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  1. This is getting better and better for me. Still a few issues around connections but when it works it’s incredible. I think it lacks some of the sheer spectacle of 1, but it’s so much more dynamic.
  2. Yes! I thought it was just me. There’s a great game here but it’s full of bugs - Everytime I have to quit I can chose something that works instead.
  3. After crashing all the way down to D I finally got up to an S sportsmanship ranking. It's like a different game, so much more fun and exciting when you know you can trust your opponents. Now to try and get faster!
  4. -10! Don't think I'll get much better without a big slice of luck.
  5. You can win them from level 7 tournaments as well.
  6. Finally reached Imperial Garden. This is so good but that was a long grind!
  7. Is there any reason not to use a driver from the fairway in this?
  8. +1 for The Thick Of It, Luther, and Peaky Blinders. All totally British and totally Brilliant.
  9. Don't they just sort of materialize?
  10. Maybe you could discover a secret phrase which would cause them to explode?
  11. It's intentionally a bit cumbersome I think - the painting economy would be devalued if you could just import an image.
  12. Going back a bit but I still have the map of Mittledorf from Legend Of Valour in my head - Pubs, shops, temples and dungeons. Its the first fame I can remember that tried to simulate a real place with real people and even however many years later I reckon I could still find my way around.
  13. Come on the cobra! Sounded like his most completes performance since before Jean Pascal. You reds!
  14. The developers would say streamlined but I think they've gone a bit too far. I miss religion and spies especially. Its a bit short of polish as well - the lack of stats at the end and bonuses for things like sailing round the world are examples. That said I can still play it for hours. It feels very much like an expanded version of revolution which is no bad thing.
  15. I'll give it a go. I'm playing with large maps but the ai turns are fast enough. It'll probably mean that I don't do anything else tomorrow though - Every time I try to play few turns ends up as an epic session.
  16. Ten/eleven. Also, why does it need to ask every time I start the game!
  17. I think this is a great game but it really chugs in the later periods and I don't see why it should. Its not like it has jaw dropping graphics. In my next game I'm going to switch to that strategic view to see if it makes a difference when it starts slowing down.
  18. Solo Legendary done. Brilliant apart from getting stuck at a couple of points with no appropriate weapons. After the nighttime level it just gets better and better until the hunters on the final mission. I'd be happy if that was it for halo although I'm sure it won't be. Some of the changes in reach seemed like they were purely for changes sake (the health packs and the dmr*) and apart from some better multi player levels I'm not sure theres anywhere else to go. *although it is awesome.
  19. Getting the difficulty right must be a massive challenge though. I'm competent at best online but even on legendary a single elite isn't much of a problem. Maybe power weapons aren't the answer but I can't suggest any thing better. My biggest flaw on legendary is playing like I'm online. When I put an ar clip into a brute and then charge in for the kill I expect a mellee hit to finish him of I feel like it's massively unfair even though its always consistent. The instincts I've learned online are really difficult to ignore.
  20. I'm plugging away at legendary and sometimes loving it and sometimes finding it really hard work. I don't conserve enough ammo and I keep ending up having to pistol whip brutes carrying fuel rod guns. I think my all action style is more suited to multiplayer. Are there any hard and fast rules for getting a checkpoint? It seems pretty random to me.
  21. I think legendary solo might be slightly too much for me. Dropship! Hunters! No Ammo! Invisible Elites! I'm on the night time sniper level which seemed a bit of a chore on heroic so I'm going to soldier on, hopefully it'll get fun again.
  22. SWAT seems to be universally despised but gets masses of votes - who are these people voting for it? If you get one swat game you're almost guaranteed to get a streak of them unless you change to a different party.
  23. You can get a new falcon. I think you need to land somewhere and it will prompt you to hold down a button to get an emergency airlift. You might need to destroy/lose the damaged one.
  24. The side mission with the plane was disappointing especially after collecting thousands of feathers and skins.
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