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  1. I haven't been following this thread as I've wanted to discover the game without any spoilers. But just popping in to say how wonderful this is and what a real ray of sunlight it has been in the last couple of weeks. I've never played an AC game before, so I had no idea what to expect. It's the first game my 4 year old has shown any interest in and we've had some lovely times playing it together. About half that time has been dress designing! But we are making some progress on various things now. We got the museum open last night which was a special moment. She's now enjoying the "Easter egg hunt" today. Nintendo have absolutely knocked it out the park here.
  2. Central Yarnham, the first area, is a good place to learn how the gun/parry system works. Try it on the trolls, just as they are mid-attack animation. You get a satisfying sound, they slump to the ground and you can batter them with a visceral attack (R1, standing still)
  3. I decided to fire this up again the other night. It's a totally different beast 2nd time around. The executioner went down without a scratch, then cleric beast second time (I'm claiming camera issues first go). Tonight I cleared out most of C.Yarnham and said hello to Papa G. Had him down to last dregs of health first go and my wife walks in saying "turn it down this is disgusting!" and stands in front of the TV. I'm now getting a divorce. Best game ever.
  4. Smash Bros basically.
  5. We're all just waiting for the tears when he meets Papa G.
  6. Slay the Spire is number 1. Anything else is madness.
  7. That never goes away unfortunately. I think a lot of people found that to be one of the big flaws in the game.
  8. The forum would probably benefit from a "Reviews of games released in 20XX - links in first post" thread. Would be a bit of a bastard to maintain, but pretty useful/interesting.
  9. Maybe Sony want to avoid the usual "[Company X] won E3" bullshit. Instead they can get full attention on PS5 when they want. Is there really a need for E3 anymore? I can see Nintendo not really bothering in years to come.
  10. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    Top 10 game of the decade.
  11. I think as soon as I moved around in that beautiful rock solid 60 fps environment I had a smile on my face.
  12. Depending on how the scoring works, The Witness is doing really well for game of the decade. Seems to pop up in the majority of lists. The lack of Cuphead is distressing me though.
  13. I thought this was excellent. A very solid 8/10 game. Absolutely beautiful too. You can keep your 12 terraflops for all I care - I'll have some more of this Switch magic! Barring the slightly wonky controls, it was a joy to play. I actually thought there was very little fat and it took me 18 hours! I didn't even really mind the polterkitty stuff. I agree with @b00dles - my only major complaint is that some of the ideas weren't developed enough. I'd have preferred fewer floors with more to each. The lack of development of the paranormal productions floor was criminal! @grindmouse IMO the floors get more interesting from that point onwards both in terms of puzzles and aesthetically. But yeah, gameplay wise you've pretty much seen it. The major issue I had with the controls is that you couldn't turn off the face buttons. I'd have preferred to use just bumpers but my stupid brain couldn't unlearn the flashlight and sucker face buttons. This got me in a pickle when precise aiming was required. And the vertical gyro seemed a bit hit and miss both handheld and with pro controller. I also agree with others on the money - totally pointless. I ended up with 40K unspent I think!
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