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  1. MarkN

    Unable to kill

    I'm a vegetarian - practically a vegan most of the time - and I'll happily kill anything you want in videogame-land. It can be animal, human, or mutant-bad-ass-baby and I will kill it dead, given the weapons and the excuse to do so. I have worked in videogames most of my life, so know that what we're killing is just data, not actual people. No-one gets hurt. It's great if you want to step outside of this and move on, but really - if you stay here no-one gets hurt.
  2. I've not read the books, nor spoken to anyone who has about them, so knew absolutely nothing, but was pleasantly surprised by this. A few bits jarred - the airships looked like they came from a completely different production, for example, and the voices of the daemons which just stuck out like a sore thumb to me - every time one spoke I was just like "nope - that voice did not come from that". But if I'm quibbling at the voice of a talking critter, rather than the fact that the critters talk then we're on minor points here. Looking forward to the rest of it. Thought the cast was mostly excellent too - the girl playing the lead rocked it.
  3. For a sight-seeing tour I'd visit the world of Brütal Legend, and go and check out all the stone monuments of mahoosive swords and guitars and whatnot. Would make a nice safari too - some strange old critters running around. One of my favourite game worlds - shame I didn't like the game that much (the RTS bit was the main issue, mind).
  4. Stroopwafels are a fantastic shout. They punch well above their weight. You'd think they're nothing special to look at them, but they'll convert anyone who scoffs one in an instant. Proper fucking nom.
  5. I've not eaten them in ages, but Marks and Sparks cookies are generally top drawer - the ones where you get 8 or 10 in a tray in a loose plasticky pack. Doesn't matter which ones you pick - they're all good. If they've still got the rhubarb ones that would be my choice, personally - if not some nice stem ginger ones. You'd probably best get a pack of choccy ones because that's the default for most folk. I don't know if Morrison's still do their salted caramel shortbread biccies in boxes - those were pretty good. I don't usually like anything to mess with shortbread (done well it's nigh on perfect), but a few shards of salty caramel work quite nicely.
  6. I've added a few games to my wishlist recently, but this is the one that piqued my interest the most because I love a game where control is the main challenge, so I took a punt. I love it! I switched straight to rider control without even trying screen-based - that would be madness. I've just had 3 runs so far - the one you have to do without challenges, then I finished the limited crashes challenge first go, then I just missed the 3.00 time limit by a couple of seconds. But there was so much room for improvement there - so many potential shortcuts I glimpsed, so many places where I could have sprinted, etc. The controls and feedback are what make it - sprinting like a mad thing on a bit you've managed to remember, before jamming the anchors on to scrape round the corner you forgot about - it just feels lovely and tactile. Lovely little game, can't wait to jump back in.
  7. Oat milk might work. I've not actually tried cooking with it, but the internet seems to think it works in cookery. Oatly Whole is my choice, and it's certainly nice and creamy-tasting (definitely tastes of oats though, which is great on cereal (I prefer it to cow's milk now), and probably still far more acceptable than coconut if you're averse to that). Would be interested to know if the rice trick works though - I don't often buy oat milk, so any store-cupboard based tricks are super-useful. (I'd generally just chuck a handful of red lentils in to thicken and add a bit of texture and body, but that does mean much of what I cook ends up a little samey.)
  8. My Picross game - Picrastination - has 40 Halloween themed puzzles (many based on famous horror films). It's on sale with 80% off for the next couple of days so will set you back less than £1.50. Bargain! https://store.steampowered.com/app/799110/Picrastination/
  9. So not a funny one, or an apt one, just published one now. That's all you're claiming now. Backing down much at all?
  10. I don't understand what you're saying. That's never even been suggested by anyone other than by you. I've not laughed at the things you're suggesting. Not a scooby, basically...
