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  1. How is Stuffed Fables? I was looking at that as a possible game to get for my 7 year old.
  2. From the ridiculous to the sublime
  3. TLOU2 had some bonkers details, like when you run out of ammo and the enemies start taunting you, or inventory objects getting wet if your backpack gets wet. Wasn't there one where you could knock over objects in the first act, then playing as the other character in the same environment the same objects were still knocked over? I can't find a video of it now...
  4. Got some heathen bringing the whole place down (Brian). How do I sacrifice this guy? It told me it was an option but I can't see how I actually do it.
  5. The game can swing quite quickly in your favour if you play well. You can go from feeling overwhelmed to overpowered in just a few rooms. There are lots of game mechanics that reward good/perfect play: adrenaline; silphium - > resin; picking up more obolites.
  6. Well that definitely doesn't sound like total bullshit to me.
  7. Apparently "hostiles counter on hit" is now guaranteed to be the 5th permanent malfunction. Sensible change.
  8. The weapons have a number which reflects the amount of blocks across the 3 different stats for that weapon. I think the first stat is always "bonus damage". Weapons also have traits that you unlock (through kills) that make them more powerful. Don't always take a gun with a higher number - consider the stats and traits. Pickups - you'll get used to this as you play. There's actually not that many types. Watch out for purple (malignant) items.
  9. I lucked out not getting "hostiles counter on hit" for any of the permanent malfunctions. They really need to get rid of that as its far worse than any of the others.
  10. Going from 7.5 to 19 million was quite surprising but I've realised that the electropylon and rot lobber work really well in the tower. I took the lobber through the last 3 or 4 phases. Keeping on the move is critical, so being able to fire off a few shots and letting the rot do it's thing while you get to safety is a strong tactic.
  11. Don't waste your supers on boss 1. I try to save them up for phases 3 and 4. Usually have about 5 or so stacked by then. Then I go a bit scarface
  12. My top score got me into 5. Boss of 4 was ridiculous though. I'm definitely starting to get a handle on phases 1 and 2 now though. I can do boss 1 quite consistently without taking damage and boss 2 isn't much issue. One thing that seems to be working is never paying for integrity upgrades. Just rely on resin to get integrity up and use obilites elsewhere.
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