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  1. God of War was intended to be a Greek mythology version of Onimusha, which was itself a Ninja version of Resident Evil. I don't really see the through-line to NES side-scrollers, tbh.
  2. Just completed a great bit: Is that a point of no return or just them telling me to go and do some side quests?
  3. PS5 release is great news! Hope it supports 120Hz.
  4. The game feels much less solitary than the first. That was you and your son on a journey in a very barren world. This feels very Disney like in comparison - everything feels more cartoonish and for me a lot of it falls a bit flat. There are loads of characters and everyone gets their own time to shine as per the "episode" model Kevvy suggests. It's still keeping me playing but it's nowhere near as good as 2018. It's really, really long, so there's plenty more to come and it may yet convince but I think the "more is more" approach is a poor one and it almost makes me think of Halo where they explained all the fascinating stuff from the first game and ruined most of it. Nowhere near as badly, but this doesn't feel restrained in any way.
  5. Those berserkers feel really cheap. The more DPS you do initially, the fewer health drops you get and then for the last 1-2 chunks of health they take less damage. I did Hardrefill last night and you can unleash Rage plus 4 L1+R1/2 attacks on his last bit of health and not take him out - the game wants you to do it "properly". The GoW version of rubber banding in racing games.
  6. I just got the: This feels a lot like Arkham City to GoW 2018's Arkham Asylum. More is better, right? We better flesh out all of the side characters! I think a lot of the writing for Kratos is quite poor. They try to keep him restrained and then go overboard. I nearly puked when:
  7. Thought there were some a couple of pointless spoilers in the trailer. Adam Warlock reveal would have been nice left in the actual thing but the main one being:
  8. HarryBizzle


    I was there a few weeks ago but didn’t bother popping in, which I regret now. I don’t like their coffee at all (I refuse to believe anyone drinks it without milk) but it’s probably the most interesting coffee shop in London.
  9. Currently on Lake of the Nine:
  10. That article looks like computer generated garbage but I’d love a sequel.
  11. I've just finished up the Vanaheim sidequests and am headed back to Alfheim to see what's behind that spooky door in the dessert.
  12. I didn’t know it wasn’t well liked. I haven’t seen it so bought it and don’t know how anyone would have seen it for less without pirating it.
  13. This you? Though that is specific to the very first stage, I suppose.
  14. Best fight in any From game by quite some distance. It is quite annoying when someone (probably Benny) tells you that youI’ll be smashing the first few stages in no time at all but it really is worth it and he’s absolutely right. ISS isn’t really about raw skill - once you recognise his attacks and know how to counter them, he’s not that difficult. The final stage is probably the easiest so long as you know how to do the requisite counter properly.
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