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  1. Someone should let these guys know the name’s not confusing at all.
  2. The mark of a great Souls boss:
  3. Lots of people going through MS store - they do pretty decent cashback. They’re offering 1.7% through TopCashback on Series preorders, which is about a fiver on the S and £8 on the X. And if you don’t have TopCashback, please feel free to use my referral link. (Extra £5 I think).
  4. Mine is increasing as I realise by November, we’ll probably be in full lockdown mode again.
  5. I thought about this, but it just felt like a false saving. I'll probably lose some money selling it and what not. Plus, even if I ban myself from buying digital games (and just playing game pass) - what's the point of having a next gen console and not being able to play blockbusters on it? I might even resubscribe to Boomerang Rentals and play some of the big third party releases that way. Such a shame they didn't make that vent on the Series S a pop up disk drive cover like the PS1. I wish they'd release them now. I think stock of t
  6. Now the initial glow of getting a preorder had worn off, I’m looking at the list of games and wondering why I need a new console to play Tetris Effect and a non-nextgen version of cyberpunk.
  7. I use it all the time, but in the app (with Smile turned on) the search still doesn’t find the X. Did anyone else who ordered through Smile get a fiver off? That’s a nice surprise.
  8. Baby has just woken up and is pulling out all the stops to screw this for me.
  9. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-5027757121210-Xbox-Series-X/dp/B085PKCPZ2 https://www.thegamecollection.net/products/xbox-series-x Found these using Google. Neither has anything on it but might go live at 8AM, I guess. Gonna keep ‘em open in seperate tabs and give ‘em a whirl. As well using the search on their pages, obviously.
  10. Buying outright is much cheaper if you buy Game Pass deals. It’s £131 a year with All Access. You can easily get it for £88 a year at the moment and when deals are on (possibly around black friday) you can get a year for £66.
  11. Another day, another run (number 8). Just beat Meg again, and she’s a brilliant character. Cold and aloof without feeling like a cliche, and every time you face off against her, the more you learn about her and Zagreus.
  12. Great for those of us who still buy physical. On another note - do we still need a seperate Series S and X thread? Seems a lot of stuff overlaps or is getting cross posted, anyway.
  13. I can see why people are excited about this stuff coming to Game Pass but beyond that, I don't really see how this makes Xbox better. It just makes everything else a bit worse. Surely the ideal situation for consumers is everything being third party and not missing out on games because you chose the wrong box?
  14. ShopTo's website feels like it's held together with sellotape and will fall over if you do so much as look at it. I'm not sure it's the one I'd choose to take a chance on when everyone's trying to get a pre-order in at the same time.
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