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  1. Season 1 Pass includes all of Roger Moore's Safari Suits
  2. I find it really hard to detonate the special on exagryph’s hidden aspect. The aim seems to snap to an enemy rather than what I want to hit.
  3. Unlocked a couple of the chthonic and a recent conversation with Hades So, long story short... Love this game.
  4. The hidden aspect on Stygius is amazing. The stygian blade was the only one I hadn't got a clear with, but it's now my best time.
  5. Into the mid-seventies in terms of escape attempts, seen the credits, trying to work out how to reunite separated lovers, and I only just discovered there are...
  6. I laughed out loud at the point where Zagreus decides to give the level two boss a nickname...
  7. Also, there are only three things that inflict the poison state; the weird green grate traps on the floor, the giant rats’ attack where they go bananas in one place splurting out green goop, and the satyrs’ projectile attack. I always try and take out the satyrs first as that’s the one that catches me out most often, but if they have no armor you can interrupt their wind up animation with an attack.
  8. I can get past the final boss with Coronacht or Exagryph, but every time I try to mix it up with one of the melee weapons I’m already in a bad way long before I get to them. The final upgrade to Varatha looks really relevant to my interests but the health penalty is insane, and I need stacks more titan blood before I dare take it for a spin...
  9. The sad story of Weinberg and the Nintendo DS
  10. There were too many Fire Emblem chumps when it was just Marth and Roy and Ike.
  11. I do wonder why there are a bunch of Metal Slug tunes in Terry’s music selection when there aren’t any Metal Slug spirits and its link to the SNK fighting games are tangential at best.
  12. So they’re swapping in the OG Mandarin in the Fu Manchu role? Makes sense. Is Ben Kingsley down for a Trevor appearance? That’d be a laugh...
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