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  1. Also, it's bookended by the usual lengthy cut scenes, but in between that the core 30-40 hour game has very few of them and they're almost all pretty short.
  2. You don't love things because they are beautiful, things are beautiful because you love them.
  3. True, but Conviction has you savagely beat up a black man in front of the Lincoln Memorial, on the very spot Dr King gave his "I have a dream" speech. So who's to say which one is better.
  4. According to the Sky help forum they're having some technical issues but the 4K HDR Atmos version is coming.
  5. You're not missing much, it just looks like a bunch of cats taped together.
  6. Scorcerer (1977) 5/5 William Friedkin, coming off the back of The French Connection and The Exorcist, creates this nerve shreddingly tense remake of The Wages of Fear starring Roy Scheider. It tells the story of four men from different parts of the world hiding in a remote South American town who are offered enough money to start a new life if they are willing to do one very dangerous job for the local oil firm. Apparently it was both a commercial and critical flop when it came out, but to me it's a bit of a lost gem of 70s American film making. I think it falls a little short of his two earlier films but is certainly better than what he went on to make. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who's a fan of American New Wave, and it certainly deserves to be better known than it is. The version online has clearly been lovingly remastered because it looks and sounds great, and has a cool synth soundtrack by Tangerine Dream.
  7. These were both composed by Ramin Djawadi, and whilst they're both great, his true crowning achievement is the Pacific Rim theme
  8. Not at all. It follows the three or four years of Mank's life up to the point where he finishes the first draft of the script, before Wells is even properly involved. It's not a film about the making of Citizen Kane but rather it tries to bring to life the national politics and studio politics of the time it was made, as well as shed some light on the real life inspirations for some of the characters Mank drew on when writing that first draft. The very little that Wells is referred to he is very much seen as a wunderkind.
  9. Whilst I promised myself I wouldn't get involved in this thread again, I'm really intrigued by this critisms: Why wouldn't they fall (i.e keep moving in the direction they are initially propelled)?
  10. I've done this and it's made those larger enemies easier. I've also upgraded the axe attack to do more damage whilst sprinting which does a lot of stun damage and doesn't use much stamina so you can chain them to stun large enemies quite quickly.
  11. Just looking at the data in the link it's using carbon conversion factors from 2010. 2010 Electricity carbon factor 0.541 kgCO2/kWh 2020 Electricity carbon factor 0.242 kgCO2/kWh Also once you add in the fact that computers are reasonable amount more efficient these days (W/cycle) then I think it's pretty safe to assume downloads now have a lower carbon footprint.
  12. Go to Stadia.google.com on your laptop browser. Connect your Switch controller via a usb cable or bluetooth and you're good to go. The official Stadia controller has less lag, but it's not a massive difference.
  13. You know what, having spent a bit of time playing various Stadia games over the weekend thanks to getting two free controllers for being a Youtube Premium subscriber, I am now a true believer. If you've got a nice stable internet connection, it delivers on its promise of minimal faff gaming. Even playing Doom in 4K, whatever lag there was wasn't enough to impact on the fast, twitchy nature of the gameplay. I've got family sharing set up with my wife, kids and my brother. Only one of us needs to buy a game and we all get to play on our own accounts, which is great because you can also share all the free games you get with a Pro subscription with everyone in your family, whether or not they have a subscription. (Also my brother just told me he's bought Cyberpunk, meaning I get to play it for free.)
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