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  1. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    Can you design your own tracks with this? Or do you have to have space for the set configurations? Presumably the former... If so, I wonder how the AI is programmed. Some sort of track designer in game? We need a treehouse demo!
  2. Yeah this. I would be amazed if these disappear completely come April.
  3. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    And a lot less than eight.
  4. Can I please have the Zelda clamshell Game and Watch with Zelda LTTP running on it?Thanks.
  5. Wut? It's like a super sprint mountain biking game with fantastic controls and really nice art style. One of the most original things I've played in ages. It's absolutely fucking awesome and everyone should try it.
  6. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    I tried this last night. It's a stress managing game, a bit like overcooked - keep the train going as far as you can by building track (which requires mining resources). There's a neat AI character in single player that you can order to do things. In general I thought it had potential. But the implementation seems poor to me. I couldn't see what was going on a lot of the time. Its quite fiddly and needed a more zoomed in view.
  7. I would agree that its a weak part to the game, but I'm definitely finding the blood and bones (?) difficulty just right. Took on a Shreaker last night and it was a good battle. I was cursing the player movement a bit. Is it me or does the roll not come out sometimes? It's hardly bloodborne. Anyway, at level 8 I gave in and fast travelled for the first time, back to WO and picked up the silver sword I'd missed in the graveyard/Church. That made all the difference and beating the Shreaker did give me a little bit of that bloodborne feeling. Playing this actually makes me a bit excited for what Elden Ring might be.
  8. I don't see how this has anything to do with income for Nintendo. If they made it the same price or more on Wii U, they're not losing out. Maybe it's for SEO/marketing reasons. When someone searches "Pikmin 3 eshop" they don't want them landing on the Wii U page. They want this to appear like it's a brand new game on Switch and not a port of an old game. I'm actual missing the last set of DLC on Wii U I think, so yeah, boohoo for me.
  9. Hylian


    The character design is absolutely dreadful. Zero charm.
  10. Extremely earnest guitarists playing Ocarina of Time? Yes please.
  11. Pretty sure it will do because it boots into a full "wii mode". Google says yes for wii fit board.
  12. Pikmin 3 is a wonderful game. I'd be interested to see how the controls work out for this though. In my mind this version is going to lose the best means of playing it, which was wiimote + gamepad as map. You could send your other characters to certain points using the map, which seemed fairly critical for the platinum times on mission mode. When there were rumours of Pikmin 4 I was struggling to see how they could match those controls. If you've got a Wii U and can get a copy of this, do it.
  13. In my latest adventures I helped the village idiot by talking to a grunting pig, killed the werewolf and then had a fight with a pulsating spiky ballsack in a talking tree. Quite good this game...
  14. But at level 7 not that surprising to only have one? I'll keep an eye out I guess.
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