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  1. Yes the red door will appear on the map and you can go straight in. Better to level up first though.
  2. I think the auto run gives a simple solution to escaping some of the bullet hell patterns, particularly bosses. It allows you to strafe quickly. Of course the pros just time their dashes through the bullets
  3. Had no idea you could do this (3+ days play time). Good tip! For balance, I've never had "always run" on and completed the game just fine. Lots of people do though.
  4. I finished Act 3 and I'm still playing. I just can't get enough of this game. Going after all data cubes, then will start on a Biome 1-3 challenge of no max integrity upgrade.
  5. I played several hours of Subnautica recently, struggling for food and water, dying several times. Then realised you can catch the fish, which is pretty obvious really.
  6. I believe one always appears in each biome each run. Yes
  7. After finishing the game (Act 2) the final story bit is
  8. Not entirely sure. My guess is the speed the secondary fire effects come out.
  9. The level translates directly to the number of blocks (count them!). So that level 9 does less damage than the level 8, but has far better recoil (stability). Base damage is fixed.
  10. Definitely a good idea to level up. But worth also heading to B2 to get used to the enemies and prepping for a "serious run"
  11. My 3 year old has been told "robot game isn't working" for quite a while now
  12. I'm no expert with this yet, but 0.1 ÷ 60 = 6000. Which is how many steps there are at 2 decimal places in a minute. I'm not sure why it would work like that though! Does that help?!
  13. Yeah looks like the install has failed. Hopefully you don't have to delete your save too.
  14. If you can't go into the house just continue to explore. You'll find the necessary item soon enough.
  15. Yeah I feel much the same. At 70 hours I'm close to finishing Act 3 but I doubt I'll stop. I think after that I'll do B1-3 all bosses and elite rooms.
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