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  1. That was much better than the first episode.



    The pace was less Netflix-y so it actually felt like the plot was going somewhere. The stuff in Baltimore was great, and the hints at Walker being out of his depth... I’m interested to see where that’s going with all the chat about Hydra and super-soldiers.


    Properly chortled at the “Black Falcon” kid.

    Comic book nerd chat:


    Power Broker! Battlestar! Isaiah Bradley! This is some quality fan-service.




    They aren’t just going to fridge Walker’s girlfriend are they? Are they?!


  2. 9 minutes ago, Daley said:

    As a non-comic book reader am I meant to know...


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    who the person in the Cap suit at the end was? Other than the "new" Captain America?


    Well, no.



    I mean, comic book readers will and do, but it’s not essential. The main takeaways are i) US Government stooge, ii) trading heavily off Steve Rogers’ good name, iii) possibly a wrong ‘un.


    And obviously Sam’s been played.

  3. 1 hour ago, Uncle Mike said:

    I genuinely, even being more exposed to the various theories floating around, thought that they'd been pretty explicit that there wasn't anything extended to see from his casting. 

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    He turns up at the end of an episode as something of a cliffhanger, when I think you are fairly expected to wonder if it's a big deal or a joke. My recollection of the next episode or two is that they pretty much tell you directly that it was just a joke. Firstly, he's got only (clearly incorrect and fictionalised) memories of Sokovia and the like. Secondly, it tells you it was Agatha all along.


    I know there was a Nexus ad, but it seemed like a bunch of wishing rather than reason.


    Actually what was the deal with


    The Nexus advert? Every other ad connected with Wanda’s life in some way but there was no pay off to that.


    I’m assuming it’ll end up being related to Dr Strange 2 but it’s kind of weird in hindsight. Weirder than any Ralph Boehner stunt casting.


  4. 22 minutes ago, Vulgar Monkey said:

    Liked it well enough.


    I'm mainly curious about 

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    wanda meatpuppetting herself at the end.


    I mean, it's convenient I guess.




    It’s like she’s astral projecting and existing in the mortal plane at the same time...


    ...which is patently ridiculous as not even the Sorcerer Supreme can do that.




  5. One thing I’ve seen more of as the show’s gone on is articles from some critics lamenting that the show has been abandoning the sitcom stuff in favour of the Marvel stuff, which...



    ...really does a disservice to how good the show’s sitcom homages have been throughout. Like the little nods to The Office this week, with things like the wobbly zoom in on the funnel truck, or Vision’s Jim Halpert expression at the camera.


    And obviously Agatha’s Munsters theme.


  6. 7 minutes ago, Hexx said:


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     "When I, well... I can't wait to see what y'all's reaction is when you learn who the aerospace engineer is,"

    I mean it could work as a ‘lol fooled you!’ at people’s reaction but I think it’s sincere 





    I mean it could be *a* Skrull, but unless it’s specifically Talos or something it’s hardly a mind blowing reveal.


    It would be more of a surprise if they were Kree.


    Of course, if we want to grimly hold on to that Reed theory a bit longer, I doubt the Major built the thing themselves.


  7. 54 minutes ago, Broker said:

    Also in case anyone missed who Monica’s contact was:


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    She’s the Skrull Monica was playing with outside in captain marvel. 


    I must have missed something there. I know there was something like that implied but what confirmed it?


    EDIT: Wait...



    The tech guy? The one disguised as her Mum?


  8. 20 minutes ago, Gigawatt said:

    As an non-comics reader 


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    Are all the costumes in today’s episode from classic comics?


    Better than that:



    Billy and Tommy’s Costumes, Billy’s especially, are their Young Avengers costumes.

    This is so fun. I’m mad they ended on that cliff hanger.




    Jimmy Woo kicking ass? Yaaasss!


  9. 5 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

    Speaking of loose ends getting wound up


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    In the Hydra Soak ad the mum says "You're a mind reader". Now I'm not sure I knew Wanda was telepathic. I know she was telekinetic. So is she talking about Wanda or is it PROFESSOR X-SHADOWING?!




    She was able to affect people’s minds and make them hallucinate in Age of Ultron so she’s always been sort of telepathic


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