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  1. Oh god I'd forgoten about that game. Played it lots with my two kids.
  2. rafaqat

    Outer Wilds

    Have to tried the match velocity button when trying to land on stuff. It made things so much easier. I did play it on Xbox though so a different controller but the DS4 isn't that different. There's some annoying bits when you try to rush things but gently does it generally.
  3. It'll be interesting if Sony port more 1st party games to PC, especially ones that are PS5 only. Like how do you port a game that uses the whatever number of cores CPU's to a PC base that has a very wide range of capabilities? They'd be putting themselves into the same space that MS will be soon.
  4. Awesome thread. Request please though. If people could put platform(s) they've played the games on that would be helpful. I'm having to google almost everything. Thanks!
  5. The forum deserves better than this. Calling people cunts over a game and then others applauding them for it. Sheesh.
  6. I'm going to have to play it a bit more. Got it on Game Pass but it's not grabbed me yet. I got a bit bored doing the first couple of tasks around the gardener. Probably down to thinking about the other games I am in the middle of and should finish first.
  7. It had pretty interesting tech around the graphics engine actually but at the time all that people were shouting about was 900p!! 900p!! i played it to completion and quite enjoyed it.
  8. I was more taking issue with your "like crap" statement. Games will chug here and there. They did at launch and they will right through the gen. That doesn't mean they ran like crap. Are we seeing games running sub 30 for 80% of their playtime? Nope. Not crap. They'll do it on a fair few PC's too. It's got nothing to do with Gee Whizz Developers and more to do with how much time they're given to spend optimising and choosing what the balance between framerate/res is going to be. Nintendo seem to nail this more or less every time lately on the Wii U and Switch. Good looking games that managed the balance between res and framerate. Devs given time to optimise too I'd speculate.
  9. If the aim is to make lots of money then it makes sense to grow the market, so it makes sense to release on PC. Sell more games and also hopefully funnel some people to Sony hardware.
  10. Late to the party I know but... https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/microsoft-flight-simulator Announced to be on Xbox One and Windows 10.
  11. I think the big three will eventually just say "streaming has its place but isn't the best experience" MS are essentially already saying that in interviews with Phil Spencer
  12. AKA the white one or the black one I would imagine.
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