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  1. Just do what makes you happiest. I looked up loads of stuff when playing the original. I cheesed my way through any bosses that I could which were blocking my way for too long, because I really don't enjoy boss fights that much. I still loved the game to bits. Far better to play it through and love it (even if that means being cheap), than to quit because you're hating it. When I get around to buying a PS5 and this remake I will try to play it "more nobly" I think, given that I'll know my way around things a lot better from the offset, but I'd still reserve the right to be as chea
  2. The Peter's Yard ones are really good. The first time I tried one I was genuinely surprised by quite how nice they are, because they look so basic. Those with just some good strong cheddar on is my idea of snack heaven.
  3. I don't often buy biscuits because it's one of the few things I can't be trusted with. The last time I bought some several months ago it was a packet of Garibaldi. As I was walking home I took a whole sheet of 4 connected biccies from the pack and scoffed it like one giant one. I enjoyed it so much I then did it again with the second layer. Half a pack gone in about 5 minutes. However, I saw these in the Sainsbury's I work in a few days ago and thought they sounded scrummy, so decided to get a pack to (try to) save for Christmas. They'd sold out the first 2 days before I finished w
  4. This has just been added to Game Pass on PC. Will check it out finally.
  5. After adoring the VR original, I would love to be playing this. And it sounds like a proper love letter to Playstation history. I can't justify it right now, but am jealous of you folk who can. Sounds like the best console freebie ever (might even beat Hexic).
  6. I've not got a PS5 coming, but this has been a lovely thread to trawl through and spend pos points (mainly on pets). Would like to have given this more than just the one. Enjoy!
  7. Moving Mountains do a vegan sausage burger. I've not tried it, but their vegan sausages and hotdogs are fucking fantastic, so I'd imagine they're equally as good. Also ruinously expensive though. Available in Sainsbury's freezer section (and the website says Waitrose and Ocado). I treat myself to the odd pack of their sossies or Hotdogs when they're on special offer - they really are top notch. I noticed they've just started doing regular burgers too. Might have to give them a crack to see how they match up to Beyond's. If you want something a bit cheaper Naked Glory's vegan sausag
  8. I really liked Richard Osman. He'd usually try to unpick the task at the start and find any loopholes. Sometimes it backfired on him. Other times it worked a treat, and if not hilarious it showed the other contestant's efforts to be largely a waste of time, which got picked up on by Greg. I guess he wasn't funny himself a lot of the time (just a bit of a smart arse), but his actions provided a lot of the fun in that series, if you see what I mean. I'll be all over that Xmas special obviously, but - yeah - definitely wary about the contestants.
  9. I'm the same. I didn't really know her at all (absolutely wouldn't have clocked her by name alone), but recognised her just about from the little I've seen of adverts for This Country (which I'm still not sure I'd enjoy, even after this). But she's been so much fun on this. I thought Richard Herring or Johnny Vegas would be my favourite, but she's knocked them into a cocked hat. (Katherine Parkinson is in second, because she's easily reduced to tears too, and I just can't help but find that funny).
  10. I think the problem with the show is that it relies on a complex interplay of contestants, tasks, circumstances, and luck. Some of the funniest moments have come from some of the least-promising sounding tasks. "Throwing a potato in a hole" could have tanked massively if it wasn't for As a game designer myself, I know a lot of stuff that sounds like fun turns out not to be, and often the good bits in a game come from stuff that players ended up doing instead of the bits you designed. I guess a lot of the less-good tasks here could have potentially produced hilarious TV on a different da
  11. As someone who loves a character creator, this new one looks sooo much better than the old one. I spent ages in the original trying desperately to create the character that had hit the fewest branches on its fall from the ugly tree. Getting anything that looked more human than Neanderthal was a minor victory in itself. I'd much rather spend my time making my character as attractive as possible, rather than the least ugly I can wrangle out of the thing.
  12. One of those films I can't not watch if I see it's on telly. Great fun.
  13. Will schedule a rewatch of The Man Who Would Be King in the great man's honour. RIP, you legend.
  14. Honestly - I never found a weapon in HL2 that felt more satisfying to use than equivalents you'd find in say Duke Nukem or Serious Sam 2, or Doom 2 - back in the day. Apart from the gravity gun, everything else can be beaten on the "feels" front (IMO). For me, HL2's guns are workman-like. Almost all of Halo's arsenal knock them out of the fucking park.
