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  1. Valhalla looks ok. I think they’re just doing a poor job of showing it off. The location also can’t quite rival Ancient Greece or Egypt, so feels like a bit of a misstep. The most interesting thing about it so far is that it’s out Nov 17th, which might mean we get next gen consoles then, too.
  2. Far Cry 6 looking crass and edgy, as expected. Big fat yawn for everything shown.
  3. This just started. No mention of any of the harassment stuff on either the stream or the live chat.
  4. NK is hard! Or at least, the second half of it is. The first is surprisingly easy. I love his character design, too. I’d love to see what he looked like before he got all Hollowy.
  5. HarryBizzle


    Horrendous. First of all, it’s not as if any of this is news to Ubisoft - just that the story has broken today. Secondly, if Microsoft can have their execs film from their homes with awful webcams, Ubisoft can cobble together something to get a statement by Yves recorded. And even that tweet doesn’t acknowledge anything.
  6. There’s a link for all the various games at the top of the page. ADP is very cool. Got the first “boss” down and have avoided ringing the bell as there’s a message that says everything around me will be destroyed or something if I do. Found a few cool bits and pieces and am currently fighting a Chunky Boi in a suit of armour made of Stone. I can’t find any explanation for why everyone seems to have died, though. All the “people” sitting around seem to have just died where they are. It’s a bit odd and like the Demons earlier in the game but there’s an explanation for that.
  7. HarryBizzle


    Their statements so far don’t exactly inspire confidence. It’s going to be some generic “do better” stuff when really they need to be taking ownership of this and what they’ve said so far makes it look like they’re actually protecting Serge’s reputation by saying he needs to move on because it’s “time for a change,” rather than because he’s an absolute scumbag who needs to be jettisoned into the sun.
  8. HarryBizzle


    Yeah, I would go for either a cheap hand grinder or just take a bag or two of preground for holidays. My cheapo £10 handgrinder does the job when I travel, or I just grind some up and put it in a jar before I go if it’s only a short trip.
  9. HarryBizzle


    That’s the same one in the Hoffman video I posted above - he used it for 4 months at home and was pretty happy with it, bar a few issues like static in the bin. It’s also stocked by Square Mile. They also do the Wilfa Uniform, which cowfields mentioned on the last page, and there’s a Hoffmann youtube review of that as well. Don’t buy it from Amazon - you can get it for <£100 from various coffee roasters and support them while saving money. A lot of them chuck in a free bag of coffee, too. £90 in silver at Workshop Coffee - https://workshopcoffee.com/collections/hardware?filter=Grinders For a while the Wilfa was shipping with EU style 2-pin power plugs but I think that’s been fixed. At least according to the description: Pre-fitted with a BSI approved, 5A Euro to UK plug converter, the Wilfa Grinder is ready to improve your home-brewed coffee straight out of the box. Personally, I think hand grinders are a lot of faff for not much benefit unless you’re travelling all the time or want a very cheap one (i.e. can’t stretch to the Wilfa).
  10. HarryBizzle


    Yeah that’s pretty galling. He needs to be investigated, not agree to leave by mutual consent and that be the end of it.
  11. I’ve seen the credits roll but am holding off doing ADP. I’m not sure if or when I’m going to do the DLC as the boss is meant to be nails and at the moment I’m not really feeling it. I’m more interested in playing DS:R, really.
  12. There are a few people on Xbox LFG, so I think I might spend some time hooking up with people for some co-op action and maybe ruin some people’s day by using some of these red eye orbs I’ve got. Spent some time mucking about this evening and picked this armour set up: I’m also trying to pick a cool armour set to buy from the handmaiden but it’s a bit of a chore adding all the weights together to figure out what I can wear without fat rolling.
  13. HarryBizzle


    Oh, ok. I mean, the last three games in the franchise have been one in which you’re a Neanderthal and then two in which you go around murdering right wing, White American, Christian zealots, but maybe they’ve just got me fooled.
  14. HarryBizzle


    It seems crazy that Serge isn’t under investigation/sacked/placed on leave. Or that it hasn’t been announced if so.
  15. You’re the one who brought up money! If you want to talk about art form then I go back to my point about new IP - they make more than any other big publisher. Just because you don’t like it or it doesn’t meet whatever arbitrary criteria you’ve set for games being art doesn’t mean they’re not producing these new pieces of work. I don’t see how you can call that a tragedy of policy. @CarloOos I totally agree. I don’t like most of their games but I can appreciate the work they put into them.
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