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  1. rafaqat

    Playstation Now...Available Now

    I know right? They could be playing those free BC games!
  2. rafaqat

    Playstation Now...Available Now

    PS User: I would like to play my copy of Rez I bought on the PS2, oh I'll have to pay to subscribe to PS Now XBox User: I would like to play my copy of Rez I bought on the 360. Oh I'll put my disc in the Xbox One and off I go without having to pay anything. Pick whatever game fits for you. But the BC itself on Xbox is free. Sony. Pay twice for games you want to play again. Xbox pay once.
  3. rafaqat

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    oh don't say that. It's the only one of the series I haven't played yet!
  4. rafaqat

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Hot damn, that's a whole load of awesome gaming.
  5. rafaqat

    PlayStation VR

    Leaving the breakout box plugged in permanently is definitely helping in getting the PSVR out more often. Played a bit more of RE 7 tonight with the kids. Shame there isn't a USB port at the back on the OG PS4 as then the breakout box would be practically invisible in my Ps4 space.
  6. rafaqat

    PS4 Pro

    That's the annoying thing. I have a base PS4. I'd quite like to upgrade but there seems to be no guarantee of getting a quiet one. And the longer i wait for the all clear to be given on them the closer it is to PS5 time. Lord knows how loud that's going to blow.
  7. rafaqat

    PlayStation VR

    So far the only game to make me queezy has been the RIGS mechanised combat one. Lets hope it stays that way. Ace Combat looks like it's going to be a whole load of fun as long as the missions are more than just "do some doggifhting" landing on the ship will be a ride and a half.
  8. rafaqat

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    As for the Playstation Classic. Bring it on. It won't have the same nostalgia for me as the SNES Mini but it's mini sized and everything mini sized is cute as hell. Pre-ordered!
  9. rafaqat

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I get this sort of pedantic stuff from people who are quite a bit further along the autism spectrum than others. "Yes, but the words mean EXACTLY this thing, there can be no other interpretation" Makes you write better documentation I suppose to cater for it.
  10. Hmm googling around seems to suggest that changing PSN accounts means needing a different Vita memory card for each PSN log in. On a hacked PsVita you could maybe create a new psn account and use this to switch to it and then remove your own account? https://hackinformer.com/2017/06/22/account-manager-balatazar4-easily-switch-psn-accounts-vita/
  11. rafaqat

    PlayStation VR

    yeah I think that's what I'll end up doing. Need to re-arrange some extension sockets so it's all nicely hidden away.
  12. rafaqat

    PlayStation VR

    So day 2 of owning PS VR. Kids are loving it, but am limiting their time on it as I'm convinced we'll get hit by motion sickness the next day if we're not sparing with it initially, even though we've had Gear VR for a while. So..many....wires. I'll be glad when I can move it to a permanent place of worship and I dont have to pack it away each evening. Driveclub VR demo is great. Full game worth it? Will get Rez etc further down the line. I hate the packed in headphones. Much like the apple ear pods they just don't stay in my ears so will look to replace with something that stays on or in! Other than that, yeah pretty pleased with it. Been trying out a few demos. Borrowing Wipeout off a mate tomorrow. I look forward to the next Playstation incorporating that breakout box into the console itself or for the next PS VR to lose the wires. I'm getting fairly fast at unpacking it all and putting it away but it's still a fair number of wires.
  13. I think MS cloud saves work in the same way. Stuff is sync'd to the cloud automagically regardless of whether your console is your primary one or not. No intervention from the user needed . Sony on the other hand will only autosync on your primary console. Any other console you have to do a manual sync which is a massive pain in the balls. I hate that I have to manage my cloud saves like that and it tends to put me off a bit.
  14. rafaqat

    Xbox One Console Thread

    aha. I think I might be. Maybe it's time to move the living room Xbox One back to vanilla .

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