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  1. My favourite child-friendly film now would definitely be The Iron Giant. It's magnificent. (I always well up at the "Superman" line near the end.) Back when I was a kid it was Star Wars and other space-y things (although Battlestar Galctica creeped me the hell out on many levels). I managed to miss most of the classic kids films. I've never seen Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Railway Children or The Wizard Of Oz amongst many others (I've seen clips of the last, and I never want to see it - it's all sorts of ugly - the lion, tinman and scarecrow are creepy as hell, the witch is that kind of scary nasty that Hollywood did before it managed to make evil look cool rather than just awful, and it's a musical, which I'm pretty much allergic to.
  2. Morrowind was great. The first time I rocked up at the town where the guilds are, and there was an ash storm, and everyone had their hands in front of their faces to protect their eyes it genuinely changed me as a game designer. I realised that most games play environmental effects softball - really half-heartedly. In Morrowind THIS was really not a nice place to be. Even these days very few games get across that sense of adversity from a prevailing condition - even those set in arctic conditions etc. The fact that the rest of the world was just alien enough to be interesting, but still familiar enough to make sense was great too. When I played Oblivion I got bored almost immediately because most of it looked like the countryside near where I live and I was expecting so much more.
  3. A contender for best match of anything of all time I think. And I was an Arsenal fan when we beat Liverpool 2-0 at Anfield in 89.
  4. This is just crazy. You absolutely wouldn't believe it in a movie. What a match!
  5. Dicknic? Picdick? It's probably best if I stop now...
  6. I've just watched the clip of Buttler running out Smith. It's ridiculous - a 30-yard tilt at the stumps that nutmegs Smith on the way to getting him out by an inch or two. It's available here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/cricket/47484055/page/2
  7. Fantastic stuff! It feels almost surreal having followed England for years for us to breeze through this easily - against the Aussies of all teams. Sounds like we played superbly from TMS. I'm honour-bound to watch the highlights at 10pm despite needing to get up at 3am tomorrow for work. Roll on Sunday!
  8. It's fucking fantastic. It genuinely is. And yet I'd probably forget about it when someone asked me what my top ten games ever are, because it's a little bit different. It should absolutely be in my top ten games ever, because it's so great - but I'd always pick traditional games first, Odd! I need to change my thinking. As much as it's hard to admit it Astro Bot is better than Paradroid. (I fucking love Paradroid, but it's aged badly).
  9. I still watch competitive stuff - the UK Masterchefs in all their guises, The Great British Menu, and Bake Off, but have cut back on regular celeb chef stuff. I do like Nailed It! on Netflix for it's car crash potential - and the host is great fun.
  10. MarkN

    Beat Saber

    That looks great. Not knowing thing one about Imagine Dragons I decided to work through the DLC in order, so I bought the Monstercat add on a few days ago. It's also very good. None of the music is anything I'd choose to listen to outside of the game, but it all works brilliantly in there - some proper corkers. Cheesy grin plastered to my face all the time I'm playing it still. Will definitely grab the ID pack after this one - I trust them to knock in out of the park on the music front (if not the campaign design front ).
  11. They can't, can they? 25 from 12 now! Great stuff, either way! Edit: And now Khawaja's gone, so trickier...
  12. IMO - the original was better than Stardew Valley. Back To Nature is almost the pinnacle for me. Stardew Valley is great, but whilst it added loads of great stuff it also added things that bloated it a tad. Beyond that SV just lacks the charm that BTN (and the HM games in general) have. The pixel art is functional but lacks any sense of style, and renders the world a bit scruffy - it doesn't endear itself to me like the good HM games do. Honestly BTN is very nearly my favourite HM game. My favourite is probably Harvest Moon: Magical Melody on the Gamecube. I had to import it (as I did Back To Nature back in the day). It's the closest I've seen to a direct sequel to BTN. It adds stuff to the formula, but (from memory) never detracts. A properly lovely game.
  13. I'm new to this (and this type of game) but Barricade has worked wonders for me. You can make yourself invincible with it given the right deck. When you don't have to care about defence things become a lot simpler.
  14. MarkN

    Beat Saber

    The in-game height lets you switch between two heights IIRC, and whilst it helped a bit for me it didn't fix it. What sorted it properly was using the main menu settings before you've chosen what mode to play to adjust the floor height up significantly, so that the game was played a fair bit higher where I wanted it to be (I'd been stooping a tad before which was bearable on it's own, but not with the associated loss of tracking).
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