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  1. MechE

    Puzzle Games

    Puzzle games, and particularly the ones in the first post, are easily my favourite type of game. Stephen's Sausage Roll is the daddy of them. With a handful of simple rules the game offers an surprising depth of challenge. A bit like The Witness and The Swapper a new concept is thrown in every once in a while and the subsequent levels then iterate on them in interesting and mind bending ways, so almost every puzzle the game throws at you feels like an accomplishment.
  2. The dude was literally hooked up to a machine in the middle of a cloning factory.
  3. Whilst that's true, I think as we leave this decade there is merit in reviewing it as a whole.
  4. I don't buy this idea that there is an inherent greater artistic value in high culture compared to low culture. The Matrix never shied away from exploring the human condition, sexuality, the nature of reality, conformity to societal norms, etc. whilst also pioneering its own visual cinematic techniques. The fact that it also includes a man wearing a trenchcoat and shades doing a one handed cartwheel, whilst shooting an assault rifle doesn't invalidate the ideas it explores.
  5. Having watched all 9 films in the space of a week I think Lucas was: 1. Making them up as he went along (e.g. Vader being Luke's father and then also Leia's seem like later additions). 2. Not worried about tonal consistency between films. Each film has its own distinct personality. The Star Wars films vary from masterpiece to bewildering failure, and I'm glad of that. Directors and storytellers have been given the freedom to stamp their own personalities on the films they make and I'd much prefer to see that than the streamlined, homogenised fare we're being fed these days.
  6. If it makes you feel better, I wasn't being serious in my recommendation that Nolan should stick to making indie film
  7. He needs to accept that he's never going to equal Kubrick and he should stop trying. It's embarrassing to watch at this point. He should go back to making interesting indie films. Edit: Adding an edit in here to make it clear this is a tongue in cheek comment akin to saying Heston Blumenthal should give up and open kebab van in a lay-by off the B472.
  8. I caught the 7 minute prologue for this at the BFI Imax today ahead of Star Wars. I can confirm that it was the single most Nolan thing I've ever seen, complete with multiple "BBBAAARRRRRGGGGG" noises.
  9. I appear to be somewhat at odds with most people here in that I felt it built on all the character development work put in by TLJ in a surprisingly satisfying way. I'm not getting the "gaslighting" or "rewriting the previous from" vibe. As for the film itself: 4 Star Destroyers out of 5.
  10. The lake dickhead went down second go for me, mainly because someone left a useful message outside the door. Gascoine took 30+ attempts.
  11. This is a really petty point but you've said this twice now. Trust me as someone who's traveled extensively in the Middle East, no part of the trailer looks like it was filmed there - and a quick Google confirms this (and neither was Quantum of Solace).
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