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  1. I loved how consistent the show's internal logic was right up to the end. The finale wasn't necessarily predictable but everything that happened made sense without being a cop out or being out of character for the people involved. For instance: It managed to both come full circle and have it's characters break the cycles they were in. I thought it was great.
  2. In my defence I meant Casino Royale levels of shaky-cam rather than Quantum of Solace levels. I just don't feel the fights in this so far so it I don't find it believable when DD's supposedly beating the hell out of someone.
  3. I'm two episodes in and I'm not really feeling it. It's a combination of things really but I think they all tie back to it being a Netflix show and it maybe just missing that extra bit of time, budget and polish. Also possibly better supporting actors. Dawson and Cox work well together but the mook from the Mighty Ducks they've got playing Foggy? Jeez. The fights are alright, probably the best part of the show so far, but DD's fighting style just doesn't feel like a convincing, cohesive whole to me... maybe it'll come together later and this is some kind of Batman Begins learning deal. Also it's really obvious when they're pulling the punches in the choreography; perhaps some Bourne style shaky-cam might have improved things and covered it up.
  4. Isn't that the boss form of Grant from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse? Does the game do character switching like that title?
  5. Silly question, and one with possible spoilers for Secret Wars/Avengers:
  6. New Cannibal Ox feat. DOOM. New album in March. That's, what, 14 years since the last one?
  7. I guess Heroes For Hire just doesn't have the brand recognition.
  8. Loved this week's episode. It just felt like they had the Elmore Leonard dialogue machine set to 11.
  9. Well she's worth $2.9 billion dollars, she hadn't acted for 15 years until The Butler and it took twelve months to convince her to take that role because she was terrified of embarrassing herself. Even then she only did it because of the director's persistence and the political relevance of the part. She's too rich and too savvy to let herself get stunt-cast in a C-list super-hero movie. At the very least Oprah the brand is too important for her to do it.
  10. OK, there's some insane rumour doing the rounds that WB's first choice for Amanda Waller is Oprah Winfrey. That has to be someone's fevered delusion...
  11. Clearly it's a Suicide Squad vs Thunderbolts/Superior Foes DC vs Marvel crossover. Also; Will Smith as Deadshot? Are they just casting this by throwing darts at a phonebook?
  12. Secret Six. I'd be up for a Suicide Squad movie if it wasn't David Ayer directing. Also if they weren't inevitably going to go new-52 with their casting for Amanda Waller.
  13. Hopefully it'll be like Age of Ultron in that they're using the name and not much else because, like Age Of Ultron, Civil War was terrible.
  14. Well, Scott Lang was originally a burglar. Rudd looks suitably burglar-ly in that photo.
  15. Only if you include VOD. Otherwise it's been steadily downhill from the premiere (with a brief up-tick for episode 4).
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rq-JkNpldQ "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, ZACH!" Enjoyed the new episodes but the second was way better than the first, with the Dipper/Wendy stuff and The Thing homages.
  17. Alpha House and Betas. Betas was canned after 11 episodes, but Alpha House is due a second season.
  18. Well, to be honest Molly solved it, I think Gus just realised what it meant in the context of Malvo's relationship with people.
  19. Man, Lester is an evil cunt.
  20. That was a bit like Planes, Trains & Automobiles but with Godzilla as John Candy.
  21. From the AV Club's Review:
  22. Yep. Although the final one is the Bill Finger version. Bob Kane was an asshole.
  23. They've just put the whole season up on Lovefilm/Amazon Prime streaming. I've watched a couple of episodes but I just can't get past the fugly CGI. I get the impression that the character designs would work fine animated traditionally but everything just looks barren, cheap and distorted when CG'd up. I think Cartoon Network pulled it after half a season and the rest of the episodes sneaked out on the blu-ray release. It's no Brave And The Bold, certainly.
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