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  1. Yeah. First Dark Souls was one of the best games I played in a long time after ignoring the series and genre for years and so I think once over this bump I'd have great fun once again. Left it a few years between games so not jaded. Took a year to complete Dark Souls. At this rate I'll be ready to play Elden Ring in 2026.
  2. Goddamn. 15 hours in and I finally made it past the first boss. At Undead Settlement now. As per my attempt at the first Dark Souls I end up having to farm lots in the initial area to be able to beat the first boss. Still...enjoying it as much as I did the first one. I can only imagine how much I will enjoy Elden Ring when I finally play it someday.
  3. fuck knows what is going on but nothing launches anymore. Going to the Gamr13's repo and it has no more app installer. Just a link to the discord. If you go and join the discord. You get the following in the retail section.
  4. Hmm. Not played retro on my xbox for a good few months. None of the apps (PS2 emulator and retroarch) work anymore Time to go find some new links to apps hiding on the app store?
  5. Shit liars too. God I fucking hate them
  6. What sort of punishment would a team get for knowing one of their drivers cheated and withheld that from the FIA?
  7. Nice of Verstappens mother to comment on social media that Perez cheats on his wife. As a Merc fan I am loving this drama for Red Bull.
  8. Probably just another track that suits the car. I want to believe but I'm not going to till I see it in the first 2 races of next year
  9. Max will ALWAYS drive like this when he doesn't have the fastest car. Always. The fucking penis
  10. It's interesting that these rumours are being pushed the most and earliest by dutch media...
  11. Ferarri was competitive till that flexi floor plank rule change came in. That fucked them harder than it did Red Bull I assume due to the approach they've both taken with how their floors work. They'll be up there fighting next year with Merc and Red Bull. Red Bull still favourites in my eyes. As for today. I hope Lewis gets a win. I'm a sucker for unique records so would be nice to carry on his art least 1 win in every season he's raced record. Lewis knows he can play a bit looser with Russel. George is still in that phase of avoid collision with team mate at all costs. Might be different next year.
  12. I never really completed the orghinaly. The busy work of upgrading axe, sheield blah blah blah I just got lost with and I didn't really care much for the button mashing combos. Would have been good as a shorter game. I'll probably go back to the orginal and give it another shot since so many seem to say it's great. The latest one I'll probably wait a year or so past launch to pick up. Not excited enough to pick it up launch week.
  13. 530 quid for VR is not mass market. The other heasdsets priced at that range have shown this already. It'll sell I'm sure to the usual early adopters but I can't imagine it'll push VR any further than the first headset did. I'll be waiting till it drops to the 250-300 mark.
  14. Yup. I'm really liking it when he's got other people to bounce off. Just feel a lot more upbeat.
  15. I only caught the highlights this week due to family commitments but was nice to see Hamilton get super close to a win. Took Russell t-boning a Ferarri and a Red Bull pitstop fuckup so I still don't think they're competitive. Think I've resigned myself to this being the first season Hamilton doesn't get a win. A shame. Was a cool little stat. Alonso crashing was funny. Maybe he went too far looking for the grey areas.
  16. Phonogram was ace. Mention of Ed RIcketts had me looking for ST Format (a magazine I bought on the regular) http://www.stformat.com
  17. Sour grapes. Lost a nice gig where it seems she was offered decent rates and then went nuts with it. I’d say she’s poisoned her career quite well. Would be surprised if anyone would be dumb enough to work with someone that is ready to throw their employer under the bus like that knowing there’s documentation to prove you’re lying. Still. It’s amusing reading all the early hot takes about how hard done by she was in this thread.
  18. it is. But everyone’s going to ignore that and run with it.
  19. Can't really punish Max. It's got to be the constructors championship points they'll have to target. I'd imagine they'd have to make it meaty enough to give the other teams a sniff at the constructors to placate them but to also make sure they know what would happen to them if they breach regulations. A fine and reprimand would be absolute chaos for future seasons and the FIA know it. I refuse to belive they are THAT stupid. If they had any sense they'd also stick on some fine around aero time to allow the others to get closer. RB looks so far ahead at the moment that I doubt the other wil catch them easily next season. Well done to Max. Superb drives. I hated the Schumacher dominance. I enjoyed the Hamilton dominance so I have to roll with it. Someone always has their chance to shine and dominate for a while. Hopefully next year is at least a little closer.
  20. Awesome. Cheers peeps I'll go find that episode.
  21. Is there an upper limit to how many amazon gift cards you can get? I have 80,000 points but it's only let me select a 10 quid card.
  22. Any highlights in the last podcast or two that you liked? I struggle with just Jeff on his own so have started missing posdcasts. Reel me back in peeps.
  23. I'll post up the next one that does my head in. Just spends 30 minutes talking about the stupidest thing that means nothing to anyone and how shit it is. There's times when I listen to it and think, fuck me I should post about this on the Jeff Gertmann thread but then forget becuase actual real life happens or I thikn why bother going into a thread to have a moan. Which brings me onto the.....why don't you guys post more in the Jeff rthread on the cool shiut he talked about. Turn me around and get me (and others) enthused for what he's doing/has done. These threads are just post after post of "oh it's shit and Jeff is better" So post the positive stuff in the Jeff thread. Show me what I'm missing. The point further up of Giant Bomb being more diverse is great. I love that Tamoor is on it. But I've talked about that before
  24. Jeff G moaning about everything at least previously had others to balance it out a bit. Now it's just 3 hours of old man shouting at clouds. Awesome. Well worth a listen. I usually manage 30 minutes before deciding I'll go listen to something else for a bit. Shame. Guy has mad knowledge but he's a just a miserable fucker with almost everything.
  25. I'm going to assume nothing will happen. It was all a misunderstanding on the rules chaps. Then I won't be disspaointed when nothing happens To be honest on a drama level I'd like them to deduct championship points from Red Bull this year to keep the title race exciting. Obviously that won't happen. Roll on next year when hopefully everyone works out the porpoising and bouncing. Credit to Red Bull on that. They smashed it on that front and I don't think you can pin that on the budget cap interpretation.
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