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  1. I thin it's only fair since that's all you guys could talk about 80% of the time for the last couple of years. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!
  2. Meh. Hugely disagree about the "he couldn't talk about about games articulately" Plenty of times he talked about what he'd recently played and and did it well. And each time I thought, I bet those fuckers on rllmuk will just not listen to this bit or conveniently forget about these bits. And I was right! ah well. Onto the next moan about having a non middle aged dude talking about games!
  3. What I love about these is the gradual learning of the circuit and then just working out where the best line for you is and the tweaking of what gear to be in.
  4. rafaqat75 - 1:07.126 Helps to actually race in the dry and not in the wet like my first time.
  5. Quick question. Anyone jumped from disc version to digital? Does it keep your saves? bought this from Argos for £15 and will likely buy digital once it hits a nice price point. Would be good to know whether I should just buy digital or if I can play now and upgrade to digital later.
  6. You can only complain about x if you bought it rather than pay money for a subscription service that includes it. Great argument. the whole different gameid for different versions of the same game is dumb as fuck. Especially since it means a lot of the times DLC and saves won’t work across versions. That’s the more annoying thing. Especially when their competitor can manage it more or less flawlessly.
  7. Maybe they struck a bad deal? Maybe deals weren't as good early on as they are now? Studios on GamePass seem to say they get a decent deal out of it.
  8. So when you're scrambling to get a console before other buy them how do you find the time to fill out the all access info?
  9. Well now you've got me wondering where the hell I've put mine.
  10. I'd love more info on the PS5 VR solution. one cable attached is still one cable too many but it's got to be inside out tracking by now. I think most other VR solutions are and it seems to be the way the industry is going.
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