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  1. max has driven crazy good to be where he is. But I would sacrifice it all to see Horners face if Hamilton won.
  2. man says I don’t give a damn but sure posts a lot about it.
  3. Max is going to come together with Hamilton. I can smell the desperation from Red Bull.
  4. MS accounts let you buy from other stores if you use VPN or switch your consoles region. No need for US/Uk/Jap accounts for each store like on Switch or PlayStation. generally it’s a case of buy credit in the foreign stores currency from something like caskets. Vpn on pc so that you are on a server for that country. Redeem said currency and buy your game.
  5. Lulz. I just experienced this on my Xbox One S too. As far as I'm concerned MS have delivered on the no console left behind. Now just need NVidia GeForce Now to support the Edge browser (as rumoured) and I'll be as happy as a pig in shit.
  6. Series S here. Absolutely loving it. The fast loads are the big thing for me. Game pass is absolutely smashing it for me. ps5 I’ll get next year I think. I keep almost FOMO’ing in but then browse the ps5 thread and there doesn’t seem to be any exclusives now till at least middle of next year at the earliest so plenty of time to wait to play them.
  7. Yeah I hate it when people plan ahead to avoid issues!
  8. I'm loving how seamless the xcloud streaming is in the OS. Pick the game, chose to install or just stream. The end. No bullshit. Just play.
  9. I think a thread where you can talk campaign spoilers should be separate. I'll create one if no one else has nearer the time.
  10. shades of schumacher for me. Sadly in the cheating sense rather than dragging a shitty car into places it didn't belong.
  11. That's not a reason to not give a penalty.
  12. I wonder if any upgrades being held back for next year got moved forward once Merc realised it wasn't going to go their way .
  13. We've seen Mercedes have the superior car earlier in the season only for Redbull to turn it round the next race. Like I said, all it takes is for Max to "race hard" and oh dear there seems to be a collision. Hamilton is going to have to continue to have to be super careful going anywhere near him as it's been confirmed that as long as he keeps taking avoiding action aka drive off the circuit no action will be taken. I still think this is Max's to lose.
  14. 14 point difference with 3 races to go? Doubt it. Verstappen just needs to finish second behind Lewis in 2 of the races and ahead of Lewis on 1 and Verstappens got it. I think it's still Verstappens to lose. Plus all he needs to do is have a little accident if Hamilton tries to pass him again and take him out. One less race for Hamilton to pull it back. That was probably on his mind this time round. Same with Hamilton. He knows he needs to finish races. I suspect we'll see this "racing" again this season.
  15. I did go off and see another video to see if it was a style for that one video but he pretty much did the same ok the next one I saw. I’ve got an attention span I just don’t want to listen to someone tell me that the game was released on Xbox, ps4 and pc and on pc it was published by country manor productions and on Xbox it was Loud Neighbours Ltd, but only in China, in the EU it was Six Axis Productions and in the US it was Deep Blue Solutions while the ps4 versions were done by Sony themsevles apart from New Zealand where there was a really curious deal to allow Burger King to distribute it and last there’s the Xbox version that in France was published by March Forensics which is not the same March Forensics in Portugal who also published the Xbox version in that territory. I’d have to ask if anyone in this thread cares who the publishers were for each platform and territory. Feels very much like a Rainman homage. I’ll watch long form stuff but it’s actually got to be something I care about. I don’t care about publishers or what minor alteration was made in each territory.
  16. Two minutes of no talking and just some shots of him to eventually spending anoother full minute and still going when I stopped listening telling me exactly who published the game on which platform and which territory? He can get fucked. Does the same in the next one I watched. Yeah I'm good thanks. I did indeed choose my own review. It lasted less than 2 minutes. So I guess there's that
  17. Every remote/lockdown event for me has been an anti climax. I'm expecting this one to be one too.
  18. Yes x 1000. Ouendan just grabbed me from the get go. Loved the ghost bit. I was so disappointed with the sequel.
  19. I remember when it was all "clean break for Ps5, new generation, our consumers want new games not their old library" chat. Glad Sony came to their senses. Having skipped the PS4 Pro I am very much looking forward to playing some of my library in an enhanced form. Some of which I bought digitally and never even started.
  20. I'd be WELL up for a remastered Ico.
  21. Man, look at them just interrupt Ben a couple of times here. As if their views need to be heard first despite Jeff not having played through the game and Jan and Ben having played it way more than him.
  22. Tell you what I like about the nextlander podcast. They timestamp/chapter stuff so when you're listening to it in the car or whatever you can see what they're talking about on the display.
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