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  1. OK thanks for the advice. I've had the first one pretty close once. The really annoying thing is when the first cunt flies off, killing the time you have before the second one comes.
  2. Talk to me about the Maneaters people. And when I say talk to me, I mean reassure me that this is the biggest load of bullshit From has ever come up with. It's DS gargoyles but on a tiny bridge. Fuck. Off.
  3. Jesus, really? Fuck me I've been doing some ridiculous inventory shuffling when upgrading weapons.
  4. I think they said it will be software only, no hardware chat.
  5. He thinks 3 games are worth £220, or more.
  6. And for good measure you need to remove and replace a screen protector
  7. Managed to get myself this brute too, but don't have the "faith" (I think) yet. Am I right in thinking you can two hand it without the required stats? I can't quite remember how that works in souls.
  8. It's going to be megatons galore. F-Zero is nailed on - there's no way it's not happening.
  9. Written at the start of December, it's now getting on for end Feb. Believe.
  10. This is the biggest pile of shit I've read on this forum in quite some time. Congratulations.
  11. I'm noticing that HDMI device link is very inconsistent / doesn't seem to work. I can't seem to get my TV to turn on with ps5 like I could with my ps4
  12. I find I quite like the falling down dark holes bit! I believe that is the only shortcut to FL but don't worry, you get pretty good at it
  13. I suspect this is very true. I finished the whole game on normal and found it pretty mediocre stuff. But i suspect if I'd played it on hard and persevered with the combat system I'd have got a lot more out of it.
  14. I've no idea how it works. I also got the red guys in 2-1, but not in 4-1, but I reckon I died a lot more in the latter. I beat the boss in what I thought was 3-1 but turns out it was 5-1. so hopefully I've got a fairly straightforward level to do tonight. Plus loving the joss of 2-2 which feels a lot more souls like (bosses have been a bit easy/gimmicky so far for me)
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