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  1. Disgaea's a great example. I'm not bothered by story in games, and found the levelling of equipment much more compelling, so when I finally decided to try to complete the story I breezed through most of it without a hitch. (The item levelling is a bit of a vicious circle, since you'll get all the way down the dungeon of a really nice sword to level it up fully, only to be rewarded with a slightly better sword that now needs levelling up too. But the game is bags of fun, so I'd just dive straight back in (and probably get a new slightly better unlevelled sword at the end again...)) Morrowind was one where I did something similar (and I can imagine the same holds true for most of the Elder Scrolls games). In Morrowind I ignored the main quest, bumbled about doing whatever I wanted for 80-odd hours all the time assembling a full set of equipment enchanted with regeneration spells. I was pretty much unkillable by the end - even having several enemies attacking me at once couldn't drain my health as fast as it could go up. I enjoyed it immensely.
  2. Everything BBQ jackfruit I've had has tasted like jam - far too sweet for my taste. The Goodfellas frozen pizzas aren't too bad. The falafel one doesn't even pretend to be a real pizza in anything other than it's some stuff on bread, but it's actually very tasty (probably because it's got vast amounts of salt in it). I'd happily scoff it again though if I wanted a quick solution for dinner. The salsa one has fake cheese on it - a bit of an odd texture, but it wasn't that bad despite also having sweetcorn on it (which is almost a crime in my book). The only other one I've tried is one of the White Rabbit ones, and even getting it at half price I thought it wasn't worth the money. There wasn't enough fake cheese for it to even begin to feel like a regular pizza, and the rest of the toppings were nothing special. (That was a while ago though - maybe they've improved since...) I've tended to just make my own. I use Clay Oven Bakery plain naan breads from Morrison's as a base (they used to sell pizza bases too - but they were essentially the same product). Then I've usually got a bowl of homemade tomato sauce in the fridge (failing that a smear of tomato puree will do in a pinch). Then I just use jars of veg antipasti or fresh veg and lots of olives to top it off. I have tried a few fake cheeses and they're not that terrible, but as I've mentioned before I tend to prefer making a pot of garlic or smoked paprika flavoured mayo to use as a dip - it gets you the oiliness you want from a pizza.
  3. I may have posted Jack Off Jill before, but that was before I got hold of their last album. Some cracking tracks on this. (I adore the first track "When I Am Queen" just because it's the very best idea for a song ever.) But this is really very good:
  4. Forgetting Ed Harris would be an awful thing. What a horrible world to live in! Any film with Ed Harris in is probably worth watching (I await correction). I commented on Facebook recently that Karl Urban is perhaps my new Ed Harris, in that if his name's on it I'll watch it regardless... There perhaps should be a thread for this. People who you will watch regardless.
  5. I spotted these Wicked pot snacks in my local Tesco yesterday, so bought a few. I've just tried the spicy coconut and rice noodles and thought it was great (after spotting the big lump of unmixed flavouring at the bottom of the pot - until then they were a little underwhelming). The price is wrong in the article - they're £1.50 (on offer at £1.20 right now). It's exactly the sort of product that's makes cutting out animal products that little bit easier for me - food for when you just can't be arsed cooking. https://www.veganfoodandliving.com/news/wicked-kitchen-expands-tesco-range-with-new-pot-noodle-style-ready-meal-pots/
  6. Thought this was a little later, but no - 1989. TBH I haven't seen it in nearly 2 decades, but I seem to recall it being right up my street for post-pub viewing, back then. One of those things that you'd never heard of until stumbling across it in Blockbuster, and then it immediately became a must-see. Salute Of The Jugger:
  7. Q was featured on the awesome Moviedrome series, back in the day - that's how I know it. Oh man - that's so ripe for a revival with someone who knows what they're talking about (so many of my fave films were shown there first). IIRC, yes they got into trouble for running around with guns in New York with no permits.
  8. Wild Geese is a few years earlier (I googled it), otherwise I'd have mentioned it. (See also Juggernaut.) Edit: North Sea Hijack is 1980 though, and that's a wonderfully bad film.
  9. OK, perhaps not quite a guilty pleasure, but one that benefits from a few beers before you watch it. I'd possibly rate this above the Airplane films because some of the visual gags are just so good (the parallax train station, the cows in the binoculars etc.)) And the cow in wellies just never gets old:
  10. Christine is the stand-out for me still - just brilliant (much of the greatness was lost on me until I read up about it afterwards tbh, but even on a simple level it's fantastic). But Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room (series 4) is a great second place for me. As a series it misses occasionally (but even then the misses are pretty good in the scheme of things), but the hits are often so very good...
  11. It's up there. It's not Coop strength, but it beats most of the pretenders. If I'm caught unawares by a particularly spiteful one it can make me squint a little.
  12. Another non-crisp salt and vinegar alternative are these from Sainsbury's. They're pretty pokey. Nice textures, but other than the smack of S&V I'm not sure how much I like them. I'm really struggling to stop eating them though...
  13. D'oh! I pick them for customers all the time - I'd just assumed they used butter. Cheers for that, will give them a go. Edit: Just noticed when in town that Tesco's garlic Ciabatta is also vegan. D'oh! again.
  14. So Veganuary is over, obvs. Went super-easily for me after doing it last year. I do have an enormous massively cheesy pizza ready in the fridge for tea tonight though. However, I'm seriously considering going vegan every other month this year. I reckon that's doable. I'd probably save a little money on the whole (savings on cheese and pizza need to be offset against trying a couple of new vegan products a week), and I almost certainly eat healthier (and a little more diversely). Really encouraged by the range of products available pretty much everywhere - especially ready meals, which make it so much easier to stick with. I haven't actually eaten that many - it's just good to know that after a tough day, you can just say sod it and buy something easy, rather than having to cook. Even in the last week or so the Sainsbury's I work at has added lots of new products. Most notable is a frozen range from Moving Mountains (the people behind the bleeding burger). We don't stock those, but have hot dogs, sausages and sausage burgers. They're quite pricey though at £4.50 a pop for 4 of either of the sausages or 2 of the burgers. Tempted to have a pop at the hot dogs though - they're claiming they're indistinguishable from the real thing. The other one that's interesting is that Kettle Chips are now doing a vegan Sheeze and onion flavour crisp. It's not for me - I hate cheese and onion crisps, but that was a move I wasn't expecting. Surprisingly the one thing I found myself wanting was vegan garlic bread - that's a gap in the market. (I know I could make my own, but it's never as good, and it's also one of those things I turn to as comfort food). One final thing I'll mention - in my job as an online shopper I've noticed in the last few months a definite rise in the amount of vegan products I'm picking. When I pick chilled foods I generally have 6 to 8 orders in any one run. Six months ago I would have been genuinely surprised to pick just one obviously vegan product for any of those orders. Today I would be surprised if I didn't pick at least a couple. I'm not saying we're picking massive numbers, but it's definitely changing. (I think I've mentioned before we pick loads more veggie and vegan stuff on frozen runs - veggies and vegans seem to be freezer addicts).
  15. Hadn't read this thread for a while, but just saw the trailer on BBC2, so was pleasantly surprised. Next Monday it is!
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