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  1. Iain

    Bottom : An Appreciation

    Me and my sister have a bit of a Christmas tradition where we watch this episode every year.
  2. Iain

    Red Letter Media Fan Club

    I'm going to be really upset when the new Picard show is nothing like what Mike and Rich Evans have described.
  3. Iain

    Doctor Who

  4. There probably is an angle where you could make mutants a threat. For most normal people living in the MCU these super heroes are only seen on TV. You would see big battles in New York, Sokovia etc. but most people wouldn't think these could happen in your back yard and you would never see Iron Man or Thor flying overhead causing havoc. If suddenly there is a mutation where your friends or family could have superpowers then suddenly all the destruction seen on peoples TV would suddenly feel a lot closer to home.
  5. Iain

    Has anyone watched Ascension?

    Told you it was bad.
  6. Iain

    Has anyone watched Ascension?

    Watched this when Sky had it a few years ago. Memories are a bit sketchy but I just remember an interesting premise let down by some poor writing. The ending was so bad I wanted to kick the telly.
  7. The key phrase here being done correctly. We all know how it can turn out.
  8. While it did air in 1981 you should check the Doctor Who spin off K-9 and Company. It's a bit rubbish but the opening credits are wonderful
  9. Iain

    the greatest line in cinema history is

    Get away from her you bitch!
  10. Iain

    Die Hard in Glasgow

    Welcome tae the party pal! Actually in Glasgow that's just a very nice greeting.
  11. If we get the FF in the MCU I really want this to be the story
  12. If it means a blu ray release of the unaltered Star Wars trilogy I'm all for this.
  13. Iain

    Doctor Who

    This is my favourite Tom Baker story.

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