  11. No they don't. It's an incredibly badly judged clip. It should never have been made. It can't be unmade. I don't care what articles you've since seen say - they're almost certainly propagandist bollocks. Most of the internet is. It's an awful clip. I laughed on first viewing because it was awful - in a shocking way. It wouldn't have mattered who said it - it was awful. A woman could have said it and it would still be awful. It was awful. Not funny. Awful. Watch it again. It's awful. If you can't see that it is awful then we have nothing in common. It's awful.
  12. It was surprising, and I'll admit I laughed initially, because it's completely un-PC and I'll happily laugh at things that are un-PC. But it's also completely awful. If you think it's genuinely funny please explain to me why it's genuinely funny (other than shock value). Because other than shock value it is not funny. I laughed the first time because I was surprised by it, but I won't ever laugh at it again. Not because I'm fucking "woke" - (give over with that you tedious twats) , but because it's not actually funny in any way shape or form, other than shock value. Explain how I'm wrong here, please. I don't drink soy lattes if that helps you focus on the project.
  13. That's just... What? How the fuck did it get there? What? Un - fucking - believable.
  14. Dwarf Fortress. It took me about half a dozen goes over the course of a couple of years before I finally managed to penetrate Dwarf Fortress' super-tough and inaccessible exterior before I finally got a fortress of my own up and running to even a basic extent - with a few industries and a bit of trade with visiting caravans etc. I then got cocky and tried to build an underground farm and a well, and use the nearby river to provide for both. A minor mistake cause the entire fortress to flood killing all but two of my dwarfs. I took a good hour digging them up to the surface - carefully dodging the flooded chambers, before quitting the game immediately I'd got them safe. Saving those two was a victory for me. My next game I managed to do much better and spent maybe a dozen hours or more building a thriving fort. I got a lot of the industries and production lines up and running, and managed to train an army to some extent (this was many years ago, before the army stuff became a lot trickier). Then a Bronze Colossus turned up, and beat everyone to death with a small pigskin cap - my troops smeared all over the walls in a scant few minutes by a being more powerful than anything I was equipped for, using just a hat as a weapon. (I later visited the fortress in exploration mode and saw the engravings on the walls that alluded to my dead dwarfs' trials and tribulations in getting the fort built in the first place. That's quite a thing in its own right - seeing engravings on the wall of an abandoned building that tell the story of the game you played there, that has now become history in a world created just for you)). A game or two later I had a great fortress up and running - it was prosperous, and the nobles were really starting to move in. I'd learnt that cage traps were a good defence, and had built so many I needed a bear pit, and a pool with a killer fish in it for disposing of huge numbers of captured goblins. I also had a tower that dropped them from the highest point in the world to the lowest to smash them to bits, just because I could. Then a second Bronze Colossus wandered in. I was horrified, but he ambled right into a cage trap and was snared (I don't think they can do that anymore). So I now had the critter that had obliterated my last fortress trapped in a small wooden cage. I decided to make a zoo, to put it in as an exhibit. However, I still bore a grudge, so the other critters in the zoo were poxy little things like rats, so that the Bronze Colossus knew how little I valued it. I've not played it in half a dozen years or more - I just don't have the time to do it justice. And it's got so much more complex and so much more fleshed out since back then. If I were a man of leisure I'd spend so much time playing it. This is perhaps my favourite introduction to the intricacies of it - a lovely 15 minute podcasty-piece of fiction (that also counts as an overview to the game) by Ste Curran called "The Queen". Echoes my own experiences of it (from a getting to grips with it, point of view), but his story is so much better than mine (he's embellishing a bit here, but the result is worth it). Damn near brings a tear to my eye: https://stecurran.bandcamp.com/track/the-queen And here's a link to some stories it created - I've only read a couple of these but they're really good. BoatMurdered is the most famous, but it's enormous (well worth it though): https://kotaku.com/the-eight-best-dwarf-fortress-stories-weve-seen-1833893569
  15. Looks and sounds great. Added to my Steam wishlist for when I'll have the time. Cheers.
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