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  1. Definite difficulty spike is that guy. Good fight though and massively satisfying when you beat him. Yeah, you're going to die, a lot. Especially early on you're just learning the parry mechanic. The game rewards being super aggressive and getting in their face, but mess it up and you're dead. That's definitely the way to play it though. Forget the in/out pussy play of DS. It's really fucking hard mind - not sure I ever felt 100% comfortable with the combat.
  2. Exactly. If you've got problems with your PS5 you go and moan about it on a forum. If you haven't, you happily play your shiny new PS5.
  3. Also on a post TLOU2 slump. Tried Witcher 3 for a second time. Just got really boring after a while and I stopped at almost the same point as first time. Tried Spelunky 2. I don't get it at all. Gone back to Nex Machina which I'm massively into again - it's definitely a go to game when I'm not feeling big epic campaigns etc. Picked up Hades so hoping that fits the bill. TLOU2 is a hard act to follow for sure.
  4. I haven't played the demo yet, but yes, that's how it worked on Wii U. You effectively pause the game while you issue a command (it was on the gamepad) to go to a location. While they're walking there you can do stuff with another captain.
  5. It's like when you overfill a burrito and it all comes spurting out the sides.
  6. It's the ugliest console I have ever seen.
  7. Uncharted 4 is probably the best rock climbing simulator this gen.
  8. These are my essentials from this gen (PS4/Switch): 1. Bloodborne 2. Nex Machina 3. Hollow Knight 4. Slay the Spire 5. The Witness 6. Cuphead 7. TLOU2
  9. Can you design your own tracks with this? Or do you have to have space for the set configurations? Presumably the former... If so, I wonder how the AI is programmed. Some sort of track designer in game? We need a treehouse demo!
  10. Yeah this. I would be amazed if these disappear completely come April.
  11. And a lot less than eight.
  12. Can I please have the Zelda clamshell Game and Watch with Zelda LTTP running on it?Thanks.
  13. Wut? It's like a super sprint mountain biking game with fantastic controls and really nice art style. One of the most original things I've played in ages. It's absolutely fucking awesome and everyone should try it.
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