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  1. I just looked and disk 4 looks like it is a 720k disk rather than a 1.44Mb. Must have saved them literally pence.
  2. When you started this thread, I remembered I had a copy of EOB 3 on top of by bookcase, where it's been for years. I bought it new back in 1993, it even has the original till receipt in the box (I paid £39.99 for it). I dug it out a few years ago when I was Ebaying of some of my big box PC games to help buy a road bike, and I don't think anyone bid for this even with a 99p starting bid. Disk 3 has a dodgy disk cover, back in the day I put it in a protective sleeve to keep the dust out. I'll gladly let it go for £20 including postage, just to see it go into a collection. PM me if you're interested.
  3. It's £29.99 for the standard edition on the Blizzard store at the moment.
  4. I only got the V2 because I got a TV with HDR and the V1 control box dosen't pass this through. Also the cable to the headset is thinner/lighter on the V2. They work just the same and the image quality is identical.
  5. I've got really bad vision in my left eye. If I close my right all I get is a coloured blur in which I can just make out shapes. VR works great. I've bought a PSVR V1 on the Black Friday sale whan they first got cheap enough that I was prepared to risk it. It works great. I've since bought a Rift and a PSVR V2. I suppose I still don't get true depth perception, but I don't in real life either so it looks real to me. I found that I needed to fiddle with the software IPD adjustment a bit as having it wrong just made everything seem too small. I think I still get enough information through my duff eye to fool my brain.
  6. I love this game, but what's with the train sounds in the second showcase event? American diesel locomotive horn on the train and American bell warnings on the level crossings.
  7. So this is a mini keyboard just for PUBG... What does the 'C' button do?
  8. Postie just delivered my copy from Shopto. The art cards were a nice surprise.
  9. Shopto dispatch email sent at 18:26. Wednesday delivery then.
  10. Is the IDE cable you're using one of the old 40 wire ones, or one of the later 80 wire ones with cable based master/slave selection?
  11. Tim Fenton over at Zelo Street agrees with you. http://zelo-street.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/gbbo-murdoch-screws-bbc-c4.html
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