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  1. Guys. You can listen/watch whatever they go onto next. They've not all died .
  2. The fact that Ben got out with redundancy before this warms my cockles. God bless you Ben.
  3. I thought Epic were the the good guys!!
  4. Nintendo will produce the best games in the world again. I'll probably find time to play 1% of them
  5. Expecting Horizon 2 to look stunning. God of War 2 to also look amazing. We'll probably see the MGS remaster. It will also look amazing. Uncharted remake also. It'll look amazing. MS will show lots of games but all the big hitters will weirdly just not connect massively with enough people on here and will be declared as having wasted their studio talents. GamePass will just become even better value somehow. Fully streaming, now with Sega's back catalogue too.
  6. I think some studios are just hiding behind this whole remote working is hard thing.
  7. If this graph continues to go up. People like Bobby will continue to get paid the big bucks. People getting laid off will not be taken into account.
  8. Please don't criticise his company too much. It hurts him.
  9. The bit where they show those speeding snail things racing off and the sun through the tress with reflections off the water (mud?) was graphically cool in a lighting and art used well way.
  10. Do they normally only show 1 or two games at these things? R&C looked pretty. I loved the rift jumps within levels. lovely little effect. The problem with R&C games for me is that they look fun and I play them but they get a bit samey pretty quickly. Deffo a game to play with your kids. Deffo NOT a game I would pay £70 for. I get the feeling people are fiending for this game because there's not a whole lot else out there that shows off next gen. Launch game syndrome.
  11. He's got a PC and an Xbox One so can use either to check it. Cheers for the advice.
  12. So I managed to get a second hand Thrustmaster TMX Pro. Comes with a 3 pedal setup off ebay 125 quid. Not bad. Anything I should check out when I get it to make sure it's not fooked? bucket seat setups look quite nice....
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