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  1. What I really liked about this episode is that Whittaker finally got the time and space to be The Doctor and she was great at it! In the previous series's I felt that she was somewhat relegated to an equal member of an ensemble cast, and breakneck pace of the first three episodes of Flux didn't give her time to do much more than react to events. Here she really got a rare chance to bring that mixture of compassion, playfulness, wisdom and resolve that you associate with the character.
  2. MechE

    Outer Wilds

    Thinking back to those first few sessions my theory was... I didn't find any time to play again until last weekend, and I must say having now done several more loops, it's clear there's a lot more going than I initially suspected.
  3. MechE

    Outer Wilds

    I've put a few more hours into the DLC this weekend and made lots of new discoveries, however I think I've hit a bit of a brick wall. I've followed all the clues to their logical conclusion expect one where I can't quite tell where it wants me to go. Anyone fancy dropping a mild hint pointing me in the right direction?
  4. MechE

    Outer Wilds

    I've done about 6 or 7 loops of the DLC now and think I've figured out broadly what the end goal needs to be, although I'm still missing several pieces of the jigsaw regarding how to achieve it. The one thing I'm missing from the main game is the ability to easily go off in a completely different direction if you've got a bit stuck in one area - without any spoilers, the DLC takes place in a smaller self contained area where traversal between different places of interest requires a bit more planning and thought than simply jet-packing around. There's a nice regular breadcrumb of clues and I'm always managing to make progress each loop. It's really nice to be back in to world of Outer Wilds.
  5. Just entered the code and it works for me.
  6. I've just finished playing for about 90 mins and it sounded nice and immersive with 3D sound with headphones. It's the first time I'd used headphones so I've got nothing else to compare it to though. My first three hours with the game have been increasingly positive. The more I play, the more it's slowly revealing its depth and I feel this could be very special.
  7. Mine's just arrived. With these sweet patches.
  8. Yeah, Lana was always the sibling that was more into the hippy, woo-woo spirituality side of things and I'm 100% here for a Matrix films that leans into that.
  9. Sense8 is horny, cheesy, camp, nonsense - I very much enjoyed it. There's definitely a thematic thread running between it and Mitchell's early work of interlinked stories.
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