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  1. You're very close to the first boss on the other path, which is probably a bit easier.
  2. You can leave both to later. How far are you along on the main path? You'll hit a wall inevitably on that too - the game is very hard! Drunk guy - you can sneak around the side to take out a few of the regular guys. Eventually you'll have to engage him, but try to take out the others before attacking him. There's an NPC that can help too, but I would only use him once the regular guys are down.
  3. The biggest disappointment for me was the time trial mode. The leaderboards didn't work with friend's times not displaying properly. I also really dislike the 3 mushrooms for TT as there basically becomes 1 place to use them on each course and you have to master that.
  4. Hylian

    PES 2020

    I played PES religiously on PS2 between 2002 and about 2007. Couldn't get enough, it was always my main game. Then played a couple of them on 360, probably around 2010 and 11 when they introduced online master league. I thought that was absolutely brilliant. One year it just seemed a bit broken and I stopped playing. I Iust dropped off it completely. Picked up 17 or 18 on the cheap the other year. Couldn't even work out where the online master league was! Utterly awful menu system. Played one season of master league offline and thought it lacked any sort of charm. Hideously complex menu systems. The game felt extremely bloated with unnecessary fluff. I'm not sure what the point of this post is! I think basically I'm exactly the sort of person who should buy PES, but every time I try it I find it to be utterly charmless. The crappy menu systems, multiple shit game modes, horrible music, bullshit currency etc. I think I really hope someone comes along and makes an entirely new football game (like 2k) because I seriously doubt this team is ever going to pull it back now.
  5. So the term "price point" is meant to represent a range of prices? How is that in any way a "point"?
  6. In the olden days we used to call that the RRP. I am a dinosaur though, I admit.
  7. Except it doesn't refer to a number. There aren't two currencies.
  8. Correct. It was a joke.
  9. I was in a similar spot and just couldn't not finish it. Spoiler: you get a cut scene and the credits roll. Is it worth it?
  10. Sounds like you're pretty close. Phase 4 is the same as 3 pretty much. It's easier in fact once you get a handle on the But yeah, it's really hard. It must have taken me well over 100 attempts
  11. I want it all. I want to have that freedom in the world to discover things on my own, find a rock of the side of a cliff, blow it up, and venture inside to find a massive sprawling dungeon. I'd take 8 solid dungeons over the 120 shrines.
  12. That's areal shame. It is brutally hard. Maybe if you explain how far you've got we can help with certain sections. Also, watch the git gud guide on YT.
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