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  1. Yeah - I'd have scoffed it. The oil seems to be really important. I've mentioned before, when I make vegan "pizzas" I've found I prefer not to bother using fake cheese, and instead load it up with nice veg, and then have a pot of vegan mayo on the side to dip it in - usually spiked with smoked paprika. Pizza is one of my very favourite things, but most vegan cheese is minging. I find that the lovely greasy hit I get from mayo helps me to ignore the lack of cheese to a fair degree (much more than the nasty Wotsit-flavour of fake cheese, at least). The oil, the grease, the mouthfeel
  2. Cool. Good luck with it. It's definitely so much easier to go meat-free and vegan now, even from just a couple of years ago. Being able to grab a decent lunch from a supermarket, or a ready-meal for your dinner when you really can't be arsed to cook makes such a difference. Also, the growth of vegan food has been great, because some of the products that are being created are often much nicer than the vegetarian stuff, I find. Certainly in Tesco, I'd almost certainly grab something from their Wicked (vegan) range, rather than their bog standard veggie stuff.
  3. That looks great. Will try to make it up to my local store at some point. Is anyone else doing Veganuary? It's my third time, so I should find it pretty easy. I'll mostly be cooking for myself, but will definitely try a few of the new products that are out, and report back if they're any good. I'm also going to try my best to cook at least one thing a week from the Thug Kitchen book. I've had it for ages, and not done thing one from it yet, despite all the good reviews. After last year I did mean to try alternating vegan and veggie months, but that never happened. Howev
  4. It's strange, I should really not like Rylan at all - he's exactly the sort of person that usually irritates the hell out of me - but I actually find him kinda funny But yes, I really enjoyed that. Hopefully it'll pave the way for more one-offs.
  5. Just remembered the special is on tonight. I'm genuinely looking forward to it. My guess is there will be an awful lot of ineptitude on display, which should make it fun to watch, and also give Greg plenty of ammunition when judging the tasks.
  6. The really odd thing is most jellies that you can buy pre-prepared are veggie. But almost all of the stuff that you need to make yourself isn't. Hartley's individual pots of jelly are fine for example, but Hartley's tablets of jelly cubes are largely made of pig.
  7. OK - I'll argue that the only genuine retrogames are games that are made to resemble old games, since that's what the prefix "retro" actually means. No old games can actually be retro, because they're just old, and not "in the style of" old games. The recent remake of Demon's Souls therefore is actually more retro than the original game - because that's just old.
  8. It's an interesting question. When you mentioned the Xbox 360 I thought "absolutely not" because the games still hold up very well today, but the thing is over 15 years old - which is essentially a third of the history of videogames. I'm not sure I've got an answer right now - will have a think on it...
  9. As an aside, I only recently found out that many fabric softeners contain animal products. Doesn't affect me because I've never used them (not sure why I'd pay more to make my towels work less well), but it's one of those products you'd probably assume was fine. (Just reading up on it and apparently they're full of all sorts of nasty stuff.)
  10. I've only seen a couple of Snack Masters but it does seem genuinely fab. A great premise - getting amazing chefs to try to recreate mass-market long-life produce. They're so far out of their comfort zones, and having a window on their thinking about how to get where they need to be is great.
  11. I disagree with an awful lot of your post, but this bit is cast-iron truth. They're just fucking nasty, and so sweet they make your teeth itch. (The sprouts deserve better, mind.)
  12. Have a smashing time you lovely lot!
  13. I've heard good things about a lot of the vegan ice creams - it seems to be one of the things that works really well. I've tried a sampler of the Alpro one and it was really good. Too sweet for my taste, but looking past that I doubt anyone could tell it wasn't dairy.
  14. The game I'm worst at isn't a video game. It's Connect 4. I'm pretty sure I've never won a single game of it. A pot plant could beat me at it. If I was to play against myself, whichever me I wanted to win would lose. I'm pretty bad at many videogame genres, but nothing on the scale of my utter hopelessness at Connect 4.
  15. I use Naturli (which I think is exclusive to Sainsbury's supermarket-wise). The main benefit is that it's palm-oil free. The Flora one is pretty good too, and a fair bit cheaper. I'd probably use that if I got through a lot of the stuff, but a tub lasts me ages so I don't mind paying extra. I generally only use it for toast and the odd bit of cooking. For sandwiches I tend to lubricate them with Hellman's vegan mayo instead, which I'm a big fan of.
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