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  1. The only time I notice the ray tracing is in movement, because the reflections in buildings are accurate and move perfectly as you shoot past them.
  2. Having played Miles Morales with Ray Tracing, it's a game where I've chosen 30fps over 60fps to get the RT, and I think it's totally worth it. I'm looking forward to seeing how developers use it going forward, and particularly, how they implement it into Halo Infinite.
  3. NX Gamer has done an analysis on the new Valhalla patch (complete with slightly clickbaity thumbnail), including the 60fps mode added to Series S. @Yiggy Despite what we were discussing earlier, it seems that the 60fps mode drops it's resolution target to between 720p and 1080p, but as he says, it looks much better than a 720p game, thanks to all those reconstruction techniques I mentioned previously. I thought that they just weren't as effective at lower resolutions - and that still seems to be true, but it's certainly a lot better than I expected. W
  4. I find myself using fast travel more than in the first game, just to see how fast it actually is!
  5. I’m loving this. Much like Uncharted: Lost Legacy, having a shorter game makes for a much tighter and more focused experience. And I love this suit:
  6. @Jamie John Those SteelSeries Arctis 7 issues with PS5 are apparently only with Black Ops Cold War. They have Amazon Warehouse ones going in and out of stock. There’s 30% off Warehouse at the moment so I got Used - Like New for £68.
  7. I think that’s a very small minded view. I think they’re good for the industry, because they’ve demonstrated that people care about how their games perform. They have an open dialogue with a lot of game devs and have been responsible for things getting done which make games better for their consumers - bugs being fixed, modes being added, framerate caps being put in place. They’ve highlighted when products are just poor, and saved people from buying a worse version of something when another is better. They also do deep dives on games and tech that champions the work developers do.
  8. I think this is victim blaming. You’re not saying that they deserve the abuse, but that they should modify their acceptable behaviour, because of the unacceptable behaviour of others. The idea that they should completely gut their income (they have 1 million YouTube subs, vs 1800 patreon supporters, and despite enjoying their content, I would not pay for it) and presumably, not have personal Twitter accounts (which is where they get the majority of the abuse, rather than YouTube comments), because of the awful behaviour of others, is baffling to me.
  9. Maybe I’m just a bit thick, but isn’t this essentially victim blaming? If you were telling a woman how to dress because the world is a cesspit, this would be rather suspect. I enjoy their content and think it has merit. They shouldn’t have to change it because of the worst parts of their audience.
  10. The issue I have is people coming in and talking absolute nonsense when they’re clearly not familiar with the content or the people that create it. This isn’t a requirement to have a view, but when your view is they intentionally cater to this audience (which implies they somehow deserve the abuse they get), you should have something to back it up.
  11. The only thing nearly as bad as full on Console warriors, are the people who apparently don’t care, but still feel then feel the need to let everyone know how little they care and how it’s all digital foundries fault. If you have any more hot takes on how they intentionally cater to an abusive audience, maybe keep them to yourself.
  12. And this doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, given if they cared purely about catering to console warriors and driving clicks, they could take the Linus approach and have 10x the subs.
  13. So they’re just pretending to be interested geeks to give themselves credibility? What a load of nonsense. “Having their marketing down” would be following the Linus Tech Tips model, who have 12 million subs and have said they don’t like the clickbait but their business suffers without it.
  14. I haven't done the memory or GPU levels yet, purely because I don't want it to end. My son is a bit too young for gaming, but has an absolute blast with this, this morning. Mucking around with the gattling gun, swimming in cooling springs, and then doing the slide at the beginning of the level about 20 times. He's even learnt how to restart the level himself. Marvellous little game.
  15. I was going to post something sarcy, but can't be bothered. I find this really bloody annoying, given the abuse that gets hurled at them regardless, the effect it has on their staff, as evidenced by John Linneman's comments about his mental health, and the fact that they don't follow the twitter status quo of ridiculous titles and thumbnails like "VALHALLA FAIL ON SERIES X?!?!?"
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