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  1. Yes, those were the days, the first professionally organised Retro con in the UK, although some that held their own cons years later somehow claimed to be the first. The years before all the resellers jumped on the car boots and you could get decent stuff AND leave stuff behind for someone else. Those big collections of boxed SNES games for £10. RVGC that small group of us school spanner bobble hat wearing old(ish) guys meeting up in someone's house in Essex or Enfield to have swap meets arriving with cars full of plastic storage boxes brought from Do it All. I'd trade them all the British computer shite I could not care less for and in return I'd get stacks of Japanese Megadrive games that they had no interest in and were "not really retro anyway". All of it now worth truly insane prices due to the commercialisation of the reto market. Keith Ainsworths fanzines! Good, good times.
  2. Brought my snes at launch from boots.
  3. No because there isnt a D3.
  4. I'll bet on it Capcom only give you the same retro games each time, not quite as bad as Namco tho.
  5. It's David Fincher, not Paul. Who's editing this mag??
  6. It was my mums house I was living in when she got divorced, she decorated and I brought consoles. ON the bottom shelf is a Megadrive 3 button arcade stick and a cheap faux wood stereo amplifier I brought from Tandy hooked up to a pair of boombox speakers I got off the local junk market.
  7. What's the Achievement going to be titled? 1G - Corporate whore 1G - Bricks and Mortar retail is dead 1G - Plastic discs? Time to go digital 1G - I queued all night and all I got was this stupid achivement 1G - Only because M$ need someone to sell Xbox Next on the High Street
  8. I'm behind the camera but this was my setup in 1994. Good times.
  9. I've played 14 of those Sega games, I own most of them and the arcade ones were real plays not emulation.
  10. Just picked up an original Xbox with 2 fat controllers and cables from the local charity shop priced at £5 but they were having a 50% off sale so it only cost £2.50.
  11. I remember now why I traded the boxed version was because I had 2 silverdiscs of the game already. Silver discs are the presed retail version of the game without any artwork printed on them for promo purposes and will run on a regular retail Saturn. (not a cdr) I found my discs of this game and I tried to take a picture of the serial number of the game, but it's not so clear.
  12. There are two books you should read, that I have. Both of them are accurate and written by people that have had the same experiences I've had. Poorly Made in China factory Girls Both of them will tell you everything you need to know about manufacture in China without the "what a bad life" angle every China news story posted on a forum has. They go in to much more detail than I'd have time to on this forum without certain people trolling as I've got a bit more experiance on the ground than a lot of people.
  13. Your experience of Chinese factories really is outstanding. Let's hook up in Starbucks to discuss this further.
  14. The suicides were last year, so they've changed something. I've not seen newer reports of Foxconn deaths this year, if so link me up.
  15. "Foxconn having given the families of suicide victims 400,000 [RMB] plus a 30,000 [RMB] yearly pension to the parents have led to these poverty-stricken workers to copy each other willing to use their deaths to exchange financial security for their families." http://www.chinasmack.com/2010/stories/more-foxconn-suicide-news-reports.html
  16. Don't let the facts get in the way of the story, as you post on your "made in China" devices.
  17. You didn't hear that under Chinese law staff that died "on the job" had a compensation policy that paid a lifetimes wages to their family? Of the 17 alleged suicides just a few of them were successful and some were not even considered suicide attempts.
  18. Stunning conversion, insta purchase triple dip.
  19. OK Bring it to school tomorrow so we can see. I can't I left it at my nans house.
  20. I've been booting since the late 90's and as long as you stick it out eventually you'll find the impossible many times.
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