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  1. I'm still having to work, otherwise this would be an ideal time to indulge in my game of choice: the mighty Dwarf Fortress.
  2. Some great advice here. I particularly like the idea of the coloured headlight flash when the cars spawn. I'd also consider adding headlights permanently, and then sticking a light in front of each car. It would make it much more visually interesting. I'll definitely give it a go in the next few days and provide feedback.
  3. MarkN


    This stupid bloody game. It took me a year and a half and hundreds of attempts to beat witchypoos' highscore, and then I go and do it twice in 4 days. This'll take some beating:
  4. For folk without Netflix, Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room is the repeat on BBC 2 tonight at 10. One of the very best.
  5. MarkN


    Well that didn't take too long (on a geological kind of time-frame at least): Oh, man - the last level of hell was a monster - the exit surrounded by six or seven swinging spiked ball things. Ended up bombing as many as I dared, and just hoping not to get hit by the ball as it flew off in a random direction - still had to duck into the exit between a web of twirling death. I've had so very many attempts to do this, and I've been achingly close a load of times (several times I've died in Hell on million+ scores). Please don't post a higher score in the next couple of weeks - it might actually break me.
  6. That looks better. However the explosions need to keep moving towards you really. This should be pretty cool too, because you'll often end up running through them. (If you find that this makes them disappear too fast, then maybe cheat and move them more slowly than they should be going, or start them off at the right speed and decelerate them over time). I like the streaks on the vehicles. With effects I'm of the opinion that it's really hard to overdo it, so keep looking for opportunities to add more. One other thing to consider, and almost always gets added to my projects early on is camera shake for impacts, explosions etc. It's fairly simple to implement, but very effective I think. Speaking of the camera - one thing I think would make a lot of difference to the look and feel of the game is to put some sort of lag on the camera, so that if you start moving sideways it accelerates up to speed to follow you (it wants to do it very fast though or else it will feel sluggish) - it would just soften everything nicely. (I've got a lovely bit of code that eases things in and out - I use it everywhere - anything that starts or stops moving or spinning etc. - let me know if you'd like it - it's really easy to use.) You could also experiment with making the camera a bit more dynamic - for example it might be nice if as you got further over to one side it starts going slightly wider so that the angle changes a little (assuming you have it aimed at a target rather than just pointing down the road). Also please feel free to tell me to shut up. You'll have a million things to do already without me sticking my oar in.
  7. I've only seen Attack Of The Clones once back when it was released, but still my over-riding memory of it is the utter ridiculousness of the first scene here. I mean there are lots of reasons it's shockingly piss-poor, but it's the very start that made me burst out laughing. "Here your highness - have a whole raw space pear, and a set of cutlery - tuck in!"
  8. Haha - that's ace! Even as someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth, I have to admire that.
  9. It should be relatively quick, assuming everything just works (and tests with building for a previous non-Steam project would indicate it may well do). The problem was that the Steamworks videos about creating and then porting a project aren't particularly good and assumed I know more about Mac software than I do (what files are required etc.) which meant that doing so would lead to a very real possibility of me trashing the existing PC build live on the server, which could get pushed as an update to everyone within the next 15 minutes. I was a little reluctant to do this (and I'm very lazy when it comes to technical stuff and learning things that bore me). So I spent my time creating new content (which is fun), before moving on to the next project (also fun), and then forgetting about the whole thing. I'll have a rummage around - see if I can find some more concrete advice about how to do it safely. It could be the closest thing I'll ever get to free money (maybe a little bit of tinkering required for a few Mac specifics, but otherwise it's just selecting a different target platform - IF I can find out how to safely upload the builds. Could also look at doing that Linux version too).
  10. Buy my game you fuckers! It's right here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/799110/Picrastination/ It's not like other Picross games I know, and that seems to annoy some folk. It's a bit more in-your-face, but I'm super proud of it, despite the fact that it has sold tits-all. It's full of pop-culture references: And jokes: And there's an alphabet's worth of levels made of words and phrases that no other Picross game would use (these are my absolute favourites - there are some belters in there): But I genuinely believe that it's a cracker. There are puzzles in here that are so different to your regular pagodas and flowers and whatnot. I mean - look at this bastard - does that not intrigue you? (And at the end of it you'll get a cultural reference that you'll probably clock and enjoy). You get somewhere over 250 puzzles all with a pun or joke or cultural reference attached, all for the price of about half a loo-roll at current rates. Then there are lots of extras too... I did want to make a 3D picross game after I finished this (I mean it's already built in 3D, so it's a no-brainer) except this sold so poorly it just wasn't worth it. I mean - I know it's my fault it tanked - I'm awful at PR (check out this post for example - I'm fairly drunk right now and even I know how desperate it looks). But you know - gotta pay the bills.(My next game will tank too - I'm doing something even more niche. Gotta love indie dev )
  11. Just watched the repeat of Zanzibar tonight. That one's jumped up a few notches in my esteem. It's really very good, and probably something you don't fully appreciate first time around. Wonderful.
  12. Looks great - I make lots of big hearty stews and soups like this. As you say - nice and cheap, and the great thing is you can easily throw whatever leftover veg or tins of beans you have at it (a tin of butter beans would work a treat in that, I reckon). Green lentils would probably have worked like you say, and Puy and some of the other varieties, but red would have become mush (tasty mush, but mush nevertheless). Edit: Missed that courgette dish before replying. That looks ace too - will definitely give that a go. I've made courgette spaghetti before and really enjoyed it (I have a peeler that works like a mandolin to cut it nice and fine - much nicer to use and easier to clean than a mandolin I found), but not seen it used as a sauce before.
  13. Mindustry looks fun - will definitely check it out. I haven't played Factorio in ages - was it early access? I seem to recall I played an early version, enjoyed it a lot, and then waited for the final version (or maybe it was just for it to hit Steam). When it finally did I never found the time to get back to it. The one I'd be interested to play now is Satisfcatory, which has been out for a while on the Epic Store, but seems to be coming to Steam shortly too. It looks like Factorio only in full 3D. Didn't have a good enough PC when I first found out about, but I do now: https://store.steampowered.com/app/526870/Satisfactory/ Thread here!
  14. MarkN

