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  1. You've adjusted to the lag of a non CRT/general online multiplayer. I'm sure there'll be games/situations where this is acceptable. .
  2. I get a fair bit of pleasure finding WiiU games on ebay or in supermarket clearances. They look really nice on the games shelf and I get a sense of gratification of finding a "bargain"
  3. Got to the last level and then decided to sell the Wii U. Formatted it and then remembered no cloud saves. Ooooops. Then I decided to keep the Wii U ofter all. Have been slowly making my way through it again with the kids all year.
  4. rafaqat

    Xbox Game Pass

    How do you get the GP code once you've set Nitro up?
  5. yeah after listening to those two podcasts back to back it seems like it was just not great. “It’s just kojima bs”, “I’ve never hated playing a game as much as this game”. “The same credits playing multiple times”, “end game just not resolving very well” That second quote from one of the guys that adores Metal Gear Solid and was really looking forward to this game. stark contrast to this thread. I’ll probably wait a bit before buying. Kojima games tend to generally break my brain anyway and his stories are mental. Sometimes a bit too mental.
  6. The Beastcast/Bombcast lot really didn’t like this game.
  7. People watch other people play sports much better than them all the time dude. I think watchin excessibe amounts of youtube/twitch is bad but I don' think there's anything wrong with watching people play a game well. Aimbot usage was stupid though.
  8. I’d love to have them if you still have them?
  9. The tech features described about the game sound great. Watching the DF video makes me want to try it out .
  10. I think it’ll outsell the PS4 partly down to the market as a whole getting bigger. You just need to not fuck it up and you should be ok.
  11. So I just saw the email from Sony saying effectively the online stuff is to be turned off in January 2020. Ps2/ps3 users will have to download to console and songs they bought. If they don’t then they’re lost forever. Which is bum as I bought quite a lot on ps3 and not all of them made it across to PS4. ps4 players will still be able to download previously purchased content but no more new purchases. A real shame. Singstar for me was one of the things in the ps2/3 days that showed Sony doing things you wouldn’t see on other consoles and was a huge party game for me and my friends. I know licences can be hard to work out but I thought singstar would have been one of those things that kept going each gen. I am sad.
  12. I'm fighting Ganon. Have been on and off for what feels like months. I think I may have turned up slightly unprepared. Not many life potions and a Master Sword that needs recharging fairly soon into the fight.
  13. Yup. And once you read the first sentence and saw it was talking about streamers on services you're not interested in you thought you'd post a reply asking who? Then when someone tried to give a reference point you said you didn't know who they were either. What would have been your ideal scenario from that? Just seems a really odd thing to do.
  14. The first sentence in the first post told you all you needed to know that this was about streamers and therefore not your thing man.
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