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  1. Metal Gear Rising Squared: Revengeance Reavenged
  2. There were too many Fire Emblem chumps when it was just Marth and Roy and Ike.
  3. I do wonder why there are a bunch of Metal Slug tunes in Terry’s music selection when there aren’t any Metal Slug spirits and its link to the SNK fighting games are tangential at best.
  4. So they’re swapping in the OG Mandarin in the Fu Manchu role? Makes sense. Is Ben Kingsley down for a Trevor appearance? That’d be a laugh...
  5. You could do that off the candles in SotN too.
  6. It's steroids. http://www.f4wonline.com/ufc-news/ufc-champ-jon-jones-tests-positive-anabolic-steroids-241491
  7. Why 'New Warriors' and not 'The Great Lakes Avengers'?
  8. Well that's what you get for originally releasing them as HMV exclusives.
  9. I'm sure Manitowoc Sheriff's department is already fitting him up for a different murder...
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