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  1. Is there a good book on the above? Got a few good ones on the Nintendo shitting the bed era.
  2. £350 would be knee tremblingly good. I think that would push enough people to get it and then pay the £65 pound a game that a few people have already said they're happy to pay. I still think the all digital version will be 400 though.
  3. This idea that companies have more costs now and so can pass it onto the consumer and there been no other cost savings over the years is pretty laughably naive. If you think there won't be games being sold at £65 WITH micro transactions then I have some magic beans to sell to those guys.
  4. Dude. Come on. You're just making excuses for the companies wanting to nudge the new normal upwards. Fight it!
  5. rafaqat

    Xbox Game Pass

    Is the Bucket List stuff sitll a thing in FH4? I love those in FH2 (my favorite of the series)
  6. Bought a launch Ps4 actually. Xbox One I bought a couple of months later. But don't let facts get in the way. Also for someone that said he'd put me on ignore you're not doing very well!
  7. It’s pretty easy to make sure these £65 digital games don’t become the norm. Don’t buy at launch. Companies will adjust price to a level that we’re happy with. But already people saying they’re ready to pay that in this thread. Suckers. we’ve got hardware and game engines that shout about how much easier they’re making development and reducing the number of hours needing to be spent on games dev and then we have the shite hawks trying a price hike on us? They can get fucked!
  8. Excellent. I knew you'd realise how wrong you were previously! Here's the vid I'm assuming you're talking about for the others to appreciate the way you have.
  9. Having played a few games through GeForce Now I'm thinking what I'll do when XCloud launches. For me it's been good enough to consider as my main way of playing. Sooooo maybe I should try PSNOw and XCloud and see how I cope on those rather than pay for hardware at launch. I'm hoping PS5 games come to PSNow at some point .
  10. Yup. A crap load of games to play. All first party MS games day one too (and game save sync'd to xbox if you have one of those)
  11. Do you have Game Pass Ultimate/Game Pass PC? You'll have quite a few decent games from that if you do.
  12. Yup. They tend to work out what fees and postage would cost and then take that off.
  13. Try the GOG Galaxy 2.0 launcher? It collates all the stores under one app. I've had a quick play and it seems to work nicely. Others who've had an extended play might be ab;e to say if it has shortcomings
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