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  1. i feel this is an obvious question, but i'll ask anyway, Which Age of Empires? (the first one?)
  2. yes, no problem, just need to be xbox live pals, VOIP can be a bit fiddly,
  3. Indy 500 (Amiga) (the first game I remember gitting gud at) Geoff Crammond's GP2 (a mind blowing game at the time) Stunt Car Racer (still an all time classic game and a favourite) Skid Marks No Second Prize (super smooth bike game, really really slick and fast - mouse driven!) Test Drive (Amazing attention to detail, the dashboards!) Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (I'm a bit Meh about sprite racers, but this one was alright) Super Cars 2 (Loved the after race player interviews) Indy Car (PC) (insanely good for the time) Motorhead (has an absolutely amazing aesthetic and sound track) Live For Speed (first proper "SIM" I played online) Need for Speed (3DO) (I [wrongly] thought this was the 3DO's killer app, turned out to be 3DO's only app) Virtua Racing (Arcade and Megadrive) Power Drive and the arcade game "World Rally Championship" and then later Milie Miglia 2 - best top down arcade racers Micro Machines Metropolis Street Racer Sega GT 2002 (Which I still maintain is better than the GT series) Daytona (Arcade) (DayyyTonnnaaaaaa) Sega Rally Outrun 2 Outrun 2: C2C (An absolute masterpiece) Gran Turismo 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 the proper "not shit horizon" Forza series Test Drive Unlimited 1 & 2 (1's probably the better) PGR 2, (anyone saying 4 is wrong) Driveclub the best of all time, Driveclub (although GT7 is so so so close) - I will always adore Test Drive Unlimited
  4. It wasn't really, E3 is a consumer event, and the bizdev opportunities were always fairly limited, everyone was "super busy". GDC (US) and Gamescom (Europe) are still the daddies of bizdev.
  5. it's just a massive open goal for Forza to tap it in from 3 yards away,
  6. I'm loving this.. the difficulty of the licenses is absolutely spot on I think (always feel 'doable') However, that Mazda 1 lap hero race... Giving a car a minute head start.... and having to wait for a minute before you can go... jesus....
  7. fwiw, i enjoyed it for a while, it's alright... I completely hammered it for a week or two when it came out and then sold it... I've not missed it it has some weird difficulty spikes, some of the disciplines are just dull (looking at you flying stuff) and the whole voice over thing has been done in this thread, I didn't mind it so much in this because it's clearly self-aware, which is something Forza Horizon isn't... As with all games nowadays, once you've rinsed the content, there's absolutely zero reason to keep playing.
  8. You made the right choice, I "completed it" for the achievements, but it was really, utterly, awful. - nothing mattered, there was no interactivity beyond "press X" and the story wasn't even slightly compelling or interesting. Just no redeemable features beyond it's an easy set of achievements. Awful. (And I don't say that about many games)
  9. that's a community one.. i just did it, it was a bit rubbish... there's an exit which you can only reach after finding the three chests, from the exit, they are North, East and West.. One's at the top of a tower, ones to the right in a maze, and the other is over a short hillclimb/ramp path. Once you've gotten them all, your car becomes powerful enough to make the jump.. not sure what's meant to be fun about it. it's a bit dull
  10. I may be being thick, but how would you go about getting an expansion card? A crap tonne of gift cards?
  11. I just wrote a batch file that looks up a random word from a dictionary at random times in the morning, I then installed a firefox browser and set it to be a mobile user agent... see how long it takes me to get banned.. been working fine for weeks so far. Windows task scheduler has a "random delay" function... It was a fun IT exercise for about 10 minutes
  12. nice one, so i'm thinking, if I get a 1 month Game pass Ultimate code from somewhere... let that expire around jan 30th too, then i'll be good right?
  13. Bit of a specific question, but just wondering if anyone can help: I have a xbox PC ultimate game pass subscription that times out end of Jan 2022 - am I right in thinking that I won't be able to do the steps in the first post until that's timed out? (it's not GPU, just the PC branch) - would be ace if someone knows. Edit: I just got my console and want to get it ready for my kids on xmas morning - ideally with some gamepass games installed
  14. oh and on the subject of interiors and destruction. You absolutely 100% can do destruction and interiors, (putting the gameplay balancing issues aside) - Procedural generation isn't just for planets, it can be small scale too, You make the assets that define a room and then use tools like Houdini to specify how those objects interrelate to each other inside a room. (A room is really defined by the objects within it) - it's absolute possible, some teams are already doing it. UE5 and nanite will be a game changer for this sort of thing. Mass scale destruction is similar, it can be done, there's hundreds of ways of achieving it, but whether or not you want to is a game design thing - i'll wager the next GTA has large scale destruction AND interiors. (and probably time travel or something) - edit: again, something like Elder Scrolls VI will probably have procedural dungeons or something similar I'd imagine. Interior generation is a problem that's been solved many times over, (no mans sky does a brilliant job of it too) - procedural and destruction is the next step, but battlefield and the DICE guys have been doing that since Bad Company 2 - it's just a question of "when" really... I'd say this generation will give a big open world with detailed interiors and mass destruction. Definitely. Just Cause 6 or something.
  15. AAA games cost so much to make, it's simply a formula nowadays. Tiny incremental steps forward (honestly, take a look at Forza Horizon or Far Cry, how much have they really drastically moved forward beyond setting? I'd argue not a lot) - but guess what, both these games metacritic well to okay, and sell well to okay, so customers keep buying them. Why take a risk? when you know what you're making will achieve what you want it to. Profit. I'd love to see more "Deep" games as someone correctly said above, games which have much smarter AI. We're still in a world where AI doesn't really react beyond 1 step to a players actions - this is woeful, we could go much much further, but we won't. Because graphical progress trumps everything else at the moment. Technical budgets are all pushed towards the screen, not to the experience. There's no desire in the echelons where it needs to be, to push boundaries that aren't just back-of-the-box pretty graphics. There simply isn't the appetite to take risks to make the next complicated and clever deep Skyrim game.. when the next icon-collect'em'up can be done in 12 months and guarantee a profit. New IP is really really dangerous and risky. Simulation and deep systems that take a long time to describe, learn and understand are not console games, they're (traditionally) PC games, and I think the PC world is thriving. Games like Factorio and Rimworld exist, as well as an incredible array of indie games. Console games are never going to go deep. Which is a shame imo.
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