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  1. Yeah, it's very poor in places, but not uniformly terrible. Seems to be massively budget constrained as well. Having not seen S1 in a long time really helps make it less noticeable though. I dropped of Mob Psycho in the middle of S1, but will probably get back to it after finishing OPM S2.
  2. Game Pass and PS+ have definitely changed my purchasing habits, because I’ve always got something to play. I still buy games, but I only buy them if I’m going to play them there and then. I don’t care how cheap they are or whatever - if I’m not going to download it and play it today, it’s not getting bought. It’s also kind of odd how it sort of makes me turn my nose up at some games. Like on Epic, I often look at their free games (because there’s no subscription) and think if they’re on there, they must somehow not justify their normal price or my time. This is s despite stuff like S
  3. I think I watched the first two episodes of One Punch Man S2 and gave up because it was a let down after S1, but I've put CrunchyRoll on the PS5 today and have been watching it and really enjoying it, actually. I think it helps that Crunchroll is no longer complete garbage, and the ads are short (I think there were previously like 4 per episode. Now it's one 15-20s ad at the beginning and that's it). Not having to faff around with torrents and streams when trying to watch anime makes such a difference.
  4. Yeah, exactly. The only way around this that I found was to manually switch to another input before turning the TV off, which is a faff and outweighs the benefits of CEC. I think in the LG settings, if you turn on SIMPLINK, but turn off power state matching, you might be able to get the PS5 to turn the TV on but not off. But there’s a good chance I’m misremembering.
  5. I used the discord but the Twitter account I posted on the last page came through quicker. Just turn on tweet notifications. The discord doesn’t seem to work with Smyths, for some reason. I think Smyths have started blocking bots or something. Having an Apple Watch helps as you get the notifications on there and you get to play this game where you try to run over to a device as quickly as possible without looking crazy to anyone around.
  6. Are you sure the PS5 turns on with any input on the TV? In my experience, it only turned on if I turned the TV on and it was left on the PS5 input. I’ve given up trying to find a way to get CEC to work on PS5, though. It’s just bonkers. The Xbox giving you options to choose what it does and doesn’t do makes much more sense.
  7. The menus in this are horrendous, but at least you can skip all the painful dialogue and cutscenes. I had a lot of fun chucking that Škoda Fabia around in the rain and mud. Less so this blue barge they give you: That was taken on Series S in the 120fps mode, which seems to run at about 480p. Still, it’s impressive that it does it at all.
  8. That’s good. I thought they might make it like the PS+ collection, where you have to do it from the console. The games have been pretty good so far, I think. Nice little bonus for people when they upgrade.
  9. Thanks, both. Neither of these are particularly great. It would be nice if the Activities included an option to go to Trophies. Or if a single press brought up the quick menu rather than activities. I barely use them, but use the quick menu all the time.
  10. Marquette looks wonderful. I might give FFVII a go too, but I never finished the original so it might not mean much to me. With the PS5 only games, can you add them to your account even if you don't have a PS5?
  11. Is the quickest way to see a game's achievement list really to go to the main menu, select the game and then pick the trophies on the right hand side? Because that is horrendous design, if so. The Xbox guide makes the PS5 dash look like it was designed by morons.
  12. Did the 3060 even go live yesterday? Apparently there were queues of 100,000 (likely bots) to get them, I can't find prices on any websites, but it seems this handicapped, £250 card was going for £400+. Has there ever been a worse time to buy a GPU? I thought if I could get a £250 GPU and spend about £300 on a mobo/CPU, it's something I might consider, but this is farcical.
  13. This is what happens when you have Jim From Finance running the show.
  14. Went back and watched the Returnal bit, as I missed it. Still can’t believe they think it’s worth £70.
  15. I think this is probably Sony's attempt at making the people who can't get a PS5 feel better. Stellar effort.
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