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  1. #waffle322 5/5 streak: 31 #wafflesilverteam wafflegame.net
  2. Those sound ace. Will give them a go when I can buy stuff again. May well improv based on them though in the meantime. I think I still have moong lentils around from my last failed attempts. Maybe a tad old, although I seem to recall buying another bag more recently. Will check shortly... Cheers.
  3. Another quick tip whilst I remember - build your craft workshop(s) near the surface, and have a large stockpile for crafts nearby. When caravans turn up you want to shift the tat from the stockpile to the caravan ASAP.
  4. It's something I've never managed to make well. This does feel like the way in. Need to tread lightly with the flavourings I think - I usually overdo it, because throughout it seems bland, but ends up being far too strong. Will play safe - can always boost later. If I can nail a few decent varieties of daal I'd be a very happy bunny. Daal and a naan is like ultimate comfort food.
  5. Tricky: #waffle321 4/5 streak: 30 #wafflesilverteam wafflegame.net
  6. I think Frankie Boyle might turn out to be the clever one who just turns up and nails things. I hope I'm wrong and he's wonderfully incompetent and frustrated and sweary, but I think either will work. Regardless, I don't think he'd have done it without deciding to commit, so my guess is he'll be a good call.
  7. Struggled to kick this over the line. Nice word, mind. Wordle 536 5/6*
  8. Finally got around to using the pressure cooker I've owned for at least ten years (had to wash dusty grease off the top of it - it's been sat unused in my kitchen for so long). Only used it to make pea soup with split yellow peas, but it worked, where doing it old-school on the hob for three times as long a couple of days ago didn't (the peas were still hard as hell, whereas these have given up the ghost entirely). I've got a couple of bowls of very tasty slop for lunch for tomorrow and the next day. I was hoping for more, but I've got a sighter in now. I can proceed with a little hands-on data to help inform decisions. Will continue with this now I think. I have loads of bags of dried pulses bought when I bought the cooker. Old, but probably still OK (a bit like me, I like to think). There's a cracking multi-bean chilli on the horizon, I think - if I can get the timing right.
  9. You didn't mention craftshop. Seriously, get one of them up and running ASAP. Unless things have changed massively you will have nothing you want to sell to the first caravan that turns up. A dwarf turning out tat only gets better at it, and it's tat you can trade for stuff you need. Also (again unless things have changed( get your carpenter to make a fuck load of barrels - so many barrels. They will increase your storage capacity massively, and allow you to make booze. Barrels are really important.
  10. Amos is brilliant. I chose Drummer, but he would have been second. He looks like standard grunt material, but he's so much better than that.
  11. I'd completely forgotten this character - he's so very good. Is Police Squad on any streaming services? Such a great show. I'll add Drummer from The Expanse. She's just immense:
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