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  1. This is it. Infernal Affairs is such a finely polished piece of tension building and taut storytelling that The Departed just feels flabby and bloated in comparison.
  2. Caveat - ultra low budget, creepy Irish mystery Speak No Evil - Danish social drama with a dark secret. Psycho Goreman - very silly love letter to 80s monster gore movies Possesor - Brandon Cronenberg showing he shares his father's fascination of the interface of tech and bodies. Scanners - the pure source material Superhost - Air BNB gone wrong Slaxx - Satire of consumer culture about a pair of murderous jeans - very silly but fun of you're in the right mood. Host - lockdown Zoom cam horror. Saloum - Senegalese film about some mercenaries who try to lie low in an odd village.
  3. MechE


    For those who just starting this I would say that whilst the main storyline is very linear and signposted, there's a fairly decent backstory that can pieced together by going off track and following various clues and breadcrumb trails. None of it is essential but figuring out stuff like 'turning a valve in the morning will lead to a door being left open in the afternoon, which in turn gives you access to a room that explains a cool bit of the mystery' was pretty fun.
  4. I was pleasantly surprised by this having heard mixed things. I think it really shows Peele maturing as a film maker. By that I mean with both Get Out and Us the biting social commentary was pretty overt, and occasionally on the nose. That's not necessarily a bad thing - it enhanced Get Out, but made Us a bit too ham-fisted for my tastes. But with Nope, he has just as much to say about modern society as in previous films, but he has the confidence to let the thrill-ride horror movie aspect stand on its own two feet. If that's all you were hungry for you can come away from this with a reasonably full belly, but if you choose to unpack it a bit more I think he's got some fairly interesting takes on some subjects that tend to be treated in quite a heavy handed way these days.
  5. I'm not really familiar with Sadowitz's work so this isn't about him specifically but what's interesting to me about all these 'offensive' comedians is just how much they are all just reinforcing the more right wing tendencies of the status quo rather than saying anything subversive. Maybe he was genuinely subversive in the 90s, but now when even 4 Chan talking points are mainstream? In a world where drowning migrants in the channel, caging babies and starving the poor are vote winners, who's shocked by a racist comedian? In some ways (not many) I was sad for Carr and his tedious gypsy joke, because just a few weeks earlier Matthew Parris was in all seriousness was calling for the eradication of all gypsy culture in this Times article, and MPs of all colours were voting in real laws with material consequences to end their way of life. How's an edgelord supposed to compete with that? Sadowitz may have called Sunak a p*** but it was ordinary Conservative party members who acted on that instinct and selected genuine moron Truss over Sunak's evil competence.
  6. Today I learnt that Turok is a popular comic book series that has been going for some 65 years! Everyday's a school day.
  7. Nah it's awful. I say we take off and nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
  8. You shouldn't be scared to say that out loud. Whilst I loved being in the worlds of both Inside and Limbo I felt like the designers were scared that people would get stuck for more than 10 minutes and they ended up being quite frictionless as puzzle games.
  9. I honestly thought you'd made these up until I got to The Turing Test.
  10. This was that my initial thought, but then I remembered that I almost bailed on it after the turgid season 2. There was certainly no indication that it was going to emerge from that chrysalis as an exquisitely weird and beautiful butterfly.
  11. It's a very dark first screenshot but there's enough telltale detail to give you a decent clue. Framed #24 https://framed.wtf
  12. If the next shot is of a youthful Cliff Richard, I think I've got this one.
  13. Yeah, my wife who was a junior doctor about the same time as Adam Kay, and who's now a consultant thinks that regardless of its merits as a drama, This is Going To Hurt is a very poor representation of working in the NHS, but loves Cardiac Arrest.
  14. Wordle 210 2/6 Seeing as that yellow block was the letter not sure how I got it in two.
  15. Because when I know where a letter is for sure and I've got plenty of guesses, why not use your five choices on new info. Wordle 202 3/6
  16. Why should a trans woman be subtle about the trans message of her film. The last time she was subtle about the meaning of taking the red pill, it went really badly.
  17. Well I loved it. As for why, it's clear they felt forced to make this to stop WB making their own pointless reboot, so they made a commentary on the value of revisiting previous work, along with the corrosive influence that treadmill serves on limiting creativity.
  18. MechE


    It took me a little while to realise that this isn't aiming for the same thing the Outer Wilds was and to judge it on those terms would be a little unfair. I think Arkane are very good at giving people several very viable, but more importantly, very fun ways of completing objectives and with Deathloop they want people to notice just how skilled they are at that. I tried to never do the same run twice by mixing up weapons, powers, trinkets, routes and approaches (stealth, going loud, sprint to Visionary, etc.) and it ended up being an immensely fun challenge. Also it can be quite rewarding to follow the backstory breadcrumbs that you have to piece together from following up clues littered around the world, which don't get added to the main objective tree. For example, piecing together exactly what you did to Julia to make her this angry with you requires going well off the beaten path and figure out several different clues. It's for these reasons that it's my game of the year.
  19. After the Wachowski's recent direction of travel through Jupiter Ascending, Cloud Atlas and Sense8 I would be quite disappointed if this isn't a mixture of silly, sincere, horny, knowing, painfully personal and hopelessly romantic. I don't want every film to be that, but I'd be glad to see that there are some oddballs doing it.
  20. What I really liked about this episode is that Whittaker finally got the time and space to be The Doctor and she was great at it! In the previous series's I felt that she was somewhat relegated to an equal member of an ensemble cast, and breakneck pace of the first three episodes of Flux didn't give her time to do much more than react to events. Here she really got a rare chance to bring that mixture of compassion, playfulness, wisdom and resolve that you associate with the character.
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