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  1. Surely they wouldn't be daft enough to think no one would notice the fan difference. Like there can't be THAT much of a price difference between a 21 blad fan and a 17 blade fan seeing as that's the main thinkig that's pushing airflow and therefore cooling
  2. Great. So somebody who buys it on a warehouse deal gets fucked over. Scummy behaviour dude.
  3. Stick drift generally ends up being hardware though right?
  4. I'd have thought if it's running as a PS4 game then you'd get the same features that you would on PS4?
  5. Yeah I just started doing that and it didn't register any achievement on Dead Space for me. Maybe they'll appear tomorrow
  6. I absolutely adore this trailer. All these years later and it still gives me goosebumps when she looks at the nuke for it to be picked up and taken up to the ship. Sigh. I'd love for MS to do a few more of these sorts of trailers. I get some clicking sounds on the the explosions so here's one that works better sound wise for me
  7. And it's that sort of stuff I liked Abby bringing to the group
  8. Still shit though. I was hoping the cloud save stuff would improve for PS5. It's not the end of the world but a bit disappointing.
  9. what really impressed me and increased my respect for them was on a recent video where they said that they tend to let devs know about issues way before they upload their videos. That’s treating the source material and creators with respect and giving them a chance to make a good start on a fix or even explain the reasons why a mode is the way it is.
  10. yup. That’s pretty much how Edge will have scored it.
  11. PS4 looks terrible till you realise how zoomed in the screenshots are. oh god my eyes, Vaseline vision etc., zoom out to the actual pic though annnnnnnd it looks just fine.
  12. Hey. We're in lockdown still. People are having a shitty time of it so let's all just chill and enjoy our distractions and go give our loved one's a hug. p.s. And by loved ones I don't mean your consoles.
  13. Damn that was a pretty dry video. Watched it all the way through. Generally seems to be fine and like he says at least there's plenty of buffer left for the fan to go faster if they want to change the fan thermal profiles. I'm pretty convinced we're going to see OG PS5's get louder over time.
  14. I think your campaign would run out of juice fairly quickly on that platform.
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