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  1. MarkN

    The Arcade Ten

    In no order: Robotron 2084 Mr Do Burger Time Mad Planets 1942 Pengo Pooyan Marble Madness Bank Panic 10 Yard Fight
  2. Think of it like holding a camera. To point the camera upwards you tilt it backwards, to point it down you tilt it forwards. I think the difference is separation - people who don't invert are inhabiting the character, those of us who do are controlling the camera.
  3. MarkN

    Your "Eureka" moments.

    This is a really simple one, but up until about 3 years ago I'd never put Marmite on a crumpet. I love crumpets, I love Marmite, but I think I enjoy the understated glory of crumpets with just butter so much (or perhaps with a thin smear of honey), that I thought slapping something THAT tasty on top of it would diminish that crumpet-y goodness. But then I gave it a go, and - by crikey! - it's magnificent. In the 3 years or so since I must've had at least 100 crumpets and all but about 3 of them have had Marmite on them.
  4. Last level before the final boss.
  5. MarkN

    Scrambled Eggs

    I know truffle oil isn't anything of the sort, but I still rather like it. I've only ever had the real deal once and wasn't that keen on them, but then maybe I just got unlucky. I'm aware it's not the real deal, but that's fine. I know where you're coming from though - I love pickled onions, but can't stand pickled onion flavoured monster munch...
  6. MarkN

    Scrambled Eggs

    These I've tried and like: Truffle oil (an acquired taste, but goes well with scrambled eggs). Soy sauce would work (when I make stir fries I tend to add strips of omelette made just with eggs beaten with a little soy sauce - v. nice) These are guesses: Dried herbs might work - you'd want soft ones - mint and dill would be nice I'd guess, tarragon would add a bit of an aniseed note... Capers and gherkins? Never tried it, but's most of the way to a tartare sauce, but with scrambled eggs. Sounds like it would work, but you'd want to go easy on them to be safe. Other antipasti type things - sundried tomatoes, olives, artichokes? Might sound a little bizarre, but if you like the flavours, then I think egg would stand up to a little of this sort of thing, and if they're in oil they'll keep for yonks (you could even use the oil to cook them in).
  7. MarkN

    Your favourite weapons

    Years ago at work we used to play a Quake mod called Painkeep, which added a few cool toys into the mix - the best of which for me was Bear Traps. When collected you got 3 of them to deploy, so you'd try to find sneaky places to put them all. If a player stepped on one it snapped shut on to their legs, and stayed there for a few seconds draining their health. This gave them the lovely dilemma of hoping they could survive until they fell off, or taking a big hit by shooting at their own feet with a rocket launcher. Very few things in gaming are as satisfying as hearing the "snap, snap, snap" as some poor sucker collects a full set of your traps. The "prod" from Worms. One of the pettiest weapons in videogames - doing the absolute bare minimum required to kill an opponent with a little shove in the back off a cliff.
  8. The blueprints unlock new weapons which turn up in the game as pickups. There are also a couple of things you can purchase with orbs that give you random start equipment from your unlocked items, which then makes the start more varied. Basically as long as you're collecting and spending orbs you're making some degree of progress. A word of caution here though - with hindsight I might not have unlocked a few of the items I have, because it makes the chances of getting my favourite things a bit lower (I've had runs where all my item pickups were grenades, whereas I much prefer having turrets and traps.) Once you start beating bosses, you can also start improving the quality of the item drops, which can help a lot. When you start getting in to later areas there are the runes to collect that are permanent, and let you access new areas. Other than that progress is about you getting better at the game until you can beat it. (I haven't got good enough yet, FWIW, but I'm slowly getting there).
  9. MarkN

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    I've just had a burger that I made from this stuff - which Sainsburys now stock in the actual meat aisle (I think it's exclusive to them in the UK). It was rather good, but actually had a meaty taste that slightly bothered me. Not because it tasted of meat per se, but more that it possibly tasted of something that should have had a collar on it, rather than a cowbell. (That's a tad harsh tbh - I was never a big fan of the taste of most meat when I became a veggie, so something trying to replicate it closely probably isn't ideal for me.) I pressed this down into a burger, which worked well (and would definitely be cheaper than buying the burgers from the same range). Will try it as mince later. As someone who very rarely buys meat substitutes I'm quite impressed with this. Tastes pretty good, and it seems really versatile - you could squish it into meatballs and sausages etc (which is a massive plus point for me over Quorn mince which I only ever buy if I have a specific mince-based meal in mind). If I can get used to that weird meaty taste I could see myself buying this a bit more often.
  10. I picked this up a few days ago, after reading all the praise here, and elsewhere. I wasn't sure it would be my thing - I've got a few similar type games, and some I loved (Rogue Legacy for example), and some I really didn't get on with (Cave Blazers springs to mind). But this I think is really special. Everything has been honed to feel just right - the movement's a joy, the combat's great, and there are so many nice little touches that make everything feel solid. I was awful at first - rushing in swinging and not paying attention to enemy tells etc. but now that I've calmed down a bit I'm making good progress. I did a few runs where I tried to rely on my shield as much as possible, and that helped enormously. It's the small touches of savagery that make it for me. Bursting enemies with floor drops, stunning them by bursting through doors before dicing them. And the Spartan Boots are so much fun (wouldn't want them after the first couple of levels I think, but until then they're a riot). I want them to turn up every game as my random melee weapon.
  11. MarkN

    Your unearthed gems

    The Hot Rock - a crime caper starring Robert Redford. Redford's gang steal a diamond, lose it again, and then have to try to reclaim it via lots of convoluted shenanigans. Lots of fun. I've never forgotten the phrase "Afghanistan Bananastan" since the first time I saw it over 30 years ago.
  12. MarkN

    Your unearthed gems

    Just a quick heads-up that Top Secret! is on Channel 4 tonight at 12.40 am. I should be nicely drunk by then in time for a re-watch.
  13. MarkN

    Challenge breaking mechanics

    Mine was also Morrowind, but I did it by enchanting. Every single bit of armour I had on me by the endgame was restoring any health I lost, which left me pretty much invulnerable. Nothing could hurt me faster than I could heal. I like that the game allows you to do this if you want. I'm genuinely not that bothered about the story in games, so after I'd gone through the bits that were essential I spent about 60 hours in the game having fun doing my own thing, leaving the main story untouched. After that I probably wouldn't have bothered finishing it, if I hadn't made it an absolute doddle to cruise through.
  14. MarkN

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    Listening to McLusky's cracking album McLusky Do Dallas and the track "Gareth Brown Says" comes on. Not a favourite track, but the two opening lines are magnificent (and very NSFW). Wondering if a best opening lines thread would be an idea (if it doesn't exist already)...
  15. MarkN

    Quite possibly...

    I pick away at whichever end seems most likely to give easily with a thumbnail- often the bottom end, rather than the top where the little green hat was. Once I've got a thumb under the skin I start peeling off carefully in all directions, bit by bit. Got to be gentle here. If one direction gives easily I run with it until it gets a bit unwieldy and liable to break, then go back and start a new one The aim is to take it off in one piece, ending up with something that looks a bit like a flattened octopus. Success rate recently is about 75% (most failures happen early on - and it's usually just one bit due to carelessness). As to pith I tend to try to get as much off as I can before breaking it into segments - it's part of the ritual for me; I'll happily spend a good 6 or 7 minutes picking away at it if I'm still making progress. It helps if the pith is nice and stringy rather than the patchy stuff. Takes about 10 minutes to prep, and gets scoffed in 2. It's incredibly messy though, so I only ever eat them when I can wash my hands straight afterwards.

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