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  1. Yeah just let me know where the plugin is that automates it all. I have one for the MS rewards thing. One click and done
  2. Thing is though with cloud gaming I've not needed to worry about getting an expansion disk yet. Like a game on gamepass? Try it out via cloud for a few days. If you still REALLY like it, install it locally if you think it'll make a difference (hint, it doesn't for many many games) I'll agree it is one of the best bargains in gaming at the moment. And having retroarch on it is also so much fun.
  3. 5000 subscribers to his Patreon at a minium of £4 a month is a nice income stream
  4. I always thought the idea was for him to have guests on occasionally? Could have sworn that was mentioned when he first kicked it off. Just him on the podcast is not very exciting. All one pace, one tone. I think 3 or 4 people is the sweet spot for a podcast.
  5. Playing your consoles with the cupboard doors open sounds like madness. Looking forward to a slimmer and quiter console. I'll jump in as soon as it doesn't look so damn ugly. Size I'm not as fussed over. Black or white box is fine by me.
  6. i think we just have to come to terms with the fact that Newey has built another rocket ship and it’s actually reliable now. Quite possibly the start of a long run of consecutive championships. Not convinced Merc have a clear answer even for next year. Ferrari will continue to Ferrari.
  7. Have they put the wrong tyres on Leclerc again?
  8. Feels like the Ferrari "this will be our year" hype.
  9. Loving the usual peeps excusing this. "oh but it has great games" yeesh. The fact it's not been done in some markets is clear enough that it's not a cost of manufacturing issue alone. It's also which markets are happy to take a good shafting.
  10. I think that there's partial truth in it but ultimately they all want to maximise profit and are using that as an excuse. The old "we'd love to drop prices but that nasty man over there won't let me"
  11. Probably easiest to pick on one and then go for the others after a win. Or hope one of the others changes their % in a PR move.
  12. PS2 Guitaroo Man seems to work fine for me. Old muscle memory kicked in and I did as ok as I ever did. I ran it on retroarch.
  13. Yup. The standalone ran Ico and Burnout great whereas I've had issues on retorarch. On that note. I played Gradius V and it's awesome. Such good memories plus now I get how to get better at it. Burnout left me feeling cold. Felt so much slower than I remember. Maybe I played it on Xbox or maybe it was Burnout 2 that really grabbed me. I'll have to give the second game a try.
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