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  1. Why do you bother watching it then?
  2. Technically this Loki was only in two of those MCU films.
  3. The fuck is wrong with the shoulder pads? He's always had shoulder pads.
  4. Yeah, I’d agree with the some of it landing some of it not view. And as regards set up for future stuff.
  5. Didn’t one series of Netflix’s The Punisher open with an episode featuring nothing but Frank Castle fostering a tender love affair with a milfy barmaid for fifty minutes? I think I’d have to go some to find something more disappointing than that. Personally, I wonder how much impact the pandemic had on the finished product because there are certainly moments where it feels like they have to go with the take they had, rather than redoing it.
  6. Considering the fact he fell off a bridge, lost an arm, was brainwashed and used by nazi terrorists to kill hundreds of people against his will, came round 80 years into his future, ended up being used to kill *more* people against his will, finally got himself together only to die for five years, came back just in time to fight a battle for all existence, and his closest friend/only connection to his past life just fucked off in a time machine to get married... I think we can give Bucky a little slack to wallow a bit. He’s doing remarkably well considering the massive amounts of PTSD he’s dealing with.
  7. Poor old... Felt like the pacing was a bit out of whack again this week. But then they did cram in... Maybe that was the issue...
  8. I was referring to the role the character is playing in terms of the dynamics, of the Suicide Squad, but sure. Whatever. I accept my statement was implicitly racist and apologise. TBH I don’t know much about Bloodsport the comic character other than there was an issue of Superman (or action comics) where he fought a different character called Bloodsport who was a white supremacist. And one of them could teleport guns.
  9. So Idris is playing a character who is essentially Deadshot but totally isn’t because he has a different name?
  10. That was much better than the first episode. Comic book nerd chat: Speculation:
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