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  1. The hidden aspect on Stygius is amazing.



    Excalibur's attack speed is noticeably slower than any of the other aspects with increased wind-up between combo stages, but the damage output is just crazy. First buff I found was a Daedulus hammer that boosted damage against armour by 300%, so it just chewed up the Doomstone in Tartarus with a handful of blows.


    You get a bonus 50HP to your life-bar, and your special generates a safe zone that slows projectiles and lowers enemy attack damage. You can throw it down, go toe to toe with Hades, and just plain wreck him.


    The stygian blade was the only one I hadn't got a clear with, but it's now my best time.

  2. Also, there are only three things that inflict the poison state; the weird green grate traps on the floor, the giant rats’ attack where they go bananas in one place splurting out green goop, and the satyrs’ projectile attack. I always try and take out the satyrs first as that’s the one that catches me out most often, but if they have no armor you can interrupt their wind up animation with an attack.

  3. I can get past the final boss with Coronacht or Exagryph, but every time I try to mix it up with one of the melee weapons I’m already in a bad way long before I get to them.


    The final upgrade to Varatha looks really relevant to my interests but the health penalty is insane, and I need stacks more titan blood before I dare take it for a spin...

  4. 10 hours ago, grindmouse said:

    I said this before but Metal Slug would fit a lot more with the original character pool than Terry does for SNK rep. 

    I do wonder why there are a bunch of Metal Slug tunes in Terry’s music selection when there aren’t any Metal Slug spirits and its link to the SNK fighting games are tangential at best.

  5. 2 hours ago, Stigweard said:



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    Multi-verses in the MCU confirmed 




    Not that Marvel Multiverses aren’t happening but if Spider-Man villain Mysterio, the Master Of Illusion, shows up the same time as a bunch of giant elemental monsters claiming he’s from another dimension and here to help beat them?


    I ain’t giving him my Credit Card number, that’s all I’m saying...


    In fact, I bet that’s not even the real Nick Fury...


  6. 1 hour ago, Harsin said:


    I dunno that stupid girl getting most of them killed trying to save a dog gives it a run for its money.


    The bit I liked about the DotD remake was how Zach thought a better ending for Romero's satire of consumer culture was for the survivors to A-Team up a couple of murder-buses and go Carmageddon on everybody's asses.

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