game is pretty horrible. I think you’re supposed to get on and complete Act 1 quite early on as it’s after that that most of the game’s mechanics and activities really open up. It’s so odd if you’ve done it your way round and cleared the whole area to then suddenly be given a load of extra tasks to do. The game is full of those weird choices. The build up to you getting the grappling hook is so odd - it’s alluded to like some high tech crazy bit of tech you’re going to be getting and then it’s a hook on a rope. And 35 hours in (Act 3) I’m running into peop
  12. HarryBizzle


    Does anyone have any gift ideas for someone who (apparently) likes coffee but mainly those Starbucks pots of cool latte or frappe or whatever, that you get in supermarkets? Is there like a posh iced latte or something?
  13. I couldn’t even get it running on Mac. I assumed they were being literal when they said it was iOS and PC only. Will definitely give that a go. It’s slow because it’s basically running on Xbox One S, so slow and underpowered. Hopefully once they complete the upgrade to Series X chips, it should be much better. The lag is certainly an issue, though.
  14. It’s so sad seeing those six together, knowing that it’s all over. Listening to that clip of Jeff, though, I’m kind of glad that for better or for worse, both the new Giant Bomb and whatever the others go on to do will be things that they’re passionate about, rather than have them work on GB halfheartedly.
  15. I liked what I played of it, but just remember these doors with eyes on them that had me flailing around in frustration. Boss fights with the purple guy, too. Just let down by the controls loads, until I gave up on it completely.
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