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  1. no9

    Rain Wonder Trip (PSP)

    True considering the guys huge across asia. Rain or BI as he's known in his native south korea is a R&B artist and is litterally massive, you see his mug (and BoA and Lee Hyori) everywhere.
  2. no9

    Halo 2 - A Few Months On

    For me Halo has always been about the co-op mode with my bro. Being pinned in a corner with limited ammo and seeing my bro break cover and flank right taking everyone out. Then me also breaking cover and finishing everyone off is the business. But co-op Halo 2 on legendary is fubar. One dies and we both have to restart. Its so disjointed and puts you off completely. For me co-op should own singleplay & live play. But they have totally totally messed up. Fingers crossed Halo3 will sort this out.
  3. no9

    Sonic Mega Collection Plus

    Hahaha just tried it and you still get borders and no speedup. Its so bad its just funny. Ok on a normal 14in telly you get around an inch and a half of borders so thats 3ins in total top & bottom By pressing R3 voila 1/2 an inch knocked off from top and bottom. Mmm mighty impressed Sega. Can't wait for your Sega Ages collection. Wonder how you're gonna balls that one up.
  4. Just got this for the ps2 and just thought people should know that it lacks 60hz. But in return you get massive borders, they could of at least pal optimised it. Thought all Sega games had a 60hz option? Does anyone know if the xbox or gcube versions suffer from this?
  5. no9

    Bruce Lee Night

    Yup fraid so, the human body is covered in pressure points and some are more dangerous than others. And one of them is at the top of ones bean bag So avoid gettin kicked in the nads.
  6. no9

    Doom 3

    Just had a go on the alpha/beta of this think it was from last years E3. Like people who have mentioned b4 i was curious what the benchmark is and if there was a need to upgrade. My spec Athlon 2500xp O/C 3200 1gig 3200 ram Radeon 9800pro catalyst 4.6 Bearing in mind that the final product will be more fine tuned. Took 30mins to install, and a further 2-4 mins to load. Framerate goes from about 60fps and sometimes drops to 25fps (this is the alpha), oh and i'm runing it at 1024x768 at high detail so i'm not really worried about the final code as it seems to be able to work on mid range machines. As mentioned b4 AI is non existent, but the atmosphere is there. And boy is it seriously shit scary. So its all looking good ps anyone know if there will be a co-op option in the final game?
  7. no9

    Sword of Sodan and Shadow of the Beast

    Damn i remember those 2. Never finished them though (never actually got past the 2nd level on either of them), they looked great but were more like technical demos rather than proper games.

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