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  1. Can't help I'm afraid. The only pie I tend to eat is the one I make each year for Christmas. Usually mushrooms, chestnuts and leeks. It usually turns out nicely. I say pie - it's often more of a huge pasty, because I just buy a sheet of ready made shortcrust, stick the filling on top of one half then fold it over and crimp the edges shut. Might look at doing a different filling this year to change things up a bit... I've just thought - if I wanted to be lazy, I could buy a tin or two of something like veggie curry or chilli and chuck that in as the filling. Would take minutes... I might give that a test this week - I need something to accompany some bits I want to use up.
  2. The SW shows the dangers of going for words early rather than letters. Luckily I think it could only have been that word given the info I had... Daily Quordle 244 quordle.com
  3. Fail! Took 3 goes to get some letters to play with, then everything took 2 guesses: Daily Quordle 243 quordle.com
  4. Yeah - me too, and I've only watched the TV adaptation of Wolf Hall, which I loved. I will have to get around to reading her work, because it's probably right up my street. Seventy is too young these days...
  5. In the Matthew Broderick Godzilla movie, the big lizard chap is chasing a helicopter as it weaves between the skyscrapers. The pilot says something like "I can't shake him!", ignoring the very point of the vehicle he has spent many, many hours learning to fly.
  6. One of my very favourite games. It's magnificient. It and Gradius V are the reasons I will never part with my PS2. Also, that video in the first post had me in stitches. Can't remember another game trailer that did that.
  7. Flukiest 3,4,5,6 yet: (Edit: done in order too - nice!) Daily Quordle 240 quordle.com
  8. MarkN

    Eat Soup

    Yeah - it's lovely comfort food. Might have to try it over the pitta chips from the lentil soup Gotters made above. That'll stick to your ribs for a while. Edit: Oh yeah - for the pitta chips, put them through the toaster first before drizzling with oil and seasoning/spices and sticking in the oven. Theyll need much less time and energy to reach the same place.
  9. It's one of those games where if you know something pertinent it can seem easy. If you don't it can seem almost impossible. I've got some five point answers that neither team got anywhere near, just because I knew one thing they didn't (the one that springs to mind being a music question where the first clue was the track "Iron Maiden" by Iron Maiden from the album "Iron Maiden", which I'd only recently listened to for the first time - piece of piss!). But I'll have weeks where I'll watch it and get almost nothing. The fact that the team last night didn't spot the Doctor's companions did my nut in, mind.
  10. MarkN

    Eat Soup

    That looks banging. Will have to try it. I was actually thinking of trying to replicate Sainsbury's Lentil Dahl Soup, which is one of my faves if I don't feel like cooking (I do a pretty good copy of their tomato, pepper and red lentil one, but I've always sucked at dahl, so that feels more of a challenge, despite being able to read the ingredients off the container. Think I'll give this a go first, cheers.
  11. Whittled this bugger away slowly (one of the times my hunt for consonants failed badly): Wordle 458 6/6*
  12. Will look out for it when I next take a walk out to the large Tesco. The sharpness would be welcome. The "not tasting of Wotsits" is what I'm really after. But I live in hope...
  13. Mentioned elsewhere, but my Sainsbury's have a seasonal aisle in amongst the pots and pans and toys and bedding etc. It has early Crimbo stuff on one side and Diwali stuff on the other. Bagged these from there - there were loads of other options. The poppadoms were nice enough - thankfully subtle. The sub-kuch is ace. It's spiced differently to Bombay Mix, but is similar, but much lighter with far fewer noodles, replaced by puffed rice. I am going to buy a load of this before it disappears - it's fab. (I've added a few sultanas to it, because it works so well). There are several other snack mixes available I haven't tried yet. I have a mission...
  14. It wasn't. I'm on the receiving end. I get to call it what it is, not you. I'm gonna fuck off from the iinternet for another month maybe. I've only just got back. But people are such cunts its easier to just not bother. Thanks for making this decision for me.
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