  15. HL2 had great characters (Alyx was lovely, and Dog was fantastic). It had a great tutorial, and the story-telling done in-game was better than most. But beyond that it is one of the most over-rated games ever, IMO. I just never found it that much fun to play (which is all I ask for from a game). Apart from the gimmick gravity gun none of the weapons are that fun to fire, and I can't remember any enemies being that fun to fight - and that's the core gameplay of an FPS. My over-riding memory of it is having to tell ally AI units to stand in the corner so I could get through doorways, and having
  16. Just tried to run it. It's downloading a 4.3 Gb patch. That's a fairly hefty update. I was going to belatedly do my restart (mentioned above), but it seems daft with an update incoming. Will play something else instead until tomorrow...
  17. It's a really good shout. It's zero-button gaming. You just wave the Moves around. It's so natural to play, but about as tactile as it gets. I find it almost impossible not to pose and make shapes whilst playing it. It's wonderful. Full of music I'd mostly hate if it wasn't for how well it works with the gameplay. Also - as we head into Autumn a good time to start playing it again to keep warm... I'd have to agree - there are VR games I love more (not by much, mind), but this would probably be the one I'd choose to sell someone on the idea of VR in 2 minutes flat. ("I have light sabres? Fuck y
  18. The PS version has slots too. I'm not a big fan of save slots - the only games where I use them is games I'm struggling to get through. That's often because they're poorly designed, so I save after every bit of progress to make sure I don't have to do that shit again, but also make sure I have an earlier save in case I've saved something that's worse than what I had before). I've largely stopped playing games like that, tbh. Here's a game I want to play, but feel I'm a bit lost in my current situation. Partly due to the game's evolution, partly due to me mainly playing it whilst drunk tbh,
  19. I think I'm going to delete my 150 hour plus save game and start again. I am quite drunk right now, but I believe it's for the best. I keep loading it up wanting to play it, and yet I look at the state of my universe, and the missions I've accrued that I can't remember thing one about, and the ones I think are broken, and all the things I've been told but forgotten, and the state of my piss-poor bases, and the worry that patches have meant I've missed lots of stuff (maybe just info), and I just think "I can't be arsed". I want to play the game, but I reckon I can do this all better. I'm not me
  20. I haven't got a device to play it on (so I'll bump your thread instead), but it looks cool. And I love a Kakapo - gorgeous critters. Congrats for getting your first project finished though - it's such a hard thing to do. (I'll be pushing back the release date of my next game for about the 5th time very shortly - it was originally due to launch in about June. It'll be lucky to scrape out this year, I reckon).
  21. I thought that was a cracking episode. So much genuine laughter among the contestants at the stupidity they'd demonstrated. Wonderful stuff (and the outtake posted earlier was hilarious (apologies for not crediting it, I'm a hopeless buffoon when it comes to quoting more than once in one comment). Here's a bit that's from his show "Menage a un". It's a little disjointed here, where he's having to condense it, but still one of my favourites:
  22. Here's a new one. If I wanted a plant-based milk for cooking or tea/coffee I'd use Oatly whole, but as just something nice to drink or for cereal I'd now go with this: It tastes like the best milk left over at the bottom of the cereal bowl - like it's had Shreddies stewing in it for a few days, so it's really malty. I was planning on mixing in some Camp coffee to make milkshakes, but it really doesn't need it. I found it in Sainsbury's, but I'd imagine it'll be elsewhere too since it's made by Arla.
  23. It is being patched on a daily basis right now. I wonder if they're planning on doing this for the foreseeable future until they get it right. Doesn't sit well with me, since I'm only good at the first one through spending years learning how it worked. (I have nasty flashbacks to Dead Cells, which basically became an entirely different game with one update, and I never played it again afterward because nothing I'd learnt worked any more. I'd hope they wouldn't be that heavy-handed.) Regardless, if this is the case, I'd rather stop playing now, and get back to it in a few years time
  24. Enemy population. I'm guessing fewer moles from the feel of it, thus far. They're working on adding more variety to 1-4 too.
  25. I'm sticking with it, but do have a love hate relationship with it. (Every session tends to end with me saying "oh fuck off...") I hate the shotgun recoil pushing you off a rope - the game is asking me to unlearn a valid tactic from the prequel that I've used for hundreds of hours. A really trivial one is that thrown objects carry other throwable objects with them - it's doing my nut in, and adds nothing to the game other than unpredictability. (The cavemen tripping over items is a really minor niggle but again adds nothing to the game at all other than unpredictability - it can fuck right off
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