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  1. I was going to suggest Sega's Pengo (one of my favourite arcade games) which had Ode To Joy in it (I always think of it as Ode To Penguin), and released a couple of months earlier than Super Locomotive. Then I remembered Phoenix which has Beethoven's Fur Elise in it - that's from 1980.
  2. I'm useless at predicting cricket, but Sam Curran looks like a 12 year old, and yet seems to be fuelled by piss and vinegar. He'd be one of the first names on my list because of that. He wants it. If he can keep that fire he'll achieve greatness.
  3. There's also Krita for a free paint program - very highly regarded. I've got it installed, but have never used it (just haven't found the time). https://krita.org/en/
  4. MarkN

    Edit that Band name

    The Mamas and the Tapas Piss Poxy Music Adam and the Aunts 10 cm (I rather like this because I've just converted the original's volume (to do with ejaculation IIRC) into a distance). Right, I should go and get some other stuff done...
  5. MarkN

    Edit that Band name

    A few more: Toe Jam Spandau Mallet Arctic Donkeys Cyst The Curse Whole Those last 2 aren't my favourites, but the shift in tone is perhaps the biggest I've managed.
  6. MarkN

    Edit that Band name

    After a quick scroll through my music: Welly The Bleeders Beagles of Death Metal Bear Factory Food Fighters Koran Mouse Of Love Runpig Sisters of Percy Snot Patrol Swede The Peardrop Explodes
  7. How many sequels come out 16 years after the original at all? You're looking at a vanishingly small fraction of Hollywood content if that's your criteria. Any examples are flukes and freaks, rather than reliable data.
  8. Love the look of this. It's gone straight on my Steam wishlist, thanks (fairly high up if I could be bothered to edit it).
  9. There is that - a lot of sugar, and also a lot of salt. Admittedly it's often aping things like bacon which are full of salt (I think one of the reasons veggie bacon isn't that great is that they can't replicate the salt levels without taking the traffic light symbols on the packaging through the roof. Bacon is made of pig first and salt second - it's really bad on the salt front.) I think part of the problem is that veggie/vegan food has to appeal to the largest section of the potential customers because it's a niche market, and generally people's palette's have adapted to sweeter tastes. As someone who doesn't have a sweet tooth, this rules me out of lots of things. I've tried so many things that are just far too sweet - wraps that would have been nice if they weren't smothered in mango chutney or sickly BBQ sauce for example. I still find Tesco's Wicked kitchen stuff is perhaps the best. When their things have been sweeter than I've liked they've usually been balanced with spice, so I've kinda enjoyed them regardless.
  10. Gregg's are really going for the vegan market it seems. I've still never set foot in one (I've nothing against them, just never actually felt the need). Might give it a go, just to see what I'm missing out on... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/aug/23/greggs-to-develop-vegan-versions-of-all-its-bestselling-foods
  11. I've had it on my wishlist since the Eurogamer review - it does look smashing. I was planning to wait because I have Slay The Spire and No Man's Sky to try to find time for, but threads like this make my (already piss-poor) resolve weaken... It does look like the sort of thing I'll love to bits.
  12. Here's why I think this game is properly great (after only a few hours of playing it). The screenshots in the last dozen posts have been fantastic (and some of the descriptions even better). Nothing I've witnessed has been as good, such is the nature of random number generators. And yet I've loved every second, and wouldn't trade my experience of it with anyone else. I can't wait to see what lies on my next planet... This is gaming at its best. Everyone playing the same thing, but everyone coming out with their own unique stories. And each of us can feel what it meant to be there at the time. How ace is that?
  13. I've got no recipes, but it's something I've looked into and the first tip is always to use dried chickpeas and do it the long way. I've always shied away from it because I've got no patience (and I've had bad results with resurrecting dried beans in the past), but that would be how I'd start out). Christ, I love cheap shop bought falafel so if it gets much better than that I'd be delighted. Have fun.
  14. It's a tricky one. I've played a few games to the point where I realised they were actually playing me. Hooking me with the kind of tasks that your brain finds kind of compelling. It's hard to criticise - I got value for money, but once I realised that they were using cheap tricks I dropped them right away. (It's why I won't play clicker things any more - I know it's designed to appeal to a base instinct that my brain will like, but ultimately I'll hate). I've never left a bad review though - I've never felt conned into buying a game, so I'm fine taking the hit if I bought one I ended up not liking.
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