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  1. Yup. I don't think people are complaining it's a bad game. It's more about the sleight of hand here from Square Enix I think and people rolling over and going "I prefer it to be something different, I'm would have been bored with the same story". Chinny reckon. That's not how the thread was talking about it before this little reveal. Yes, it's likely this FF 7 spinoff will be fun. It's not what was promised for all these year though and anyone trying to wash that away with "oh people are trolling" is full of it.
  2. nope. Sounds like a fairly different story in the same universe using some elements from the original story. the demo seemed to be built to re-assure people they were buying a straight remaster. I’m getting vibes similar to the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo bait and switch.
  3. refunds? Yeah, I'm sure I've seen people say they've managed to get them with CS saying it's a one off.
  4. I'll be honest. I would have liked to have played the original story with the new graphics. They made it much more accessible for me than the originals. So yeah I can go back and play the original but I'll always think, if only I could play it in the new graphical style. Maybe we'll get that as special edition or DLC.
  5. No, just pissing myself laughing at the what was promised vs what we've been given. I'm sure the episodic FF7 game that isn't FF7 was exactly what everyone had in mind when it was revealed. Same for Shenmue 3. Dunno man, I'm sure in their own right the games are decent (I quite liked the remake demo), but this is shady as fuck how this has been kept under wraps this long. Not a peep about the story being THIS different until now? Someone make a reverse giphy of kyle bosman getting back down from his stool at that E3.
  6. He does say "this could all be wrong and the PS5 will be fine"in the vid. A little less hysterical than some that have been linked. It's fun to speculate. The "Sony will do things at their own pace" reason is more than likely the real reason. But that's soooooo boring. Everyone is choosing to listen to the randoms they want to listen to. Some are getting hardons over unnamed devs saying it's a revolutionary design. Others are practically wanking themselves dry everytime a random dev says the thing is a nightmare to optimise for and prone to failure. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle.
  7. Really? Why? Looks like the move of a coward or a bad loser to me then rather than someone who wants to be perfect?
  8. meh. I'd pay the extra 30 quid or so to have it in. We're mostly digital in our house but every once in a while a cheap physical game from 18 months back is available and it's good to have the option to buy that rather than the 50 quid digital version. I'd prefer to option to still have that choice.
  9. Should have been rude. Might have saved MS a fair chunk of money.
  10. Dug out the PSVR to play with the kids. Had a good laugh on Astro Bot and then a decent session on Resident Evil 7. Hopefully beat sabre will be on sale at somepoint. Anything else that's fun in short bursts? I've got Rez already. Tetris I've not bought as I didn't really get on with it when I demo'd it.
  11. Will be interesting to see HOW much more they spent on developing the game compared to other games. I'm sure some clever accounting. will show that the game didn't make a penny profit. Still a dick move, especially right now.
  12. Did it not recognise what you were asking for?
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