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  1. I've setup a stick notification at Amazon for PS5. The demon souls talk got be all excited but then I've just played Dark Souls 3 and come away.....not hugely excited. I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I don't play a huge amount of games and I should just plod along on the base Xbox and PS4 (and Switch) and be happy. Hop onto next gen next year. But then I see the all access deals and think maybe I DO deserve a Series X. Plus it's my birthday in November so I should by ONE next gen console for myself right?
  2. That's just a hint at what the first redesign will end being.
  3. I reckon it's coming to PC at some point. Mistake in the trailer. How many times have you seen someone get the releases systems list wrong in their own game trailer?
  4. Assuming you set up a Japanese account for the Japanese store games then I assume you just need to log in with that account on the PS5 and download the games. I'm hoping Sony merge accounts from different regions and just have one account that handles all regions but it's probably too much faff for them at this stage.
  5. Reading all these threads does still make me want to pre-order though despite me saying I'm going to wait a while longer for both next gen consoles. I've put a notification in for amazon if they get more stock. I think that's a decent compromise between waiting till next year and rushing in at launch.
  6. Makes sense I guess. Sony will be churning them out as quick as they can so sending them to the stores with confirmed orders and the right amount makes it a little more efficient I guess,
  7. which seems to have worked out well considering the rush here and reports of big q’s at shops.
  8. I reckon they'll get more in as Sony get more shipped? Plus there's going to be loads of people pre-ordering at multiple places to secure one and will release their pre-orders as time goes on I reckon.
  9. I think so. But seeing stuff like Horizon Zero Dawn appear on PC means I think that even Sony first party stuff is going to come across to PC eventually (maybe via PSNow initially) We've gone from third party Sony exclusives now reduced to console exclusive only as they come out on PC either same time or some time after and the odd First Party game coming across too. I don't think we'll see every first party come across, depends on how much Sony like money over console sales possibly. some of the first party games being crossgen as well maybe is making me feel that the PS5 "I
  10. So for me I'm going Xbox Series S for the next gen initially. Maybe not even in November though. But it'll be the first of thenext gen consoles I'll get (eventually buying both plus whatever Nintendo launch next) Bit of a testing the waters and also since my kids will be wanting next gen consoles it's going to be the ideal machine for them. Will buy a series X a little further down the line. £250 for a next gen console is still blowing my mind. Kids and I are already subscribed to GamePass for years and the recent addition of EA Play and XCloud to the service is just incredible value. S
  11. Hmm. At this point I might wait 12 months before jumping into ps5. If demon souls at that point is still the only big next gen exclusive I might be waiting a little while longer.
  12. I think the immediate pre-orders available at only some retailers smacks of pushing some stuff forward with retailers that were ready to go. Get those orders in before people have too much time to think of the cheaper series S might be something they want instead. Still going to outsell the series x/s but it’s interesting
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