    Puzzle Games

    Sorry - meant to get back to you on this one. The puzzle is stored as a black and white bitmap (BMP format). It's kind of ironic because one of the things I'm proudest about the game is that (after the obligatory Unity splash screen) it never displays a single bitmap. No textures, no fonts nothing - everything is made of cubes, or quads or slightly-modified cubes. (Nobody cares about this other than me.) So this is the image for the puzzle captioned "D is for Dogging" (from my favourite set of puzzles that I made - an alphabet's worth of words that have never featured in other Picross games "A is for Anthrax, B is for Bedwetting... It was so much fun I'm still tempted to do another pack (and this time maybe S will actually be for Stranglewank)). When the player selects a puzzle the code does an audit of the bitmap and creates a list based on the clues for both the horizontal and the vertical lines. My memory is dreadful, but I think it still stores the info as number of empty cells, number of filled cells, number of empty cells and so on - which is partially redundant, because in the long term it only needs to know about the size of the blocks of filled cells (but I hadn't realised that at the time). So if a 10 cell line had the info 0, 3, 3, 1, 2, 1 it would have no empty squares at the start, 3 filled squares, a gap of 3, 1 filled square, a gap of 2 then 1 last filled square. Then it works out every combination of answers that fit the pattern of filled squares, because the clues will allow you to get the gaps wrong if everything else is right. It stores these as single hexadecimal numbers, and then checks the bits when the player makes an edit. So the player could have all the filled squares correctly but an empty square at the start and only a gap of 2 in 3rd place and the clues would show it as a valid solution. As you surmised - the design of the puzzles has to be so that there is only one valid solution - so whilst the game will let you get individual rows and columns incorrect but still mark them as possibly correct, it's only when all rows and columns are actually correct that they will all be marked as possibly correct (now that's an awkward sentence). This feels so loose and woolly, when coding is usually nice and tidy... I didn't penalise mistakes. I instead opted for putting a timer on the game (so if you made a mistake you'd be slower). Oh boy! Do some people not like a timer on a Picross game? Especially a nice big chunky one that's right in your grill. (One that in some modes starts ticking louder and louder as a time limit expires). Cue lots of people telling me what my game should be? (Make your own fucking Picross game if you want it your way!)
  15. It's all about finding the fun - and that can genuinely just be a really satisfying sound effect. I've mentioned before that if I start playing around with an idea for a car game one of the very first things I put in is the horn. I don't even know if the game will use it as a mechanic, but it'll be better with a horn than without. It's basically an open goal. But yes - there is SOOOOOO much to do to make the simplest game. I am awful at letting them bloat (it's why my Thrust-style game never got finished originally - eventually I just ran out of time and money, and had frankly stopped caring. 5 or more years later I'm finally ready to try to kick it over the line). But it's definitely good to be aware of the scale of the task at hand. There's a reason the ninety-ninety rule exists.
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