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  1. I do it all the time, but then I'm weird. Like, the other day I bought a very basic qBasic game on Steam for 79p that asks you random maths questions, purely because it was coded by some little girl and uploaded by her dad. And totally wasn't a PR scam or anything.. I just like the idea of a really small child earning a few quid off a game and getting excited about it. I'm never actually going to boot it up or play it. I also (sometimes) buy games from itch.io if the developer posts a blog or tweet that i can relate to (about giving up, or just being busy with real work and not being able to work on their game) - more of an encouragement not to quit and give up. I don't buy any AAA games out of "support" though - there's only three studios I'm ever going to buy their game without ever seeing anything but a logo, Rockstar, CDPR and Bethesda's Skyrim/Fallout team. Edit: tbf, I buy anything with Motion Twin and Klei written on it too, Edit: Oh yeah, I bought the first Rocket League DLC before it became an uber-success. Because I thought "jesus this is a good game to give away free on PS+! - here' have £1.39 for the DLC tat" - they then went on to bajillions. So yeah, "quite a bit"
  2. Strangelite

    PS+ August 2018 - Mafia 3 & Dad by Daylight

    I hated Mafia 3 (But then i really liked Mafia 1 and 2 so that probably factors in) - the JRR Tolkien review up-thread is exactly right. No-where near enough meat on the sandwich, metaphor metaphor.
  3. I had a game of Goldeneye:Source the other day, so "Yep" - there was about 20 people playing it, and everyone was dead nice and chatty and were saying nice things when you pulled off a good kill.. It was like the OG Xbox Live Beta, when online games were great.
  4. Strangelite

    No Man's Sky

    Those patch notes have made me decide to get back into this... if I can find the disk...
  5. Strangelite

    Abandoned Games (2018 Edition)

    Zelda: Breath of the Wild Right, I give up - God I've bounced off this so many times now, I just can't get into it at all. I've debated whether the problem is "with me" or "with it" and I'm still somewhere in-between, it's so deathly dull. You wander about, do tiny little interesting things, and then move about to do something else tiny, and "nuggety" - there's nothing of substance here, it just feels like a chore to play. I might be alone here, but I don't think it's particularly pretty - the menu and inventory design is woefully bad, and I'm just not enjoying my time with the game - I've decided to put it down and give up. I want to like it, I want to see the cleverness, but I just can't get past the emptiness of it all. It was at the point where I was returning 10 chickens to a farmers field in one of the villages as a pointless side quest and I was thinking "Yakuza's side quests have ruined side quests for me"
  6. Strangelite

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Gutted about the news from Evo about staff being made redundant, it's a very difficult time that you never fully heal from - but it happens quite a lot in this industry sadly. There won't be an individual reason for why OnRush hasn't performed well, it's a combination of tonnes of things - it's never "that guys fault!" *point* - it's always down to a series of mis-steps or mistakes as you go along the path of development. Sometimes a spiral of death can be caused because someone spots the spiral of death, I'm sure the guys who've been made unemployed (Which is what everyone needs to remember - please) - will find other jobs in the industry extremely quickly. They have fabulous track records, and you can always bounce back from a "bad game" - (I made Rogue Warrior ffs) Good luck to those affected, chin up, dust off, go again.
  7. Strangelite

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    Well.. "as a video games professional" - and all that.. This is very true, but over the years you grow to block out the 'noise' of the laymen suggestions, it's much better to hear what your community thinks about your work. (No matter how massively bad it occasionally is!) - I get inundated (okay, maybe a tweet a day) requesting a bug fix for a game or something, and NDA's don't half get in the way of what you really want to say. I usually welcome junior guys in meetings to say the most obvious things, you can get blinded by complexity sometimes. So sometimes "Hey, why don't we just put a life gauge in?" is a brilliant suggestion that you've maybe overlooked because of game-designer bias. (Dogma) We do a heck of a lot of user testing nowadays, so when we're observing the gamers playing our games pre-release (it's absolutely painful and soul crushing watching them continually break the game, or worse "not enjoy it") - but we're usually looking for the cause of the problem, so the root cause to a problem, not the symptoms. And so when someone says "hey your dialog sucks!" that probably leads us on a path of investigatory okay why does it suck? Was it the writer? Was it poorly edited, the recording session? the implementation? the design?.. always chasing the little clues in the feedback. Also, anything that reinforces that game developers are absolutely human too (with mortgages, and kids, and worries about a terrible low-paid job and the constant fear of redundancy and being forced to give up on your only way to make money) is a good thing - it's a shame that every game customer invariably thinks game developers are rich and deserve to be knocked off their perch. 99% of the time it's not the case.
  8. Strangelite

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    yeah.. there's obviously the spectre of a new console on the horizon too. There'll be a lot of unnanounced / not ready games in the pipe that they won't want to announce too early because it'll steal the limelight from this gen's final set of games.
  9. Strangelite

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    Well they were pretty upfront from the off saying "we're going to only deep dive into 4 games this year" - so they're definitely holding stuff back. MS always go first (which perplexes me to this day) but for the first time ever I think Sony have decided they don't need to "respond" any more because they are so far in the lead. (which is a debate in itself, I thought MS's show was very strong) I'm really interested in MS buying these studios. That's a definite mood swing, and looks to be a move to ape Sony's WWS approach. I don't buy that "nasty MS will ruin them just like they ruined Lionhead!" - they've got to have learnt from that experience.
  10. Strangelite

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    So what did everyone think of the Sony conference then? I thought it was a bit meh, but figure they are saving stuff for PSX.
  11. Strangelite

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    I've been pitching (and so far failing) a manga/anime style racing game in the shape of Auto-modelista on steroids for a couple of years now, I want to effectively make it so it's a never ending Japanese road where you encounter street-fighter-style "a new challenger approaches!" kind of head to head street races. Each one getting harder than the other. Anime Outrun Tokyo drift rainbow XX ultra edition. Basically. All with the art style of Manga comics and Lichtenstein. Sadly no-ones got the money, and want something in the Battle Royale space instead.
  12. Strangelite

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    I genuinely wasn't trying to be pedantic, (I really do agree with your points about budget being poured into hyper violent grimdark, instead of outrun 3) - just wanted to point to some really great looking games that I'm looking forward to. And maybe sell another copy of Wipeout...
  13. Strangelite

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    Are you looking at my notebook??!?
  14. Strangelite

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    Check out Racing Apex, Horizon Chase, that sonic racing game that was just announced, Wipeout Omega Collection*
  15. Strangelite

    The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread

    I was close.

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